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"i have hypothyroidism and take 75 mg per day of synthroid (thyroxine).And wanted to know if it was ok to take shinny fiber.. To help lose weight low on protein but over wise good heath..

24 Year old female, 5'8" and 289 lbs. Is it safe to combine Lipozene and slimquick pure, to drop pounds so I can actually exercise w/o hurting self?

4 weeks after giving birth. Not breast feeding.When is it safe to start weight loss supplements (hydroxycut hardcore) an start exercising?

5'5, 150lbs, 21 year old female. How much water is safe for me to consume in a day, maximum? I know 2.3L is minimum.. how much more is safe?

5mths postpartum, exclusively breastfeeding, is it safe to take Lipozene (Glucomannan) as part of a diet/exercise regime? What are the side effects?

After a cesarean section can I take slimming diet if breastfeeding?

All this hype over garcinia Cambodia, I have a few people tell me it worked for them. However, I suffer with hypothyroidism, should I avoid it?

Anyone know what is a safe diet pill when you are already at a healthy weight?

Are all diet pills bad for you? If not which ones are good for you to take to lose x amount of lbs..?

Are bromelin pills safe and effective for weight reduction?

Are estrogen blockers safe to take for bodybuilding and reducing fat?

Are green tea diet pills safe to take for weight loss?

Are grenade fat burners safe to take if you suffer from an underactive thyroid?

Are naturopathic weight management tablets healthy to take?

Are pre-workout fat burners dangerous in any way? What would be a relatively safe dosage and for how much time? Do they really help in reducing fat?

Are t5 max strength fat burners ok to take?

Are the pills cb-1 weight gainer really good? Do they really work? If so...Do any of the ingredients cause taquicardia or something else?

Are there any pills so I lose weight faster! anyway I just bought the klb6 pills?

Are there any risks if you take diet pills (non stim, thermogenic, CLA and detox) without eating? The weight loss pills brand is INTEK EVOLUTION.

Are there any weight loss medications that are safe for breastfeeding mothers?

Are weight gainers bad to take?

Can a 17 year old who weighs 70 kg and is 162 cm tall take pure forskolin extract pills?

Can a12 year old take diet pills she dosent have a heart condision just fat

Can a12 year old take diet pills she dosent have a heart condision just fat

Can fat burners affect absorbtion of the pill?

Can Garcinia cambogia be used to burn belly fat after a C section by a nursing mum?

Can i be on fat burner tablets whilst on tarceva (erlotinib)?

Can i continue taking garcinia cambodia dietary supplement if in trying to get pregnant?

Can i dissolve my multivitamin pill in water? Will it lose its effectiveness? Thanks

Can i drink plexus slim and the accelerator with my levothyroxine?

Can I take a fat burner supplement and or pre work out (punish nutrition) on duromine 30mg?

Can i take a fat burner supplement or do a basic cardio while taking isotritinion?

Can i take a fat burner walmart Coumadin (warfarin) I have gained weight while on Coumadin (warfarin) and and trying to get ready for a bodybuilding contest?

Can I take a fat burner with apidex?

Can i take fat burner with seroxat?

Can I take Garcinia Cambogia the same day I take Antabuse and lexapro (escitalopram)? Trying to loose stomach weight

Can i take hydroxycut with bipolar pills and depression pills i bought hydroxycut to lose some weight and really wanted to know if it okay to take.

Can i take Muncie and phentermine?

Can i take oxy elite pro along with orlistat?

Can I take Phentermine and do the advocate 24 day challenge at the same time?

Can i take plexus slim with metformin?

Can i take relacore extra and zantrez -3 at the same time through out the day?

Can i take saffron extract while I am on methimazole to help me maintain my weight ? Pls help

Can I take slim quick if I'm still breastfeeding my 14 month old?

Can I take t-bomb2 and ripfire together? Im trying to lose fat and gain muscle

Can Isopure zero carb affect my health since i take it for helping me to lose weight ? Thanks in advance

Can it be that a diet pill like oxy elite pro help reduce cellulite?

Can pure garcia cambodia extract help you lose weight. If yes, how do know the kind to purchase. I am currently thinking of buying but not sure how.

Can quicktrim extreme burn tablets be taken while breastfeeding i exercise regularly and eat healthy, but still have 20 # to lose.

Can u take Alli and hCG drops together then take a multivitamin at bedtime. Of course i plan to diet and exercise. Im pretty much obese?

Can u take metformin and drink slim fast?

Can you help me, how can I lose faster 40kgs. In safe way?

Can you take a fat INHIBITOR (Xenical or Alli) AND a fat BLOCKER, like chitosan supplements, together? How about an inhibitor and a fat BURNER?

Can you take Advocare diet on Methadone?

Can you take hydrocut while take levothyroxine or what diet pills can I take with levothyroxine.I've been watching what i eat i exercise.Gaining weigh?

Can you tell me about some fat burners like oxyelite pro?

Can you use Advocare products for dieting while, taking 60 MG of methadone on a daily basis?

Could hydroxycut max for women work ?

Could someone take natrol acaiberry diet pills in order to lose a little bit of weight?

Dear Sir / Madam, I have taken 3 not endura mass but didn't effect my health. Pls suggest how much I would be taken for good health. ?

Diet pills is there such a thing as a diet pills that boost your metabolism and help you loose fat? I know things like hydroxycut and apidextra have been linked to serious health risks. Are there any safe alternatives to help get a boost on weight loss?

Do diet pills, such as slimquick, really work? If so, how? Do they speed up your metabolism? Are they safe to use?

Do you think I can go on a calorie controlled diet whilst breastfeeding?

Does fat burner combine with herbalife?

Does hydroxycut max work for women?

Does Lipozene pills really work? If so, what area(s) do they target?

Does Lipozene really work and is it safe? I am 19 yrs old 5'5" & 143lbs. I've been workin out a lot & no results! i want to use Lipozene

Does oxyelite affect pregnancy result? Or any diet or fat burner affect results of a hpt

Does sub q fat burner prevent pregnancy?

Does the raspberry ketone pills really make u lose weight and is it safe?

Every day i take euthyrox100mg, plaquenil (hydroxychloroquine) 400mg and on saturday i take methotrexate 20mg.Can i take rasspery ketone or green coffee to lose weight?

Garcinia max weight-loss supplement is all natural with herbs. Would it be safe to take them even tho I have hypothyroidism?

Hallo I drink drink Lamotrigine 25mg in the morning and 50mg at night with 50mg of Topiramate Is it safe to use it with the secret fat burner?

Have you heard of taking xenical and precose (acarbose) together to lose weight?

Hello I am 17 and weigh 100 kgs.I exercise 6 days a week for 1 hour.Is it good to take MuscleTech hydroxycut hardcore elite fat burner?Please reply.

Hello I'm currently taking levothyroxine and fenobrite for cholesterol and want to try Garnicia Cambodia for weight loss is it safe?

Hello sir I have been taking eltroxin 100mg tablets for two years. And now I wanna use lipo 6 black fat burner to reduce my weight. Shall I take lipo ?

Hello, i would like to lose weight and i started to take oxyelite pro 1 capsule before breakfast and the other 5 hours after..... Is it safe?

Hello. Is it good to take CLA pills for PCOS, to lose weight and get toned?! How many times and how many mg I should take CLA pills.? Thank you.

Hi i am thinking of taking the Iso extreme mass gainer and i was wondering if it's safe?

Hi I'm on Bisoprolol2.5mg, Asperin75mg, Atorvastatin 80mg daily. Ive gained weight since a bypass op is it safe to take raspberry keytones with these ?

Hi im currently taking the hcg diet and I wanted to know if I could consume crystal light in the diet. im currently on my third injection with 500 cal?

Hi, i'm HPT patient, taking norvasc (amlodipine).Currently i'm actively joining weight loss programme. Now i want to try to use GNC Burn 60, Fat burner. Is it ok?

Hi, is it safe for me to use a weight loss product called XLS medical while taking 150mg of thyroxine per day?

Hi,am having 168 ib weight,now i want reduce weight ,i brought GREEN TEA FAT BURNER highly concentrated EGCG,am a marrid girl,can i take capsule?sidef

Hi. I have been on Cipralex 10mg for 6 months and have gained a lot of weight. I would like to start fat burner EPIBURN PRO by USPLABS. is it safe.

Hi. Is drinking 10 units a week safe in one day ? Long term ? 24yo healthy weight

How can I use flaxseed to lose wieght? I need to lose 10 to 15 lb. And is it ok to take green cofee breans?.Thank you

How effectively does Lipozene work?

How is hydroxycut max for women ?

How long do i have to wait to breastfeed after taking fat burner shack?

How long is it safe to take phenteine to lose weight? An is it safe to take while taking syntthroid?

How many calories is a woman meant to take per day?

How much cla can I take on the hCG diet?

How much diphenhydramine is safe for me to take I'm 18 and my weight is 257?

How much exercise is recommended while take duromine ?

How much time will it take me to lose 15-20 lbs?

How to use forever pollan bee tablets to gain weight and is it safe?? Thank you

I am 19 and I have manboobs and if i were to take testosterone supp, will it help? Or fat burners?

I am 24 year old female, mother of 3. I am 289 pounds. I gained too much, too fast. Is it safe at my weight, to combine Slimquick Pure, and Lipozene?