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I live with my mom and only have one shower. She has shingles and I've never had chicken pox, can I catch it from her by sharing the same shower?

I m 20 years old. I never got chicken pox as a kid. I had taken a vaccine against it some years ago. Do i need to take another one?

I need a straight answer. What is chickenpox?

I need to speak to a doctor how about if I have chicken pox or not i need verification instead of symptom lists. ?

I recently had shingles, should I be worried about measles, age:62?

I think i gave my grandma shingles. What can I do to help?

I took the second vaccine of the chicken pox. How many months do i have to wait to try for pregnancy?

I turned 50 this year, and am wondering if I should get a shingles shot. I had chicken pox bad as a kid, and w/ all my health prob, just wondering?

I walked by a coughing toddler with her mom saying "I hope she didn't get chicken pox." If this toddler had been exposed, should I get vaccinated?

I was in contact with a child with chicken pox today, is it effective for me to get the vaccine now to prevent me from getting chicken pox?

I was just diagnosed with shingles. Should my dad, who is 53 years old and never had chicken pox, get a vaccination?

I was told today there is a child in my 2 yrs old daycare group whose brother has chicken pox. How likely it is for my toddler to get chicken pox?

I was wondering what are the signs and symptoms of chicken pox?

I work in q creache and there is 3 cases of chicken pox. Im 14 weeks pregnant and I've had chicken pox before. Am i safe to work?

I'm 58, do I really need to get the chicken pox vaccine if i'm just below positive in immunity?

I'm helping sick children with flu and chicken pox. What should I do?

I'm just wondering, if you develop natural immunity to chicken pox can you still catch shingles?

I'm just wondering, if you have had the mumps as a child can you still get chicken pox as a teenager?

I'm on steroids for chronic health conditions. If my toddler gets a live vaccine such as chick pox, am i risk of some kind when i get near him?

I'm planning pregnancy & GP has asked to get chicken pox vaccination.Im just wondering can i have it again as i am not sure i had it when i was a kid.

I'm wondering how much time does it take to cure measles and chicken pox?

I'm wondering why are adults more likely to get pneumonia from chicken pox (varicella pneumonia) than children are?

I'm wondering why are chicken pox dangerous as an adult?

I'm worried because my nephew has chicken pox is it possible for me to get it, what do you suggest?

I've got shingles, but i never had chicken pox as a child. This sounds weird... Am i a unique case?

I've never had chicken pox, wanting to get the chicken pox vaccination. What are the risks? Deadly? How do I know if i'm allergic to gelatin?

I've never had the chickenpox (proven through bloodwork last week) so they gave me the vaccine. Can i get shingles still? Or the chickenpox?

If a child has chicken pox, can she still fly on an airliner?

If a retiree did not have chicken pox in childhood, is there any reason to get the shingles vaccine? Saw drug company ad about it.

If i already had shingle , do I need vaccine for it?

If I get the chicken pox vaccine at 58 yrs old what are the chances i'll develop shingles?

If I had the chickenpox when I was little will I get the shingles when I am older?

If I have an auto immune disease should I be concerned if exposed to chicken pox?

If I have had shingles as a child, can I get it again?

If i've had chicken pox as a child but i'm exposed to the active virus can I spread it to other people?

If my 4 month old has chicken pox is it also likely my 6 year-old will still them too even if he has already been vaccinated?

If my baby gets the live chicken pox vaccine, does that mean i could catch it from him? I've had them twice; appear to have no immunity to them.

If my daughter is suffering from chickenpox, can I be infected?

If one of my students contracted chicken pox, should I be concerned i've never been vaccinated?

If she was exposed to chicken pox but didn't get it, can it still harm the baby ?

If shingles is caused by chicken pox virus,why do they say let your kid get chicken pox or get the vaccine? Wouldnt that increase your risk of shingle

If someone immune whose kids have chicken pox comes in contact with a little girl who hasn't had them yet, pass on the pox to the girl?

If the kids have chicken pox can I give them advil (ibuprofen)?

If titer for varicella is high, does that give immunity to shingles? Means no shingles shot necessary? Thanks

If u had chicken pox in the past, can u get the chickpox vaccine to avoid recurrence? Also, can u get shingles vacine b4 age 50 if u had chickpox b4?

If you are in contact with a child with chicken pox, but you are immune, will you carry the virus and pass it on to another child?

If you get chicken pox twice, will that affect your ability for conceiving a child in the future?

If you just got a shingles vaccine, can you somehow "give" a non-immune child the chicken pox?

If you previously had chicken pox will this reduce the risk of reye syndrome?

If you've already had chickenpox what can you catch from it?

Im 24 weeks pregnant and been told im immune for rubella just want to know does that cover me for chicken pox? As my daughter has just come down wth i

Im 26, ive never recieved a varicella vaccine, or had chicken pox. Can i still get chicken pox vaccine or is it rare for adults.

Im 27 and was diagnosed with chicken pox but i think it's shingles since it's only on one side of my body. Which could it be?

Is chickenpox vaccination effective if I already had it ?

Is chickenpox vaccination effective if I am already infected ?

Is having chicken pox as an adult truly more dangerous than getting chicken pox as a child?

Is it a possible to get chicken pox, again?

Is it common for a 8 month old baby to get chicken pox?

Is it dangerous to be around someone with chicken pox when I am pregnant?

Is it guaranteed that a person who's taken the varicella vaccine won't contract chicken pox?

Is it normal to get chickenpox twice? Is it common for this to happen?

Is it okay to give my 18 month old pediasure, since she hasn't been eating due to chicken pox?

Is it possible for a vaccinated child to be carrying chicken pox and give it to an unvaccinated person?

Is it possible for people with eczema to survive the small pox vaccine?

Is it possible for someone with opthamalic shingles transfer chicken pox to a vaccinated child?

Is it possible I can get the chicken pox if I got vaccinated about 15 years ago?

Is it possible my chickenpox vaccine may have failed me?

Is it possible that i catch the chickenpox from my daughter's vaccination?

Is it possible that I never developed immunity to chicken pox even though I caught it in pre-school?

Is it possible to contract the bird flu from chicken eggs?

Is it possible to get chicken pox if I've never had them but have been vaccinated?

Is it possible to get chicken pox or measles during pregnancy?

Is it possible to get shingles if you have not had chickenpox but have been vaccinated against it?

Is it possible to pass the chicken pox to others?

Is it possible to spread the disease (chicken pox)? Im done with it 22 days ago

Is it possible to survive without scarring after having chickenpox?

Is it safe for my 4 year old daughter to go swimming right after receiving the varicella (chicken pox) vaccine?

Is it safe to get a vaccine for chicken pox?

Is it still possible to get chicken pox after the vaccine?

Is it true that if my 3 year old daughter has already had scarlet fever she wont get chicken pox?

Is it unusual to become sterile from chicken pox?

Is there a test to determine if someone has had chicken pox as a child?

Is there any chances of defects in ovum in the case of getting pregnant one month after I had chicken pox?

Is there really no issue to be around newborns after getting the chicken pox vaccination?

It is possible that a 17 year old get the chicken pox?

It is possible that a 19 month old get chicken pox?

It possible for me to get chicken pox again if i had them as a child?

Just curious. 40 Years old, had chicken pox as a child, why do I have to wait until I'm 50 to have the shingles vaccine? Why can't I have it now?

Might having chicken pox change HIV results?

Might it be possible that a a parent of an infant who has chicken pox spread the virus?

Might it be possible that a parent get chicken pox from their child?

Might someone have malaria at the same time as chicken pots?

Mouth blusters- my children, although vaccinated have recently has chicken pox. Vet mild, only a few lesions each ( 2-4 in ilder kids and about 30 in ?

My (almost) 5 year old son had the chickenpox vaccine when he was 1. Is one dose enough? Is he at risk when near a person with shingles?

My 1 year old developed a mild case of chicken pox from his varicella vaccination. What should I use for the itching?

My 13mnth old has NOT had her 12mnth vaccines yet and was exposed to chicken pocs.. Should I be concerned?

My 14 month old baby was diagnosed with chicken pox but after three days it's still only pimply?

My 2 year old drank after me. I have shingles. We also have a 32 weeker in NICU. Worried toddler will get chicken pox and we will spread it to preemie?

My 2yo recieved chicken pox vaccine yesterday. I am pregnant and not sure if im inmune (waiting results). Can it be contagious to be around him?

My 4 year old daughter has both the flu and chicken pox. Any home remedies to help these illnesses?