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1 week since my abortion, can I use a tampon?

Any advice? I have had the coil since tuesday this week and i really can not stand wearing pads anymore, is it safe to wear a tampon?

Are pads a risk for Toxic Shock Syndrome? I only use pads (I know, :/ lame huh) on my period, but do they also pose a risk for TSS or only tampons?

Are tampons generally suggested?

Are tampons more likely to cause infection than pads?

Are there still tss cases from tampons nowadays?

At what age can you start to wear a tampon?

Can a woman get endometriosis from using tampons?

Can childeren that just started there period wear a tampon?

Can i get pregnant if I use tampon?

Can I get tss from wearing a super absorbency tampon for 7 and a half hours?

Can i go surfing with a tampon in?

Can i go swimming without a tampon if i'm on my period?

Can I go swimming without using a tampon?

Can I use vagisil within 24 hours of an abortion? Procedure was about 10 hours ago, but using sanitary napkins always make me itchy.

Can I wear a tampon a few weeks after a d & c?

Can I wear a tampon after having the essure procedure?

Can i wear dapers for my periods?

Can tampons cause yeast infection if worn too long?

Can u get PID from using tampons for only 5 hours at a time? Not super but regular thickness. Whats the likely hood?

Can you get pregnant on your period if you are wearing a tampon?

Can you get toxic shock syndrome by wearing a tampon when you are not on your period?

Can you get tss if you wear a tampon in too long when you don't have your period?

Can you give me advice for my first time using a tampon. can I get toxic shock.?

Can you have a uretoscopy done while on period? Should a tampon be worn?

Can you help? Is 13 too young to wear tampons?

Can you tell me how to take a tampon out?

Can you tell me if i could wear a tampon with the coil?

Can you tell me is it healthy for a 17 year old to use super plus tampons?

Can you wear a tampon in my sleep when bleeding from the abortion pill?

Can you wear a tampon instead of a pad after a cesarean section?

Can you wear a tampon when bleeding from the abortion pill?

Could i swim during my period without a tampon?

Could wearing tampons cause me to have more period pain?

Do tampons make your peorid shorter?

Do you think I should go into surgery just so i can use tampons?

Docs, wanted to know if I can get tss if I put in a tampon then immediately took it out!?

Does it do any harm if you where a tampon and you may be pregnant?

Does using tampons, increase my chance of sepsis?

Does wearing tampons shorten your period?

During my period, I have an extra clear fluid that soaks through my tampon onto my underwear. When i check my tampon then tampon is not even full?

For the first time in over 30 years, i can't wear tampons. There seems to be no room in my vagina for one. I have menstrual issues and wear a mirena (levonorgestrel).?

Going to a waterpark on my period but i never use tampons before. What to do?

Hello! I have my period and a yeast infection. Can i wear a tampon in the morning tomorrow?

Hey I have heavy vaginal discharge and I wanted to know if it is safe to wear a small tampon for control?

How bad is it to wear a tampon if your period is almost done?

How bad is it to wear tampons when your not on your period?

How can I ask my mom to let me wear tampons?

How can I dispose of my tampons at home?

How can I know when girls start using tampons?

How can I wear spandex for my basketball practice while on my monthly period?

How does one get tss from using a tampon?

How easy can a 13 year old girl get tss if she were to wear a tampon for an hour?

How long after a tubal ligation can I use tampons and / or douche?

How long after having essure procedure can I use tampons ?

How long after tubal can I use a tampon?

How long before regular kotex tampons expire?

How long is it safe to keep a tampon in for before it needs changing?

How much longer is a kotex long ultra thin than a regular kotex?

How much time do you have to leave a tampon in before you get tss ?

How often should I change my tampons if I wear 2?

How soon after giving birth can I wear a tampon?

How soon can I wear a tampon after undergoing a colposcopy?

How to heal a chafed vagina on my own?? I've worn pads for 3 weeks because I had an abortion & I know it's from the frition of the pads.

I accidentally left my regular absorbency tampon in for more than 8hrs last night. Wasn't soaked all the way through but pretty full. Will I get TSS?

I accidentally used a super absobant tampon on a very light day and it was difficult to remove, that's when I realized. How likely is TSS?

I accidentally wore the same pad for 24 hours, could I have TSS or an infection. I have no symptoms I'm just worried ?

I am 28 weeks pregnant and have a uti. Can wearing the same pair of shorts for several days cause this?

I am filling a super tampon on my heaviest days in 2.5 hours. Should i try a better one?

I am having discharge i wore a regular tampon for 28 hours and i was wondering if i can now wear a super tampon for 18 hours.

I am having extreme pain when trying to insert tampon. I have used them for years without issues. What could cause this? Have always used tampons.

I am now 13, almost 14, and i've had 3 periods so far. I was wondering when would be the best time to try out a tampon?

I am still a virgin can I wear tampons ? If yes is there a specific one that I can use ?

I bought a box of scented tampons by mistake and have been using them for 5 days. Is that bad? Should I be worried about infections

I can wear a regular tampon for 26 hours without a problem. How long can I wear a super tampon without getting tss?

I can't find my tampon i don't think i took it out

I forgot my tampon overnight. Had it in for a good 16 hours. How likely is it that I would get toxic shock syndrome?

I forgot that I had a tampon in and continued using others. The original tampon was in for 7 days. I took it out on Wednesday. What now?

I get cramps straight after changing a tampon - is this normal?

I get uti's every month I have my period when I wear tampons but never when I wear pads. Why is that?

I got my period 5 weeks after abortion is this normal ? And am i allowed to wear tampons ?

I had 2 tampons in for about 6 hours. I took them out and waited about an hour before putting in a new one. Should i be worried about tss?

I had a medical abortion two weeks ago and implant fitted, started bleeding again today am I safe to use tampons?

I had my bladder tacted dec23 and I have started my peorid will it be ok. To wear a tampoon?

I had the essure done on sept.28 an i was wondering when i will be able to use tampons again?

I had to use tissue in place of a pad today for my period. I changed regularly but am i at risk for tss? I never use tampons only pads.

I have a septate hymen. I'm still a virgin. What trouble will that cause me? Also i can't wear tampons because the pain I have taking them out.

I have a vaginal burning feeling during and after my period, I wear tampons as it's worse with pads, is that normal?

I have a yeast infection and im on my period. I know I can't wear a tampon now, but how long do I have to wait to use one again?

I have been wearing a regular kotex tampon for 14 hours. My period will start any minute. Is this safe?

I have been wearing a tampon for 24 hours what can happen?

I have discharge but i'm not on my period. Is it safe to wear a kotex tampon?

I have to go swimming but i have my period what can i do?! I cant wear pads they will get soaked

I just did a medical pill abortion . I need to wear a tampon for a few hours . Will I be ok of I change it every 20/30 minutes for like 3 hours?

I just had cryosurgery 3 days ago. Is it safe to wear tampons?

I just used a new brand of tampon mini for about 1.5 to 2 hours while swimming, what is the chance of me developing TSS?

I left a tampon in for 9 hours. Is that dangerous?

I left a tampon in today for 11 hours accidentally. It won't happen again, as I'm taking a break from using them. Am I at risk of TSS?

I need to know how do you put a non applicator tampon in at school?

I one time wore a tampon for 26 hours. Sometimes i wear them overnight. I have never gotten tss. Am i invincible against the infection?