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19 weeks pregnant stomach & chest tightenings wart like growth entrance to vagina but not wart surrounded by 5 - 6 little ones help please?

26, two csection kids, 1 sexual partner ever. I have a large lump at the entrance of my vagina that bulges out slightly. What is it? Should i worry?

3wks ago, partner fingers my anus and not sure if they inserted same finger in vagina, occasionally my urethra has had pains since, is it infection?

A 16x14x3cm fibroid is the size of what in food? Another question what color is the skin on the vagina opening the skin between the rectum and vagina?

A mass or something in vagina opening with bumps on it ?

A thick bumpy/lumpy tissue with a tiny opening in its center at vaginal opening. Is this normal?! (virgin. Can insert tampons. Regular periods.)

After 4th baby 3rd degree tear was repaired. Now 2 yrs later, looks like my cervix really low to vaginal opening when I bare down. Is it prolapse?

After 50 days of delivery I have still pain in my vagina and i can see one small piece of meat is hinging in my vagina what should I do for it ?

After a recent colposcopy I have been told I have a bulge the virginal wall leading to my cervix which is pointing to my left hip?

After having having sex i can see little tissue coming out as well it not big. Where is the tissue coming from? Cervix or from vagina wall?

After sex i had a thick piece of flesh attached to something sticking out of my vaginal entrance and I have an IUD put in what do I do?

Around my vaginal opening there is pink sponge like lining circling the hole. Is this my hymen? Inside my vagina it feels like a barrier. What's that

Been to emergency room 4 times over the past year for atrophic vaginitis. Now, noticed pea size mass at seven o'clock on entrance to vagina.

Bug bite or cyst on outside wall of vaginal opening. Should i be worried?

Bulges in vagina. how can I tell if it is a prolapse or just normal tissue? I can kegel this tissue up but it comes right back down to opening.

Can a large speculum permanently stretch out your vagina?

Can a lump on top of the vaginal vault be seen in a pelvic exam? I have a lump that may be obscured by my cervix!

Can a normal sized vibrator perforate your vaginal wall? How do you know if this has happened?

Can a prolapse bladder make you sore in the vagina and like you have a bulge?

Can a prolapse in the vagina cause abnormal bleeding, red irritation and a protrusion outside the vagina?

Can a tampon cause a lump to form on the front of the vaginal wall?

Can a uterine cavity hematoma post vag hyst be dispersed with u/s or laser therapy or sucked out safely? Sitting on top of vag vault. Very painful

Can doctors get a clear view of the posterior fornix wall of the vagina behind the cervix, or have to use laporoscopy or smth similar?

Can I use a tampon with a cyst that is located on my vaginal wall? My doctor says its pretty small and sex isn't painful. Help!

Can part of your hymen remain attached to the vaginal wall? If so why would it bleed during intercourse and can it be removed?

Can something cause the wall of your vagina to swell?

Can swelling be permanent of the vagina and vaginal opening? I'm worried it will never subside!

Can the vaginal canal push into the rectum causing blockage? I don't mean the rectum pushing into the vagina.

Can u describe to me where exactly are the mucous epithelial membanes of the uterus in the vaginal area?

Can US tell if the mass at the opening of vagina is Bartholin's cyst or would it be too close to the opening?

Can wiping your vagina from front to back cause you to have vagina irritation ? If so can it be from the urine on your tissue ?

Can you tell me how I could be trans inclusive in my paper about a vagina condition?

Cervix ectropion caused by a large penis. What are the treatments?

Cervix is mushy and soft and vagina is tight?

Could a laceration to the vagina of a 13 year old cause labial adhesion?

Could I have a tear. It's very painful around the entrance of the hole area when having sex?

Cut in my vaginal opening. Causes and solutions ?

Cyst in the uretha wall near the opening, when i squeeze it blood come out..

Cyst on vaginal area - gynecologist scraped and packed it. What do I do now?

Delivered in june 2012, had 3rd degree tear. For the last 2 months I have a feces odor from vaginal. The wall between vag&rectum are paper thin. Help

Do cysts on vaginal walls and pelvic areas near vagina lead to any serious disease?

Do I need to be worried if I have a polyp near the opening of my vagina?

Do tampons make your vaginal area bigger?

Doctor want to remove a growth on my vagina. He called it partial vagina wall removal Is this actually removing my wall. Will sex feeling be the sAme?

Doctor, i looked at my vagina in the mirror and can only fit the tip of my finger up and there is a pink thick ball blocking my vagina hole?

Does a partial vaginectomy to remove small growth means that the doctor is taking a piece of the vagina wall. Will vagina still be tight as before?

Does a urethral diverticulum stay "ballooned" out all the time? I think I have one at top of vaginal opening, but it stays the same size.

Does having an episiotomy equal a more open vagina?

Does having sex repetitively with a man who has a large penis expand the vaginal walls too much?

Does the bulge of prolapse look like a balloon or like rolls of tissue at vaginal opening?

Don't you run the risk of infection pushing up intestine when u have a rectocele in vagina? Ob dr says no surgery. I can pull it out with fingers!

During laproscopic ovarian cystectomy, is anything associated with the vagina? Have really irritated outside skin around vagina and thighs, not yeast

Gave birth 3y ago. Incontinent,have 2 push on vagina wall 2 open bowels, constant pelvic downward pressure, bulging tissue in vagina opening.Prolapse?

Hello doctor before 5 months i inserted an object into my anus and i was bleeding for 3 days, how can I know that I have not pierced the rectal wall ?

Hello there tightness and redness at the perineum plus my anus is too close to vagina and i think I have a tear at the end of it please help me?

Hello, i don't know what this lumpy tissue is right inside the vaginal opening. Its been there about a week now and its tender when applying pressure.

Help? Does yeast infecions cause vaginal area to rip easy? Small cut below vaginal opening

Hi i have a large lump on the anterior part of my vaginal wall. It sometimes itches and is painful during sex. It has been there for about a week...

Hi I just finished my menstrual 2 days ago now I'm very itchy in my minora labia where the opening wall is no discharge occurring what can cause it?

How big is the urethral opening for women?

How can I tell if my tampon caused a laceration on the inside wall of my vagina?

How can you tell if entry has been fored im anus ?

How can you tell if you have an inflamed cervix or uterus or swelling inside that area?

How dangerous is it that a surgical sponge was accidently left in my vagina during a cervix biopsy?

How deep is the vagina from the opening to the cervix opening? Just the average.

How do I know if my hymen is broke? How can I tell? I have these small bumps around my vaginal opening. What does that mean? I'm 17

How do you know if your hymen or vaginal hole is too small for sex and has to be surgically opened etc?

How to expand vagina hole for intercourse?

How to locate g-spot in vagina?

I am a virgin. I have noticed a pink fleshy ball at the entrance to my vagina. It moves up when I kegel. It looks too thick to be my hymen?

I believe I have a tear in my vagina. There is a piece of skin that hangs down from the opening of my vagina. Its been there for a while, what do I do?

I can't seem to get a tampon in, my vaginal opening seems too small. Is this normal?

I feel a bump on my posterior fornix in my vagina. Will a doctor be able to see my fornix even if the cervix Is in the way during a normal pelvic exam?

I found something in my vagina hole that is blocking it?

I get this cramp in my vulva. Its not vaginal, or in my uterine area. Its more inside my vulva, the space between my clitoris and my urethra.

I had posterior repair treatment 2 m ago. Tissue ripped after intercourse. Applying bepanthen for some time. I have liquid coming from vagina. Why?

I had sex last night and i notice light bleeding and i check my vagina and i can see red bruise in the opening and on vagina wall.Do i need treatment?

I have 2 small irritated spots one on each side of my vaginal opening i believe that are caused by intercourse and they will not heal any suggestions ?

I have 4-5 holes above my vaginal opening, they are not below like the hymen, and these don't led into anything?

I have a bloodless meaty tissue coming out of my vagina what could it be?

I have a bulge protruding in my vagina when I cough and gets very sore and uncomfortable. Could this be a prolapsed womb. I had a repair 25 yrs ago?

I have a fleshy bulge in my vagina. Is that normal?

I have a growth that is attached to the inside of my urethra and it sticks out the urethral opening about a mm.

I have a hanging piece of skin on my vaginal opening. What is it?

I have a lump in my vagina and pain in the posterior vagina near opening I have seen 3 docs and 2 residents and they have no idea what it is. Advice?

I have a lump just above my vaginal opening it doesn't hurt or irritate me. not sure if this is normal, what should I do ?

I have a lump on the inside of my vagina and I am unsure how it occurred. I think I have a prolapsed uterus. What should I do?

I have a lump/swelling inside my vagina directly below my urethra? It blocks entire vaginal opening its so swollen, and its painful.

I have a pinkish fleshy ball by the opening of my vagina. Is it normal?

I have a skin colored bump sticking out from the top of my vaginal opening. Literally between the urethral opening and the entrance of my vagina. ?

I have a small lump on the flap of skin under my urethra, at the top of my vaginal opening, what could this be?

I have a small painless bump near urethral opening no discharge, no smell, no discomfort at all. Could it be from sweat or irritated from masturbation?

I have a small pointy growth in my vagina opening what could it be?

I have a subincision. If my urethra opening doesn't penetrate and a condom doesn't cover my opening am I still at risk during sex?

I have a tear just below my urethral opening and is painful and still slightly bleeding from last night what should I do about this problem?

I have a tiny cut on the opening of my vagina from lack of lubrication and dryness. How can it heal? Will it go away? Is a tiny small tear.

I have a tiny tear on my left inner labia at the vaginal opening. It stings when I urinate. What can I use to heal it?

I have a vaginl entrance and slightly above that a smaller opening but I can't really put anything in it without it hurting slightly. I'm a virgin to.

I have a very prolapsed bladder. Today, after no intercourse, I had a tiny blood at my vaginal opening, not in my urine. Is this serious. ?

I have an extra hole in between my vaginal opening and my pee hole in scared please help.(I've never had sex)?