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┬┐How is it possible to get hypothyroidism? because all I got to know was I tried to lose weight and in a week I found out that I didn't lose 5lbs

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After suffering for long time anal fistula. I lose some weight and become underweight. How can i gain and go back to my normal weight again?

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Can get myself to become depressed so i can lose weight. Do you have suggestions?

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Can you tell me how I could get my mom to let me loose weight?

Can you tell me how I could get potential to loose weight?

Can you tell me if i lose weight will my face get thinner?

Can you tell me if i was to lose like 10 kilos from my sickness.. Would i get loose skin?

Can't lose weight or stretched out skin after having a child how do I get my body back I've been dieting and exercising and no luck?

Could a person's face gets thinner when they lose weight?

Could I lose 20 kg a month ?? If that possible tell me how please I need help

Diagnosed with PCOS and am over weight. Have been trying to loose weight. Is it because am having PCOS am not able to loose weight? Can I get pragnent

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Does anyone know what's happening to me? I am losing hearing fast.

Does chlamydia make you lose weight in women?

Does drinking ensure help you lose weight or gain weight? I have lost my appetite recently and several people have recommended trying to drink ensure. What are the pros and cons of ensure? Will it cause weight gain? I certainly don't want to start gaining

Does getting more fat cells during pregnancy mean it is going to be harder to loose and maintain my goal weight?

Does getting your tubes tied cause you to gain more weight or make it harder to loose your baby weight?

Does it ever happen that a normal person get an overactive thyroid to lose weight?

Does loosing lot of weight quickly affects vagina tightness? Does quick weight loss makes vagina loose? I am a virgin.

Does loosing lots of weight quickly make vagina loose?

Does weight gain with Depakote stop after a month or two or does it go on forever and you become obese?

Everyone teases me and they say im fat I need your help to loose weight and quick please?

Exercises post pregnancy to lose weight to get back in shape?

For a person who is 100 pounds over weight.. Is it possible to lose that 100 pounds and have absolutely no nasty loose skin hanging?

For weight problems what dr would i need to go to?

Hello doc I am 25yrs old &my weight is 85kg.I am trying my best to loose it but doesn't get success.Pls help me.

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How can I gain weight for a short time? Is that possible and what kind of methods/things I need to do so can be treated. Thank you.

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How can I loose weight quickly . Thank you very much?

How can I lose as much weight as possible as soon as possible?

How can I lose weight fast & how to make my acne go alway ?

How can I lose weight fast and also I have a snoring problem I did get a checkup saying that I don't have synosis ?

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How is it possible to lose a penis and not have anything there?

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How to lose weight and days of getting pregnant fast after laproscopic surgery?

How to reduce weight as quickly as possible?

How will i be able to maintain a healthy weight when i get pregnant? I'm already plus and i don't want to be obese, what should I do?

I just found out I am due may 16 2015 was not trying to get pregnant have been trying to lose weight what I can do to lose weight and be healthy?

I am 25, obese and will start working out, dieting soon. Will symptoms of Meralgia paraesthetica subside once I lose weight? What can i do?

I am 5'4 and 169 pounds I'm 5 weeks pregnant. Is it possible to have a healthy pregnancy and either stay the same weight or lose weight?

I am a 14 year old girl and i am 20 kg overweight and i would like to loose them by june july time is it possible and do you have any tips?

I am an 18 year old female and my weight always goes up and down and i'm scared of getting fat (again) how do I maintain my weight?

I am becoming skinny day by day. Is there any quick and simple thing to gain weight easily?

I am currently attempting to loose weight and get in better shape doc ok with it but am having difficulty loosing any secrets for over 50 male?

I am fixing to go get a breast reduction and was wondering if it will also help me lose weight as well?

I am getting thinner day by day though there is not much change in body weight. What could be the possible causes ?

I am looking for a good cleanse to get my weight loss going.?

I am losing weight with asthma, is this possible?

I am trying to lose weight and I am wondering if the essure device will make this difficult?