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I eat as if I am 300lbs (as my friends say) but I just cannot gain weight. I want hips and butt What can I do to get thicker as well as exercise?

Acanthosis go away if i lose weight?

Am I a normal weight? I am 5 foot 6 inches and I weigh 110 pounds I feel so fat! am I?

Any suggestions on which type of work or workout burns more calories to lose weight from all over the body n look skinny fast?

Anyone know what is a quick way to lose weight from hips?

Are weight belts more effective than weight vests?

Been eating properly and exercising a lot and lost weight even in my face. I have always had very nice cheek dimples...will I lose them as I lose weig?

Best exercise to do to lose weight on hips and thighs?

Best way to lose weight around the belly, hips and thighs?

Cab bicycling help loose the weight in your legs?

Can a saggy body after weight loss tone with weight training exercises?Age 22 female. Also have strech marks.

Can a waist trimmer make you lose inches?

Can extreme weight gain cause your belly botton to stretch?

Can it be that i'm gaining weight and i'm getting stretch marks!?

Can losing your weight too fast really expose your ribs?

Can saggy body get toned after huge weight loss? I am 21 year old girl. Can saggy body get toned with strength training exercises as i am young?

Can the obese lose weight slow enough that they could lose a pannus (hanging abdomen)?

Can there be any way i can flatten my belly, and lose weight?

Can thigh cellulite go away with loosing weight & strength training exercises? I have to reduce 15kgs for my ideal weight..

Can u lose fat.In pubic area with weight loss?

Can weight lifting help you lose face fat/double chin?

Can weight training help slim your thighs?

Can you get strech marks by loosing weight?

Can you loose weight in your abdomen from doing the twist or hula hoop?

Can you lose weight from your face if it has alittle fat?

Can you lose weight on your legs, thighs and bum by starving yourself?

Can you lose weight without getting stretch marks?

Can you please lay out the keys to losing weight?

Can you suggest exercises that will make you lose weight on my hips, belly and thighs?

Can you tell me how i can lose 10 inches off my waist?

Can you tell me how i can lose weight around my hips and under bellybutton?

Can you tell me how i can lose weight from butt only?

Can you tell me how i can lose weight on upper body?

Can you tell me how I could lose weight in my hips but not anywhere else?

Can you tell me some exercises for larger butt, without loosing weight?

Can your weight gain go where your stretch marks are?

Could jogging every other day and lifting help me get a tone body along with losing weight?

Could you tell me if i work out doing lunges and bulgarian squats with weights will it make me lose weight?

Could you tell me what are good ways to lose weight burn fat and get thinner legs?

Could you tell me what are some effective ways to loose weight in your legs within 3 weeks?

Could you tell me what happens to old stretch marks after you lose weight?

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Do i lose weight on boobs if i gain butt?

Do your boobs itch when you lose weight?

Does body wrapping help lose weight?

Does losing weight help to have a narrow face?

Does losing weight help you with having a narrow face?

Does the mini bicycles work for loosing weight?

Does your head shrink when you lose weight?

Flab arms developed really fast at 60. Age or weight or stress?

Hello :), how to know how inch (in erect and flaccid) i will gain if i lose all my weight(i'm obese)? Pushing in pubic fat pad? Thank you

Hello doctor, I want to lose weight from my face is can I do so?

Hi ,I would like to know how I can lose fat from my face and how to lose the doublechin.Because I gained pounds but i lost them but not from my face ?

Hi, im a 14 year old who weights a more than 175 lbs and I want to get slimmer. What can I do that works?

How to exiesise for weight loss of upper arm?

How can I actually lose weight in my thighs?

How can I gain weight ? I've been trying to gain weight for the longest . I want hips and a butt

How can I get loose weight(around the thighs)?

How can i loose my excessive belly fat without loosing weight in other areas because i am already a slender person?

How can I loose weight around my stomach and my thighs? Have difficulty

How can I loose weight on my doble chin?

How can I lose 10 inches off my waist?

How can I lose facial/neck fat without losing too much weight everywhere else (i'm already almost underweight)?

How can I lose fat around my stomach if i lift weights everyday and don't wish to lose muscle mass?

How can I lose lower body weight?

How can I lose weight after baby without getting stretch marks?

How can I lose weight and still keep my butt?

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How can I lose weight around my thighs and butt?

How can I lose weight from butt only?

How can i lose weight in the pelvic area??

How can I lose weight just on my face & neck?

How can I lose weight on buttocks.?

How can I lose weight on my arms and fingers?

How can I lose weight on my arms only?

How can I lose weight on my arms?

How can I lose weight on my double chin ?

How can I lose weight on my face and legs?

How can I lose weight on my thighs and legs?

How can I lose weight on my thighs and stomach?

How can I lose weight specifically in the thighs?

How can I lost weight on my upper leg and butt? I exercise regularly(running, swimming). However, I can lose weight for other parts but not butt.

How can I put an end to flabby chest and belly after weight loss?

How can I put on a little weight to my thighs, but not fat weight?

How can I tone my butt while losing weight?

How can I tone my legs/thighs without bulking them up? I'm also at a healthy weight so I don't need to lose any. I just want to tone up. :)

How can I tone up my stomach and lose some weight?

How can iloose weight from thighs?

How can you prevent stretch marks from weight gain?

How can you shrink thighs, get rid of cellulite and lose weight fast?

How can you speed up metabolism and lose weight in belly and boobs?

How close do I need to be to a normal body weight to be a good candidate for liposculpture? Can i get liposculpture if i'm about 40 lbs. Overweight, or do I have to lose weight first? .

How could I lose some weight when I have a back injury?

How do i gain my fat back in my butt and thights in 3 months .im 131pounds i need to gain 10 pounds of fat .

How do I loose weight in my stomach and thigh area?

How do I lose 20lbs when I have sciatica?

How do I lose face & neck weight?

How do I lose menopause upper arm fat?

How do I lose the weight on my belly, I do crunches but i know they only tone the muscles and the more I do the bigger i get help?