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12 year old ate 22 adult vitamin c gummies.ShOuld we be concerned?

20yo & pcos and want to make sure i'm not taking to much vitamins. One a day women's, prenatal, c & e, folic acid, b complex, chromium picolinate?

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Are there any negative effects of taking IV (Glutathione, Vitamin C and Placenta)? Thanks.

Besides vitamin C what other vitamin is required for the synthesis of collagen?

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Can I found vit C w/o bioflavoniods here in Philippines ? What brands ? Thanks

Can I have high vitamin C therapy? I have elevated enzymes... Can vitamin C hurt the livers?

Can I take the followings/d Hpv and low grade vitamin A 8000 iu vitamin b13 1000ug vitamin c 1500 mg vitamin D 25 ug vitamin e 400 iu folic acid 800ug?

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Can i use vitamin C with rosehip for natural abortion??

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Can too much vitamin C intake lead to a miscarriage?

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