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After losing weight should I go right into building muscle or do it while i'm losing weight? Is building muscle the same thing as toning?

Am 21, 164 cm, and 45 kg. Is this dangerous? How can I gain weight whil going to the gym and rebuild muscle? How much do i need 2 gain & how many cal

Any correlation between hand size and ability to gain muscle?

Any suggestions on how to lose body fat at certain regions while gaining muscle at others. Ex. Losing fat in glutes, gaining muscle in arms? Thanks

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Are there any legit prohormone stacks that actually work for increasing muscle mass?

Are there any particular exercises that help me gain muscle mass in my abdominals?

Are your muscles meant to always be sore after lifting weights?

Best exercises for losing weight quicker and without building bulky muscle? Also how much time a day is good?

Best way to add huge muscle mass?

Bodybuilder, cutting phase, can I maintain muscle mass during my diet? loosing fat without losing any muscle?

Bodyweight/ alternative ways one can use to gain strength and muscle mass?

Can a vegan gain muscle mass and size naturally?

Can anabolic steroids help to weight loss (fat) while helping to increase muscular mass?

Can bicycling help me gain muscle mass?

Can doing workout with light weight increase our muscle mass. Is it true?

Can endomorphs mantain/build miscle on less amounts of calories compared to a mesomorph & an ectomorph?

Can gaining too much muscle mass have similar health risks as being obese?

Can i build muscles on a slight caloric deficit? i know you can if your a beginner, but after noob gains, is it douable?

Can I use endura mass to gain some wait ?

Can ibuprofen restrict or retard muscle growth if taken while weightlifting to gain mass?

Can muscle mass help with height increase?

Can nasal steroids help with allergies and make me gain muscles if I lift weights?

Can orbitrek elite work for skinny people wanting to gain muscles?

Can people usually gain more weight in body fat or muscle mass?

Can putting on weight in the form of muscle increase your bp?

Can running in the morning result in loss of muscle mass?

Can smoking block gaining muscle mass while on an exercise program?

Can somebody tell me how much does muscle mass really contribute to strength?

Can someone with growth hormone deficiency actually build muscle mass?

Can there be a way to expand your ribcage or gain mass on pecs if your ectomorph?

Can there be a way to gain muscle mass in my arms?

Can women take mutant mass muscle gainer?

Can you anything and gain muscle? I'm 16. My mom said you could eat anything, workout and gain muscle, is this true?

Can you gain muscle detail without gaining weight? I just want to look lean with muscle not really trying to body build.

Can you please tell me why it'sso hard for me as a girl to gain muscle / be toned?

Can you provide some tips for someone trying to gain healthy weight fat+muscle mass?

Can you say if it could losing fat and gaining muscle mass affect my growth?

Can you tell me any advice on my muscle gaining plan?

Can you tell me how could a 14 year old boy increase his muscle mass fast?

Can you tell me is this a good exercise routine to gain muscle?

Can you tell me some advice on my muscle gaining plan?

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Could ankle weight increase muscle mass?

Could I still gain muscle with hemihypertrophy?

Could one loose muscle mass after stopping taking the as?

Could someone possibly gain 4 pounds of muscle in a month?

Could someone possibly gain five pounds of muscle in two weeks?

Could someone possibly gain muscle mass on specific areas of the body?

Could someone possibly gain muscle mass without gaining flab?

Could tetracycline ruin muscle gains?

Could you tell me what is the number 1 most effective way to build mass quickly for pectorals?

Could you tell me what's the best way to gain muscle at home?

Could you with growth hormone deficiency build muscle mass?

Daily meth use for about 6-7 months. Best way to gain back weight, muscle and fat?

Do bananas with hot milk help us in weight gain for lean muscle mass?

Do you gain weight where you used to have muscle? I notice that the areas i'm largest are where i used to be most toned.

Do you have to necessarily lift heavy weights if you wish to build muscle mass ?!

Do you lose muscle mass if you take a whole week off from working out?

Do you think I should stop doing cardiovascular exercises in order to gain muscle?

Do you think it could be better to build muscle then lose weight or the opposite way around?

Does "muscle milk" make you gain weight?

Does a long 20 hours flight effect muscle mass and cause weight gain?

Does alot of cardio makes you lose muscle?

Does Concerta cause muscle loss or fat loss? Would it decrease any chance of muscle gain or cancel out protein intake?

Does l-thyroxine burns muscle ? Do we lose muscle mass with this treatment ? How can it affect the body for sports ?

Does marijuana affect you from building muscles or losing weight ?

Does masturbation causes muscle loss?

Does masturbation effects muscle mass ?

Does post workout sex affect muscle gains?

Does serequel increase growth hormone? (more muscle mass)

Does sex or masturbation or ejaculation decrease or increase testosterone in the male body I ask because I am a body builder and power lifter. Will you not gain any muscle or lose muscle mass?

Does stress make me loose muscle mass?

Easy way to gain muscles with minimal use of equipment?

Endura mass good to gain weight?I go to gym regularly

Exactly how much should I be eating to gain muscle?

For weight gains and build lean muscles i start serving serious mass weight gainer, is this product has side effects or dangerous?

Gaining weight after ileostomy - could it be muscle?

Have diverticulitis and loosing muscle, what can I do?

Havent lifted weights in 2 weeks. Have i lost strength or muscle?

Having low muscle mass, high body fat and kind of men boobs are enough symptoms to take testosterone pills?Even6months of workout did not grow muscle

Hello :) Does mastrubation (once a day) affect bodybuilding and gain muscles? Thanks

Hello sir , i want to gain mass without taking supplement can u plzz show me the way how to build muscle mass'..What is diet for that ?

Help please? What is the number 1 most effective way to build mass quickly for pectorals?

Hi I am 16 years old can I take weight gainers like serious mass or pro complex gainer or true mass or any mass gainer?

Hi i would like to build muscle and lose body fat. I used to weight train and have good muscle mass but since stopping training my muscle has gone.

Hi, i just bought l carnitine/500mg hoping i will gain some muscle mass with dieting and sports..How much/when should I take it a day ? Help please

How can a skinny guy with a fast metabolism gain muscle? How could i track if i'm gaining any muscle?

How can a woman gain lean muscle with out bulking up like a man? I weigh 245 and really want to lose weight without extra skin. Suggestions?

How can an 11 year old girl gain muscles fast?

How can I belt hard muscle mass and at the same time lose fat?

How can I effectively gain weight and muscles? Any tips please?

How can I gain a lot of muscle without drugs.?

How can I gain big muscles without losing all of my abs?

How can I gain more muscle mass when I have a very high metabolism? When i work out i feel that i only gain lean muscle and not bulk. I am 5`9``, 140

How can I gain muscle mass quickly?

How can I gain muscle mass without going to the gym?

How can I gain muscle mass without worrying about the scale? I don't want to see higher numbers!

How can I gain serious muscle mass?

How can I get thin thighs without gaining/bulking muscle?