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16wks pregnant and hemoglobin is 10.8, hematocrit 32.7. My dr. Prescribed iron supplement ferrous sulfate 325mg (65 fe) to take 2x a day.Is this safe?

27 weeks pregnant. Is ferrous bisglycinate chelate an ok supplement to take for anemia?

27wks pregnant and anemic. Can't find a ferrous sulfate supplement that doesn't have dyes or artificial ingredients. Any other iron is ok? Good brand?

7 months pregnant Friday, anemic, and now taking feosol (ferrous sulfate) for iron deficiency. Last week and a half I have had diarrhea. Should I stop taking it?

Among ferrous sulfate, gluconate and fumarate, is there any difference in absorbtion and tolerability?

Anemic; how many mg of ferrous sulfate can I take without overdosing?

Are iron infusions safe and more effective than the medication, and do you stop taking the iron pills once you get iron infusions.

Bacofen 10 mg twice daily and Nortryptilline 25 mg daily , and Feosol (ferrous sulfate) ,can cause severe weight loss? 22 pounds

Been anaemic for 5 years. Seen a haematologist for 4 years. Get regular iron infusions. Told i don't absorb iron orally. What could cause this?

Been taking iron supplements for 3 months, hb now 15.6 so told to stop supplement, but ferritin still only 16. How can I build up my ferritin level ?

Been taking iron supplements for a year and still no ferritin?

Bisglysinate iron, is it as good as Ferrous Sulphate for Anaemia .Does it make less constipated? Thanks

Black stool due to folic acid and ferrous ascorbate tablets?

Black stool.... Taking ferrous ascorbate supplement from 2 years is it due to ferrous ascorbate?

Can a child take an iron supplement (ferrous sulfate) while taking prednisone? My 1 year old was diagnosed with itp on wed. He has had 2 doses of prednisolone. About 2 weeks before this diagnosis he was slightly anemic and was given the iron supplement

Can ferrous sulfate cause discoloration teeth?

Can ferrous sulfate help your iron?

Can i give my 2 yr old son over-the-counter multivitamins with iron if he is iron defiency anemic and how long should he take it?

Can I give probiotic to my 7yr old son along with iron supplement?does its affect iron absorption?for how long can I give him probiotic?

Can i supplement iron pills with flinstone vitamins with iron? I cannot stomach iron pills, but my iron is very low.

Can I take 4 tabs or iron a day instead of 3 as I have very low iron stores ( ferritin 7)? I use 325 mg of ferrous fumarate.

Can i take an iron supplement & b-12 at the same time?

Can I take floradix iron supplement versus floravital while 30 weeks pregnant?

Can I take iron supplement with multivitamin contain iron?

Can i take two different types of iron supplements for anemia?

Can I use iron supplements and prednisolone?

Can iron chelation drugs cause a rash?

Can iron supplement make you extra sleepy?(i ve been prescribed for being low in iron)

Can iron supplements cause insomnia?

Can iron supplements cause migraines?

Can iron supplements cause stomach cramps?

Can iron supplements make you more tired?

Can iron suppliment like ferrous sulfate make u feel lazy? I am taking this supplement because I have been diagnosed with iron defeciency.

Can leviothyrozine and vitamin D3 pills interfere with iron absorption? What foods interfere with hypothyroidism and iron intake and should b avoided?

Can tablet desirox be taken along with kelfer or desferal for iron chelation? Any answers appreciated!

Can take zinc sulphate with folic acid and iron tablet during preganancy?

Can taking black strap molasses help with iron deficiencies?

Can you can iron while on adderall?

Can you overdose on iron supplements when you have low ferritin? What is the optimal dose of iron to take to raise ferritin significantly?

Can you take 2 doeses of iron supplements (ferrous gluconate)?

Can you take 2 doeses of iron supplements at the same time?

Can you take Betaine HCl and iron pill at the same time, to increase iron absorption?

Can you tell me if on iron tablets and have diarrhea?

Can you tell me, are sulfa drugs (to which I am allergic) and sulfates (the iron suppliment i've been prescribed) the same?

Could i die from ferrous sulphate?

Could iron supplements give you depression?

Could you tell me what happens if you have too many iron multivitamins at once?

Do flaxseeds contain iron ?

Do flinstone vitamins with iron make you constipated?

Do i need to consult a dr before taking iron supplements?

Do I need to give my baby an iron supplement?

Do iron supplements cause constipation in infants?

Do iron supplements cause sleeplessness?

Do iron supplements interfere with abuterol?

Do most children take iron supplements?

Do platelets go high when taking iron supplements?

Do you think i would have to take an iron supplement or a multivitamin containing iron after I do a blood donation?

Do you think my iron tablets are working?

Docs, 4 weeks preg, do you recommend elevit multi and ferro tab iron supplements ?

Doctor said I have anemia, I already take prenatals with iron in them. If I buy some iron pills and take the prenatals & the iron will it be too much?

Doctor thinks i might have malabsorption because vitamin d tablet and iron pills for anemia and vitamin d deficiency aren't working. Is it true?

Does 'Well Woman 50+' daily dosage have same amount of iron & folic acid as of once a week dosage of 'Orofer XT' ?

Does 1mg of Ferrous Sulfate = 1 mg of Iron Bisglycinate? If not, what is the conversion ratio?

Does iron supplement irritate liver?

Does prenavite contain iron?

Does spinach have any disadvantage as an iron supplement?

Does taking iron supplements like ferrous sulfate can worsen a cyst? Is it true or just a myth?

Does the tiki tiki vitamin for babies have iron in?

Does zinc intake effect iron absorption?

Feosol (ferrous sulfate) iron supplement constipating?

Ferrous Biglysinate for iron anaemia.What is the normal dosage to build the iron reserves up.25 mg 50 mg or more.Cant take ferrous sulphate..thanks.

Ferrous sulfate or ferrous gluconate--which is better?

Ferrous sulfate vs ferrous gluconate. Which is better?

For anemics- how long do I need to take iron supplements to reach a hemoglobin level of 10?

For iron deficiency should you take iron supplements + iron -enriched foods? Worried about iron overdose. And how long to get iron back in system?

Have bad anemia. Tests show i can't absorb iron from food or pills. Are their liquid iron supplements & do you think they'd help?

Hello docs. I was wondering can too much iron sulphate cause diarrhea?

Hi docs, would taking multivitamins help with iodine deficiency?

Hi i'm am taking ferrous sulfate iron cause my doctor said I have low iron so am taking now and then i found am 5 weeks pregnant is it ok?

Hi, Im vegetarian and am taking B12, iron, magnesium, and a basic multivitamin. I'm also taking gildess fe 1/20. could iron vitamin make me pregnant?

Hi, is wheatgrass effective in iron chelation? In what dosage? Thank you

Hi. My iron level is 3.2 . Wouls supplements be enough or is an infusion necessary?

High potency iron 325 ferrous sulfate okay while pregnant?

How are dietary iron and wrought iron fence different?

How can I reduce the symptoms of anemia (other than taking iron supplements)?

How do you take iron supplement drops?

How is feramax?

How long does an iron infusion take?

How long will it take for iron levels to reach 12 range if taking iron supplements and Vit.C daily for over a week? Iron was at 9.6 three weeks ago.

How many 25 mg iron bisglycinate capsules should be taken to equal 325 mg ferrous sulfate?

How much iron should I consume in a day? I am anemic and take iron supplements but only one a day. Should I take more?

How much iron supplement should I take if anemic? Age 42 male.

How much mg of iron and calcium should a 17 year old girl take?

How much time does it take to cover up the iron deficiency?

How much time it might take for a complete remission of iron deficiency anemia( on iron supplement elemental 65mg * 2 /day)?

How safe is it to give multivitamins with iron to kids every day for 3 years ?

How to take calcium and iron supplement tablets? Calcium first then iron tablet after a gap or vice versa? With weekly 60k vitamin D3.

I am completely finished with my RX iron 325 mg, but need more. Will the same strength OTC non-RX iron (ferrous sulfate) work just the same? Yes? No?

I am on an iron suplement, will that cause severe constipation?

I am supposed to take iron pills. Can i just take a vitamin, eat liver and cook with iron skillets?