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I have these little bumps on my libia minora and you can only see them when I stretch the skin out & they itch if I touch them ?

i realized my vagina is peeling by the clitoris and on the sides. When i wipe i get skin. So i wiped it with a wipe, after it burned a little. Dry to

Skin on penis feels like tiny bumps inside. Does not hurt or itch and only have had sex with my girlfriend of 2 yrs. do not pop or ooze. ?

(Tested negative for all STD) White bump on clit, red/irritated around it. It burns after I pee in the area of bump. (No uti). 4th week it's been here?

1 bump that itches and hurts that has yellowish puss with brown in it. The brown almost looks like blood. It is in the area between anus and vagina.

1 Open sore like ulcer on inner labia minora for 8 days with white layor only pain when touch not spreading no discharge smell or to heal?

2 days ago i had an itch around my vagina so I itched through my underwear now it's irrtated and a little itchy still. Can I use aloe?

2 months of an itchy labia, when i scratch it, white paste like substance comes off. sore red bumps. used to shave, not for 1 month.worst after period?

2 spots on my labia minora that look like the skin had come off and there's pus inside it. One hurts to touch. Had them for a week. Friction burn?

3 little tiny cuts near my anus they are not sore just irritating and tiny cut and red itchy and little burning this morning and masturabtion yesterda?

3 red spots on my vag. But they don't itch or burn. not sore to the touch. I have raised skin around my vag no blistes. They're really small.

3 tiny red spots on the inside of my vaginal lips just underneath my clitorous. No white head, is Itchy then when touched are quite sore. What is this?

A few months ago i put lotion on my vagina at first it burned and itch and small bumps appeared should I be scared?

A friend has a white mark just inside her vagina it looks like a canker sore and burns when she pees could this be a scratch or something to be worrie?

A small red raw spot on the inside of my vagina it don't hurt or itch it just bleeds every time i start to brother it?

After having rough/semi dry sex i now have a canker like sore at the opening of my vagina. No itching, but there is stinging if urine touches it.

After long lasting/rough sex while dry two days ago my vaginal opening has been stinging and I have white bumps on my clitoris that sting at touch?

After rubbing clitoris for extended amount of time it feels sore. looked and saw nothing but redness on clit hood. is this friction burn?

After skin outbreak over body, noticed mnthly itchy vaginal tears and sweling after periods, dryness & swellin round anus, craked lip edges.Is it herpes?

All over body itchyness. Some bumps but not redish?

Am 26 years, I have had a small swelling in my virgina for a very long time, its not painful or itchy am clean and a virgin.

Anal hole itches and kind of hurts when i itch it, mostly at night. Is the hsv? Don't feel any blisters or bumps around it.

Anal itch, red spot inside anus, fisura, hemorroid, anal fungus or what, the spot is like pink and doens' t hurt only itch and is circular .

Around my anus itch, burns alittle and hurts abit, i note fewrash and redness, I have noanal intercourse, im straight what could it be ?Red in center

Around my vagina sometimes it gets very red and irritated... And some times it looks white and dry. Why is that?

Back of pinky finger becomes an itchy bump but then the itching stops but the bump is still there. there was a bit of burning as well. causes?

Been feeling little tiny bumps on the inner and outer of my vagina lips. It itches. and gets irritated when I scratch it. Always get it after period?

Besides the hemorroid I have skin irritated, some kinds of bumps i think , because are too littlebut itchy and burning, the anal regionis red, whatis?

Between my vagina is itchy and hurts and is a little crusty and bumpy what is wrong?

Blood filled bump when it is popped it burns and becomes itchy i even feel nauseous.more seen on the butt and around vulva what can it be?

Boyfriends friend down there is irritated ( shaft of it on the side is rash looking like) he has a couple of red bumps when pee it burns a little?

Bright red, itchy vagina. Skin peels, bumps, hurts. Small cuts. Never been sexually active. 14 years old?

Bump below vagina hole above anus , doesn't itch or burn feels like little pimples?

Bumps itchy no puss on vagina lasting a couple days?

Bumps itchy no puss on vagina. I put neosporin on it. It goes away in a couple days.

Bumps on the outside and inner flap of vagina popped and brown blood and puss is coming out of them. They didn't itch or burn, but it did hurt to pee?

Can dehydration cause the clitoris to itch?

Can douching with acv that's not properly diluted everyday for 3 days twice a day cause labia sores, burns or little white bumps?

Can I have an itchy vagina but also have nothing be wrong?

Can vaginal skin look similar to vaginal warts? Bumps do not hurt or burn.

Can you get heat bumps on your lips? I have very little minut bumps. No itch, burnin sensation. What can it be

Can you get red irritated bumps from a uti?

Clit itches but now hurts, looks redish. Anything i can put on it to sooth it?

Colorless bump on back of pinky that itched/burned at first, but then stops itching/burning while the bump is still there?

Could an allergic reaction cause bumps like a razor bump? or irritated spots in the vagina?

Could I have a std? On my vagina there are areas that are dry they don't hurt or itch, and when i stretch my skin, they dissapear, I don't know if this is frst

Could it be healthy for your vagina to be red and itchy all the time?

Could you explain why does the area around my anus itch constantly?

Developed a red rash at the base of vagina and inside small bumps vagina lips. Itches badly. Cause and cure?

Does herpes itch or hurt, because I have a strange rash on anus, and a open little skin in coxis im hetero, no anal intercouse, the rash itch no hurt?

Dry rough patchy skin around Labia majora and looks like its near where clitoris is suppose to be but not on.

Extremely swollen, itchy, dry vulva. My clitoris is also itchy too. Because of this it is very painful. I have also observed white patches around area?

Fishy odor from my vagina and very recently it has been itchy and painful/burning, (did scratch it)pimples abnormally coming up on butt/legs/arms?

For 2 weeks i've had very bad itching on the outside of my vagina, and 3 days ago the area got very red. Now I have 5 ball like lumps under the skin?

For 4 months have painful, bumpy, raw, red, burning area very bottom lower inside opening of vagina only. One partner, no scales/blisters/discharge. ?

For over a month I have had swollen itchy red vaginal lips and a sensitive to touch hood area. I also have had an odorless discharge. Help me.

For past few days, my clitoris is red, raw and painful. I have itching and burning also. Labia/vaginal opening look totally normal. What could this be?

Four days ago i started to have a serious itch, two days i looked and my vagina lips was swollen, now theres and ashy rash. What is it?

Got sore and swollen skin between virgina and anus what is making it like this?

Had 2 bumps on labia majora for the past week. Don't itch, don't hurt, are hard, under the skin. Should i see gyno or dermatologist?

Had an inch on my vagina so i scratched it. Thought maybe the pad irritated it. Now there is a red spot .What could it be.

Had pruritus ani for years. I scratch every night. Recently noticed a little skin-coloured hard bump on wrinkly part of anus. No pain to touch. Ideas?

Have a red bump on the top part of my clitoris and it is irritating me but it doesn't really hurt Will it help to soak In Epson salt It's been 2 day?

Have a small bump on the outter Libia majora.It doesn't hurt, itch, burn,or have weird discharge.I always use condoms.Could it be a trap hair follicle?

Have just one pimple little itchy no red not discharge no spreading next to my clitoris what this could be?

Have red, inflamed, dry, scaly looking urethra tip for year. slight burn at end of urination but not during. becomes more irritated during masturbatio?

Hay I have many bumps around my vagina and they itch and when i scratch them they bleed. I was thinking it was because I shaved but I don't know..

Hello , i'm a virgin and i have noticed itching and a cut down there and one of my labia is bigger and red than the other one .

Hello there, I have noticed a skin rush around my waist. It's itchy and burning me a bit. It has been few days. ?

Hello, I have some itchiness, and tiny bumps all along the inside of the vulva, and I'm not sure what it could be. It itches and it Burns the touch.

Hello, I've got a spotty, red, burning and itchy rash around my vagina opening and wondering if it was thrush or not?

Hello! I need some advice.. I have had an itchy/sore penis for a few days. It has a smelly dis hard and stings when I urinate!! :-(?

Help. A sudden dry rash occurred on my labia majora and the right part of my clit. No itch or burn. The skin is drying out. I am sexually active. ?

Hey I have lumps around my anus and painful stinging spots also itching. Can you help?

Hi I from time to time had a itching and burning sensation on my genital area and i noticed white/sometimes red bumbs do u know what this is?

Hi i had an itching and burning sensation on my genital area. There are white/red bumbs there. Had this for 4 years. What is it.

Hi I have these tiny taste bud like bumbs on my inner linia no burning or pain no puss no redness but the area around the bumbs itch like my inner lips not near the bumbs clitous itches really bad nd when I lift up the hood its kinda swollen nd is red on

Hi my vaginal lip is swollen with little bumps on it, it itches badly, I've been having way too much discharge. What could this be?

Hi my Virgina has been irritating me for 2 days now it's a little red but it doesn't itch it just hurts a little when I close my legs I have been usi?

Hi since last week i have a slite itch on my penis not all the time i can see anything its not red or itchy rite now but when i rub over it the it ich?

Hi, my clitoris hood is itchy and seems to be swollen. I have no other itchy places nor do I have white vaginal discharge. Why is my hood itchy?

Hi, yesterday I shaved my vagina area, and today there is one red bump between my vagina and anus. It is closed, slightly red, what could this be?

Hi! I have some slightly itchy skin coloured lumps inside my vagina, and it burns a little after sex. I have not changed partner in 4 years :/ help?

How to treat red swollen bump on only left vagina lip? Think it's from shaving or had allergic reaction to tub cleaner

I accidently cut the outerside of my vaginal lips while shaving the other night and it is now very irritating. It is sore and itchy.

I am 17 years old, I have a small bump on my urethra. It doesn't hurt, itch, or burn. It's just there . Also when i pee , it smells really strong .

I am 6 months pregnant with a few flesh colored bumps on the outter part of my vagina they don't hurt or itch what are they? They don't hurt itch or puss at all. They look a little like skin tags but i've never had them before. I noticed i just started ge

I am a virgin. On my penis I have these white, what looks to be pimples that don't pop and there is a lot of them. There is no itching or burning. What are they?

I am having lumps in my breast and they really hurt and sometimes itch and burn what is it ? and when they itchy they create little sores

I am in between periods but I am bleeding a little. I have some red bumps in my pubic area that are not painful and not itchy. Do I have an STD?

I am worried about my vagina being sore, swollen & itches?

I am worried about my vagina burning, sore, itchy?

I am worried about my vagina has really weird discharge, dry lips that are forming a crust and pealing off, itching anuncomfortable?

I been having like this yellowish greenish discharge (a lot) & little itchy bumps around my anus . And a small red scratched like spot below my vagina?

I can't afford a doctor crazy itch and red/pink bumps on my penis?

I cut myself and now my vagina has developed white bumps and they are itchy and it doesn't burn when I pee and there is no smell ?

I feel small bumps on the inside of my labia minora what could it be i was wondering if it was the soap that I use which causes the irriatation ?

I felt some itching and I looked I have a white rash in my vagina and only itchy when I touch it just had a test no stds or anything. I have a picture?

I few small white hard bumps on inside of vagina lips. Also irritated and itchy in vaginal area. ?

I found a cluster of bumps on the bottom of my butt they don't hurt or itch but they do burn if urine touchwith fishy vaginal smell. What is going on?