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'im in a 14week pregnancy, im taking a vitamin for the bby with folic acid, ferrous sulfate and vitamin b complex for a month, is it ok?

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Are b vitamin 100 complex too much to give a 16 year old?

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Dr has me on vitamins: b complex, d3-5000, multi vitamin, and co q-10. Can i take them all at one time after a meal?

Ever had a vitamin b shot, and if so, how do you feel?

Gud day.Doc.What is the best vitamin b-complex?Thanks

Hello, How can I benefit from panax genseng and complex B with vitamin C, if I am 25 years old and 52 kg, Can I gain weight if I took them?

Hi doc I have vitiligo my doc suggest me vitamin b complex n clobetasol n protonic oint .is vitamin supplements r enough for vitiligo. B/c I m brfeedi?

How does vitamin b deficiency harm the body?

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How much vitamin D3 should I take? I'm 23 and also taking vitamin b complex. Occasional ginseng. What are the benefits of these ? Thanks

I am 48 years old& taking a.multi.vitamin, along with fish oil, D, coq10, magnes, E, C, B complex, probiotic, biotin..period is spotty and two weeks l?

I am depressed, so is vitamin b complex the answer?

I am homozygous mthfr a1298c. My dr has me taking foltx, b complex, and multi vitamin. Is this a good regimen?

I am on prothiaaden and i was wondering if i take a vitamin b complex does it interact with the prothiaden?

I am taking b complex vitamin w/ 200 mcg of folic acid , i would like to also start a multi vitamin which has 400 mcg of folate, together is it safe ?

I can't find isolated vitamin b1 (thiamine) in local drug stores, only a full vitamin b complex. Does any of b vitamins interact with zoloft?

I have taken shaklee vitamins since 4 months ago (vit c 1000mg, b complex, vit e complex, gla (evening primrose?

I take a vitamin b complex to help me cope with my severe anxiety. I noticed that the vitamins are megadoses - almost ten times the RDA. Is this safe?

I take B - complex vitamin with my daily men's vitamin. I take it to boost my energy. Can to much B, hurt?

I want to know about the benefits of injecting B complex.

If I take a multi vitamin, can I take extra stress b complex 3x a day?

If my multivitamin already contains all b vitamins would additionally taking a b complex be useless?

Is 500 meg of vitamin b 12 safe?

Is b complex vitamin good for cancer patient ? And does surbex xt medicine contain b complex vitamin?

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