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after I insert my sexual organ found minor scratches on bottom of my sexual organ no goes away in morning .Best position for stratchy hymen?

please help or my fiance will kill me please please i am so afraid . is my hymen broken? can i send you pictures of my hymen

Is it possible to break the hymen by using the shower head. I did not insert anything inside but I blead when I orgasmed for the first time?

1 month after delivery, sucked hubby's penis & he also sucked my clitoris well. Is that harmful to the uterus/any other organs? Now vagina is farting.

1st time to gyno,17,she asked if I'd been damaged,said insides looked 70!Asked about my childhood&foreign objects.I was virgin I think?What happened?

21yr old female still a virgin(human should still be intact because I've never been penetrated)Does vagina stay tight even with age while hymen Intact?

22 year old virgin female finds blood in vagina attached to something like meat what is that ? And can dumbbell workout be the reason behind this ?

59/short vagina or something pushing down?

A few months ago when removing a tampon, my cervix area tore..Now it seems to still be torn up and worse, not sure why or what to do..

A friend had incompetence cervix,in her teen she used to shake her body on the floor and get pleasure cos of rubbing vagina on this reason ic?

A friend told me condoms have holes in them (microscopic holes). Is this true? I'm very worried :(

A virgin with pain in vagina even after gyna opened her using devices,she still has pain in intercourse & we are only halfway in, help !

Am I vigrin? I had never sex and never put anything inside my vagina.I can't see my hymen because is a cyst there.Will I bleed in first time?

Am virgin.My vagina burns and am not comfortable when i sit when i look inside vagina there is something that covers sight of hymen.Will i bleed 1 sex?

Are hymen, which are pink in colour, means that they are thick? And what is the function/purpose of hymen? Plz ans both of my questions

Basically, I never get a clean wipe. , when I snapped a close up, i was disturbed by what I saw. I do engage in receptive anal sex. What can I do?

Bf fingered me,was painful(pain was for 1week).GYN said 1cm opening in thehymen& I saw a tear in the hymen at 4o'clock.does it mean the hymen is torn?

Blood during first time sex. Vagina still hurts hours later. Normal right? Just tear in hymen? I masturbated

Can I make my vagina/vagina hole big by perineal message?My husband penis is very very thick.I am virgin and have tight vagina.

Can a menstrual cup make your vagina loose and streached out?

Can a partially torn hymen still bleed during first intercourse? Like if it's just torn a little bit and not completely?

Can a penis hit a cervix so hard to cause an incompetent cervix to open completely? I feel like its my fault i lost the baby on monday

Can a tampon get pushed so high into your posterior fornix that your cervix is completely open and uncovered and susceptible to sperm?

Can a vaginal fart effect the hymen? I madterbate with clit rubbing. Fart occurred when outer lip was slightly pulled. First time experiencing fart.

Can a vaginal fart effect the intact hymen? I madterbate with clit rubbing. Fart occurred when outer lip was slightly pulled. 1st time occurrence.

Can breaking a girl's hymen and getting blood on your penis be dangerous in any way?

Can d hymen break without vaginal penetration? Can spreading d legs wide apart or sitting in the indian toilent on toes break/strech the hymen?.

Can gluten cause vag to be inflamed on the inside +out, cause I can't use tampons anymore. Or is my hymen 1/2 broken, and it's causing pain all inside?

Can humping a pillow, thigh crossing/dry humping break the hymen? I never inserted anything inside my vagina. Is my hymen still intact? M a virgin.

Can hymen cause vaginal pain more than 6 months? My outside +mostly inside vag hurts. I used tampons 1ce. I didn't stick up way. Did tampon damage it?

Can opening the labia nd looking at the hymen multiple times over a period of time tear or stretch it?Ps: no touching the hymen, just lookng at it

Can pap smear doctors REM ove objects from your vagina when i was 15 i was expermenting with a object and got stuck in my vagina,

Can pap smear doctors remove objects from your vagina? When i was 15 i was experimenting with objects and masturbation and i got stuck in my .Vagina

Can the vagina get loose by masturbating frequently? Never inserted anything inside. only syntribadism.

Can you find sexual please by inserting a small stick into my urethra? If so, what sort of stick would be optimal?

Can you loose sensitivity in your vagina from rough play?

Can you tell me if a girl is loose in her vagina does that mean anything bad?

Can't have sex with my boyfriend. It's like my vagina is closed and nothing can enter me. It's like hitting a dead end. I have broken my hymen. Help?

Clear, and sticky, easily stretched between 2 fingers for about an inch. Is that my bf's ejaculation or my cervical mucis?

Could a 10 inch penis be fully inserted vaginally over time? I haven't been having sex so i need a doctors opinion. I don't want to feel like a mutant.

Could a small cut inside the vagina cause a lot of blood due to rough stimulation? I am a virgin, can a torn hymen cause this amount of blood?

Could it be possible that i ripped my cervix?

Could opening labia minora seperation pressure a couple of times to check if the hymen is thr tear or stretch it even if it wasn't evr touchd?Unlikly?

Dear Dr,my boyfriend fingered me and was rough.i was at gynecologist but all she could say there is no tears but 1cm open. am i still virgin?PLZ HELP

Do girl with wider spread hips have a looser vagina?

Do men notice a difference in a vagina's feel after childbirth?

Doctor wants to scrape off growth on vagina. Chart says its a partial vaginectomy. He just said thats what the procedure was called. Should I worry?

Does a loose vagina mean promiscuity?

Does controplan II affect virginity? My semen flow on my girlfriend but outside her and I remove it with a piece of cloth but I'm worry!

Does external masturbation by thigh crossing break hymen or loosen vagina?

Does riding a horse or gymnastics make the vagina wider or more loose comparing to the same person who doesn't? I know vaginas differ in width

Does sex hurt if your a virgin and that person is gental? Does you hymen heal up afterwards and for how long?

Does something else tell us that a girl is not virgin regardless of her hymen????i mean the structure of vagina etc??

Does the almond thick hymen opening expand a bit when discharge is coming out? Cz mine does and aftr it no opening is visible when i look at my hymen.

Does the almond thick hymen opening expand a bit when discharge is coming out?Cz mine did nd aftr dischrg no opening is visible whn i look at my hymen

Does the vagina stretch after being penetrated via finger for the first time, allowing for easier sexual intercourse?

Does vagina need to be cut open when giving natural birth?

Does vagina stretching mean cheating ?

Done it mean i'm not a virgin anymore if i put my finger in the hole ?

Dr. In my vagina hole 2 fingers(medium size)easily can enter but very pain and cannot enter penis.What can I do?Any home remedies?Do fingering help?

During intercourse I am unable to penitrate her, it seems that her vagina is a very nellow hole, is there sep. Holes for urine & intercourse....

During sex my lover bit my vagina lip which made me pull away which created a tear and bled should this heal naturally?

Every time I have sex my vagina splits at the opening .... Why is that? And what can I do to prevent it?

Extra long somewhat stretchy thin meat on vagina inside the outerlips on left side never had sex what could it be??

Fingered a girl in her vagina and i felt on her cervix like a thin wire type thing . What could it be ?

Fingering, masturbation, no bleeding, but finger goes deep inside, tried checking hymen by putting a blunt pencil, goes only upto 2 inches..Hymen broken?

First time sex will break the pennis end joined with the foreskin.If it breaks it cause any pain .Pls suggests?

First time trying condoms.. I followed instructions and made sure I pinched the top piece. ripped easily. It is Trojan lube thin. What should I do?

Flexible cystoscopy for male..How small is the tube entering the penis hole? Do they use lube so it goes in easy? Does it hurt most patients?

For how long is damage to the vagina/hymen visable to doctors following sexual assault?

For years, I crossed thighs to masturbate, can this method break the hymen or cause vagina to loose? It's No penetration just pressure.

Got poor explanation of hymen over the introitus tore, but not the part around it. How's that possible if i've had sex more than 1x, an abortion, and put tampons in forcefully. Shouldn't all be torn?

Had a vaginal ultrasound when I was really young. I kept getting kidney infections,so they had to check me. They put me to sleep, Is my hymen broken?

Had a vulva biopsy on a mole on the outside of my vagina six weeks ago with dissolvable stitches-it was benign.When will sex be normal? Sex is still irritating-is there sexual function loss in this

Had hymen surgery (incision) 2 years ago. Lost virginity 2 months ago, but it hurts when bf enters me (very lubricated) sex is fine after insertion?

Hello doctor, is it possible for the vagina to become loose with external masturbation. Can external masturbation tear the hymen & make vagina loose?

Hello i'm finding very hard to break my wife's virginity how can you advice me?

Hello, i fingered myself and a little blood came out, not much, but i was wondering if that mean my hymen broke? I am a virgin and its against my religion and cultural rules to have sex before marriage and if my hymen broke i can be in a lot of trouble so

Hello, I just have vessels popping out from my penis and sometimes after masturbaiting they hurt knowing that I'm rough, they shouldn't be fragile ryt?

Hello, I would like information regarding female genital area. What is the vaginal opening meant to look like (after hymen breakage) ?

Hello. I'm desperate for help. No insurance, etc. 2 weeks ago my boyfriend slipped during intercourse and tore my vestibule near the urethra. So I waited several days for it to heal and not much progress. We took lots of pics to zoom in close to see what

Hey.. Where is the Hymen located. I've read about doctors arguing about that. Some say its deep inside and some say its around the vaginal opening.

Hi Can masterbation without penetration and only with rubbing the clitoris (hard rubbing) cause hyman to break? I'm seeing a little blood that's why

Hi , problem in inserting penis to a virgin . Is there any creame to reduce the pain or a good position to deflorate.

Hi ... I am newly married & unable to penetrate into vagina. It keeps slipping. Hymen is intact. Please let me know how to solve the issue.

Hi i would like to know if this hymen is broken or no in the attached pictures knowing that i never had a penetrative sex just fingering?

Hi, age 26,unmarried. My labio minora is loose, not erect or hard, I have heard that it should not be soft, open and loose, Is it correct? tell cure

Hi, i was intimate with my fiancé when his penis slipped into my vagina and i was wondering if my hymen was still intact ? Thanks in advance

Hi, if a girl puts her finger in her vagina, for two times, not so deep a little bit pressing she didn't bleed, so she lose her virginity? Thank you

Hi, im 22 and im virgin n my viganal opening was very smal, it was not promint but now i can c it clearly almost finger can b inserted.Im still vrgin?

Hi,im 21yr old virgin but loves masturbating by sqeezing thighs.will my hymen break if i orgasm by sqeezing thighs?i tried to insert finger but din't.

Hi.. I wanted to see my hymen so I took a mirror and five inches in I saw a pink vertical line kind of thing like a septate. Is it my hymen?

Hii.Can you tell me where's exact position of hymen? Isit true that its about 5-8 CM far away from vaginal hole?

How can i determine my virginity?? And how can i see my hymen easily? tell me briefly plzz

How can I fix hymen back to normal does not having sex makes it normal again?

How can the guy ease entry with a woman who hasn't had sex? Would it ease entry by dangling in the area before thrusting all in? Suggestions?

How can the vagina tight after six children?

How can you determine through sight if a woman is still a virgin or not? Is there a difference between their vagina if you look at it?

How could a fully grown baby fit through a womens vagina?

How deep can you fist a woman anal