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My Breast fed 3 month old has 2-5 poops a day is this normal? She also only gains 2 oz a week.. Could this be causing low weight gain

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On average, do people tend to gain more weight on gabapentin or divalproex sodium?

On risperdal (0.5 mg). Gained 5 lb less than one month. Concerned about too much weight gain. What can i do? any advice? Change med? Diet and exercise

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Please describe a good weight gain rate?

Please describe the most effective and natural way to gain weight?

Please tell me what antidepressants are the least likely to cause weight gain?

Please tell me, could chronic constipation case weight gain?

Plz doctors I need your help I'm women 28 years and 5.4 weight is 97 pounds l want to gain weight very fast because I do don't have appetite?

Prednisone 5mg 6 day pack, will it cause moonface/weight gain or insomnia?

Prednisone eye drops cause weight gain?

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Rapid weight gain over the last couple weeks. How do you tell if it's fluid ?

Remedies for poor digestive system? I don't gain weight at all because of some unknown reason. Weight is 50 kg, height 6 ft, age 21

Sir i want to gain my weight upto 10 pound.. How could it possible. Plz give me some tips to gain my wieght:. I am so weak and under wieght?

Suboxone for pain related to weight gain?

Sudden rapid weight gain. Would have to be water retention, right?

To avoid stretch marks from rapid weight gain - how many pounds per week should one gain?

Unexplained weight gain in my midsection. Should i be concerned about diabetes ?

Weight gain after chemotherapy like from remission to 10 months after last treatment. Still gaining. Weight was never an issue for me before chemo?

Weight gain from allergy shots?

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What are the things that I should do to gain weight? I am 22yrs old but i don't have the accurate weight for 22yrs girl please help me to gain weight.

What can be done to not gain weight on a cruise?

What can be done to stop the bloating and or not gain weight from this binge?

What can cause a 8yr/old gain 23 pounds in 16 months? Ped said from methotrexate and remacide rheumo said it's not and not normal weight gain

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What can cause sudden excessive weight gain?

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What can I do so my friend treats her lupus without gaining weight on the corticosteroids?

What can I do to gain weight I have tried hard for years but am still 20 pounds under I have a very high metabolism? What can I do?

What can I take over-the-counter that will increase my appetite.? I want to be able to gain weight and then maintain that weight.

What causes fluid retention and weight gain?

What causes the weight gain associated with anti-depressant drugs: slowed metabolism, increased appetite, increased insulin resistance, other?

What causes weight gain using Zoloft? If you eat the same & exercise, why do people gain on it? What mechanism is involved? Does metabolism change?

What conditions cause acne and weight gain in adults?

What could be the cause of unintentional rapid weight gain? There is no increase in eating habit, and there is a daily exercise regime.Thanks!

What do you suggest I do to gain 2-3 kg in a week or so?

What does rapid weight gain mean? I take Ativan (lorazepam) every once in a while so would I see any signs of weight gain by now or could I gain weight each time?

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What is causing me to gain so much water weight?Im not overeating, can mega chews cause weight gain? Not taking them anymore, on simvastatin and celebre

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What is considered excessive weight gain I've gained 9 lbs in 5 wks for no apparent reason?

What is considered rapid weight gain...I have gained 12 lbs since 7/1/15 .

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What is the cause of snoring I don't snore before my weight is increased all so I gain 20 kg?

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What is Weight gain a risk factor for?

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What painkillers and nerve suppressants do not cause weight gain?

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What supplements can I take to gain weight fast but in a healthy way. I'm 20 yrs 69in and 145... I want to gain more mass. Help?

What to do if I am using vitamin D3 1000iu will it make me gain weight I want to gain weight if it doesnt help what to use inorder to gain weight?

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What to do if i know bloating is a symptom of PMS but is weight gain?

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Which anti-psychotic doesn't make you gain weight?

Which Antipsychotic is the least one to cause weight gain or increased appetitie?

Which antipsychotics are least likely to cause weight gain?

Which antipsychotics are low risk for weight gain and drug induced cystic acne?

Which insulin offers the least amount of weight gain?

Which one one will help m e gain weight more -- ensure or boost?

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Why can't people gain weight when they have short bowel syndrome?

Why do I gain the majority of my weight in my stomach?

Why do I snore, i didn't used to before, could this be of weight gain.

Why do people attribute weight gain to having endometrial ablation? I had it done 4 weeks ago and I'm now scared of gaining weight.

Why do people with COPD tend to have fluctuating weight gain and fluid retention?

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Why does cushing's cause weight gain even though increased cortisol promotes lypolysis?

Why does glycosuria result from weight gain?

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Will I gain a lot of weight if I take steroids like prednisone; i'm really afraid of weight gain?

Will i gain weight after a hysterectomy? I know there will be hormone issues after my hysterectomy. Does this mean i will gain weight? How can I prevent weight gain during recovery? .

Will i gain weight if i donate blood?