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25, male, very stressed, losing weight. Can stress cause weight loss? Blood work normal, sleeping normal, appetite normal. Why am i losing weight?

2nd month on a workout plan with weights and cardio. Last 4 weeks only lost 2lbs :( but 11 inches, what is the norm for inches lost?

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Anorexic for 7 months, under 200 calories a day or less. Recovered now for 7 months no matter what I do I can't lose weight i gained back. Why?

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Can eating too few calories cause weight gain or not allow weight loss? I'm not loosing weight at 1, 000-1, 200c in fact i gained 3 pounds! :(

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Doctor please am dying to know which is best way to lose 5 pounds in 14 days for my prom. I been dieting for a month and haven't shed any of my weight?

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Doing masturbation really causes loosing weight?

Doing six week weight loss competition, lost inches around waist, gained it in the bust. Is that normal at all???

Gaining weight am 65 years old weigh 200 pounds can't seem to loose any?

Got to loose my body weight help me im 18 year old and im 96 kilograms in weight?

Hello, I have been with loss of appetite for months now and have lost weight and I am already a very slim person. What could this be?

Hello, I know that hypothyroidism most times cause waight gain, ..I wanna be sure that it doesn't cause waight lose even 1 % ?

Hi doc ,im 20 and i'm under weight and this effected all of my body i tryed gaining weight but didn't work help please?

Hi, i've lost 20kg over 3 months but i've not lost weight for the last 2 weeks despite my continous exercise and calorie counting. I'm i in trouble?

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How can I lost my weight?

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I am 100 lbs overweight. I lost twenty lbs by bingeing and then starving but I lost a lot of muscle that was once there. How? I am overweight.

I am 27 and weight 210 and I wanted to how can I loose weight?

I am an 18 year old. I have a 19 months old son. After birth i lost weight but now im even fatter then before. I want to lose weight..Please help.

I am confused about how can I lose weight from walking. Doing it daily but no loss?

I am desperate and need to be losing weight. I am currently on the Alli plan, I lost some weight, but my goal is way off?

I am gaining weight and fat very drastically.. What might be the reason.

I am loosing weight what is.The reason?

I am losing hair. Is it normal after losing weight? What can I do to fix it?

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I am turning 20 years old and I've lost about 15-20lbs and I want to gain that weight again how can I do that?

I became diabetic and lost much weight. How do I regain some weight.

I can't do that if I keep gaining muscle and gaining weight. so should I quit trying to lose weight?

I can't seem to lose weight anymore . I have lost 15 kgs in 4 months with diet and sports what should I do to continue the weight loss?

I gained 100 pounds in a year, what to do?

I have a problem gaining weight. What can I do?

I have abnormal weight gain i'm unable to lose, what to do?

I have been dieting and exercising and have not lost any weight I am 140 pounds over weight. Why with all the healthy changes am i still not losing?

I have been dieting and going to the gym for 3 months but still have not lost any weight. What am i doing wrong?

I have been dieting and working out more and have lost 14 pounds in 31 days. Is that too fast?

I have been losing a lot of weight an I haven't changed anything about the way I eat..could I have cancer if so what kind?

I have been losing weight for about a year now and I am constantly eating. I am at 92 pounds now and don't know what's wrong. Any ideas?

I have been on a diet for two months now and have lost 27 lbs. I was the same weight but now am peeing a lot. Is this a sign that i'm losing weight?

I have CHF an I am getting to where im gaining weight due to becoming less active. What can I do to lose this weight?

I have gained 5 pounds in 12 days?

I have gained over 10lbs since my total thyroidectomy 4 months ago and i eat a lot. Is this normal to gain the weight?

I have hypothyroidism and am overweight. I know that losing weight can be hard with this condition. What is the most effective way?

I have hypothyroidism and have noticed a rapid weight gain. I need to lose weight fast but i'm not sure what i need to lose to look proportional.?

I have lost 20 lbs.Anything I can do to help keep this weight off for good?

I have lost 20lbs in 4 weeks (unintentional). Do I have diabetes 2?

I have lost 50 pounds in a year with weight loss surgery. I don't want to diet, i haven't lost anything in 6 months how do I lose the last 20-30?

I have lost a lot of weight after a recent break up, what are some good ways to gain weight fast?