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12 wks pregnant, coworker has shingles. Been around her a lot lately. I had chicken pox when I was younger. do I need to get a vaccine or something?

12 yr old Dx'd w/ Shingles in one ear. He's been vaccinated for ch.pox & has never had the ch.pox. Thought you had to have had ch.pox to get shingles?

13 weeks pregnant and my 3 year old son is down with chicken pox. My mom said I had it when I was small. How to be sure? Other measures? Worried sick.

14month old exposed to chickenpox at creche.No chickenpox vaccine.Is this dangerous?No sign of being sick yet.What symptoms should I watch out for?

27wks pregnant & my nephew have chicken pox. I had chicken pox when I was 3. I am just worried that it would harm my baby if a member has chicken pox?

31wks5days preg.Have not had chickenpox and have not been vaccinated.May have been exposed.What should I do &if I do get cpx will my baby be affected?

33 yr old female, never have had chicken pox. Should I take the shot that is given? Will I get chicken pox or will help prevent it?

4 y/o babysitter has shingles on face. He's only had one dose of chicken pox vaccine. Is he protected?

A person who was vaccinated against chicken pocks got them. I was near them and I have been vaccinated. Got my booster 3 years ago. Am i ok? Help!

A test showed I am immune to the chicken pox virus. How can that be if I never had it?

Advice? When chicken pox start to form how long should the child be quarantined?

After getting the shingles vaccine, my doctor said to stay away from my pregnant daughter and my grandchildren. Can you tell me why?

After having the chicken pox virus, will getting the vaccine harm me in any way?

After how many days after getting infected by virus of herpes zoster or chicken pox can a man fall ill?

After playing with a kid with chicken pox, how long do you have before you show a rash?

After the first day of having fever with chickenpox, when will it go down? Its my 5th day of being sick now, 3th day having pox

Am i contagious to small children from a new shingles vaccine shot?

Are adults more likely or less likely to develop shingles if, every few years, they come into contact with children who have chicken pox?

Are children able to get immunity from chicken pox vaccine if they were given immunoglobulin at age 2 years?

Are shingles contagious. I have small children.

Are shingles in adults harmful to 12 week babu?

Are there any downsides to getting a shingles inoculation? I'm 50 years old, had chickenpox as a child, I'm healthy.

Are there any precautions or restrictions associated with the chicken pox vaccine?

As a baby i was vacinated for infectious diseases including shingles how ever i did have chicken pox. Any chance i'm not immune for shingles?

By what mechanism could I have lost my chicken pox immunity?

Can a 6 month old baby catch chicken pox if exsposed to someone with shingles? My grandmother has shingles and watches my baby

Can a baby get chickenpox if you have shingles and you kissed them in the cheeck ?

Can a baby really get shingles? What's the youngest age you've heard about?

Can a child get chicken pox even though they have had the varicella vaccine?

Can a child get chicken pox from touching the scabs of a playmate who has it?

Can a child still get chicken pox even though he got all his shots?

Can a history of chickenpox mean immunity to it?

Can a male still have a baby if he's had chicken pox?

Can a middle-aged person get chicken pox?

Can a small child of 3 get shingles?

Can a vaccinated child catch chicken pox from a relative's ophthalmic shingles?

Can adults catch chicken pox just like kids can?

Can any docs elaborate if you have eczema why is it important to stay away from the small pox vaccine?

Can anything bad happen from the vaccinations for measles or chicken pox?

Can chicken pox affect your period?

Can chicken pox scar a child's developing teeth?

Can children get chickenpox from some one with the shingles even if they had the shots?

Can children get immunity from chicken pox if they were given immunoglobulin when they were 2 or so?

Can children get immunity from chicken pox if they were given immunoglobulin when they were little?

Can cholinergic utricaria come because of chicken pox? Because after 2 weeks of CP am getting symptoms of CU

Can I catch pox/measles if I receive a letter from someone who was infected with one of these illnesses?

Can I get chicken pox as pregnancy symptom?

Can I get chicken pox from a child who just recovered from it a few days ago?

Can I get chickenpox twice?

Can i make love to my wife during chicken pox?

Can i masturbate while affected by chicken pox?

Can I still get the varicella vaccine if I am allergic to eggs?

Can i take my baby who has the chicken pox out and about?

Can my 14 month old get shingles from his dad? I don't think my son has had the chicken pox vaccine.

Can my sister give my 9 week old chicken pox? Was living with nephew who just broke out. She has had it and shingles, moving in tonight.

Can someone become a carrier of the chicken pox virus? I have shingles and my friend wants to come visit. She had chicken pox when she was little, however her little brother at home has not. Her mom said if she comes into contact with me she will be a car

Can you catch chicken pox from someone who recently received vaccine? Specifically if you are pregnant or newborn

Can you get bird flu from chicken eggs?

Can you get chicken pox after getting the shot?

Can you get chicken pox again if you had a mild case?

Can you get chicken pox as a child and then again as an adult?

Can you get chicken pox from someone if you had it already ?

Can you get chicken pox if been vacenated already? If so what are signs of chicken pox? How to know it's not just rash? On methotrexate for jra

Can you get chicken pox if your using nasonex for nearly 3 weeks I've already had it as a child but worried as it says it lowers immune system?

Can you get chicken pox more than once in your life?

Can you get chickenpox more than once? If so, how?

Can you get chickenpox twice?

Can you get Coxsackie again if you had it as a child? Or is it a once and done like chicken pox?

Can you get shingles from a child with chicken pox? A cousin is supposed to come to a family gathering tomorrow and he has chicken pox

Can you get shingles if you had the chicken pox shot recently the past year?

Can you get shingles if you have had chickenpox . My 23 daughter has just been diagnosed with them?

Can you give chicken pox to a pregnant mother who hasn't had it but had the vaccine? I've got the shingles.

Can you please explain why poeple say that milk is not advisable while chicken pox ?

Can you tell me how high are my chances of developing chickenpox from someone with shingles?

Can you tell me if babies could be born with the chicken pox?

Can you tell me if I have just been exposed to the chicken pox, can I get a vaccine now to prevent breaking out in the rashes?

Can you tell me if you get chicken pox twice, are your chances of getting shingles higher?

Can your child get the chicken pox after their vaccination by being exposed to another child with them?

Can your child still get the chicken pox after a vaccination, by being exposed to another child with chicken pox?

Chicken pox can be a symptom of pregnancy?

Chicken pox effects during sixth month of pregnancy.Does it effects baby?

Chicken pox from 3 weeks pregnancy,is there any risk for baby?

Chickenpox: is vaccination effective if I am already infected ?

Could a person who has had chicken pox in the past get it again by living with a person who has chicken pox?

Could babies be born with the chicken pox?

Could i easily get shingles or chicken pox while pregnant?

Could i still get chicken pox if the possibly infected person doesn't sneeze or cough?

Could somebody be sterile from having the chicken pox as an adult?

Could use your help docs! my coworker has shingles. I've had chicken pox already but can I pass it onto my 9 month old baby?

Daughter had mmr on 10/20 & chickenpox vac on 10/26 now getting chickenpox again on 1/26 is that safe?

Diagnosed shingles on 13th at home aged 1 year n 3 years. My son isn't immunized for chicken pox.Can patient cook food n hold kid?

Do children experience side effects from the chicken pox vaccine?

Do doctors see a lot of patients with chicken pox anymore?

Do doctors think it's guarenteed that a person taken the varicella vaccine wont get chicken pox?

Do kids with allergies and eczema rashes have anything extra to worry about when getting childhood vaccinations?

Do people get get the shingles if they have had chicken pox twice?

Do they use the cell line of an aborted fetux to make chicken pox vaccine?

Do you think I should get chicken pox vaccine asap even though someone in my house just got it 3 days ago?

Do you think that i could get measles if I have already had chickenpox?

Does a history of chickenpox mean immunity?