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2 months ago, started exercising(35-50miles/week)&eating healthier; weight fluctuates 94-104lbs, before exercise=96lbs. Why am I gaining & not losing?

21 years ols weigh 226lbs want to get down to 145lbs. I am dieting excersising and counting my calories and still can't lose weight. Please help!

3 meals a day or 6 smaller meals? I'm trying to lose weight and build muscle fast.

5"2 18 yr old female who struggles to gain weight despite eating a lot. Now that I'm trying to have a healthy diet I've started losing weight?

Advice for someone who is trying to eat healthier and lose weight, but is struggling ?

Advice on how to slowly increase more calories without gaining weight due to crash dieting. What should I eat? Ideas please!

Am a college goer..Am eating chappathies twice in a day. Wil i lose weight?

Am going on a diet. One meal a day to loose weight. In 3 days I lost 10 pounds. With lots of 0 calories of vitamin water. Is this healthy?

Any reason why am i not gaining weight if i eat 2500 calories a day?

Anyone know what is a healthy meal plan to lose a little weight?

Askd 3times? If i only eat when i'm really hungry and only drink when i'm really thirsty will i healthily lose weight or should I eat every 3hours?

Best way to loose weight i keep feeling fat ?

Can eating baby powder make you lose weight?

Can eating frruits only for aweek help you lose weight?

Can eating watermelon keep me from losing weight?

Can frozen meals help me lose weight?

Can gaining weight by eating healthy give you the same look as gaining on junk?

Can going vegan help me lose weight?

Can going vegan help you lose weight?

Can i exercise and eat healthy on week days and take the weekings off, and still lose weight?

Can i lose weight by replacing my meals with ensure?

Can I lose weight by skipping lunch everyday?

Can i tell me how i can keep weight off after fasting?

Can just eating healthy and exercising make you lose weight?

Can not eating make you to lose your apetite?

Can slim fast chocolate drinks really help you lose weight? How and how much would you lose if you excercise daily and watch what you eat?

Can someone tell me how long will it take to lose weight with eating healthy and exercise?

Can stress cause you to lose weight even if you keep eating the same amount?

Can u help me with my diet. Im 22 yrs old. I exercised 3 to 4 time per week in 1 hr. Can u advice on what should I eat and drink to lose weight.

Can walking everyday help me lose weight? I have early stages of Parkinson's and i eat very healthy but i need to lose weight.

Can walking everyday help me lose weight? I have early stages of Parkinson's and need to lose weight. I eat healthy but it's not enough.

Can working out 30 minutes a day and eating healthy help me lose weight?

Can you advise me to lose weight and stop snacking!?

Can you loose weight just exercising and eating less I am horrible at dieting and I just want to get in shape?

Can you please tell me if i will gain weight overnight for binge eating during dinner?

Can you please tell me which is the top cereal to have for losing weight?

Can you tell me how could i lose my belly fat in fast ways and give up wrong eating habits?

Can you tell me how i can lose weight healthily if I have an eating disorder?

Can you tell me how I could control my eating habits and lose weight?

Can you tell me how I could stop myself eating so much + tone up and lose weight?

Can you tell me how I could stop over eating and lose weight without cheating myself?

Can you tell me how much weight would you lose per week without eating the entire week?

Can you tell me how to keep from gaining weight (without going on a diet)?

Can you tell me how to lose my belly fat in fast ways and give up wrong eating habits?

Can you tell me if I am likely to lose weight eating weight watchers frozen meals every day?

Can you tell me if I am likely to lose weight from just eating a pepper a day?

Can you tell me if i could lose weight just by eating healthy and walking my dog every day?

Can you tell me if i run a mile each day after school and eat really healthy and clean, will i lose weight?

Can you tell me if i'm overweight and start eating healthy can I lose weight?

Can you tell me if it's faster to lose weight by starving or by eating paleo?

Can you tell me the typical healthy meals and snacks, that can help me lose weight?

Can't keep food down, lost too much weight from my eating disorder. How do I regain my appetite?

Could you describe how should you eat to lose weight?

Diabetic. I exercise and want to exercise more, i eat healthy but I am losing weight, what i be eating not to lose weight and not to incrse bs as wel?

Dieting is exhausting for me. Would it be okay to stay obese?

Do i need to lose weight even though i eat healthy and exercise if my BMI says i'm a little overweight?

Do you put on weight if you eat more but exercise more?

Does a person need to eat any fat when trying to gain muscle and lose weight?

Does binge eating and going aneorexic actually help you lose weight?

Does bulimia actually help you lose weight if you don't binge and just eat regular amounts before you purge?

Does complan meal replacement help you lose weight ?

Does eating 1500 calories and not exercising going to make me gain weight?

Does eating a healthy breakfast help control weight?

Does eating slowly helps in losing weight?

Does eating the same thing everyday help you lose weight faster?

Does exercise really help you lose weight or does it make you hungrier? How can you fight over eating after exercise?

Does fasting work for weight loss or is eating smaller portions better?

Does it make it harder to loss weight by exercising and eating healthy when on 170 mg of methadone? I can't loss this 16lbs i gained in 4 months.

Does skipping breakfast make you lose weight?

Eat healthy and exercise but unable to loose weight?

Eating good diets but weight is not growing .What is the reason?

Eating lesser doesn't seem to help me lose weight...

Eating one time aday can help to lose wieght?

End up eating wayyy over my daily goal. How can I stop this binging at night and stay motivated to lose this weight?

Exercising is not hard but dieting is, why?

Exercising. Changed eating habits but still isnt losing weight?

Explain to me how eating frequent small meals helps you lose weight better than fasting?

Food to eat after exercising? I was wondering what foods to eat after exercising (cardio) if i'm trying to lose weight. It seems counter-intuitive! also, is there a certain time frame by which one should eat protein after exercising?

For weight loss is it better to count calories or just eat clean/healthy?

Gained 2kg, been drinking more water, eat some bad food but exercising more and doing weight lifting. Why am I gaining weight?

Having trouble losing weight. Keep gaining while being healthy. Gained 10 to 15 lbs this past month. Eating healthy and being active?

Heahtly eating for weight loss?

Healthy breakfast choices for weight loss?

Hello! i'm a bodybuilder, my question is about healthy eating. One of my goals is to gain weight (muscles) - what should I eat, what to avoid?

Help please! is eating only 1000 calories a day and walking going to make me lose weight?

Help please! is eating yogurt before sleeping recommendable for weight loss?

Help, what to eat to lose weight and keep me full?

Here doctors have said not to eat fruits to lose weight. What are we exactly supposed to eat to lose weight and also to maintain it?

Hey is banana a good choice to eat after weight training for someone who is losing weight?

Hi docs! is it okay to eat white rice? for losing weight?? im overweight

Hi dr is walking 1 hour 3 times a week good to lose weight while eating healthy food aswell

Hi my friend only eats 300 500 cals day and I'm just worder if her weigh drop less she eat how much would she loose day on this?

Hi! i am 22 years old but my health is getting down day by day without any reason, i am eating well and maintaining my diet but still losing weight?

Hi!! For the last week I have noticed that I'm losing weight! Now, I've been exercising and watching what I eat so so normally I'm use to the weight loss. I've lost almost 70 PDs total which is good because I was exercising before and for the last two wee

Hoping you can tell me, is nutritionist going to could you help me lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle?

Hoq much time should be between eating and exercising ? And should I eat after the workout to gain muscle ?

How 2 lose weight? After having 2 kids can't lose extra weight.I know eat less move more.But i need 2 eat 1000 cal&workout 2 lose. Hard 2 keep that up

How big is the weight loss difference between eating less calories and eating healthier calories?

How can I avoid gaining weight without walking?

How can I bulk up? I eat normally what an 18 yr old eats but my body does not gain weight.