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A guy has a healthy appetite but he is loosing a lot of weight due to diabetes, how do we overcome this?

All the time i found myself feared from everything as well as I am losing weight rapidly....:( how to overcome my fobia?

And I have already lost 5 pounds which i'm ecstatic about! will losing that weight negatively affect my health?

Anorexia nervosa, excessive exercise, high desire to achieve a goal?

Anorexia relapse…how do I cope with weight gain after a thyroidectomy? Starvation and excessive exercise isn't what I want anymore. Recovery main goal

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Any suggestions for getting and staying motivated to reach my weight loss goals?

Are physicians in danger of losing their autonomy?

Are there any depression/anxiety meds that DO NOT cause weight gain ? How about any that can make you lose weight ?! I need to be happy and thin. Ha

Are there any mental changes to losing weight?

Are there any times when there are health reasons for a person to gain weight?

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Can losing weight help with gallbladder attacks?

Can social workers help me lose weight?

Can stress stop you from losing weight? (generalised anxiety disorder)

Can you give me suggestions with exercising and motivation?

Can you recommend any good health psychology or CBT books for weight loss or night-eating or emotional eating? Will take all suggestions! Morbid obese

Can you tell me how i can lose some weight, gaining a lot, low self esteem, please give advice?

Can you tell me how to regain control if you have lost your temper?

Can you tell me is it unhealthy if a 13 year old loses 20 pounds in 4 months?

Coping with the loss of a close friend? Who can help.

Could it be a sickness wanting to be underweight?

Could you lose 110 pounds in 6 months?

Could you tell me if starvation mode is real why am i continuing to lose lots of weight?

Could you tell me what to do. I'm terrified to lose control without them and binge. If i tell my psychiatrist what will he do?

Do antidepressant s lose their effevtiveness obeess over time?

Do I have anorexia? I always vomit every after meal. S/s : depression, anxiety, losing weight. I am 5ft tall and i'm 52 kilos.

Do nutririonists really help people? Would you suggest someone who is having trouble losing weight get one? I have pcos and am having difficulty.

Do people with purging disorder lose weight or stay same?

Doctors, what is the difference between crash dieting, anorexia, and dieting?

Does dhea really help with anxiety and depression and help you loose weight? Please i need honest answer?

Does losing a lot of weight improve your social skills?

Does over masturbation cause for not gaining weight? How to overcome it

Does purging contribute to being underweight or just maintaining?

Especially the large overarching fear of losing control?

Even though I am not over weight (121 pounds and 5 ft 1 inch), can overeating irritate my asthma? I am a compulsive overeater.

Fear of gaining weight is it always a sign of being fashionable?

Fear of gaining weight is it always a sign of ED ?

Fear of gaining weight is it always a sign of emotional immaturity or neediness?

Fear of gaining weight obsession with food weight loss calorie counting, depression, low self esteem, self harm, preoccupation with food what is this?

Fiancée has unhealthy relationship with food. Continuously trying to lose weight. Borderline underweight. Struggling to persuade to seek help. Help?

Healthy weight but am dropping 2-3 lbs each week. So, can you have both anorexia and bulimia at the same time?

Hi I'm just wandering I have all these ways to lose weight but I'm too impatient what can I do ??

Hi! Doctor can you give me some health tips because i have a below normal weight rate... And i'm losing my self confident because of that.

Hi.I have been very depressed and stressed a lot last month which led to weight loss of almost 6 kgs in 2 weeks. What should i eat to gain weight soon?

How can a female foodie with anxiety lose weight?

How can I boost my confidence again due after losing weight?

How can I cope with loss of a twin?

How can I encourage my 7 year old to lose weight without making him self conscious?

How can I gain self-confidence?

How can I gain weight? I am 5'2" and weight 104 I would like to be 110 or 115! I have a fast matabolism.

How can I get over my fear of gaining weight from bulking up?

How can I get over my fear of gaining weight?

How can I help a pre teen lose weight without giving her a self esteem problem?

How can I help improve my daughter's self-esteem in spite of her weight?

How can I keep my dieting pleasurable?

How can I lose weight while i'm constantly hungry? I am 22 and not overweight, i'm just afraid that if i don't change my eating behavior, i will be.

How can I lose weight with such a busy life?

How can I mentally commit myself to losing weight?

How can I overcome my fear of gaining weight and not losing it after baby comes?

How can I overcome my fear of gaining weight on the pill?

How can I reduce my stubborn weight? Its pushing me into depression. Please help me out.

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How can u lose weight and manage a busy lifestyle as a mom ?

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How can you gain confidence?

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How do I get over the fear of gaining weight?

How do I lose 15 IBS in a month? I don't mind hunger

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How long would be a healthy grieving period after losing loved ones?

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How to handle depression over losing someone?

How to lose weight with an eating disorder history?

How to talk to them. Being forced to gain weight?

How will losing weight affect my confidence levels?

I am 16 years old, 5"2', female, and 115 lbs. I want to lose weight without my family noticing. how many pounds can I lose without them realizing?

I am 4'11 and weigh 200lbs. I am always yo-yoing in weight. I have depression and low self esteem. I can't seem to ever stay on track? How do i?

I am a former bulimic and I am losing weight quite fast without practicing bulimia is that normal?

I am at a constant fear of gaining weight, help?

I am depressed, over weight and not motivated to do anything. What can I do to help get motivated and lose pounds?

I am doing insanity and i need motivation!?

I am emotionally addicted to laxatives for weight loss : / helllpp me?

I am extremely unhappy with my weight and it's making me depressed. Is there a way or advice or products to lose weight quick and effective?? Help...

I am hyperventilating over my weight?

I am very depressed about weight. Who can I talk to?

I desperately want to lose weight but i don't want to have an eating disorder. What do you recommend?

I don't have the energy/motivation to lose weight anymore. Any ideas on how to give me a booster without seeing a councilor?