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I got a nice tan today after staying out in the sun. I take 2,000 IU of vitamin D3 daily by supplement. Is this safe?

vitamin d deficiency for at least 3 years then got pregnant august 2013 and been breastfeeding 8 months can my osteoporosis be related to this?

. My wife took 9 inj doxytaxel+ carboplatin for treatment of breast cancer. And vitamin d level in her is only 8. Pls advice how to get perfect level?

12w5d pregnant. Probably consumed more than 10k iu of preformed vitamin a today. Is excess on one day enough to cause birth defects? I'm very worried

14 mo has had many ear infections/colds. I want to give zinc & acidophilus for prevention. Advisable? He is on iron for low level already.

15 months baby have e beta thall and needs transfusion after every 40/45 days.If she take meal with milk then the food iron will reduce or not?Adv..

17yrs old. 16/60 on vitamin d.Doc prescribed 50000 iu of vitamin d, once a week.Period is 3-4 days late.Not sexually active.Is this normal?

22f.vitamin d defficiency.9.8 ng in result.healthrisks? how to increase to be fit soon?plz help me.

24 hour copper was 1004 ug/d is this bad?

26w pregnant - doc said to get 325mg ferrous sulfate. One i found says high potency. It that ok? She also said take 2/day when dose is 1/day. Ok?

3 yo had her finger pricked at in august and was a 10, now its 8.7. She has been taking supplement. They told me to double the dose. Why so low?

300 000 iu im injection of d2 raised vitamin d levels from 8 mg/ml to 20. What oral dose of D3 would you recommend now and why? How long for?

32yrs female with hypothyroidism from 9 yrs using 100mcg eltroxine, L-Glutathione 250mg with 1000 mg vitamin C, is it safe for me?

33yrs old, 3 MCs, MTHFR A1298c homozygous. Should I take 5-methyltetrahdrofolate, how much mcg? Anything else along with this?

4 weeks pregnant and taking 3000 iu vitamin d daily, because my level was 24, now it is 32. I do believe vitd is very good for baby and me. Am i right?

43 yr male with borderline high cholesterol, daily I am taking omega3 with q10, turmeric, and b complex, can those be taken for lifelong with no toxic?

4th month of taking tb med. Is it ok if I take myra 400 and vit b complex? Tb is inactive. With sgpt bloodtst evry mo. Want to conceive on january.

5 weeks pregnant. Had been taking 4,000-5,000 IU vitamin D3 daily. I read that high doses can cause birth defects in first trimester. Should I worry?

54 year old female, interested in taking a multi, do you know anything about "ALIVE Women's 50+ High Potency" , are these good vitamins & safe?

55, eat dairy, shun sun. Borderline vitd, internist says take 50kiu daily. Walgreeens says no side effects, but I doubt that. What are risks/benefits?

62yo mom with osteoporosis has startd taking daily 500mg calcium tablets altho her Sr Cal is normal. Should she take Mg too to avoid Cal in arteries?

63 yr old female with vit D levels at 14. Osteoporosis since age 45. Told to take 400 iu daily. Dont/Cant take magnesium/calcium. Is this enough?

6w baby takes 18-24 oz of formula per day as suggested by pediatrician. Due to heat rash, not too much sun exposure. Does she need vitamin Do suppl?

6yr male w/ pica. No autisim/delays of any kind. Ferritin level 18, RBC normal, cut all dairy and taking vit w/iron. How long until relief?

7 Ms pregnant wife wants to start taking omega3. I got 1200 mg Holland&Barret EPA(648mg) DHA(432mg) in three capsules. Is it ok to take 3 caps. daily?

8 months ago my Vitamin d level was 11.2 Now the report says it is 81.3. I took 8 tablets of 60000 iu for 5 weeks.Is the report correct?

A 15 year old girl has G6pd . vitamin D level : 9.7ng/ml . Can she start taking vitamin D supplement ? And how ?

A person is havig lucoderma.So should he take injections twice a weak of vitamin B12 as it is insuffecient in his body? .He is a vegetarian.Male 21 yr

About two years ago my pcp wanted me to take a multi vit with iron in it because my trans sat was/is low (around15). Do i still need it? I hv a new dr

After 5 months of csection my periods were lasting for 11 gyn said to take(Trapic) tranaximic acid.but it only reduced but not stops.Hb is10.8?

After getting a vit D3 shot my level is 49ng/ml. To keep it at this level is taking 4000 IU caps daily adequate? I take them with lunch. Tyvm

All my life asked why i have long cycles (40)ever since taking well women vitamins and vit b12 it has bcome regular. Was it Deficiency? Sudden no pms

Although I have been taking 4000 iu/day ( up from 2000 iu), my vit d test came out 21. Five months ago it was 23. Any causes and recommendation plse.

Am 18y & a bit skinny, wana make my bones little more border so would talting calcium b helpful. The tablet am planing to take is calcium sandoz.Help?

Am i taking to many vitamins? Vit c 500mg(1mor1 night), 1 a&d(a=5000 i.U. D=400 i.U), e 200 i.U 1mor1night, 1 B6 200mg

Am i taking too much ? I take vitamin D3 2000iu and also one a day men's which has additional 700iu.Could there be any side effects?

Am taking 50k iu vit 8wks for vit d deficiency. Should i take magnesium as well to support absorption and decrease muscle pain? If so what dosage? Ty!

Anemic.Vitamin D. 28 Vitamin D2 <4. Was told to start taking 2,000 MG vitamin D. how long do I take for? Is result of 28 severely low?

Apart from vit d3, mag and ca are there any other vital supplements for a 25yo with osteoporosis? I can't exercise

Are Ergocalciferol vitamin 50000 units good for woman to take?

As prescribed the weekly dose of vitamin d via an endocrinologist, is it safe to also drink ensure once a day?

At age of 38 how many mg calcium and vit d i need daily please ? Bearing in mind that i take inalors 4 asthma regulary & sometimes have heavy periods too

B12 every2 mths hydrox NeuroSymptoms return early.Mother cannot absorb B12 in stomach Chewing Methylcobalamin better than sublingualat at what dose?

Baby takes an average of 27 oz of formula; she's 8 months. I currently have low levels of vit D but believe wasn't deficient while pregnant. Risks?

Bariatric surgery, i had the sleeve surgery. I saw a brand called spring valley calcium soft chews with vitamin d3, is that ok to take?

Been prescription adcal 400iu D3 to take twice daily for vitamin d insufficiency, my levels were 32 nmol/l (in uk) is this too little? I have osteoporosis

Blood test showed vitamin d deficiency. Why'd dr prescribe 1 pill (50, 000 iu) per week? A smaller dose 7 days a week would be much easier to remember!

Blood work says vitamin d levels are (44nmol/L)... 17.6ng/ml. Take 2000iu vitamin d3 daily. Insight? Recommendations? Live in cold climate/lack of sun

Bloodwork showed vit d level 9. Dr prescribed 50,000iu ergocalciferol once wk and 2,000 d3 daily. Is this too much? I've only heard of using d3.

Can 10000 of vitamin d give you better erections?

Can excess vitamin d or c cause itchiness? A few days ago I went from taking 1,000 iu D to 2,000 iu D. I also upped my vitamin c to 2,500mg per day.

Can i continue taking my vitamin b12, vitamin C and d when taking the triple therapy antibiotic treatmen?

Can I do cardio n gymming as I have vitamin d deficiency and pcos ?

Can i give my 4 yr old and 15 mo old herbal suppliments to help avoid the colds the 4 yr old brings home from preschool? Echinacea, vit c, and muliti vitamin? Or can you suggest some?

Can I take 150 mg of vitamin C and 28 mg of iron daily while trying to conceive?is there any side effect ?

Can I take a multivitamin with 400 iu vit d every day while on treatment for vit d deficiency(18.5). The treatment is taking 60k iu/week for 2 months?

Can I take CoQ10 100mg with dinner every day for preventive measures with omega 3 and multi vitamin 32y/o smoker (trying to quit)...

Can I take Fish Oil (1200MG/600MG Omega-3 + Vitamin D-3 2000 IU)W/Biotin (3000 MCG), Vitamin E(400 IU)and a Multi (1000 IU V-d) Together? I'm anemic.

Can i take folate, (folic acid) B6 and B12 at the same time together or seperate and can I take them while on warfarin i had a pe thats reason on it, im mthfr?

Can I take iron and b12 plus my prenatal vitamin .I had gastric bypass in 1996 . Im 32 now. Feeling 75 precent weaker?

Can I take jarrows formula fem dophilus with vitafusion womens gummy vitamins? I'm trying to use my own remedies to heal my bv.

Can i take vitamin 5000 ui for depression?

Can I take vitamin B12 supplements with double-dose PPIs for reflux? Worried about the Vit B12 deficiency that might be caused with long-term PPI use.

Can i take vitamin B12 while on warfine? Does milk and caffine effect INR level?

Can i take vitamin d 2, 000 iu vitamin B12 100 mcg and folate everyday? Doc told me i was defficiant in all 3. I'm also on toprol (metoprolol) and Synthroid

Can I take vitamin E after a vitrectomy? I'm one week postop. I have a eye supplement that has 400iu in it at 1667% DV im concerned about re-bleeding.

Can i take vitamin k2 for osteoporosis while using aspirin 100? And how much mcg of k2 would be appropriate while looking at aspirin dosage?

Can I use Spring Valley Iron 27mg capsule a day, when trying to concieve???I found that I have less blood.

Can patient of liver chirrosis and hypothyroidism plus diabetic with vitamin d deffecency take more than 800iu of vitamin d3?

Can taking 10, 000 iu of vit D3 for a few months reset my sleep-cycle if I have delayed sleep phase syndrome?

Can taking 5, 000iu daily of vitamin D3 then stopping one day out of no where cause irregular heartbeat?

Can taking high dose of Vitamin C cause more hemmoroidal itching?

Can taking high doses of vitamin d3, 5000 iu's daily for two years straight cause me to have multiple tiny kidney stones in both kidneys?

Can taking super b complex and drinking redbull be reason my serum b12 was greater then 2000 drank 2 and took 1 tab a day in 3 days before test. thx?

Can taking vitamin E cause retinal hemorrhage after vitrectomy (1weekpostop)? The eye vitamin that I want to take has 400 iu and a DV 1667% 2 caps/day

Can u take Advil while on vitacirc-b 2xdy and vitamin d 50k iu 1x wk therapy?

Can vitamin b12 with b complex and vitamin d3 and omega 3 supplements make acid reflux worse if somebody is already experiencing acid reflux.

Can vitamin d 2000 cause neaseous? Having neasua for 3 weeks now. Starter vitamin d 3000 on feb 6th 2014. Nature brand

Can vitamins with biotin affect thyroid test? I take vitamins with biotin and lab shows T4 1.9 TSH .07. I feel fine but anxiety waiting to see endo.

Can you take nadolol 10mg once daily with a b complex vitamin and a d2 2000iu supplement. Just making sure?

Can you tell me is it ok to take a prescribe v d 50, 000 iu with a 1 a day supplerment?

Can zinc cause heart irregularities? My hubby has been taking a lot of zinc cough drops, vitamins and cold medicine all together.

Corrected calcium 8.52 (phosphate normal, vitamin D 34). PTH 65.2pg/ml. Is this something to worry about? 3mnths back Ca normal. Ppi change to nexum

Could 5000 mcg of biotin be helpful or harmful during pregnancy?

Could taking chromium picolinate and B12 together in the early morning or in the afternoon make a difference?

Day 3: MSM 1000mg for torn ankle ligament on own. Doc said surgery. Take fish oil 2000mg, vit C 500mg. Now period longer. 8d, normal 5d. MSM related?

DHA and ARA are necessary to newborn? If it's not taken what will happend?

Diabetic india docs giving 60, 000 i.U of vit D3 once in a month.Ok to take?Or 2000 i u/day is better.

Did I get too much vit D? I took 1200 iu of vit D today since the vit D council says need more. But then I went outside for 20-30 min around 4. Ok?

Do hypothyroidism&vit d deficiency put me at risk for anything else or anything more serious?I'm on meds for both(vit d 50,000 IU weekly&synthroid.)

Do Plan B is okey with a lupus patient like me? I'm taking prednisone,hcqs, endoxan,vitE,fishOIL,calcium,iron can it affect fertility?

Do you expect a 70 yrs man with severe depression for 1 yr and lost 10 kg to have folic/folate deficiency? How much? Do xanax, (alprazolam) zyprexa, reduce folic?

Doc prescribed me 50, 000ui vit d because its so low once a week can their be aide effects since im getting so much vit d at once?

Doc told me to take 25 iu vitamin d daily. Can find 25 micrograms but not 25 iu. Does such a low dose exist? I did query it but not helpful. Confused!

Doctor gave me vit d shot eventho the lab result was 1yr old. What if my vit is now normal will i get overdose? I need 2 more shots 1 per month.

Does anyone know if it's safe to take Forteo with normal PTH levels?

Does being a recreational endurance athlete have an impact on the dose of cyanocobalamin I should take monthly (have b12 deficiency).

Does Nature Made D3 5000 IU dietary supplements have any affect on birth control (Junel fe 1/20)?

Does synthetic vit c intake harmful for pregnant women? If not, how much is the safest max intake?

Does taking daily vitD supp is better than weekly??(same quantity in total) Cz told me that daily is better cz more vit gets in my body! Is it true?