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i weight 36kg( its been for 5 years the same weight) and am 22 yr old. am hypo and on 50mcg levo, any suggestions how i could gain weight?

8 yrs menpause and had lab thyroid lab normal but lose 10 lb in 10 months without trying can I be the 1 losing menpause weight without trying 5'2 &129?

After Hypothyroid treatment tsh normal but weight loss and hyperthyroid symptoms. Starting time my physical condition weak, low weight. Is it reason?

After starting meds for underactive thyroid, how long before i actually see weight loss?

Are high TSH and rapid weight gain related?

Besides hormone imbalance or hyperthyroidism or diet is there any orher condition that cancause rapid weight gain?

Can Armour Thyroid cause weight gain? What alternatives are available?

Can hyperthyroid change into hypothyroid after the problem gets leveled out? Two years ago i had hyperthyroid. I lost 50 lbs but after being treated for it i've gained back the weight. Now, no matter what I do as in exercising and dieting, my weight conti

Can hypothyroidism be a reason for lot of weight gain for men? TSH, FT3,FT4 are they good indicators & do they need fasting for testing?

Can I have thyroid problems even if I have had no weight gain?

Can I lose weight by keeping my thyroid level in check ?

Can i lose weight on 150 mcg thyroxine?

Can i use euthyrox for weight loss if my TSH is (ok)?

Can losing a lot of weight or over-exercising cause thyroid dysfunction?

Can metformin cause weight loss even though I am on Synthroid (thyroxine) 115 after having thyroid cancer 3 years ago . I am 5 ft8!150 lbs. I am a smallmeater but?

Can nodules in thyroid cause gray hair and weight gain?

Can someone control an underactive thyroid through diet and exersisie alone?

Can someone untreated for thyroid problems or hypothiroidism still lose weight?

Can stopping hyperthyroidism medicine cause weight gain?

Can Synthroid (thyroxine) ever cause "weight gain ?"

Can Synthroid (thyroxine) help you lose weight? Any answers appreciated!

Can take liothyronine without any thyroid problems promote weight loss?

Can the underactive thyroid cause weight loss or only weight gain?

Can there be a thyroid disorder similar to graves disease but with weight gain instead?

Can thyriod noduls cause no energy and weight gain ?

Can thyroid cause extreme weight loss, and appetite loss! was told have borderline thyroid (high) but need further testings?

Can you gain weight with an overtreated underactive thyroid?

Can you have hyperthyroidism and weight gain? Tsh <0.01, ft3 & ft4 very high. Rapid heartrate, but I am very overweight, and cannot lose weight.

Can you have hypothyroidism and not be overweight?

Can you have hypothyroidism without experiencing weight gain?

Can you have liposuction if you have a hypothyroid condition?

Can you have malabsorbtion for 7 months without weightloss?

Can you lose weight if your thyroid is underactive?

Can you please tell me if i will gain weight after hyperactive thyroid treatment?

Can you really have hyperthyroidism and at the same time be overweight?

Can you take thyroid hormone to boost your weight loss?

Can you tell me how i can lose weight with a underactive thyroid?

Can you tell me how I could lose weight if I have a hypothyroidism problem?

Can you tell me how much weight do you lose a week when on medicine for thyroid?

Can you tell me if I am likely to lose weight after my thyroid hormones are balanced?

Could a thyroid issue be why I can't gain weight?

Could being on a crash diet for a year cause hypothyroidism? ?

Could my very low basal temp be a reason for struggling to lose weight while being hypothyroid but following a diet?

Could rapid weight gain over a short period of time be linked to an underactive thyroid?

Could thyroid level 1.56 be cause of trouble losing weight?

Could you tell me if someone who has an underactive thyroid turns anorexic will they still lose weight?

Could your thyroid make you gain a lot of weight

Dessicated thyroid effect on weight?

Do people tend to lose or gain weight with an underactive thyroid?

Do you know of anyone having an eating disorder and taken cytomel or Synthroid (thyroxine) to help them lose weight?

Does a pituitary macro adenoma cause weight gain?

Does a thyroid problem effect weight loss, if so what are some ways to lose weight with thyroid problems?

Does an underactive thyroid really prevent you from losing weight?

Does having a thyroid goiter affect your child's weight?

Does having a thyroid goiter affect your weight?

Does levothyroxine 25mcg cause weight loss?

Does medication for low TSH hyperthyroidism cause you to gain weight?

Does my being over weight have anything to do with my thyroid?

Does plexus slim have anything to do with changing thyroid function to lose weight? I have hyper thyroid disease. Is plexus safe to use.

Does seaweed help people lose weight by increasing the secretion of thyroid hormones?

Does subclinical hypothyroidism make it hard to lose weight?

Does Synthroid (thyroxine) make you lose weight? I had my thyroid removed 6 months ago.

Does Synthroid (thyroxine) medicine makes your hair fall out, weight gain, moody, ?

Does thyroid cancer cause weight gain?

Elevated tSH but normal thyroid hormones? Will this cause weight gain?

Gained weight from hypothyroidism. (9 pounds) once levels fix with synthroid, (thyroxine) will i loose the weight?

Grandson 11 yrs old. His emynes are attacking his thyroid. He has a steady weight gain. All the levels were 38

Had thyroidectomy 30 years ago, gained 40 lbs at that time, now obese; levels were never stabilized. Any suggestions?

Have 3.4 nodule in thyroid. If thyroidectomy, i'm afraid of weight gain. I am reading stories people gain weight and hormone hard to regulate help ?

Have struggled with my weight for so long. Does anyone know if the Atkins diet will work with an underactive thyroid?

Have underactive thyroid.Eating healthier, more active.On levothyroxine.Why am i not losing weight.Only my hair!

Having a total thyroidectomy. history hypo, multiple nodules, on Synthroid (thyroxine) 100mcg. Had horrible wt gain over yr. Will i likely gain lots of wt after?

Having hypothyroidism and doing a tabeo workout is it okay or too much?

Hello doctor. My thyroid is very slow, and I want to use Thyoronorm to lose weight. Will it help me?

Help! hard time loosing weight. Menopause, hypothyroidism and and lots of stress. What should I do?

Hi. I am 20 years old, weight is 51kg. I really have to gain weight. I had my thyroid checked, it is normal. My diet is good.I dont have any disease.

How can a person with hypothyroid lose weight.i take thyronorm 100mcg but it doesnt help?

How can I boost my metabolism to lose weight? And I have thyroid problems

How can I have an underactive thyroid and still be losing weight constantly?

How can I loose weight safely and effectively with fibromyalgia and thyroid cysts?

How can I lose a big amount of weight with having hypothyroidism?

How can I lose weight after treatment of hyperprolactinemia by cabergoline?

How can I lose weight if I have hashimotos disease?

How can I lose weight when I have no thyroid and have to take levothyroxine?

How can i lose weight with a treated hypothyroid disease? I've tried everything

How can I lose weight with a underactive thyroid?

How can I lose weight with hypothyroid meds?

How can I lose weight with thyroid disease?

How can I speed up my metabolism when i don't have a thyroid? Do I have a metabolism? I'm taking Armour Thyroid and levoxyl (thyroxine). I'm eating right and walking everday but i can't seem to lose weight.

How can you tell if you have a low or high thyroid ? I think I have something that is making me gain weight

How do I lose weight with hyperthroidism (graves disease) I have been on meds for over two years. Have gained 30 pounds.?

How do you lose the wight that hashimotos causes?

How do you lose weight after your thyroid has been killed with radioactive pill. How do you get the weight.

How do you lose weight if an underactive thyroid?

How does a hyperthyroid patient gain weigh?

How is it possible that people with thyroid lose weight?

How much can an under-active thyroid affect weight?

How much can your thyroid play on being overweight?

How much weight can you loose overdosing on synthroid (thyroxine)?

How much weight does a person lose taking tapazole (methimazole) for graves disease?