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20female. No sexual encounters at all. Just noticed a small hard lump near the os on the underside of my cervix. No pain or discomfort. ?

24 y.O. Had large lumps in each outside labia for years. Didn't worry, now am. No itching, burning and periods normal. Could these lumps be normal?

36 yr old female found 2 tiny hard lumps in vaginal wall ca?

36 yr old female with multiple tiny soft movable lumps in back of vaginal wall painless felt in vaginal and anus ?

A lump in my vagina about a finger length up. What can it be?

A small lump outside my cheak.What might this be?

A small nodules near anal not painfull what is it....

About 3" in on roof of my vagina just past G-spot a pea size lump was found..STD?

About a week ago, I noticed a small pea sized black lump on my labia minora near my urethral opening. What is this?

Anal pain and I found a small lump?

Are small lumps under the vagina skin by the clit normal? They move around when touched.

At the top under my hood of my vagina I have a hard lump and it's painful?

Bb sized lump outside of anus hemorrhoid?

Can anybody give me advice about lump on inside labia should I worry ?

Can hemarodes be a knot inside where its felt outside just below the anal?

Can you tell me about this red attached lump on my anus?

Could use expert help with why I have a lump on my anus?

Developed something around anus region. It's not a boil it doesn't pain. Feel lumps and it's not hard as warts. What is it? Please help......

Felt a bump on my cervix by the entrance its painless.what could it be?should I be concerned?

Female. I found a lump in opening of vagina. Firm lump, can sort of move it around. Not sore, pokes out of vagina when sitting?

For a month, I've had a small, rubbery, slippery lump an inch inside my rectum. I plan to see a doctor, but am concerned. Could it be a hemorrhoid?

Found a grape size lump on inside of vagina?

Found a lump on the outside of my virgina what could this be?

Found a small round hard lump to the left of my cervix under the skin if you press into the vaginal wall. The bump isn't on my cervix. Clear pap?

Found huge lump on vagina wall, bout an inch into the vagina and it's about quarter sized, very painful, rock hard? Can someone tell me what this is?

Found little white hard lumps near vagina and anus it's not painful or anything?

Found lump inside of my throat what could it be?

Greyish painful lump on anus. Doesn't itch. Any ideas?

Had a small painless lump on outer lip of vagina, the doctor said it was a cyst from shaving. It popped, but i now have three lumps. Could this be herpes or from other possibilities?

Hard lump between vaginal opening and anus. Causes discomfort. What is it?

Hard lump in rectum told it is a pile?

Hard lump underneath vagina but it's not painful?

Have a bump near my anal canal the size of a pea and puss inside what could it be?

Have a painful pea size lump in my inner vagina lip. What cud this be?

Have a small hard moving lump on my vagina next to my clitoris what could it be?

Hello. I noticed a growth around the anus before my vagina. it Was small but it is growing. Please what can that be?

Help docs! i'm worried about this lump on the inside of my anal area?

Her groin above vagina have a lump soft but painful after 2 months gaving birth.

Hi .ihave a small pimple like cystnear anal opening painless .cant tell whethr its a lump or hemorroid or cyst.its soft bt i can fill it with my fingr?

Hi I have a large grape sized lump inside my vagina. It's very painful. My last period was weeks ago. No sexual inter course. What is this?

Hi I'm 27 years old women,had hard swelling painless lump on labia majora and it disappeared by its own can it be syphilis?

Hi, I have a small reddish bump which bleeds when touched and often is painful and smelly. It is located under the testicles near the anus.

Hi, I have a soft lump that is protruding from my anus, only other symptom was itching could it be cancer?

Hi. I have a pea shaped bulge near the anus..It has been there for a few months now and it doesn't hurt at all..And doesn't bleed..What could it be?

How do I figure out what is with the lump on my labia?

I am constipated, i feel a hard lump inside my vagina so when i insert a finger the nail part touches it so it's at the front the lump is painless ?

I am experiencing groin lump/vagina. It's a painful lump when touched just above my clit? I think it's called Prepuce the area above the clit?

I am experiencing a painful blister-like bumps near anus and perineum?

I discovered a painless lump inside my anus while showering. It is near the end?

I feel an anal lump. What could this be?

I found a hard pea-sized painless lump just inside my anus under the skin. I do have hemorroids, but this lump is not soft and not painful. ?

I found a lump right under my vagina before my butt, its painful and skin colored. What could this be?

I found a small soft lump on the opening of my cervix?

I got these too lumps around my anus? what can I do ?

I had a question about a mass between the anus and vaginal canal, which is hard and tender to the touch..

I had a small hard painless lump removed twice from inside of my labia majora next to my clitoris It has recurred again on the same place.Can you help?

I had a soft movable lump for a month now on my pelvis near my vagina. Recently the lump burst and pus and blood came out. Should I be worried?

I have 2 large painful lumps in my vagina, they arent on the lips but in the vagina. Should I see my dr?

I have 3 small to medium non painful moveable lumps on the inside of my vagina lips towards the hood. These lumps do not hurt and are not noticeable?

I have a big hard lump on my vagina lip. It is very painful and there is no.Liquid in it?

I have a black lump in vagina, what can I do!?

I have a bump inside my anal & i think its a risen cause its painful for m to seat down?

I have a cluster of lumps around anal area?

I have a few skin coloured soft lumps on the inside of my anus, one is larger and pointy, also itching. 25 yr old female. Are these likely to be piles?

I have a flat, firm and painful area around the external opening of my anal fistula.When I press on the area it hurts?What could it be?

I have a growth in my anus and it hurts. What can I do about it?

I have a hard bump that drains near anus, should I be concerned?

I have a hard lump under the skin on my vagina near my clitoris and it hurts if i press on it. What is it? What should I do about it?

I have a knot the size of a quarter inbetween my vulva area and rectum area, very painful. Could it be a hemorrhoid or something else?

I have a large abscess like lump inside my testicular wall, very painful. What should I do?

I have a large lump just inside my vagina on the top wall. It is not painful at all and does not seem to need to be popped. Could it be cancer?

I have a large lump on the inside of my butt cheek near my anus. What can this be from?

I have a large lump protruding from my vagina, what could it be? Have several small lumps externally, was told they were warts but in 10 yr marriage

I have a large sore lump under the skin between my vagina and my anus. It is very painful and I am struggling to sit down or even move. What is it?

I have a loose lump of skin near the opening to my anus any ideas?

I have a lump between my anus and vagina what is it? It's a little sensitve and it's noticable

I have a lump in my vagina and it is painful?

I have a lump in my vagina and it is painfull?

I have a lump in my vagina, its not painful, could it be dangerous?

I have a lump in the outside of my anus what could it be?

I have a lump near my vaginal opening, and it's painful when pressed down, is it something to worry about? Or is it normal with hair removal?

I have a lump on my anus and i don't know what to do about it.

I have a lump on my perineum and I am not sure if it's some kind of hemorrhoid or something else. It is tender to the touch.

I have a lump on my vagina near the top where the ovaries would be, why?

I have a lump on my vagina, what should I do?

I have a lump on the otter left side of my vagina that just bled when wiped with toilet paper..what is this lump??

I have a lump on the outside lip of my vagina. I found it two days ago and it didn't hurt and now its gotten twice the size and painful.

I have a lump on the side of my vagina?

I have a lump or a button near my anal hole. What is it?

I have a lump or bulge on top of my vaginal opening the size of a nickel what could it be ?

I have a lump or bump on my anal/rectal area and want to know what's wrong with me?

I have a lump outside of my anus. What could it be?

I have a lump under the skin near my anus. What could this be?

I have a lump under the skin on my buttocks near my rectum. What could this be?

I have a lump underneath the lip of my vagina which just let out a lot of puss but is still solid?

I have a marble size hard, fluid filled, very painful mass inside my left labia minora, what could it be?

I have a marble sized lump inside of my urethra it is uncomfortable to sit or have intercourse what could it be?

I have a medium sized bump right above my vagina opening. Its painless. Is this a cyst?

I have a one small lump on my anus, i can only see it if i forecely stretch my butt side to side. Is it an external emorrhoid?

I have a painful anus and lumps on the outside what is this?