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12 weeks pregnant. Have high folate (folic acid) serum levels blood test-is this ok or dangerous? Do i stop vitamins? (takin pregnacare max with calc vit d &omega

50,000 iu once a week for vitamin D deficiency safe. My calcium was 26 in my blood work.

5yo kid, vit D total is 34.66 ng/mL, what is the best way to increase this level; sun exposure, medicine, food supplement? what is the optimal level?

Any medical condition that can cause elevated vitamin a levels in the blood? I don't use creams that could have vitamin a and don't take vitamin a sup

Apart lack of sunlight, what causes low vitamin d levels?

Are elevated B12 and folate (folic acid) levels bad? Cause of this? How to bring them down to normal levels?

Are low folate (folic acid) levels alone dangerous? They have been low for a year. Can it cause any damage to health?

Are low Vit D levels associated with depression? I've been fatigued for months.Labs normal other than Vit D of 21. My doc then asked if I'm depressed.

Are there any Natural herbs/vitamins/supplements etc that can fix low Cortisol levels? Thanks.

Are there any vitamins or supplements i can take to increase my estrogen levels? Preferably that i can in drugstores

B12 levels are fine but I have a deficiency in the other b vitamins. Thoughts/suggestions?

Best ways to increase vitimin d levels? Vitimin d deficent

Calcium level elevated...49 yr old female taking 25mg maxide diuretic. Do not eat a lot of meat or get the vit d. Is this the cause?

Can low vitamin D levels effect your period?

Can a cause of osgood-slatter be due to having a very low vitamin level?

Can a vitamin d test be wrong? Doc told me that my vit d level is too low yet i take 1000 units supplement daily

Can anyone tell me what can cause high vitamin d?

Can copper supplementation lower zinc or iron levels?

Can drinking milk everyday could lower your iron level?

Can evista cause low vitamin d?

Can high levels of vitamin A from diet alone cause hair loss?

Can I lower my blood sugar levels by taking cinammon vitamins?

Can i take folvite (folic acid) 5 mg after 7 hrs of taking eltroxin 100 mcg. I have high WBC 9300 will intake of folic increase my WBC count and affect hypothyroid?

Can k7 supplements in mk7 form really drive high calcium out of blood and into bones where needed? I don't take any supp but low d, high calc, eat ok.

Can liver problems cause low levels of vitamin D and vitamin b12?

Can low vitamin d cause balance issues?

Can low vitamin d cause headaches?

Can low vitamin D cause stress & aniexty?

Can multi vitamins cause Depakote blood levels to decrease or fluctuate?

Can stresstabs with zinc increase testosterone levels?

Can taking 10,000 mcg of biotin everyday cause thyroid levels to be high in one test and low in another?

Can taking too much zinc lower iron levels ?

Can valarian root lower your iron levels?

Can vit d deficiency (17.2 on a 30-normal range) cause estrogen and prog deficiency also?

Can vitamin C (ascorbic acid) and/or pyruvate supplements lower ammonia levels in the body?

Can vitamin d deficiency cause a higher hemoglobin a1c?

Can vitamin d increase testosterone, if so how much do I need to take?

Can vitamin d3 supplement help me if my vitamin d level is low (24) according to lab range? I read that supplements don't do much. Any insight?

Can vitamin K depletion cause low platelets?

Can you please explain why some vitamins have such high doses?

Can you please guide me on foods with a high vitamin d level?

Can you please tell me future consequences of having a low vitamin d level?

Can you raise ferritin levels with high iron diet alone? OR is it similar to vitamin D in that it takes supplements and months to bring up?

Can you tell me about the best herbal supplement to lower cortisol levels?

Could low vitamin d levels cause constant hunger? Blood test has <27 for 25-hydroxy vitamin d.

Could you tell me what happens if your vitamin d is very low?

Could you tell me what happens when you are low on vitamin d?

Dexpression, lathergic, low level of vitamin b12. And vitamin d deficiency, low level of energy?

Doc said my Creatinine is slightly high vitD lvl 23 starting on vitamin d Could Creatinine lvl be cause by vitD? Drink lots of water no caffeine

Does 'vitamin c' affect my thyroid levels?

Does deficiency of vitamin e, zinc, selenium, l-carnitine cause low sperm motality?

Does hypothyroid affect s vitamin d and calcium levels?

Does low vitamins d really cause breast cancer I'm scared I have low vitamin d?

Does marijuana affect iron levels ?

Does metformin lead to low levels of vitamin D3 or vitamin b over time?

Does tea and toast count as iron level intake?

Does tea lower your iron level?

Does vitamin B6 and vitamin C helps maintain progesterone levels in early pregnancy?

Does vitamin D helps testeestrone levels?

Does vitamin k increase cholesterol levels?

Fatigue affecting life for 3 months. Can a vitamin D level of 20 cause fatigue and depression? If so, can supplementing it with 2,000 IU daily help?

Folate (folic acid) 53/B12 1500/Both 1.5-2xUNL. Are these levels good for pregnancy? I know low levels link to risks of birth defects. What about high levels?

Folic acid -24.6ng/ml, is it toxic level? What are normal values? Symptoms of toxic levels? 43y, fem, on bcomplex with 1.5mg folic acid. Hvy periods.

For high homocysteine levels; is homocysteine supreme a good alternative for metanx?

Found out unknown cause folate deficiency-rX 5mg folic acid tabs,how long before replenished? When to retest? Causes ?VIT D borderline deficient too

Hello i would like to know please if a supplement containing 4000 iu vitamin d, 45 mg vitamin K and 400 mg calcium would affect creatinin levels?

Hi how can I restore my copper zinc levels to a normal balance please help ?

Hi how long does it take to restore copper levels after they have been depleted from zinc ?

Hi I have low vitamin d levels, and I am taking 10 ug dose of vitamin d3, but still I am having numbness in my toes, is there any other reason , I am preg?

Hi is zinc plasma 76 mcg/dl a normal level ?

Hi my copper level is 106mcg/dl, my zinc is 76mcg/dl and my iron is 139mcg/dl and I am experiencing hair thinning, are those normal ranges ?

Hi, my vitamin D levels are 17.9, the doctor says is very low. She recommend to take 1 vitamin d 10,000 ui daily, is this the right ui that I need?

Hi! I have a very low rate of calcium and vitamin d in my body! so i was told to take vitamind by pills but is there another way to raise that rate?

Hi.I have folate deficiancy at 2. but my feritin levels are very high. i have been given folic acid to take everyday. are the two linked?

High iron and low vitamin c?

How can I have low vitamin d when calcium & phosphate always normal & alp always low end of normal? I get lots of sun walking b/c I have no car.

How can I improve hemoglobin levels with tablets?

How can i know if i have a high level of vitamine a? And is vitamine a is directly absorbed by the body or how much it take time yo be absorbed?

How can I restore copper and iron levels if supplemental zinc lowered them ?

How can regular exercise or dance help for healthy bones and low vit D levels; which is the safest vit d supplement for 5 yo kid?

How can you raise vitamin d level really need advice?

How can you raise vitamin d levels?

How do I know how much vitamin d is needed to increase testosterone?

How does iron and vitamin d deficiency affect my body. What can I do. Besides supliments. To bring my levels up?

How fast do folate (folic acid) levels change?previous deficient, went from 12 to 8 ug/L in a month, does serum folate (folic acid) fluctuate or have any diurnal variations ?

How good is vitamin C and zinc in producing higher quality sperm?

How important is the pH for your well being and how could raise it with supplements?

How is level of vitamin d in the body lowered?

How LONG does one need to supplement with low dose 25-35mg zinc to recover from overtraining related zinc deficiency? What tests yo decide zinc level?

How long it will take my Vitamin D levels to raise from 19 to healthy level if I took 4000 Iu of Vitamin D daily? Is 4000 adequate dose to supplement?

How long will it take for an iron supplement to take effect? (For hemoglobin levels to rise)

How long would it take for one's hemogoblin level to rise from 10 to 12 and ferritin level from 6 to 30 with the use of iron supplements (90mg) daily?

How low is a vitamin d reading of 4.2?

How much vit c grams should i take per day to increase hemoglobin level with iron for sure and when should i take it?

How much vit d do I need to supplement to get from 27 to optimal range of 60?

How much vitamin d can you take in one day? Doc said I was low

How much Vitamin D I should take to raise my Vitamin D from 19 to a healthy level? How long I need to supplement?

How much vitamin d is needed to increase the level of testosterone?

How much vitamin d is needed to increase your testosterone?

How will parathyroid hormone affect vitamin d absorption?