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I have quite thick whiteish vaginal discharge that smells like onion what causes this?

Normal period last month then 2 days later foul smelling clear liquid would pour from my vagina. Happened again this month. What is wrong with me?

'having vaginal white discharge with sulfur smell that''s causing itchiness. What does this sound like?'

14weeks pregnant and a clear sweet smell liquid discharge?

22 weeks pregnant - had white foamy vaginal discharge today. No smell. What is it?

25f, virgin, light yellow vaginal discharge. Vagina smells fishy especially when I wash with bar soap. What can this be? :(

30 weeks pregnant an am getting really smelly discharge. It is yellow. I know it not thrush. The smell is horrible. Is this normal?

36 weeks preg Watery discharge went to L&D thinking my water was leaking they said I have BV but I don't have odor or gray discharge. Normal?

37 weeks pregnant, have cottage cheese like discharge. No smell really, no other symptoms. This discharge isn't constant, some days none at all??

4 days delayed and something comes out from her vagina white and thicky,smells she pregnant?

After every menstrual period I get a yeast infection , why is that ? It's like a cottage cheese discharge with a light to strong smell sometimes

After sex it really burns to pee like it does a bladder infection and i have yellowish colored discharge that has no smell but my OBGYN said I have no?

Alot of d/c creamy yellow/yellowish greenish & sometimes clearwhite or with sour smell & very little bak & stomach cramp dries white

Am having discharge from my vagina which are coloulless and non foul smelling, they sometimes wet ny pants are they normal?

Am having leukorrhea symptoms are liquid or gell like vaginal discharge which produce smell & sometimes it is cheese type discharge of greenish color?

Bad itching around vagina. Small amount of whitish-yellow discharge. No cottage cheese texture. No odor. Obgyn closed on weekends, please help!

Bad smell from private part and yellow discharge?

Been having a lot of very light yellow discharge that is very wet. Sometimes it smells fishy and other times it smells like urine or ammonia. Why??

Before I get my period I discharged a yellow greenish lumpish stuff from my vagina, it had a sour smell to it, no itching or burning, what is it?

Brown vaginal discharge with bread like smell. Help?

Can I make my vaginal odor and dicharge better?

Can vaginal discharge with a foul oder hurt my baby ?

Can you tell me is it healthy for my vaginal discharge to smell like cheese?

Causes of metallic smelling discharge? Discharge looks normal, no pain, no irritation, no itch, etc. Smell is not strong. Period ended 1 wk ago.

Clear discharge is coming from my vagina everyday and it smells like must or musty smell but not real but...But why is this?

Clear slight smell vaginal discharge, what do you advise?

Clear, watery, vaginal discharge 3 days before period. No color but just like water & not foul but strange/strong smell. Already ovulated what's wrong?

Constant and excessive watery vaginal discharge. Have to wear sanitary pad every day. No smell to discharge but it just drips out of me all day. Help!

Cottage cheese smelly comes out of nipple?

Could vaginal disharge during pregnancy smell like semen?

Did a home enema today, Now I have very watery liquid discharge from bellybutton that has feces odor?! Very freaked out, Not the usual discharge smell

Discharge smells like bleach? What is it doc?

Discharge smells like cottage cheese & i can smell it even while sitting.Feels like my period is on & looks yellowish but isn't thick. What's this?

Discharge that comes out when I pee, it's white and lotion like and might be yellow but I think that's due to the color of my pee, no itch or odor?

Do trich or bv cause thick yellow lotion like discharge with fishy odor sometimes brown or bloody & lower stomach feel like i been excersing?

Do you know any home remedies for bv? I think that's what i have. My symptoms include whitish sticky vaginal discharge and a strong fishy smell there

Dry clumpy discharge that looks almost like rolled up peices of toiletpapr and a really foul smell that leaves underwear like smelling like urine?

Dry white clumpy discharge with no itching, smell not very strong, i used betadine douch before which got rid of sharp sour smell but not the discharg?

Egg white like discharge, itching and a salmon like smell. Constant discharge.What could it be?

Ever since I was little I've had a lot of vaginal discharge. Never a smell just always a lot of it, my underwear is always filled with it. Why?

Every month there's comes a week that my vagina have a fishy odor and cottage cheese like yeast. It always comes and fade away every month. ?

Everytime I go to the bathroom I notice a white creamy discharge with no smell.

Fishy shrimp, strong odor from my vagina. Also with a clear discharge. What could this be?

For a while now when me and my boyfriend have sex white cottage cheese looking stuff comes out. It also smells like foul eggs. ?

For a while now, I've been getting a yellow vaginal discharge and I'm also itchy there sometimes. It also has a slight musky smell, I'm a virgin.

For almost a week now I have been having this gushing fluid coming out of my vagina, foul smell. not sure why this is happening!

For as long as I can remember my vaginal discharge smells like vinegar. I have no itching or odd color, just the smell. Cause for concern?

For many months now I get a large amount of thick yellow vaginal discharge, with no strong/offensive smell. I'm itchy there sometimes, I'm a virgin?

For months now every time I have a bowel movement, I have a thick white discharge from my vagina. There is no smell, its not clumpy, and its not itchy?

For weeks have had thick brown/ bloody discharge. Tampon doesn't help at all still leaks through to underwear. Has weird smell. Why is this happening?

Foul smelling deposits in throat! help!? What should I do?

Foul smelling discharge 6 weeks pregnant. Smells almost like poop. Clear for STDs but i can't get rid of BV and have tried douching with peroxide?

Funny smell, not fishy but white creamy discharge from my that bad?

Get vaginal discharge everyday it does not have a smell&it's clear white I don't have any itching down there or anything like that why do I have this?

Gf's vagina (mostly when wet) smells really bad, like feces, and has a milky white discharge. Are these signs of an infection or something worse?

Got lower abdominal pain and a vaginal odour sometimes fishy smell and white creamy discharge had it before?

Grayish, foul smelling vaginal discharge. I have had a lot of grayish foul, smelling vaginal discharge for a few months now. Sometimes i feel as if i peed my pants. There is no itching or burning. I have tried using proxcide douche, eating more yogurt, an

Green discharge. No odor. Itchy. Yogurt like consistency. Could it be bv?

Had a total hysterectomy in August. I'm doing very well now but notice vaginal smell no discharge or colors at all no bleeding just smell . After I sh?

Had an aborttion 3 wks ago, have a creamy discharge, at first had a foul smell but now smell is gone,no itch, no burn, breast still swollen, what can ?

Had Fallopian test done to check tubes. Now have chunky poop like discharge coming out of vagina. Does not have a foul smell. Smells like metal. ?

Had loop 4 months ago i have a musky smell from vagina is this normal had cheak up dr said bit of discharge but normal after loop still have discharge?

Have a thick white discharge. It's not foul smelling but ofcourse it has a scent of some sort. No itching or pain. I am on birth control. Help!

Have have cottage cheese like discharge?

Hey I've been having white discharge with wn unpleasent smell to it for some weeks now do you know what it could be?

Hi doctor. Fron past some days i have been noticing a foul smell discharge like an egg. Its quite smelly but white in color and very rarely greenish.

Hi I just finished with my miscarriage and my pee smell bad and my vagina when I wiped out smell so bad little discharge Yellow / Brown .medicine m/c?

Hi i m riya i m suffering from yellow watery discharge with very bad smell.i change my panty twice a day.

Hi please i would like to know why i discharge a lot. What do I have to do?

Hi, had a membrane sweep yesterday. I now have a brownish discharge with unpleasant smell :-(. Is this normal?

Hi, I am 24 years old and I am a bit concern because I have been producing a lot of discharge it does sometimes have a foul odor.

How come I have this thick, white, sour taste on the walls of Vagina no itching or burning or smell?

How I will cure bad odor liquid discharge from vagina?

How much discharge is too much? Mine is white or clear with no bad smell but there is constantly a lot of it. Doc told me normal but is it?

How to cure vaginal dicharge? Doesnt smell...

I am 16 and never started my period. I have vaginal discharge but it looks a lot like very dark green mucus and smells really bad. Is that normal?

I am 35 weeks pregnant and think I'm in labor. I am having pickle/sweet smelling yellowish/greenish discharge.

I am 37 weeks and I have discharge that smells like a fish bowl funny smelling discharge?

I am 37 weeks pregnant and am having a white watery discharge that no odor or smell, could it be the amniotic fluid?

I am a 16 year old female the discharge out of my vagina is more like a rubbery substance and it smells like vinegar...! Please help!!

I am a female and i was just wondering if having a lot of white creamy discharge that doesn't smell too pleasant is acnormal thing?

I am discharging a lot of yellow liquid from my vagina and it kind of smells, what could that be and how can I treat it?

I am discharging way more that normal it, its yellowish is and smells kinda strange.I have never had this problem before.

I am experiencing abnormal vaginal discharge.but it smells but it smells like milk and my doctor said it was bacterial ?

I am experiencing vaginal odor. I already took antibiotics but still smelling an odor of discharge on my panties but my outer vag. Smells

I am experiencing abnormal vaginal discharge. It looks like mucus it has a yellowish/ whitish color. It has no smell. It doesn't burn or itch ?

I am experiencing vaginal discharge after one week of treatment of Bacterial Vaginosis, and I'm 14 weeks along. My vaginal discharge is more of stretchy like egg-white, little yellow, no odor, and mostly clear. Should I be concerned about this?

I am getting a foul smelling discharge from vagina. Whatcould it be?

I am having a lot of itching and yellow thick discharge with no smell and I am using the bathroom a lot more now. What could this be ?

I am having white vaginal discharge that smells sweet and an unknown sent. What is this?

I am in the middle of a miscarriage. I don't know if it has passed but now I have noticed a foul smell. What could this foul smell mean?

I am pregnant. It's my first child. 9 weeks 4 days going on. I have yellow vaginal discharge with no smell, no itching . Is it normal?

I am really worried I have a bad oder smell in my vagina i also have these white bumps and I have discharge all the time. Im really worried?

I constantly find myself with white discharge in my panties during the day, there's no odor. What is it and why?

I get daily discharge. Smell varies, not fishy but not pleasant. Consistency has recently been thick. No itch or irritation. What could this be?

I had a hysterectomy 2years ago and now I am having a water yellow whitish discharge and not a bad odor but smells alil like blood.

I had a vaginal hysterctomy 10weeks ago and I've notice, a yellow discharge along with funkie smell.

I had cryotherapy on my cervix 4 days ago. I have watery discharge that has an off odour to it but only if I make a point of smelling it. Infection?

I had sex on last day of ovulation and now two days later I have a thick white discharge with a little foul smell not that bad but no itching ?

I have a bad fishy smell in my vagina clear discharge and no itching what could this be?