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A fishy smell in my vaginal discharge?

A lot more of vaginal discharge this week but no bad odor, is this normal?

After intercourse I have a foul odor what could that be ?

All tests have always been normal no yeast infect. No discharge but I still have a foul vaginal odor. Why is this?

Any diagnosis of 'fishy' smell with no vaginal discharge?

Any info on 'fishy' smell with no vaginal discharge?

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Bad vaginal odor. No discharge or itching?


Brown discharge no odor, no itching is normal?

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Can bacterial vaginosis discharge be brownish?

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Can your thyroid cause vaginal odor?

Cottage cheese discharge and vaginal itching?

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Could it be bad that I have vaginal discharge?

doc I do have vaginal discharge and sometimes it smells bad. What should I do?

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Fishy foul smelling vaginal discharge odor. What is the fastest way to treat this?

Fishy odor coming from vagina? Could I have a yeast infection or bacterial vaginosis?

Fishy odor in stool mucus?

Fishy odor on panties what do you think is it and how to treat it?

For a week I have had itching, discharge, foul odor, and painful sex. Could this be bacterial vaginosis? If so, what are some natural remedies?

For about a month now I have been having pasty discharge and sometimes it is rly clumpy as well. No odor or itching. Could it be a yeast infection?

For almost a month I have been having this vaginal discharge throughout the day, it does have a smell to it... Is this a yeast infection?

Green vaginal discharge/no odor, what to do?

Hello docs! can you tell me what could be causing a fishy vaginal odor?

Hello. I've been having an unusual vaginal discharge that's thick and clumpy with an unusual smell it doesn't smell fishy but the smell is abnormal?

Hi. I have been suffering from Bacterial Vaginosis since is as around 11. Now I'm 16 and I still have it, a fishy smell odor and discharge. I'm very e?

How can I address my vaginal discharge smell?

How can I control my vaginal odor and discharge ?

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How to control vaginal odors?

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How to have your vaginal discharge smell nice?

How to help mask vaginal odor?

How to not have your vaginal discharge smell anything but wonderful?

How to treat vaginal odor?

How to treat vaginal odors?

I am experiencing vaginal odor and abnormal vaginal discharge (quality: cheesy discharge) .

I am experiencing vaginal odor. My vagina smells of antibiotics/ hospital. What can it be?

I am experiencing a greenish chunky vaginal discharge, no odor or itching

I am experiencing a strong fishy vaginal odor , but with no discharge, no itchiness & dryness. What could this be ?

I am have vaginal discharge that has a smell?

I am having thick white discharge with sour odor. I've had BV several times. Could I be having bv again?

I am having viginal discharge and it has a very strong odor?

I did douching several months ago & now I have yellowish vaginal discharge with foul odor. what should I do to treat this?

I had a mild case of BV about a year ago, and now have vinegary smelling discharge, and lots of discharge daily. No pain/itching, just an off smell.

I have a discharge with an odor what could it be?

I have a fishy pee odor and a lot of discharge what do I do?

I have a fishy smell from my vaginal but I don't have a infection so how do I stop it?

I have a foul odor smell in urine and discharge?

I have a strong odor in my vaginal discharge, what should I do?

I have an odor and a discharge. Do I have vaginitis or a yeast infection?

I have been noticing for about 2wks now an odor in my vaginal area. Smells like a fishy odor smell. At one point i did notice vaginal discharge. Bv ?

I have external vaginal itching, but no odor or discharge, what could be wrong?

I have frequent foul smell discharges, but haven't been sexually active in a year. Help?

I have gas and discharge but no odor is that normal?

I have vaginal discharges all the time it does not have an odor, I always have to be cleaning it. And sometimes its a lot, this is a constant thing.?

I have vaginal itching but no odour or discharge. What should I do?

I have white chunky vaginal discharge that has a very strong odor and my urine is cloudy and very foul smelling what could this be?

I'm having vaginal itching and clear discharge that smells sometimes?

I've been having vaginal oder for a while. No itching and i'm cleaning myself every day. What do I do?

I've had white vaginal discharge for a few months now. There's no odor that I can smell/no itch. Could this be a yeast infection or something else?

If I have a UTI can it cause itching and a fish odor?

Im having a vaginal discharge that smells like ammonia what can this be?

Im having more then normal discharge from my vagina no color but a fishy discharge smell

Im pregnant and I have vaginal discharge. Smells fishy?

Is a musty odor a common odor for women with vaginosis?

Is a musty odor common for women with bacterial vaginosis?

Is it normal that discharge during pregnancy has unpleasant odor?

Is it normal to have a fishy odor down there?

Is it normal to have unpleadant vaginal discharge smell after menstrual?

Is it normal to have vaginal smell 3 weeks after an abortion?

Is it possible to have BV without a fishy odor?