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2 weeks ago, I weighed 115-116 pounds which is normal for me. Now I weigh 110 but I haven't dieted or exercised. I'm glad I'm losing weight but why?

 How can I gain weight ? Im 22 5'1 and weigh 98 lbs

im a 14 year old boy who's turning 15 in and my goal too start to lose weight im 5'6 and i weigh 200 pounds how do i lose weight can you please help?

;m 15, about 5"4, and i weigh 114lbs :( do I have an eating disorder, or do I just want to be skinny?

119 lbs/ 5'6" ft inch. I want to gain some weight. I do weight training and eating 6x a day. Still stuck on my weight or tend to lost 2-3 pound/ week?

16 years old (130lb). Gain/lose weight really easily. Can only maintain weight if i eat <800 cals. I've gained 20lb in a month before. Normal?

16, 5'3", 53kilos. Can't lose weight at all - 4 hours cardio, 20k cycle + abs / week for 1 month, healthy eating, NO WEIGHT LOST! Feel terrible :(?

17 year old female, 5'5" and 98 pounds. I eat healthy and exercise but i can't gain weight. Only lose it. How much should I weigh and how do I gain?

18 yrs 5'2" 135 lb. how many calories should I take per day to maintain weight or loose 5 pounds?

24 female 156 pounds 2 days of cardio, 2 days of strength training a week healthy diet- what should be my goal weight and body fat % goals?

27yrs old female. Height 5'5, Weigh 160 & healthy. I want to get down to 130lb. Is 130lb too small?How many calories do I consume a day to lose weight

4'11 weigh 180. Which is safer Adipex or Belviq (lorcaserin) for weight loss and to go along with a trainer and dietitian?

49 years female. 158cm and 44 kg, 1200 calories and active with hiking but can't lose weight, want to be 40kg, I am gaining , how can I lose pls ?

5'2 and 129 pounds how much weight should I lose to look healthy and not pudgy?

5'2" Height 175 lbs wife how can i help her lose lots of weight?

5'3 165lbs on the Special K diet, want to weigh 120 lbs. How many calories a day do I need to achieve this goal in about 2 months. Hardly excercise?

5'3" and 78lbs... Is that a good weight?

50, f, do you sometimes lose weight after menopause naturally?

A person is 5'7 and weighed at 185 at their heaviest, do they need to lose weight even if the doctor tells them they are healthy?

Am 20 years old im 5'8 and i weigh near 350 pounds i have cut ever everything unhealthy from my diet and workout why am I not losing weight?

Am I becoming anorexic - I'm normal weight, 68kg (seventeen year old girl) but I only have on average 200 calories a day (One meal and a fruit) thanks?

And still lose weight. I'm female by the way. Would the binge have still affected me?

Anyone know what is a healthy weight for 4"11 or 59 inches?

Are there any person trainers specifically for children to lose weight?

At what rate can you lose weight and still remain healthy?

Average adult weight loss with tonsillectomy?

Based on my weight and age, what am I at risk for if I don't lose weight? I'm really worried.

Been eating healthy and smaller meals. Lost a little weight. Exercise now daily. Still considered obese. Why has resting heart rate been in the 50's?

Besides BMI and fat pinch test, what's a good way to determine my ideal weight?

Can a physically muscular woman wanting to lose weight benefit from men's diet products?

Can I lose 80 lbs without lose skin? I'm 26 ,f, overweight for 13 years. I'm dieting & exercising and want to lose with in 6-8 mo. 150 is my goal.

Can i maintain my weight eating 1400 cals a day? With 40 mns exercise. I weigh 52 kgs. Im 21 years old. Female and 164 cm.

Can losing weight bring down hemoglobin count?

Can men do well on weight watchers?

Can pre-diabetics still gain healthy weight and muscle? I see the ADA recommends to lose 5-7% of weight. I am skinny to begin with & want to gain.

Can u send the scale of weight?

Can you please tell me why it'sbad to lose weight when your pregnant and morbid obese?

Can you tell me about the fastest way to lose weight for an 19 year old that is about 5'2 and weighs 162.3?

Can you tell me how i can lose 30 pounds in 4-5 months?

Can you tell me how I could lose 2 stone by may realistically?

Can you tell me how I could lose weight with out my parent knowing?

Can you tell me if i had a choice to be overweight or underweight what would i choose?

Could u send me the scale of normal weight?

Could you tell me what are good personal traits that can help lose body weight?

Doc, I have problem gaining my weight. And very easy losing my weight. My current weight is 39kgs and my height is about 162cms. Whats wrong with me?

Doctor, I need to increase my weight my current BMI is 16.and i feel very in 19..please give advice to me ?

Does a person need to lose weight when they are at their heaviest even if they are healthy?

Fastest way for a 15 year old 5'10'', a 153 lbs to lose weight over 3 months?

For 23 years old am I am healthy weight at 141?

Good meal plan for a 240 pound male trying to lose weight ?

Hashimoto's, pcos, obese. Watching calories and exercising. Still gaining weight. Gp given up. Can anyone please help me lose weight?!

Hello doc im chubie 25 years old 5'5 and im 80 kilo is my weight is right in my age!

Hello doc. My BMI is 30.11. I want to lose weight. Please suggest me where to start. Thsnks?

Hello doctor . how are you . I am junaid khan from Pakistan. I want to lose my weight . what should I do first?

Hello doctor, I am on a healthy eating plan but i've gained weight - why?

Hello i just found out my weight today. I'm 21, 5'5 and 315lbs. To lose weight how many calories should I have a day?

Hello I'm 5'5 and my BMI is at 30 and a male, I feel like I've been losing weight. Even after eating a big meal no weight gain.. Could this be diabete?

Hello, I waned to know if a 1000 calorie while exercising is safe. I'm 238 and morbidly obese . I'm a female as well?

Hello, I was just wondering what my ideal weight is. I have no desire to be "skinny, " just healthy. I am 20 years old and 5'7.?

Hello, I'm female 5'5 and weigh 236. I wanted to know if eating 1000 calories is safe for weight loss.

Hello. In 5'2 weigh 90lbs. Nothing i do helps in weight gain i even have two children. What are my options to gain weight fast? Im feeling hopeless

Hello...I am isha and I am underweight according to my age....What should I eat to increase my weight..?

Hello...I have a problem gaining weight.My height is 5'10 and I weigh just 114lbs.I eat pretty well everyday even then I remain skinny.Any suggestions?

Help! need to know if there's any healthy ways to get a higher metabolism for weight loss?

Hi Demograss is good for the weight-loss ?

Hi doctors,I am Manoj.I am 25 yr old male, height of 174cms and my weight is just 50 kgs. Could anyone pls recommend a diet plan to improve my weight?

Hi i want lose weight i'm 168 CM and 70 kilogram and i try doing diet i stop eat 16:00 pm I do this 2 weeks but me weigh still 70 i need help plz?

Hi i'm 19 years old and male. I'm 5'11" and only 110lb. I eat all the time but i just can't put any weight on. Is there anything i can do to gain?

Hi i'm 24 years old 5'1 and i weigh 162 i want to weigh 120 how many calories should I eat a day to lose my weight?

Hi, am 36 years male, my query is about weight loss, BMI is 27 am well built, but have beer belly, how to lose it. Weight is 94 kgs. ?

Hi, I am a 14 year old girl 5'1'' how much should I weigh?Right now I weigh 78.4 pounds is that healthy? Can you also tell me how to gain weight?

Hi, I am a 33 year old vegan female with a perfect diet. . I can't lose weight and I am gaining it. My bloods are perfect. Why am i gaining weight?

Hi, i wanted to reduce weight and been under 1200 net calories per day for the last 2 weeks but no change in weight. My current weight is 190 pounds. ?

Hi, im a 19 year old over weight female. I am wandering what is the healthiest, but fastest way to loose 25 by march?

Hi. I'm 5'10" and i weigh 130. This is a problem for me because I do eat enough per day and exercise at a healthy amount. What can I do to gain weight?

Hi. I'm from South Africa. I'm struggling to gain weight. Would you recommend the usage of USN Hyperbolic Mass Gainer? I'm not 1 for the gym though.

Hi. Im 18 years old pakistani. Really skinny . Ieat healthy and i play basketball 15 days a month. The problem is i cannot gain weight. 25 years old i would like to know what is my ideal 80kilo now ?

Homecoming ceremony is in 6 weeks and I want to lose some weight?

How can a 46 yr old male lose weight. i wiegh 225 pounds i am 5'9 and really need to lose weight ?

How can a 10yr.Old lose weigh?

How can a male senior citizen lose belly fat?

How can a pre diabetic person with BMI < 18 gain healthy weight? I have lost 5 lbs since diagnosis.

How can a special needs person in a wheelchair lose weight?

How can I gain weight i'm 21 5'1 tall & only weighing 106 i want to gain weight fast i've always been skinny please help no medical problems?

How can I help brother in law lose weight?

How can I help my child be more active and lose weight?

How can I increase my metabolism? What foods should I eat and/Or avoid? I weigh 122lbs at 5'0, female. I want to have a set goal of 108-112lbs.

How can I lose 75 lbs fast? I weigh 210lbs and im very worried about my weight and health but no matter what I do I can't lose wight?

How can I lose fifteen pounds in one month for graduation?

How can I lose weigh while on blood thinners .?

How can I lose weight fast naturally i want to weigh 120 and i weigh 189 how can I reach my goal in 6 months?

How can I lose weight fast, I have gynecomastia and i weigh about 210 pounds. Age 23 5'8?

How can I lose weight in a way that suits me best? Im 12 stone 16 years old and im 5ft 8

How can I lose weight with have pku (phenylketonuria) ?

How can I lose weight without dropping pounds to fast. I am 5'6" and weigh 194. Six months ago i weighed235. I've been losing using a gluten free vegan?

How can I lose weight? I don't feel motivated, I weigh about 20 stone and i'm a 22 year old female.

How can i stop metabolism(or whatever) from making me fat? Age 12, height 5,5" weight 75. I don't even eat a lot.

How can lose 50 pounds 1 month i weigh 233 and i'm 19 years old?

How can you figure out your ideal weight to be healthy?