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22 years old height 178cm so how much should be weight ?

3 months pregnant. Is weight 50kg and body mass index 20, for height 160cm, normal or underweight?

4feet11height80kg weight lady38 i want to lose maximum weight in two months how much exercise can I do and any good diet chart plz?

5.3 tall what weight should I be on?

A healthy weight for my height of 5 feet?

Age 22 height 5.6, what is an ideal weight for me .

Am i dangerously underweight? I'm 18 years old, 37kg and my height is 5"1'.

Am I the ideal weight for my height and age if BMI is 25?

Are there any exercises to gain height?

Are there some healthy ways to add a few inches to your height?

At 5 5 and 120 is my weight normal for my height?

Average height and weight for 1u7 year old teenager in terms of kilograms?

Can ankle weights increase height?

Can I have height gain after correcting lordosis?

Can loosing a lot of weighy cause u too shrink in height?

Can you show me the chart on age weight height chart ?

Can you tell me an ideal weight for 19 year old with 5 feet 7 inches height?

Can you tell me changes from normal height and weight for women as they age?

Can you tell me how to determine a healthy weight for my height?

Can you tell me if i lose 14 pounds, would 119 be an okay weight for my age and height?

Can you tell me normal height and weight for children?

Could someone gain height if she is 16 years old ? And if yes what should that person do in order to gain height ?

Do you suggest a weight chart for height and age?

Doc says I am underweight for my height. Is cb-1 a safe way to help me gain weight? With the added calories.

Doctor, I'm 18 .My weight is 55kg and height is 153cm. Is this enough for my age?

Does calcium help for height gain?

Does doing squats without the weights decrease your height ?

Dr i want to increase my weight.My height is 5feet 10 inch.And I am 63 kgs.What should I eat to gain atleast 7 kgs in two months .

Height 5'6 weights 147.5lbs what is my bmi?

Height is 5'6" and my weight is 72kg. What do you think should be the ideal weight for my height?

Hello dear doctors, i want to ask u about my weight..My weight is 67kgs, my height is 5.2, & my waist is 18...Am i obese or not?Plz tell me.

Hello doctor, how to gain weight, my spouse weight is so less she is 45kg's and height is 5'7"?

Hello, I am fourteen years old, am 166cm in height, and weigh roughly 46kg. Is this a normal weight for my age? I believe I need to lose weight.

Hello, I am from india.My girl baby girl age is 6 years, &height is 4 feet.Her weight is 47 lb. Is it ideal weight? Please tell me.

Hello... I am 19 years old.. Height 5'5" and weight 70kg.. Is my weight perfect or not??

Hello..Doctor just wanna know is my weight is according to my age and height..My weight is 55 kg..And height is 5.3 inch..And I am 25 years old?

Help please? How tall and what weight should a 13 yr old old be?

Hey I am 21 years old. My height is 5'11 and weight is 55kgs! please suggest me how to increase weight!

Hi i am 27 years old girl and my height "5.2". Plz tell me what is the ideal weight for me.?

Hi can someone guide me in gaining some weight as I am underweight for my age . My age is 23 yrs and my height is 5, can someone please help me ?

Hi docs.. I'm a southasian teen(19yrs) with 5.8ft height and weigh78kgs.. I want to loose weight.. Plz help?

Hi doctor. Im 17 years old. My height is 167cm and my weight is 50-52kg. I know im under the average weight. what should i do to gain more weights?

Hi I am 25 years old(F), height 5'1'' and weight 43.6 Kg/96lb. I need suggestion if I am right weight for my height or do I need to improve weight?

Hi I am a girl and 17 years old my height is 5'4 and my weight is 45-46 i want to increase my weight and my height....

Hi I am underweight and I want to gain weight I am 16 year old, 5 ft 8 inch tall and I weigh 48kg. I don't have any eating disorder. ?

Hi i'm 18.. Will height gainer pro work on me?

Hi my height is 187cms. But my weight is only 64kgs. I masturbate almost daily. Is that a reason for my low weight? My age is 18.

Hi my height is 5-2ft and my weight is 55kg my BMI 22 i guess. Is this healthy?

Hi sir .. My weight s less than average weight.. My height 6ft.. Current weight 55kg.. Kindly suggest me useful tips to gain weight..

Hi this is kaushik. I'm 19 years old and around 5feet 6inches and weighs 98lbs. I want to increase my height and personality. Can you help me with it?

Hi, I am 18 years old and my height is 5.2" and my weight is 60. So is that weight ok for me ?

Hi! I'm 17 years old and is severely underweight. My height is 165cm and weight is 40kg. I've been trying to gain weight but I can't .

Hi. My age is 18 and I'm 187cms tall. What is my ideal weight?

Hi. My weight is 49. and my height is 5'5. How can I gain weight?

Hi.. I m having fat.. Want to reduce my weight.. My age is 31.. Height.. 6 ft ... Weight 100 kg?

How can BMI be different to height/weight chart?

How can I find best height and weight chart for females?

How can I find best height and weight chart for woman?

How can I gain my weight.I m 23.My weight is just 41kg only.Height is 5.7inch?

How can I gain weight and height 13 year old boy?

How can i gain weight i am 60 kilo weight and 1.83 mt on height?

How can I gain weight my height is abt 5' 11"?

How can I gain weight? I am 27 years old, weighing 60kg, height is 1.75m. Thanks

How can I gain weight? I am very thin with weight of 45kg and tall 159cm

How can I gain weight? I have been struggling to gain weight and according to my age , height, and BMI I am considered underweight.

How can I gain weight? My height is 179cm. And 58kg.

How can I improve health(weight, height)?

How can I increase my height and weight I am 18 years old boy height is just 158 CM and weight 38 kg?

How can I lose my weight? My weighi is 67 kg and my height is 5 ft 2inch.

How can I lose weight? Im a 17 years old girl, weight: 170 lbs and height: about 6 feet

How can you calculate your ideal body weight?

How do doctors measure the loss of disc height ?

How do you determine your ideal weight?

How much can a male gain in height after 19?

How much should a 13 year old weight and hight if normal?

How much should an 11 year old girl 's height and weight be(in CM and kg)?

How to become lean.. For 5ft. Height what should be weight.?

How to gain height at age21 .... I only want 3 inches more ... Is there any options for me??

How to gain weight, I am too skinny.Weigh only 54 kg with 5 11' ft height.

How to loose 2kgs per week healthily? I am 160cms in height and 163lbs. What is normal weight for this height?

How would i know if me or my kids are the correct height and weight for our ages?

I am 16 years old boy my height is 6 feet and weight is 55 kgs I want to gain weight?

I am 16, 148cm tall and weigh 51kg.How can I increase my height and reduce my weight.I have hypothyroidism?

I am 18 years old .my height is 160 cm .weight is 40 kg .i think its improper growth .how do i increase my weight?

I am 18 years old girl, my height is 5 5' and weight 58 kgs..Is it perfect or more than normal? But i want to reduce my weight..

I am 18 years old man, I have 1.8m height & 80kg weight. Am i in good conditions?

I am 19 years old and 5 feet 6 inches in height and 60 kg weight.What should I do to increase my height? Plzz help me!

I am 19. Female. Height 147 weight 36-38kg. Is there a way to increase my height?

I am 21 year old .Weight 65 kg, height 5 ft 10 inch. I thought I am underweight or is this ok?

I am 21 year old and my weight is 50 kg .height is 5ft 5 inch i want to gain weight is nido helpful for me?

I am 21 years old and my weight is 62 and my height is 5 ft 1 inch. Is it normal?

I am 21 yrs old, may height is 165 CM and my weight is 150 lbs, what natural practices could I do to gain more height?

I am 21 yrs old. I am 5ft9inches tall and weigh only 52 kg. I want to gain some weight. How can gain weight within few months ?

I am 22 and 6 ft 2 in and I weigh 155lb I wanna gain more weight.. What should I do?

I am 22 years old and 5 feet 2 inch my weight is 52 , is it accurate according to height and weight?

I am 22 years old but just weight52.My height is 170 cms.How can I increase my weight?

I am 22 years old. Height is 165 cms. But my weight is only 40kgs. How to increase my weight?

I am 23 year old and my height is 6.1, weigt 68.I think that my weight is not according to my height and age..Plzzz suggest how can I increase my weigh?

I am 23 year women my height is 5.1 weight is 48 m i consider short heighted girl or normal height? Or my weight is ideal?

I am 23...But my weight only 47..And my height only 5'3"...How do i increase my weight and height?