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5'1, 165lbs, goal is 150.I eat 1500cal a day & burn off 350cal, 6 days a wk on treadmill. Will this lead to successful weight loss? Rate of weight loss?

After i reach my goal weight loss, do I have to maintain a 1, 400 calorie diet or can I return back to 2, 000?

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Are there any books/videos/resources on weight loss that you recommend to your patients? Will help with my motivation. Thank you!

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Hi all, I am 5'4 and 250 lb female. I am looking to set a weight loss goal for 12 weeks. What is a realistic goal?

Hi doc I'm having gastritis is it ok to use hydroxycut elite to loss weight and I do workout in the gym.. do I loss weight fast? What do u suggest ?

Hi I want to loss weight my height is 65cm , weight 77 and I'm 29 year's old my goal weight is 56 what diet should I follow inorder to loss weight?

Hi my weight is currently 102 kg...I need to reduce my weight...Can u suggest me a good procedure or diet?

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