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A. Vitamin d defiencey cause poor appetite?

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Can folic acid deficiency cause neurological symptoms?

Can geographic tongue be a vitamin deficiency? If so, which ones are good to take?

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Could foot pain be associated with vitamin D defficiency? If so should I supplement both vitamin D and calcium or just vitamin D?

Could I have a vitamin d deficiency? Do you get symptoms?

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Describe the disorder called deficiency of vitamins a, d, e, or k.?

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Does anemia and vitamin d deficiency have any connection to each other? Does one affect the other

Does getting up to pee at night suggest any nutritional deficiency?

Does severe vitamin d deficiency cause jaundice? I had jaundice when my vitamin d level was 6. Now it's 40 & no more jaundice.

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For vitamin d deficiencies, how do you know besides blood work?

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Frequent urination and vitamin d deficiency. Is there a correlation?

Having protein s deficiency causes you to be sleepy?

Having what vitamin deficiency creates the feeling of depression and fatigue?

Hello docs. I was wondering can vitamin d deficiency cause jair loss or dizziness?

Hello docs. I was wondering can vitamin d deficiency cause night sweats?

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