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10 years ago aged 40 I weighed 65kg and BMI 19 Even though I am now living a healthier lifestyle I am now 85kg and BMI 27 What gives?

16 no period yet? Did gymnastics for 1 year at 6 and stopped then a year at 15 and stopped. Could gymnastics be why? I'm 5'3 and weigh 105

2 yr 1 mnths old weighs 24.8 lbs and is 34"in tall. Is this healthy for her? She is on pediasure, do to her losing a pound or 2 at her last check up.

20 weeks pregnant, currently I am 75 kgs. Before pregnant i weighed 70 kgs. Is it normal weight or anything to consider?My height is 5.3.Pls help

21 y/o female. 5 ft 7 . 125 lb. Underweight? Feel sleepy. Want to stay at home all day.

21 yrs old 5^1 height& 210 pounds. I want to lose ATLEAST 20 pounds by the end of June. How many calories should u have per day?

2yo boy. 18.1 BMI (86th percentile) and trending upwards. Need recommendations on books/websites on toddler weight management.

34 weeks pregnant and have not gained any weight in 2 weeks but yet my fundus measured more is that normall or should I be concerned?

34yrs M T2 diabetic since 2yrs, wt-54kgs, BMI - 18.6,waist-28', A1C-5.3. I'm very skinny, want to increase wt by 3kgs & waist by 2'. Please suggest?

7 y/o boy lost weight from 66-67 pounds to 59 pounds since march without trying. What could be the cause? (51" tall)

Am 20 weeks 6 days pregnant.Did scan today. Fetal estimated weight is 329g. Is this an ideal weight? Or under weight?

Am 5'10" tall and 190lbs, i measure 40"chest 34"waist 38" hips. What should my goal weight be?

Am a 19yr old 6'8 male athlete 78kg.. Wanting to gain weight and height?

Am a female and am 5ft 7 and 1/2 inches and I weight 75 kg on the scales am I on the healthy side?

Am I undernourished? Coz' Im 21y/o 5'2'' in height and I only weigh 43kgs.

Are there any doctors willing to do pro bono gastric sleeve surgery? I'm 29, 5 ft 8 in, and weigh 402lbs. Been dieting off and on since i was 12.Help?

At 1.5 months she had 36 cms headcircumfernce and at 3 months 38.5cms.she wighs 5.515 kg and 60.5cms long now?

Average weight for a 33 year old woman who is 5-5?

Bmi 35 and I have arthris and i snore never did i'm i qualify?

Bmi claims i'm obese, but I don't deel that way at all. I'm 6' 5in and weigh 260 I have a very large football blockers frame what should my weight be?

Bmi is 19 and i'm currently 117 pounds, 5.5' tall. Just conceived and i want to know how much weight I should gain per week? Will discuss with dr soon

Breech baby current estimated weight 6lb 100zs will she turn in 3 weeks 34 5 weeks?

But I weigh 144 lbs! Is that bad? Age-11 Height-5"4'

Can I have gastric bypass surgery? I'm a 19 year old male who weighs about 168 and is about 5'3. I want to weigh about 140. I was always overweight as a child. The highest i ever weighed was 190. In my second year of college when i suddenly reaalized that

Can i tell me how i can weigh weed without a scale?

Can they check height and weight at cardiology appointments?

Can you tell me how could a small 5'0 16 year old girl lose 6kg in about 5 weeks?

Can you tell me what number of calories does a 16 1/2 year old girl need?

Concerned about GFR value 51. Very muscular, active 70 yo male. Using other formula w/ weight, GFR is 70 and scale said 70 was average for age 70. ?

Currently weighing 207 height 5'7" and about 6wks pregnant... What would be the ideal weight to lose and maintain throughout the pregnancy?

Dear sir, i am 64 years old 5 ft 4 in and weigh 200lbs. i have IHD and done stunt operation 2 years ago. My cholestrol level is normal but triglasride?

Do babies age to weight/length percentiles project to their potential adult size... Or is it only applicable to their babyhood?

Do my genes control how much I weigh after puberty?

Do you weigh more after your work out? I weighed myself an hour afterwards and the scale was higher.

Does ab workout have an effect on height of a child age 14yrs?

Does low birth weight correlate with short height and build in later life?

Does the BMI chart take muscle into consideration?

Eating 800cal for 3days & 1000cal for 4days, 170lb, 5'1 female. At what rate should I lose weight? Thank you.

Female ,20, non smoker, never drink alcohol, and I always weighed about 90/85lbs. I've had a healthy pregnancy and delivery. How can I gain weight!?

Fitness classes for 18yo chubby girl?

For a female that is 15 years old and 5'2, is it normal for weight to fluctuate from 123 to 130 every day or two?

For pure aesthetics, how much should I weigh?

Had strep last wk & is down 5 lbs Weighed 104 before, 5'3" tall. Is the weight loss normal?

Hai doctor, my height Is about 178cm but my weight is only 54kg. I want to increase my body weight with respect to my height since I'm disqualifying?

Hai, I am 34, I have one child (11), my problem is my weight was only 38, my height is 165cm please give me a suggestion to gain weight without medici?

Have researchers discovered some weight / height charts that are standard?

Hello doctor, sir, i'm 19years young man...I weigh 107 kgs..I would love to weigh 75 kgs asap. Plz recommend me somethng and what diet should I follow?

Hello, can you tell me please where i can do the Limb Reconstruction to lose some height, i'm 16, 6 ft 1 and i'm about make myself shorter?

Hello,good night. I'm 17 years old 170cm and 52 kg. and I want to gain weigh... Thank you:)?

Hello! I'm 35 years 94 Kg and 187cm . What can I do to losse my weigh?

Help please? How much should a 9 year old weigh at 4'7?

Hi i am a mother of 13 month baby which was 90 percent of weight and height from 1 to 7 month but he drops off to 35 percent and now he is 10 percent ?

Hi i'm 19.140 pd 5'5 ft tall and I want to have a Brazilian buttlift I wanted to know should I gain a extra 15pds just for the procedure ?

Hi Doctor, good evening. I'm Ravi, 28 years of age and Working in IT industry. My height is 5'10 but my weight is 62 kg only. Iwant to put on weight.

Hi doctors, I am 5 feet 4 inch tall weighing 104 lbs. Can you tell me I am underweight ? Also now I am trying to have a baby. Will this be a problem ?

Hi dr I am 33 of age mamarried have 3 kids my height is 173 CM my weight is 100 pounds. My normal wweight according to age must be 75 how to get it .

Hi i am 18 years old, 5'1 and i weigh 130 pounds, I was just wondering what would happen if I took Lipozene to lose weight?

Hi I weigh 228 and my height is 5,2 I was just wondering what is the weight that I'm normally supposed to weigh oh and I'm 21 years old ?

Hi sir, this is sanjay, my problem is that i'm very slim. So please suggest me the diet. My age is32 yrs & height is 5.8 ft weight- 52 kgs?

Hi there , i'm 21 years old and my height is 5'5 and i weigh about 47 kg , which means i'm under weight as well .Please help?

Hi there! I am 43 years old (Woman) Height=1.82cm Weight=120.5 kg IGF-1=219.0 Is it normal ?

Hi, akash, my age 21.Weight 54, height 5 ft 9 inch.I go jim 8:00pm night, comeback at 9:15 pm n sleep at 11:00pm.Best options to eat at night after jim?

Hi, I am 5'3 tall and weigh around 155lbs. I am unable to conceive and would like to know if I am overweight to conceive?

Hi, I am a 21 year old female, height of 5'2 & weighing around 260 pounds. I have struggled with weight loss. I wanted to know your thoughts on qsymia (phentermine and topiramate)?

Hi, I was wondering what your view on the BMI system is. Do you think it is effective? Do you prefer BMI or waist to height? (for a research project).

Hi, I'm a 13 years old girl and weigh 138.5 Ibs and my height it 5'6. I don't exercise a lot but I ride horses three times a week and do excersize vid?

Hi! I'm 18 year old male and my weight is less than 50kgs. I have been underweight for a long time & I don't understand what I am supposed to do !

Hi. My height is 187cms. But my weight is only 64kgs. I'm looking thin. How can I gain weight? P.S. -I masturbate almost daily. Is that a reason?

How can I be in my normal weight? I am 186cm 72 kq ... I wanna be 80+ kq help me... Thnkss

How do the B12 shots and weight lost center work?

How do you tell the difference between someone with Marfan syndrome and someone whos just skinny and tall for example someone who's 5, 8" and weigh 108?

How many calories did i burn walking around the city? There are some hills. Im a female weighing 52 kgs and my height is 164.3 cm. Im 21

How many calories does a 15 yr old girl need? She weighs 95 pounds ... 5, 2" and very active.

How many calories should a 15 year old girl get a day if she weighs 170 ?

How much does an average 34 week old fetus weigh?

How much does an average of 33 weeks fetus weight? Thanks

How much hieght can a man expect to lose from 40-50 years of age?

How much is a girl support to weight that is 21 yr and 5`2 1/2 for hight?

How much should a 15 year old girl, slim build, 5'7" weigh?

How much should a 40 yearold woman who is 4ft 9 weigh? I lost 33 pds and am currently106 pounds

How much should be mg average wieght i'm 22 years old at 5'7 currently weighing 180lbs?

How much should I weigh? 16. Male. 5'5. and I'm moderately active. I'm Italian American. What's the scale of lowest to highest weight I could be?

How much should I weigh? I'm 21 years old. 113 bls. 5' 1". How much should my guy friend weigh? He's 24 years old. 180 bls. And 5' 11".

How much should someone who is 5'6 weigh? I weigh 128 and am constantly being told I am too thin but I do believe that to be the case. Am I wrong?

How often do I need to work out at the gym to lose 100lb in 3 months and lenght of time in gym i curently weigh 286?

How to get fat faster i'm only 48 kilo my height is 5'8?

I 13 and i was last weighed in august and i was 210and now im 180 is that normal to lose 20lbs in 2months?

I am 17 years of age. I weigh 151lbs and stand 5'3. I have size 36dd breasts am i over weight?

I am 18 years old girl an my weight is 85kg II need to loose it its not genetic help me plz...?

I am 18. Female. Im short around 4ft and my weight is 52kg. Is my weight proper according to my height and age? If not how much should it be?

I am 20 years old, 5'0" and 106 lbs. Been comments that im "too skinny." is my weight average?

I am 21 with height of 170cm but I weigh only 48 kg and iam so skinny what should I do to improve my weight? What proper diet must I follow?

I am 21 years old my weight is 75 kg and my height is 5.10". Am i normal? But my sleeping timing is 11 hours per day plese help

I am 22 weeks pregnant + 160cm tall. Before i feel pregnant i weighed 146 and i now weigh 160 is this a healthy weight gain or not?

I am 22 yrs old and my height is 5'2''.I want to know the ideal weight for this nd is it possible to grow some more?

I am 23 height 5'6" and weigh 212 is it safe for me to get pregnant?

I am 23 years old having 5.4 height and weighing 46 kg. Is my weight appropriate?

I am 24 year old female, very active (distance runner). Height 5'5" and weight 125. How many calories per day?

I am 25yrs old.I weigh 150lbs.I train 5 day/week and eat an average of 140-150g protein.recent creatinin was 1.2 l,BUN16. Creat has been 1.1 past year?

I am 26 yrs old female working as a lecturer..My weight is 47 kg and height is 5 feet 1 inch..Is my weight is accurate according to height and age?