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I am not new to diabetes & hav rapid weight gain since starting insulin & work out what can help weight gain with using insulin.

I am on Lexapro (escitalopram) and remeron for G A D.I have put gained 2 stone in weight despite exercising.How can I watch my weight or does these cause weight gain?

I am on remeron (mirtazapine).I find it great but for weight gain despite exercising and dieting.Is there a different medthats as good and does not cause weight ?

I am prone to weight gain in a week i can gain up to 9 pounds I have to b very strict to b thin y?

I am suffering from weight gain after my hysterectomy ....Pls help?

I am thin now and I want to gain some weight. does gut bacteria have something to do with the appetite ?

I am trying to gain weight but also have to lower my cholesterol levels. What is the best way to do this. ?

I eat too much and i'm thin i'm 61 kg and don't change my weight still 61 so what should I do to gain some weight?

I have a Fast Metabolism and find it hard to Gain Weight, I'm currently 47.3KG any suggestions on how to Gain weight or Medications Available?

I have a swollen abdomen and rapid weight gain. What could it be?

I have a very high metabolism is there any possible way I could gain weight ? If so , what should I do ?

I have acid problem but i want to weight gain, what should I do?

I have been on different antipsychotics gained weight when off it i lose weight. i will be getting lapband to reduce intake what are side effects?

I have body image issues. What meds for bipolar disorder are the least likely to make me gain weight/gain the least amt of weight?

I have cirrhosis and I have gained a lot of weight. No good answer from my doctor. My energy is low most days? Can you recommend something?

I have gain a lot weight after my c-section 2years ago, especially abdominal , what can I need to do to reduce my weight ?

I have good appetite but failed to gain my weight.I need to build my body.Are there any oral steroids?

I have got the pill. What the main effects of it? I heard you gain weight but on average how much weight?

I have graves disease. I work out 3-4 days a week and continue to gain weight. No medication right now. How can I lose weight.?

I have had an ileostomy for uc since i was 7 and i'm now 27. What can I do to gain weight? I have always been under weight.

I have heard people take Apetamin Cyproheptadine to increase appetite for weight gain. Is this a relatively safe way for weight gain?

I have heard that not sleeping well at night can cause weight gain. Why?

I have hypothyroidism and can not lose weight. Infact i just seem to gain. I exercise 7 days a week . Very aggravatin. I shy away from invites.

I have lupus is it okay for me to take oxandrolone i need to gain weight about 30lbs

I just learned i might have cervical cancer. Can this cause weight gain? I have gained lots of weight the last few months.

I just lost 123lbs what can I do to prevent hydroxyzine from causing me to gain weight back? How much does a person gain on hydroxyzine?

I understand divalproex sodium causes weight gain by affecting insulin resistance/metabolic syndrome. What explains the weight gain from gabapentin?

I want to gain my weight so serious mass supplement is better for me ?

I want to gain weight like 5-10 kilos but my metabolism doesn't let me do it.What can I do?

I want to know whether valproic acid (5 cc per day) cause weight gain, and if it causes more weight gain than quetiapine.

I would like to gain weight, 5"10 135 pounds..?

I'm 25 years old and 280lbs. Dieting makes me gain weight & exercise makes me gain muscle. I'm is really good health. Is bariatric surgery an option?

I'm blood pressure patients so can i take endura mass to gain weight?

I'm curious as to why don't your shoulders gain weight?

I'm finding a lot of mixed data on Geodon and weight gain, what other APs cause low or no weight gain?

I'm four months pregnant, but can't seem to gain any weight--what should I do?

I'm in perimenopause and have swollen ankles with weight gain. How do I treat these symptoms?

I'm up to 300 mg of Lamictal and feel great, but my weight is slowly increasing week by week. I'm very confused ? How can I battle the weight gain?

I'm very paranoid to gain weight .. I wanna go from eating 1,060 calories to 1,100 but can that cause weight gain ? I'm 19 5'7 and 105 pounds

I've gain weight more then usual for me. I'm also active but have been taking neuronton. Could the medication be the cause of the weight gain?

I've not experienced the symptom as my friends except weight gain. Is this normal? I've think been in menopause almost 4 years. I have gain considerable weight, but that may be a combination of menopause, stopping smoking, and medications. My friends,

Ibs for ten years.It is very inconvinient as i loose weight regularly.Can i gain weight.What would be the prescription?

If you gain weight, do you also gain fluid in your body?

Im 17years old and i have pituitary microadenoma and my weight have increased rapidly so please tell me which medicine should i take for weight loss?

Im 30 yrs old will and petite..I do gain weight but can't seem to keep it on.Will maca root help w consistant weight gain?

Im trying to gain weight after gallbladder surgery how many ensure plus do I need to drink. A day to gain my weight back?

Increasing Zoloft from 25 to 50. On for 6 weeks now. Does weight gain happen when increasing? I am very stressed that i will get fat on this?

Is buclizine good for you? Does it cause weight gain and does it make anorexia patients better?

Is exssesive weight gain with rheumatoid arthritis medication normal?

Is extreme weight gain a symptom of diabetes?

Is failure to thrive same as slow weight gaining?

Is it common to gain weight after finishing herceptin (trastuzumab)?

Is it necessary to gain weight before donating a lung?

Is it normal to experience weight gain with black cohosh?

Is it normal to gain significant amount of weight after kidney surgery?

Is it possible for only one side of your body to gain weight?

Is it possible for you to gain 30 pounds in a year?

Is it possible i can’t gain any weight cause i may have low testosterone? I am 110 pounds.

Is it possible not to gain weight on zyprexa (olanzapine)? the last time I was on it for 3 months it caused 35 lbs of weight gain. But I need it for stopping schiz

Is it possible to experience bloating and weight gain from an increase in protein intake?

Is it possible to gain weight with the help of medication?

Is it possible to have high levels of cortisol without weight gain? I have high levels of stress and unexplained stretch marks, but no weight gain.

Is it possible to loose 2kg weight per week healthily? will depression or anxiety cause weight gain?

Is it possible to lose 2 stones in a month? Because my current graves' disease is making me gain weight, and i want to lose weight desperately.

Is it possible to lose weight and gain muscle at the sametime?

Is it possible to lose weight on seroquel (quetiapine)? my appetite has increased a lot what can i do to reduce appetite and unwanted weight gain i gained 3kg!

Is it possible to not gain weight during effective bulimia treatment.?

Is it possible to slowly gain weight with cancer? My friend was just diagnosed with leukemia and has gained weight over the last few months, not lost

Is it true elcohal is slow down our metabolism and causes for gain weight?

Is it true that donating plasma causes weight gain?

Is It True That practin Makes You Gain Weight.

Is it true that statin drugs cause weight gain?

Is it true that stress can cause weight gain?

Is it true you gain weight when fasting? Is there a way to stop this from happening?

Is my weight gain from doxepin caused by ster retention?

Is royal jelly good for toddlers to increase the appetite and gain weight?

Is stretch marks normal after gaining weight from a mood stabilizer?

Is symbicort and singulair making me gain weight?

Is the cb-1 weight gain supplement bad for your or can cause death?

Is there a good way to prevent weight gain on vacation?

Is there a good way to prevent weight gain while on lithium?

Is there a medication out there that can help me gain weight? I'm 5'3" and have never been over 100 lbs. And to add... I'm 25 years old.

Is there an alarming issue when you gain weight about 8 pounds at age 46?

Is there an effective treatment for constipation and weight gain from it?

Is there an explanation for fast, random weight gain in a woman?

Is there any chance of Prilosec causing weight gain?

Is there any supplements or methods for rapid weight gain?

Is there any type of medication to help gain weight?

Is there any way to avoid weight gain with prednisone?

Is there any way you can randomly gain weight for no reason?

Is there anything I can do at home to counteract the weight gain associated with prednisone?

Is there anyway to avoid weight gain and hair loss while on tamoxifen ?

Is waking up at 12pm unhealthy? Will It lead to weight gain?

Is weight gain a guarantee on prednisone?

Is weight gain associated with arimidex (anastrozole)?

IS weight gain inévitable with untreated hypothyroidism or can I prevent it with diet?

Is weight gain mandatory when you reach 40 years old?

Low BP with weight gain is it due to sotret?

My 9 yrs old son is extremely underweight how can I help him gain weight? What might be the cause of poor appetite?

My body seem to burn more calories than I should which results to failure of my goal to gain weight. What should I do?