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18 weeks pregnant pre prgnancy weight was 197 now its down to 185 had apt. on tuesday baby weighed what she needed to weigh why im i losing weight tho?

22 weeks pregnant. Lump in armpit. Lost 29lbs since getting pregnant. Not gained any weight at all.

24 weeks pregnant and haven't gained weight rather i've lost 2kg from my pre pregnancy weight, doctors says the baby is growing at normal rate. normal?

25 wk pregnant 5'6" in 1st 20 weeks i gained 4 kg & in last 5 weeks i gained 4 kg . Y so sudden gain. Is it ok or i need to do something?

25 year old male five feet ten inches what is the regular weight supposed to be?

38 weeks pregnant started off at 108lbs now weighing 154Ibs. Why am I gaining so much weight? Should I be concerned? Also NOT having twins.

4 months pregnant gaining more than the recommended 1 lb/week. Frustrated bc i don't eat poorly. Should i worry about gaining 2lbs/week?

4 months pregnant. Should i be worried that i haven't gained weight and only showing a little... Doc wants me to gain 15 pounds. .

5 pound weight gain from strength training. Is it permanent? it's already been 3 months since starting

50 years mom almost skinny.All blood tests are fine.I heard that ensure milk good for gaining weight.Is that right?How long it takes to gain weight?

60lbs overweight. Don't take in more than 950 cal/day. I workout 90min/day. Is it ok to start trying to conceive?

8 wks pregnant but never really worked out. can i start walking and doing aerobic exercises? trying to gain too much weight i know ill gain some tho

8yr/o 79pds 49in gained 24pds in 16months Her thyroid is ok so what else can cause this much weight gain? What other test can be done

Am 13 and female and wondering if and what diet pill is best for me? I started dieting two weeks ago. 2000 calories a day

Am 38, f, overweight BMI 38, with PCOS, been trying to get pregnant for 18 months no luck tried to lose weight but takes ages, help?

Am i pregnant or just gaining weight? I have gained weight and i receiving stretch marks on my breast and I have been exercising. I have been off birth control since november and i haven't had a regular period.

Am seeing gyno for pcos but not getting treatment, was told to lose weight been trying to lose weight since Oct but need to get to 75 kg by May, ?

Any explanation for why i gain weight since i started excercising?

Anybody gained weight or got acne on low-ogestrel?

At what week during pregnancy do you start looking heavier and gaining weight?

Birthday's coming up & it's my 20th one, i want too lose weight before it comes . It's in two weeks though . Any suggestions?

Can being over weight keep me from getting pregnant? I'm 5'10 and 322lbs.

Can gaining a little weight cause period to stop?

Can i gain weight on propanolol 40mgx2 daily? I started Monday and have gained 2 pounds despite diet and exercise.

Can i gain weight with what i've ate today?

Can i get B12 or other weight lose shots while breastfeeding? I am still 50 pounds over weight and my daughter is 5 months old

Can i lose my period from losing weight and exercising? I have been getting cuts on my body since i lost my period. What may be the cause of all this?

Can I use diet pills for loosing weight so that i could conceive, i really wish to have a baby but at the moment im over weight ?

Can loosing a lot of weight make you miss yoir period?

Can slim quick diet pills cause breast tenderness?

Can weight gain have an effect on you if you're trying to get pregnant. I am 4'11 & 168lbs and have not been on birth control for 7 years.

Can weight loss and exercise affect your periods? My period keeps starting and stopping? I have lost 23lbs in 65 days and work out 3-5x/wk.

Can weight loss supplements cause a period to skip?? I also lost a little weight recently . Does that have any thing to do with it??

Can you still get pregnant if you used water pills to loose weight ?

Can you suggest a means to get my daughter to gain weight?

Can you tell me for the women that got really large during pregnancy, how to lose weight?

Can you tell me if I am likely to lose weight in my breast if i start working out?

Can you tell me if microgestin fe 1/20 makes you gain weight and grow boobs?

Can your weight stop u. From getting pregnancy how do u know it not u?

Could I be pregnant if I keep throwing up and loosing weight & gaining it back?

Could i be pregnant? Had unprotected sex a few times in the last 2 1/2 months. Every time the guy pulled out before he ejaculated. In the last two months stopped being active everyday. Didn't put on a lot of weight but gaining weight in the stomach. Could

Currently breastfeeding a 6 month old but losing too much weight. I weigh 93 pounds and I'm 5'2. What should I do to gain weight? Or should I stop BS?

Do breasts lose weight post pregnancy and after i stop breastfeeding?

Do you lose more weight if you have HIV and you have sex? I'm just wondering

Do you lose weight after getting implanon removed?

Do you really retain water weight whn you have your period?

Doctor told me to lose weight to regulate my period because i was getting them twice a month I've lost 13lb its been 29days an no pd. Wat should I do?

Does diarreah on your period make you lose weight?

Does hydroxycut really work ? I've tried a few diet pills they have worked but when I stoped using them I started gaining weight again?

Does Plan B contraceptive make you gain water retention? because it said I gained 9 pounds in 2 days?!

Does the Depo-Provera vera shot stop you from losing weight?

Does Vagifem 10mg increases weight? I have gained 1.5 kilos since I started it two weeks ago?

Does weight loss pills prevent you from getting pregnant ?

During pregnancy is it possible to maintain the same weight as started?

Even though i've stopped consuming empty calories from alcohol i've gained weight since quitting, why is this happening?

Excessive bloating (5 CM) in 5th week of pregnancy. 2 doctors said no meds allowed. I gain/lose 3 kilos during day. 1st pregnancy was the same! ?

From 10/12-12/12 no periods. Dr said low weight. Gained weight periods started 1/13 normal, breast hurt so bad want to cry pre period. Gain cup size?

Gained almost 12 lbs since i started taking seasonale. I started it in december. I've been working out, eating healthy and still gaining? What can I do

Gained weight in past 5 month, goin to gym 4 days / week, running, weghts. Gain only in midse. Taking wellbutrin (bupropion) , not pregnant, blood test, thyroid?

Gained weight since stopped going to uni even with though I am exercising (no running around the city any more).How can I prevent further weight gain?

Gaining weight, even w/ extreme diet and exercise, in the past 4 months, depression, loss of sex drive. What could this be from? On aviane bc 10 months

Gave birth four months ago. I want to lose the rest of my weight i gained while pregnant. I just really don't know how. Like what do I need to eat?

Good day doctors! i havee a problem with my period. Its been seven months since i had my last and i gained weight. Could you please help me.

Have an overactive thyroid but after the Depo-Provera shot I have gained a lot of weight and can't lose it i want to take diet pills but scared please help?

Having surgery tmmrw doctor called my mom & she gave them my heigh & weight but told them i was 10 pounds heavier then i am will this effect anything?

Hello Doc, Please advise me. I suddenly gained weight in my boobs, butts and arms after a 30 days fast. I am not sexually active .

Hello. I started working out in 2013, then I stopped working out altogether. 3 years later, my arms and legs look smaller and I gained weight. Why?

Hello.Am overweight and I want to fall pregnant it is possible for me?my weight it 145kg currently.. Am in my early 20s

Hi doctor, I need to reduce my belly. I am over weight and wish to be slim.Please help me and suggest me how to be active toooo?

Hi dr,i am 20 yrs old,wt is 203lbs,trying to lose weight through walking bt getting my wt back,also taking glucophage pills and i am pcos

Hi I am 23 years old. .I have a daughter...I gained some weight after her birth...any vonvenient diet for me?

Hi i'm 400 pounds as of today: i'm 19 and wanted to gain more weight but was wondering what you thought?

Hi started taking synthriod 50 mg 4 months back I have gained 8 pounds .I diet and exercise well. I can't simply loose weight.?

Hi, i'm dizzy.It takes days.Sometimes i can't stand up, I have gained weight lately. I'm healthy and not pregnant.It's more during sex.How can I stop it?

Hi. Im done with my drlivery 10 days back, wanna lose pregnancy weight as soon as posdible, help me out with effective diet nd exercise.

How can I get my period back without gaining much weight after having anorexia?

How can i loose the 40pounds wt i gained in pregnancy wid d busy schedule?

How can I lose weight with tyriod and also going through menopause?

How can I quickly loose weight while on the Depo-Provera shot?

How can I tell whether my belly is bloated, or if I have just gained some weight(really quickly)?

How do I get my son thats 10yrs old to gain weight?

How do I get over the fear of gaining weight? Im starting college this summer.

How do I lose weight while pregnant (started out very overweight) without hurting my baby?

How do I stop myself from gaining too many lbs while pregnant?

How long does it take to lose the weight I gained on antidepressants for the past three years.its been 2 months that I stopped and still fat.

How much calories should I eat a day to maintain my weight on the depo pevera shot I'm 121 pounds and I'm also breastfeeding. I'm 20 yrs old?

How much should I weight? I am 27 yrs old 5'3 & weight 142. Been trying to lose weight since having my daughter 3 years ago. Before pregnancy, 127lbs

How much weight should you gain during pregnancy.I am currently losing anywhere between 1 pound nd 3 pounds each ob visit.. 27 weeks gained only 1lb?

How soon after becoming pregnant can you expect to start gaining weight?

How to know what I am suppose to stay away from while dieting?

How to naturally return my normal cycle after missed period? Recently lost 5lbs by eating better&walking. Still healthy weight/eat lots good fats.

How to reduce weight with pcos? I didnt get my periods since 4 months is it due to weight problem. Ht 164cm weight 79kgs

Hw many times during pregnacy are u suppoe to go for an ultrasound to check the babies weight gain?

I am 13w1d and loosing weight instead of gaining, i started the pregnancy on 87kg and has gone down in a few weeks to 80 kg. Is this okay? Im worried.

I am 16 weeks pregnant and so far I have lost 3 pounds in 5 days. I know my weight is supposed to fluctuate but is that normal?This makes 7 in a month

I am 20 years old and unmarried. I don"t get periods if I don't eat pills. Exercising has not helped me lose weight. How do I get regular periods?

I am 23 years old after around a year exercising at the gym and going on healthy food my period stopped ( not pregnant) what should I do?

I am 3 months 10 days pregnant. I still have not gained weight in fact lost 500 gram last month. Could you please recommend what should I do? Worried

I am 30 years old. Just foud out an pregnant. The bad news is that am over weight.163cm and 100kg.Can i lose wight & exercise while I am pregnant or not?

I am 37 weeks pregnant and since last week my weight has not increased at all. Is that normal ?