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31 year old male who weights 160 is eat fried potatoes Country with avocado oil healthy ?

A friend of mine told me that eating sunflower seeds would help me lose weight. Is this true?

A lot of diets for weight loss recommend cutting down on rice completely. Is this a fair recommendation and what in rice makes it a bad diet food?

After I eat sometimes my extremities emit a lot of heat. What could be wrong? I do not eat spicy food. No allergies. 30lb weight loss.

Age 24f,can i eat low calorie food like biscuits tea with skim milk and cereal when i am constipated will that increase my weight and face fat?

Age 33, height 5'8", weight 90kg Daily food 5 cups of tea 16 biscuits and a routine dinner at night How much weight i should have and how to loose it.

Apart from apples, what other fruits can i eat if i'm trying to lose weight? I like to eat sweet lime. Good or bad??

Are apples and baby carrots good or bad for you on a diet to loose weight?

Are frozen dinners ok for weight loss?

Are nectarines and apples healthy to snack on when trying to lose weight?

Are oats good to have for dieting?

Are peanuts a type of good snack if you are trying to lose weight?

Are peanuts good to snack on while trying to lose weight? How much is a good amount?

Are salted peanuts a good nibble snack for someone looking to gain weight?

Are the weight watchers dinners sold in the store really healthy?

Are too much carbohydrates bad for you? White bread, pasta, potatoes. Do i need to keep them in my diet to maintain a healthy weight or to lose weight

Are whey protein powders safe during pregnancy? On healthy diet, thought to help with weight gain and baby health. Thought to mix it in milkshake

At 65 yrs. Of age i need to gain weight, but not being able to eat any fat, or dairy. I'm down to 88 lbs from 101. What do I do?

Banana and strawberries, and ice. Should this breakfast help me lose weight/belly fat?

Banana with milk is constipating me, what should I eat to gain the weight?

Been trying to drop lbs because of my pcos but the harder I try the more I gain.I eat less but eat more fruits vegtables cranberry jc & water?(215lbs)

Besides eating fruits and veggies and the gym, what else can help you loose weight? Is almased good for you?

Best food to eat to promote weightloss? on metformin for pcos

Best way to lose weight. Since neck surg. 5mths ago, can only eat soft foods.Macncheese, oodles, some soups... How to lose weight?

Breakfast-boiled eggs lunch-salads and supper-steamed vegetables plus drink lots of water. Could i lose weight?

Can a celiac eat gluten on purpose for weight loss?

Can a diet of eating fruits n nuts during the day and only large meal is dinner can a diet like that help me lose weight? If NT what can?

Can a veg diet make you lose weight? I eat eggs & fish. Six months now being veg & lost 10 kg, no exercise. Is this possible from veg diet? Or problem

Can anyone suggest me, how could I gain weight as I'm vegetarian and don't consume wheat products...

Can anyone tell me what can I eat to gain weight (without eating meat or eggs due to vegetarianism)?

Can eating 2-3 bowls of without milk everyday with 9 grams of sugar or less prevent weight loss?

Can eating a lot of fruit make you gain weight? I eat a lot of grapes, apples and bananas, and i suddenly gained a lot of weight, no reason.

Can eating a lot of soft pretzels help you put on weight?

Can eating certain cereals prevent weight loss? What are the better cereals to snack on during the day? No milk just snack.

Can eating pineapple actually cause loose motions?

Can eating too many mung bean sprouts lead to weight gain ?

Can eatting the weight watchers food products really make a difference to your weight loss?

Can i eat beef everyday if I am working out and doing cardio? I am trying to bulk up.

Can I eat chicken breast toast skinless at night I wanna gain kuscle and also to lose weight because iam overweight. Pls Help me?

Can i eat fried egg without yolk sandwitch and a cantaloupe at bedtime if i am on my weight loss journey and feeling cravings?

Can i eat salad & fruit on the master cleanse & still lose weight?

Can i gain weight by eating boil rice with yogurt in morning???

Can i have milk or any kind of fruit in weight loss process?

Can i loose weight by eating lentils and drinking chia seeds?

Can i lose a kg with having a fasting day on apple or watermelon and not gain that 1 kg fat again?

Can I lose weight by eating only fruits and vegetables while taking considerable amounts of alcohol?

Can I lose weight eating chocolate-flavored animal crackers.?

Can i lose weight if i depend on fruits and vegetables alone?

Can I lose weight on 2000 calorie diet I am 6 foot 1 . I will eat turkey breast sandwich whole grain bread and bananas and green apples ?

Can i lose weight on a long term fruit veggies and nuts and raisins diet?

Can i take oreo milkshake while dieting?

Can it be no problem to have unsweetened almond milk on a weight loss diet?

Can loosing weight to bmi eliminate lpr completely to where you can eat what you want ? Bec nobody wants to eat bland foods everyday for life

Can pickle juice help me lose weight. I heard it eats fats in the stomache?

Can spaghetti be addictive? Why? What should I do? I eat two portions a day,every single day for 8 months now. I've gained weight too

Can the sugar in fruit cause weight gain like other sugars? Should i limit my servings of fruit if i'm trying to lose weight?

Can using milk in my fruit smoothies make me gain weight?

Can Vegeterianism cause hair loss, weakness etc? What should i eat more to cover meat's nutriment? Isnt it more healthy?

Can yellow rice help me lose weight?

Can you eat peanuts in a weight loss process or not? Is it good or bad?

Can you loose weight with the densa seasoning?

Can you please tell me the healthiest restuarants you could possibly eat at for weight loss?

Can you really lose weight eating wheat germ in lettuce wraps?

Can you suggest healthy, filling foods? Have been using soup, tea... so many of my snacks just don't satisfy. Was trying low calorie, low fat snacks.

Can you take phentermine when doing a 4 protein milkshakes a day and no food diet? I have lots to lose. need a big chunk off 2 keep me motivated.

Can you tell me how I could force myself to eat fewer sweets?

Can you tell me if i cut out fried foods and sweets and walk one hour a day will i lose weight?

Can you tell me if i eat four tbsp of peanut butter a day and nothing else will i lose weight?

Can you tell me if i eat just quinoa and black beans, will i lose weight?

Can you tell me if i go on a diet where i eat all salad for lunch and a little bit of dressing will i loose weight?

Can you tell me if i'm gluten intolerant could it be inhibiting me from losing weight?

Can you tell me what number of lbs can I lose buy just eating salad and working out a lot for 4 months?

Can't lose weight :/ i drink water no soda no chocolate everythin baked no snacks any lose weight 5ft 9 196lbs two kids?

Chia seeds seem to help lose weight, is this possible?

Chia seeds to lose weight?

Chicken salad, low carb veggies. Will having an ice coffee w/cream and sweet and low be ok if i'm trying to lose weight?

Constipation and severely reduced appetite? And mild weight gain? I walk/cycle for exercise and eat a whole foods vegan diet and drink tons of water.

Could a double sausage egg mcmuffin a good sourse of protein, if a person is trying to gain muscle mass?

Could eating a pb&j for lunch every day and watchin what i eat the rest of the day help me lose weight?

Could eating ash gourd reduce my weight?

Could eating pb & j every day for one meal help me loose weight if i watch how much i eat the rest of the day?

Could I have nothing but salad and fish to loose weight?

Could i lose a piece of a filling without losing the whole thing?

Could it be a better/healthier to workout instead of cutting calories?

Could someone eat one serving of frosted mini wheats cereal OR toast for breakfast and still lose weight? (due to the carbs and sugar in each)

Could you give me an idea of a diet for break fast lunch dinner & snack that a person should consume when wanting to gain mass muscle ?

Cut back 600 calories a day (same high-fiber nutritious foods, just smaller portions) to lose weight. Still daily bms but now hard. Diet the reason?

Do mangos or sweet potatoes aid in weight gain?

Do mangos or sweet potatoes aid in weight gain? Right now I am going to begin eating mangos everyday. I wasn't sure if sweet potatoes would work also?

Doc, is it good to eat egg yolk when it is boiled? i want to lose weight fast. can you help me? thank you..

Doctors, do you think I can buy special food bars that help me gain weight in a health shop?

Doea eating grapefruit help you loose weight?

Does african mangos(supplements) really work? To burn fat and for weight? I was thinking about getting them but want to know if they really work?

Does anyone know what the best fat burning foods, fruits etc are that help lose weight?

Does drinking soy milk cause weight gain?

Does eating a lot of protein make you lose hair?

Does eating a serving of jalapenos 30min before a workout aid you in weightloss/fatburning?

Does eating apple and kiwi help me with my weight loss?

Does eating avacadoes and tangerines help you loose weight ?

Does eating boiled corn daily without butter good or bad for losing weight and gain muscle and does it contain protein ?