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"hi I am now 6 weeks pregnant and haven't had any check up yet can I also take flintstones as prenatal vitamins as I have not taken any?

2 vitamin b shots per week during pregancy, is this safe?

2 weeks after abortion im still feel it ok to take iberet iron with folic together with fish oil ?

20 weeks pregnant and have struggled with fruits and vegetables all along. I take prenatal vitamins everyday. Have i harmed my baby by doing this?

32 years old , married, not able to keep an erection or get an erection. I use Minoxidil and eat multi Vi, biotin, and Vit D. Any suggestion?

5mths postpartum, exclusively breastfeeding, is it safe to take vitamin supplements such as Vitamin E and Fish Oil?

6 weeks pregnant and took a prenatal with noni. 2 doses. I am now in danger of having a miscarriage? Vitamins are from Health food store

6 weeks pregnant... Missed one day of prenatal pills. I'm so tired and have no energy... Not taking the prenatal the reason to feel this way ?

7 months pregnant will my baby be okay if I dont take prenatals?

7 months will my baby be okay if I don't take prenatal vitamins?

7 weeks pregnant n my prenatal vitamin contain 5000 iu vitamin a one pill daily. Is it too much?

8 months pregnant & my doctor prescribed me metronidazole 500MG 2X a day for 7days I was wondering is it still safe to also take my prenatal vitamins?

8 weeks pregnant with a cold. Should i take extra vitamins?

A doc told me to take folic acid and vit e tabs and then i started losing my ability to retain urine and more often, i wet myself.Why is this happening?

A friend told me that if I take prenatal vitamin it will help with nausea Is this true because I don't take them cause I hate pills?

A nutrition doctor gave me B Complex Vitamin Tabs andi get a very lightheaded and confused after taking it. and he has no answer for the side-effect?

After taking my prenatal vitamin i feel like i'm going to vomit. It is only after taking the vitamin. Is this a common reaction to prenatal vitamin?

After taking prenatal vitamin i fell sick to my stomach, is this normal?

Also, does it matter that i take specifically prenatal vitamins or can I just take a regular woman's multivitamin?

Always tired.. really need vitamins to boost my Energy. I'm also breast feeding. What vitamins would be best to take?

Am I going to get anemia after I have my baby? I hated taking my prenatals.

Am i right that it's no issue to take prenatal vitamins when your not pregnant?

Am pregnant. At what trimester will i start taking omega 3 DHA 300mg? Thanks

And my gyancogist suggest me to take iron pills and vitamin b complex syurp.And I m having this from last 3 months but nothing can improve my periods.?

Any insights for why some women have to take prenatal vitamins all the time?

Any reasons why my vitamins make me dizzy? Does that mean I should take something else?

Any recommendations for prenatal supplements or folic acid and how much to take as I get acne whenever I start taking them so eventually stop.

Any vitamin tablets worth trying to help my health anxieties?

Anyone know what is a safe amount of iron and vitamin B12 to take when pregnant?

Are their any good multi vitamins to take to gain good appetite back.

Are all brands of women's one-a-day vitamins safe to take?

Are dollar general prenatal vitamins just as good as prenatal vitamins prescribed by a doctor?

Are gummy multivitamins good to take for your body to get your nutrients ?

Are gummy multivitamins safe for my child to take daily?

Are gummy prenatal vitamins as good as prenatal tablet?

Are multi vitamins good to take or should I consult with my doctor, I am tired a lot and don't have much energy or drive.

Are multivitamins from Nutrilite (double X) good during pregnancy or while trying to conceive?

Are multivitamins safe for me while I am pregnant?

Are pre natal vitamins ok to take if you're not pregnant? Any harm?

Are prenatal vitamin and fertility vitamin same? Which one I should take to become pregnant? These vitamins to become pregnant are confusing me. My gyn doctor told me to take folic acid. I have try to become pregnant for a year now. It seem like it never

Are prenatal vitamin pills suitable to take as a 15 year old?

Are prenatal vitamins good for you even when you are not close to giving birth?

Are prenatal vitamins harmful to the mother?

Are prenatal vitamins with soybeans safe?

Are spring valley prenatal vitamins good for you if you no pregnant , ?

Are the binders in my prenatal vitamins going to make it difficult for me to digest and therefore difficult to metabolize the ingredients?

Are the Vit A levels in prenatal vitamins too high to consume when taking prenatals and not pregnant? I was told anything around 5000 iu is not safe

Are there any iron supplement that I can take that wont make me constipated?

Are there any risks associated with taking prenatal vitamins?

Are there any vitamins you shouldn't take when ttc/pregnant? If so which ones?

Are there extra minerals I should take while pregnant?

Are vitamin pills necessary for adults enganged in lot of sex?Shud they buy it with prescription or like over the counter?What vitamins for good sex?

Are vitamins (in pill form) really worth it? Does your body absorb it..just like so with foods?

Are warts a sign of low immune system. Why do I only get them when taking a multivitamin? After i stop taking a supplement they go away.

As a vegan, how much vitamin b-12 do I need to take and what we will happen to me if i don't get enough?

At how many weeks is it safe to have a prenatal massage?

At what age should people start taking vitamin d ?

At what time of the day should i take prentlvitam? Morning, afternoon or night. When does it absorb better for baby and body help?

Been experiencing anxiety and sadness off and on. I'm not pregnant but taking prenatal vitamins, Could this be the cause?

Been hearing a lot lately about Vitamin K2. Any thoughts as to who should/shouldn't take this?

Besides antiemetics and b vitamins is there anything to help hyperemesis during pregnancy?

Besides prenatal vitamins or anything else I should be taking or can do for a healthier baby while I'm in my third trimester?

Blackmores pregnant vitamins are making me feel sick. Is it ok to take natures way gummies instead even if it doesn't contain all the vitamins?

Breastfeeding. Yesterday missed to give liquid vitamin D to my 3months old baby. Is it ok? I am taking prenatal vitamins that also contain vitamin D

Can a 17 year old take prenatal vitamins if not pregnant but to help with hair growth?

Can a multivitamin keep you hyper at night if taken at night?

Can a pregnant lady continue drinking collagen supplement?

Can a pregnant woman taking her prenatal vitamin still become anemic ?

Can any doc explain if vitamin C supplements make you more prone to illness once you stop taking them?

Can any doc explain if vitamin d pills make you pee more?

Can anyone take prenatal vitamins?

Can chewable vitamin C make GERD worse?

Can doctors tell me what does taking prenatal vitamins do to a woman who's not pregnant?

Can estroblend multivitamins make you constipated?

Can expecting women mix and match prenatal vitamins with a different DHA supplement brand ?

Can expired multivitamins make you sick?

Can forgetting or not taking prenatal vitamins cause a miscarriage?

Can geritol muceniex and prenatal pills help with fertility problems?

Can i change prenatal vitamin tablet from select ob+dha to citranatal 90 DHA . Please advise.

Can i continue to take aguaje supplements while pregnant?

Can i get enough calcium by food i mean equivalent to 500mg like a tablet?

Can I give prenatal vitamins to my children?

Can I still taking prenatal vitamins during my period.

Can I take 4 pieces of VitaFusion Calcium 500 mg? I read the baby needs 1,000 mg? I'm 7 weeks pregnant . I'm taking one a day prenatal pills with DHA

Can I take a calcium supplement while breastfeeding? My son has a dairy allergy and I'm worried I'm not getting the calcium I need.

Can i take a colon cleanse while taking prenatal vitamins? Just coming off being on the Depo-Provera for 2 1/2 years and are ttc. Thanks

Can I take a hair vitamin while I'm still on prenatal vitamins and also breast-feeding.

Can I take a hair vitamin while I'm still on prenatal vitamins and breastfeeding?

Can i take a regular woman's vitamin like vita-vim for women and a folic acid supplement of 1000mcg while pregnant instead of a prenatal vitamin?

Can i take dong quai and prenatal pills i'm not pregnant?

Can I take expired vitamins if they smell really strong?

Can i take maca root and prenatal viatiamins at the same time?

Can i take multivitamin for women while taking black cohosh?

Can i take multivitamin that contains Vitamin B1 while pregnant?

Can i take multivitamins aftet hysterectomy?

Can i take multivitamins like enervon while pregnant?

Can i take multivitamins that contain pyridoxine hydrochloride while pregnant?

Can i take multivitamins that contain riboflavin while pregnant?

Can i take multivitamins that contains calcium pantothenate while pregnant?

Can i take multivitamins that contains cyanocobolamin while pregnant?