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'm 22 years old , my weight 77 kg 167 CM tall ... i doing diet.. is it ok if i eat 1500 cal or i have to eat less calories to lose weight !!

've been eating 1200-1500 calories a day. I burn 1000 at the gym everyday is this healthy?

116 lbs overweight. Started high protein/fiber, low calorie diet. Eating more than usual but less calories and fat. Lost 3.4 lbs in 3 days. Ok? Eating1300-1400 calories per day. Never hungry for more

18 female if i eat 1,600-1,800 calories n do high intensity exercise somedays how much fat would i need to eat? 70 grams or 25-35% of daily calories?

18, fairly sedentary, eat about 1,000-1,400 calories on average. Is 50 grams of fat too much for this amount of calories?

1Lb = 350 cal so If I'm on a 1200 cal diet & I'm 5"5, lightly active and say in that cal range will I lose 2 lbs a week or do I need do eat less ?

200 calories throughout the day or 100 calories once in the morning is good to lose weight?

226 lbs eating about 1200 calories. Could i lose weight by eating 75-80 carbs daily?

30 yrs, 150 lbs, 160cms having pcos what are daily requirements in terms of calories, how much carbs, protiens, fats should I take daily?

31 y/o f, began eating healthy. Realized im now only eating 1, 200 calories a day or less. I have a desk job. How many calories do I need per day?

54 how many calories/day should I consume to maintain my weight?

6'1", 228lbs, male, 36 years old. Want to lose 30-40lbs... How many calories should I eat per day? I've also started exercising daily.

700 calories per day.Not eating any carbs or animal related foods.Stop eating after 10am.Will body burn the calories at the end of day? No gym tho!

A BMR of 1700 to 1858 and im super active every day. I want to know if a 2000 calorie diet is good enough to lose weight?

Advice? When coming off a diet how much calories are you suppose to consume?

After a big calorie restriction for several weeks, will i gain all my weight back if i slowly increase calorie intake?

Ahm doc, what daily calorie intake do you recommend for an 18 year old teen guy?

Allowing myself 1200 cal a day 2 lose weight. If I have 500 left for the day & burn 300, should I eat 800 more since I burned 300? Thx!

Already lost 95 pounds, how many calories should I really be eating to lose 2 pounds per week?

Am i absolutely sure to lose weight if i consume less than 1200 calories a day? This seems a bit too easy.. I am currently weighing 158 pounds

Amount of almonds should consumed a day for weight loss ?

And what is a healthy amount of time to lose that amount of weight?

Anyone know what is a normal daily calorie intake for someone who is dieting?

Approximately how many carbs should I eat before doing cardio/weight training while staying in ketosis?

Are livestrong's exercise calories accurate?

Are negative net calories bad? I'm trying to lose weight and i'm -782 net calories.

Are you supposed to be hungry on a diet? I cut calories to 1900 and I'm starving. I eat balanced nutritious meals, physical job, exercise 2x week

Are you supposed to burn the calories to eat everyday? Also should I do cardio once or twice a day for 45 mins each?

As a 19 year old male 135 lbs, how many calories must I eat to gain 1 lb a week?

As a nurse i run non stop. I've lost 10 lbs by default. Any food tips to gain the weight back and have my calorie input more than the calories burned?

At what age is it good for a child to worry about his or her weight and start counting calories?

At what intervals should one eat?

At what rate do you lose weight eating about 800 calories or under a day?

Based on age 24 h 5"5 & weight 165 was told by cal counter that 1200 Cals was 2lose weight But will I end up with lose/fat like after one gives birth?

Been on 1200 cal diet for 3 weeks, thats a cal daily deficit of 570. I should be losing a pound a week but have only lost 1 pound in 3 weeks. Why!? :(

Breastfeeding 10 month old. Is 1200 calories per day enough for me? Trying to lose five pounds.

Cachexia is a condition in which so few calories are consumed that even fat is used up, right?

Calorie limit is 1200. Is that enough to lose weight if I am also working out?

Calories every day and exercising 4 times a week (burning 400 - 450 calories). Will i maintain weight?

Calories to eat per day if trying to lose weight and breastfeeding?

Can a 10 yr. old weighing 104 pounds burn calories sleeping? If so, how many?

Can a 430lbs men go on a 1000 calorie diet by having 2 meal replacements and a very low calorie dinner all this with type 2 diabetes?

Can almost any adult live fine on a 1200 calorie diet to help lose weight?

Can being anorexic (16 and 66 pounds) and eating only 200 calories a day with lots of water be fatal?

Can consuming 1,200 calories & doing 40 minutes of cardio a day make me lose weight?

Can going from eating 1,000 calories to 1,060 calories a day cause weight gain?

Can I have some tips for BMI and calorie intake?

Can I lose weight if I consume only 1000 calories daily without any exercise?

Can I lose weight safely if I only eat 1000 calories a day?

Can one night of partying kick me out of ketosis?

Can recovered anorexics/bulimics lose weight on limited exercise + 1200 calorie diet?

Can sweat have anything to do with losing weight and burning calories?

Can the body adjust to eating a restricted number of daily calories?

Can there be a way to fast to consume less calories for weight loss?

Can u tell me which flour is very low calories and best for weight lose?

Can you eat what you want once a week if you maintain your calories every other day? Thanks!

Can you explain if it's possible to lose weight without watching calories?

Can you gain muscle and burn fat by eating Italian food? I eat dough and cheese, but I stay within a calorie budget of 2200 cal. I'm 16 & male

Can you let me know how many carbohydrates should I consume if i want to lose weight?

Can you let me know how many carbs for a lower calorie eating plan?

Can you let me know how many carbs should I eat if trying to reduce intake and lose weight?

Can you let me know how many glycemic index "points" should you consume in a day in order to lose weight?

Can you let me know how many yogurt should I consume for weight loss?

Can you lose weight by just doing strength training and eating maintenance calories?

Can you lose weight if you eat 1200 calories a day?

Can you please discuss the daily calorie intake of a 15 year old?

Can you please guide me to exercises i can do at home to burn calories fast and boost my metabolism?

Can you please list fun activities that can burn a lot of calories and help weight loss?

Can you please tell me about the healthy amount of calories and grams of fat that should be consumed daily by a teenage female?

Can you please tell me about the pros and cons of eating only 1, 000 calories per day?

Can you please tell me if i will burn fat with eating 300 calories less than my basic metabolic rate?

Can you say if it could interval training pre-breakfast burn muscle rather than fat/calories?

Can you tell me how much weight can I lose eating 500 calories a day for 30-40 days?

Can you tell me how much weight can you lose by cutting out soda?

Can you tell me how much weight will be lost on 200 calories a day?

Can you tell me how much weight will i lose eating 600-800 calories a day?

Can you tell me how much weight will i lose in a week if i burn 650 calories a day?

Can you tell me how much weight will i lose on 200 to 250 calories a day for 3 weeks?

Can you tell me how much weight would i lose if i burned 300 calories a day by exercise?

Can you tell me how to eat 2500 calories to gain muscle!?

Can you tell me if I am likely to lose a good amount of weight eating 1300 calories?

Can you tell me if i could lose 3 pounds a week by eating 1500 calories and burning 500 a day?

Can you tell me if i cut down 200 calories a day, will i lose a reasonable amount of weight in like a year or so?

Can you tell me if i eat 1500-1600 calories everday for a week, with regular exercise, how many calories can I eat for a cheat day?

Can you tell me if i maintain 1500-1600 calories a week, with regular exercise, how many calories can I eat for a cheat day?

Can you tell me is 1500 daily calories enough for a 14 year old boy?

Can you tell me more information about these: low calorie dieting and metabolism.?

Can you tell me what number of calories burned in 12hr shift?

Can you tell me what number of calories does a booger have?

Can you tell me what number of calories to lose weight?

Can you tell me what number of pounds approximately would i lose in one week eating 500 calories a day?

Can you tell me what you suggest if you eat at a calorie deficit, does this guarantee weight loss?

Can you tell me when i reach my goal weight, will i be able to increase it a bit to a more 'healthy' quantity of calories?

Can you tell me zero calorie fruits and vegetables to aid my weight loss goals?

Can you tell me, if I am eating 1000 calories a day and burning 1000 calories will i lose 4lbs a week?

Can you tell me, if I am hypoglycemic can I eat more calories daily than the average person?

Cholesterol or calories need to cut down for lose weight?

Could consuming 310 calories make any difference to my weight?

Could counting calories help you lose weight?

Could i need to eat more than 1, 000 calories?