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I had the sleeve surgery 3 week ago and lost 9 pound the first week, since then 1pound lost. I eat around 800calorie a day and walk 45min 5 day a wk.

Just went thru a divorce.very stressed. Im 5ft weigh about 90pounds. Lost alot of weight in my face. How can i gain it back?

1 yr ago I was bulimic unintentionally. It lasted 4mos. & I lost over 20 lbs. Dr. Found& treated ulcer, I was able to eat again. Now I have 130 pulse?

135 lbs,19,5'4 and my weight is healthy but I don't look it. I have love handles no definition in my abs anymore and am losing my muscle def. ?

22 y/o. Heavy smoker. Depressed. Occasional blood on toilet paper. Massive appetite loss, lost 15kg, still overweight. Should i be worried?

2nd IUI i gain almost 3 kilos and tommy fat, nothing fits anymore, is it normal?

33 weeks woke up with my stomach half the size. I also have not gained any weight recently and lost 2 lbs over night. My stomach was huge now it's not?

42 yo male. Obese. Lost 7# last 3 days. Quit 600mg x 3/day ibuprofen habit 4 days ago. Water weight? In aug. Lost 20+ same circumstance. Gained back.

5 years ago i lost 13kg but 4 months ago i gained it all back since i started working in an office sitting all day i'm 161cm tall and 66kg plz help?

56 year old male lost 20 lbs in a 2month period without changing eating habits , no weight loss or exercise program. What can cause this?

5yo was 40.5lbs in June had bug down to 40lbs. Dr said she's not gaining like she should. How much should she have gained in 3 months?

A 19 year old male was diagnosed with a bulging/herniateddisc, 6 months ago. Since then, he has gained weight andis now trying to lose weight, but excercise hurts his back.Recommendations?

After a sexual assault, my body changed. Skipped periods, larger breasts, w/thigh & abdomen gain. I gained 29lbs in 5 months & lost 4lbs in 3. Why?

After a week of diarrhea, I have lost weight significantly. It has been 7 months since then and I still haven't gained weight. What could it indicate?

After birth of son lost the baby weight. Then gained like 35 pounds then 6 months later lost 25 pounds without trying. What could cause these sudden c?

After delivery. I've lost some weight which i gained all back. I have big open appetite and its hard to go on strict diet due to breast feeding. Help?

After giving birth i gained 10kg and got cellulite. I recently started to train cardio and strengt 40min/day and i wonder if will be able to lose it?

After I lost a lot of weight I also lost my period for a year and. Couple months ... Now it's came back does this mean I've gained weight ?

Age 16 dancing 7 hrs per week since age 5. Recently lost some weight from diet but still overweight. Quitting dance soon. How to keep losing weight?

Almost 18, overweight 240, tried losing weight in grade 9 lost 10 lbs in a month but exams came & gained 7 lbs in a week. Why?

Am 20yrs old i usually eat 2-4 xday since 2dys i just lost my appetite why is that?

Am currently 130 kg and 168cm height after pregnancy. I feel I look horrible now. I don't get time to exercise. Please suggest tips for weight loss?

At one point I gained about 10 pounds in one week and I don't know why some times my weight changes alot?

Back in november i was sick and dropped weight. I was 98lbs and now i'm 88lbs. I'm having a hard time gaining weight. Should i be concerned?

Been starving myself /obsessed with weight since Oct and lost 30lbs. My BMI is still normal at 19.2 (5'5" 115lbs) what eating disorder would this be?

Been watching what I eat and excercise 5 to 6 days a week since march 13,2015. I have only lost 6 pounds. Help me please?

Began losing uninted weight end of february.Have lost ten lbs since then.Eating good.Cant gain any back.Cancer? Very worried

Bp2 husband has been stable on meds for several years. He lost 20 lbs. Lately he has been cycling. Could meds have to be tweaked due 2 weight loss?

Breasts have shrunk nearly 2 sizes in the past 3 months. not due to weight loss, if anything have experienced weight gain since entering college. why?

Can a gastricbypass reu n y of ten years reverse itself or stop working? 10 years ago i had gastric by pass surgery, i lost weight, however recently I have been following same routine and I have been gaining weight like crazy. I am on an antidepressant,

Can being stressed cause you to lose 10lbs in a couple of months? How's that happen?

Can losing 30lbs in 5 months cause a person to have chills?

Can low amniotic fluid if I am losing weight during pregnancy? I am 26 weeks and lost 20 pounds already .

Can low testosterone levels in body cause trouble gaining weight for a skinny guy ?i lost a lot of weight after stomach problems and cant regain back.

Can stress cause unintended weight loss?In two yrs lost twelve lbs.Cant gain back..Many many tests.Drs not very concerned as off and on i gain a bit

Can sudden weight loss or gain cause gyno for some in their 20s? If so will it go away once nutrition is back to normal?

Can weight loss cause orthostatic hypotension? Lost roughly 30lbs over last 6 months unintentionally. Was on celexa (citalopram) for 7 months but been off 5 mnths

Can you tell me how I could lose 20 pounds by june 20th?

Can't stop bloating. 5'3" 100 lbs 17.71 BMI and tired of muffin top. Nothing is working and afraid to loose more weight. I don't know what to do.

Constipated badly last 6 mths. Lost about 10lbs in weight without trying in last 6 months. Had colonoscopy last year. All ok. Pressure under left rib ?

Daughter has removed herself from family, gained weight and has negative attitude. what could this be??

Dieting /exercising since nov. Have lost 18lbs. Last 2.5 weeks haven't worked out or eatin as healthy . Still lost 2lbs. Is this ok? Recent CBC was ok

Does the cla supplement really works or it is just a spam ? Cuz i lost many kilos but the problem is with my waist and i need to loose it!

Due to stress and depression i lost 41lbs in 5 months. Recently 10lbs in 3 days. Is this a safe amount? Even thou i was over wait?

Ever since i started 225mg Effexor (venlafaxine) i pee frequently and lost 5lbs of what appears to be water weight. Is this possible?

Father seems to be losing, instead of gaining weight since his colon surgery, why is that?

Fear of gaining weight due to my mom's constant nagging?

Feel like I'm getting too skinny like I'm shrinking/wasting away but the scale is showing that I gained weight. I'm so scared. What do I do?

Fell off the diet and work out wagon about a month ago i weighed myself today and I have lost 1lb in that time. Why didn't i gain? Should i b concerne

For past few months, I've been eating very little (500 cal/day) because i'm never hungry. I've lost 5lb in 3 months (not much) should I be concerned?

For the past three days i've eaten too much! i've gained so much weight this month! how do I get back to my old weight?

Frstrated,pcos,i excrise eat 1500cal. havnt lost nothing,gaining.tried Atkins diet,gained! been doing this 4weeks.

Full work up done for lymph node swelling (1 yr now) 20 lb weight loss since last year & have not been able to gain weight back, what could it be?

Gained 3-5 pounds after exercising for a month. Would i expect the same if i keep it up another month?

Gained 30lbs in 3 mths, quit smoking 3 months ago, went vegetarian 2 months ago, still rapidly gaining weight. What could it be?

Gained 5 pounds on scale from strength training. Stopped for six months but never lost that weight why is that? Diet never changed

Gained five pounds from one binge. Two weeks later can not lose it! eventhough went back to eating normally. So frustrated!!

Gaining weight I have gained about 35 pounds in the last 3 years from eating out constantly and lack of excersise. I just recently began excersising and I have lost about 17 pounds. When i gained the weight my face had gained weight aswell... Is that norm

Got gynaecomastia surgery done, despite losing weight afterwards fat is growing on the chest. Other docs can't tell why its happening. Please help.

Green loose stools, weight loss, just came back from South Asia vacation ?

Had a baby 2 weeks ago via c sect. Lost about 10 pounds immediately. Since then I have lost another 20 pounds. Am i losing weight too quickly?

Had a total abdominal hysterectomy 11 days ago. I've been eating lite. I haven't lost 1 lb. I though i'd drop 10 lbs by now. Why haven't i lost?

Had unintended weight loss (128 to 121lbs), have since gained back the weight. Have had temperatures of 99.5 every night. Should I worry about cancer?

Had urine incontinence before losing lotsa lbs. Started jogging and it's back. Why?

Have ulcerative colitis kidney stone and been peeing a lot. Lost weight now im around 98lbs. How can I gain a healthy weight back? Im 5ft 2in

Having a hard time loosing weight while nursing my 6 month old baby need help ive trued dieting and exercise no results any advice on what went wrong ?

Having panic.Lost 10 lbd in 17 mths.Had gained 5 bsck but past 8 weeks lost it again.Pcp and gastro ran many tests.Colonoscopy and all normal.Scared?

Having to diet for operation I 5 days I lost six I lost a further 4kg!is this even possible or are my scales broken?

Haw I ken loss weith?

Hello Dr. Weissman. I had weight loss surgery last year gastric sleeve, I've lost close to 100lbs, however I need something that will continue to help me curve my crave for a little while and would like to go on phentermine, thru a doctor, just want to ma

Hello i recently change from olanzapine to quetiapine but are still finding it hard to loose weight i lost 6 pounds but i was doing hard work out?

Hello sir mohit here my age is 23 and my height is 5.8 inches my wieght is 87 i am very worried about my wieght due to overwieght i feel all day tired?

Hello, It's been a month now. I've eaten healthier and a lot less for a month now. I have been exercising almost everyday for a month for 30 minutes day. I have lost 6lbs, I thought I would loose a lot more than that? I have noticed my clothes are fitting

Hello!I am 24 years the past I weigh approximately 54 kg but now I feel that I have lost weight and I feel bad so plz I want to get my weight?

Hello. I noticed that I have been losing weight in my breasts. I haven't worked out since last year. What could this mean?

Hello. So I am a 22 year old female who has experienced significant weight loss in the last 2 5'3 and I was 102 and I am now 90. I have not been dieting but have recently lost my job and have been home lazy a lot and have completely lost my app

Hey dr, im costantly losing weight and i dont know why or how. Im wondering what can i do to at least have a appetite or get a lil weight back on me.

Hi I have jaundice for about 1 and a half month have lost almost 18kg i have seen dr every week.

Hi doctor, please how can I lose a little weight for an event on saturday?

Hi doctor...... my dad is 56 years old. He lost 3kg in 1 month without trying to lose weight. He has no other symptoms. Should we be scared?? Thanks

Hi I have gained a lot of weight n i suffer from severe form of urticaria almost every other day i need to loose weight but i don't get motivated?

Hi im 50 years old and has gained one pound in weight since high school to now?

Hi. Since being diagnosed with ibs i have gained 30lbs. I'm 5'7 170lbs. I'm trying to lose weight. What can I do?

How can an mds patient regain the weight he lost even though his apetite is normal and he is eating normally?

How can I cleanse my liver. I am doing crossfit and have hit a roadblock at 30lbs lost.

How can I get past the weight loss plateu?

How can i go down from 190lbs to 132lbs?

How can i increase my apetite? i lost alot of weight from stress from alot of responsibilities and studies..

How can I loose stubborn lbs? I've been dieting and exercising and have lost 41 lbs so far but it seems my body doesn't want to loose anymore. Help!

How can I lose weight after a tubal ligation? I had mine with a csection 2 months ago & gained 20 lbs w/no change in my eating habits/bad night sweat

How can I persaude my 325 pound cousin to lose weight with me without hurting her feelings?

How can you tell if you are having unintended weight loss while breast-feeding part-time? Losing 1-2#/wk. Not trying. Eating the same I was 1 mo. ago.

How dangerous is it to be anorexic and have gone from 80lbs to 125lbs to 115lbs and be 19 weeks pregnant?

How do I prevent frmo gaining weight with a broken back?

How do I slow weight loss down? I am losing 12-15 lbs a mth cuz of fatty liver from obesity.I am worried I am losing too much wt .I am eating good

How might i get past a weight plateau?

How much weight we lost after pooping ? I wieght my self Sunday morning it's 70kg n today after poop it's 69.3 kg is it fat loss or not plz tell thanx

How to loose weight with a throyid problem?

How to permanently loose weight. What if it keeps coming back. Has it got to do something with metabolism?

I started working out about a month ago. But I have gained weight from 111-114 lbs. I haven't lost fat, just gained muscle. What is happening?