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about several lumps under the skin of the vagina next to and around the clitoris area hard not painful been there a while also bleed When aroused?

1 painful sore on labia minora. Hurts when touched/rubbed but not when urine touches. Looked like a burn yesterday now is yellow. No swelling or redne

1 painful yellowish/white sore on labia minora below clitoris & above urethral. Hurts when touched. Only 1 sexual partner in last 11 years. no swellin

11 weeks pregnant hard lump in my labia majora, first i thought it was Bartholin's cyst as i've had them before but it's further up swollen & painful?

2 days ago before starting meds for BV 3 painful bumps close together appeared on outer labia as my period just started and swollen painful node?

2-3 small, pimple like bumps on my right labia minora. Very painful to sit and walk. I'm 6 months pregnant. Should I be worried ?

4 red sores on bottom of labia menora by vaginal opening. Aren't cluster like, no pus, 1 hurt when I touch it and when urine hits. Don't think herpes?

A 'tube like' lump has appeared under the skin in my labia minora, running right next to the clit. Tender when pressed. Due to excessive rubbing maybe

A hard pill capsule shaped painful lump on the lower labia minora from getting rough sexually. It has its own vein at the bottom of it?

A kernal-sized "knot" on outer labia minora. Only painful when direct pressure applied. No appearance of pus and not itchy or burning. What is it?

A red boil in labia minora with no pain, itch, and swallen. Trying warm baths but no change so far. Having bloody discharge everyday. Is this ok?

A small red boil on labia minora without symptoms like pain, swallen, itch. Do i need to see doc? Am scared of painful tests. Ok to leave it for now?

A swelling between labia major and minor. Localised to one side, inside is red and itches. No spots. One small tear likely from scratching. No odour. ?

After intercourse I felt pain in my genital area and saw in the morning that there is redness and swelling or pimple-like structure. What could it be?

After intercourse my right libia minora had become swollen, it is uncomfortable to walk or to sit. Do you have any diagnosis and treatment?

After masturbating (with an object), I noticed my inner lips if my vagina were extremely swollen past my outer lips particularly on the right side. Y?

After masturbation, my labia minora and above my clit has swollen immensely. Is this normal? What do I do?

After my menstrual period i got swelling and itchy at my right labia minor? What would be causes and treatment?

After sex, I noticed swelling of the spikes around the opening my vagina and swelling of skin by Bartholin's glands (not the glands themselves). Help!

Are pimples on outer labia dangerous?

Around my clitoral hood and labia minora there are these tiny bumps that look like pimples! labia minora is more stretchy on the one side! normal?

Around the sides of my vagina I have an inflamed bit of skin and has been there for about a year and hasn't gone away at any time what do I do?

Besides sex why is a labia minora red and swllen on both sides? Can you have an infection. Or can it be a reaction from swimming for 4 hrs.

Best thing to do for cyst on labia minora?

Black bumps between my labia minor and labia majora, i noticed them after shaving. what could they be? i noticed today after shaving

Both near my vaginal opening is very itchy so i scratch it until a big bump appears on the left side. What could it be?i'm afraid it might be a cyst

Bumps on my labia?

Can a yeast infection cause your nipples to hurt and become swollen?

Can amoxicillin cause labia and clitoris to itch?

Can cocaine cause painful swelling inside the scrotum?

Can i get an infection from swimming? My labia minora is red a swollen

Can I put neosporin on my labia minora?

Can lisinopril be causing my urethral caruncle to become inflamed? Started the lisinopril a week ago and my caruncle is swollen and painful. I have

Can painless vaginal sores hurt the baby?

Can someone tell me what I should do? My labia minora has a small tear under the clit and it hasn't healed in a few months.

Can the labia minora hurt after rough sex?

Can u get an allergic reactlon from pads, i.E painful cystlike lump on the outside side of vagina?

Can we use mupirocin on labia majora?

Can you give me advice with itching on inner part of would be called the labia majora.?

Clit swollen and painful after oral and regular sex a week ago. How do I get the swelling and pain to go away? No spots are present.

Clitoris has been swollen and itchy for 2 days no sex was involved before hand so what could this be?

Cunningless performed by friend with tongue ring last night. Now clitoris and surrounding vulva are red, swollen and tender. Link to tongue ring?

Developed something in the side of vagina like a little sore which is very painful . What can it be ?

Discolouration of vagina and labia?

Do I have to see a doctor? I'm 23, not sexually active and the lump is to the right and above my clitoris, it's sore to touch and pea sized..

Do labia majora swollen during pregnancy?

Doctor's opinion? My vagina is swollen and very sore, why?

Does applying candiderma cream on inner vaginal lips darken labia minora? I m 22 year old virgin.

Does candiderma cream damage the hymen if applied on labia minora lips ?

Does ice help swelling of labia minora?

Dr I seem to have a big red swollen pimple under skin w/o a head on my labia majora near vagina hurts to touch. What could it be?

Enlarged labia. Any help for this?

Female- need help on labia majora purple and swollen?

Finished a course of anti biotics, very itchy vagina and a hard lump felt beside my labia?

Flesh like bumps on labia minora is itching, is this an std?

For the last 3 or 4 days my vagina has felt very swollen at the opening, and also appears swollen. No burning, not pregnant, no contraceptives. ?

For the past 3 days I have had bumps in the genital area that are extremely painful and it hurts whenever I urinate, what could it be?

Found a little bruise. On my inner thigh. It hurts when I touched it. Last time i had sexual outer course was 7 months ago. Could this be STD?

Got told i could possibly have Bartholin's cysts their was only one now i have a group at the entrance to my vulva what do i do they are now their itchy?

Growing pimple like wart on my labia majora? Pea size. Painful to walk or sit. No fever. Same sex partner. Pain/discomfort. Possibilities? Explanation

Had yeast infection. It cleared. Now felt large lump 2 or 3 inches up vagina. Fleshy and not painful. Please help me. ?

Have a lump on the inside of my left lip on my vaginia hurts to even touch and have a UTI. Pls help azo ain't. Can that ball burst? Scared

Have a painful,itchy, pea size on left lower labia minora. Hurts to wipe. Swollen lymph nodes near groin. Had protected sex. A lot of discharge.

Have really bad vulvar vericose veins. Very swollen and painful. So wants sex. But even touching to clean is painfull. Advice to make sex less painful?

Have small lumps on either side of labia majora that are also itchy. What could it be?

Have sores and 1 side of my labia minor is swollen. It's not an STI/STD. Have been told its trauma from Intercourse How do I fix it and what caused It?

Having a red boil in labia minora. 1cm. I had painful urination yesterday and went away soon, but still have the boil. Is it ok to leave it?

Hello i have a lump on my left side of my labia minora, it feels pretty big, it is irritated and itches sometimes, what can it be?

Hello I have a pea sized lump inside my vagina right lip it came up over night it's not bothersome unless I touch it, what could this be?

Hello, I am a female and I recently noticed I have a swollen vein in/on left side of urethra with very little irritation?

Hello, I have pain in my clitoris area. when I pick up the hood the clitoris glans come out and the one on the left is swollen a bit and red.. it is p?

Hello. one side of my labia majors is swollen I also have an itch but no discharge at all it comes and goes can u he'll me plz?

Help docs! my right vaginal lip is getting enlarged?

Help! there's white sores/ulcers on labia majora?

Hi Dr! I just notice that my sublingual frenulum end of the gland is swollen but it's not painful. What could be the cause and what treatment do you ?

Hi I am 16 weeks pregnant after intercourse recently i began bleeding and my Bartholin's gland was swollen and blocked. Now I have clear sores around my clitoris and a swollen labia?

Hi I am a 16 year old female. I recently found a skin colored bump on my anus entrance. It is painful, and tender to touch. It h should I seek attention, if so how urgent is this? Should i see a normal doctor or an ob/gyn

Hi I am a 24 year old female i was masturbating and felt the lower labia majora a bit swollen and hard to touch when i pushed down on it i had never felt that before?

Hi I have a red bump on the outer lip of my vaginal hurts when touch. Have been with the same man for 18 years.

Hi I noticed a small bump on my left labia minora near my clitoris and urethra yesterday and I'm in panic mode. I feel like it's never a good thing to?

Hi there can your urine cause inside of foreskin to sore & painful?

Hi there what does in mean when the whole penis glan is red & painful & soreness & foreskin abit swollen?

Hi, I had a c-section 7months ago and since the op I have noticed some vaginal swelling just on the left hand side on my labia! Is this normal?

Hi, I'm 19y/o and I just discovered a lump under the skin on the left side of my clit. It's not itchy and I'm not sexually active. is it serious?

Hi, it's just to ask if I may need to see the doctor? I had HPV not that long ago and had it treated but now there seems to be a lump in the labia minora and it's extremely uncomfortable when I do the toilet I can feel it and it's quite sore when I do it

Hi, last night I was given rough oral and now my left labia minora is swollen and is uncomfortable. should I see a doctor or just wait a few days?

Hi, last night I was given rough oral now my left labia minora has swollen and it is quite uncomfortable. Should I see my doctor or wait a few days?

Hi. I'm 25 f.I'm suffering from some infection on my labia minora.It is swollen itchy tender & i can feel tiny eruptions on it wid. Plz help?

Hi. I have recently developed some swelling, redness and lacerations in my vagina. At the opening of my vagina there is also two swollen areas?

How can I address a swollen inner left labia?

How can I tell if my labia is abnormal and needs a labiaplasty? I'm not sure what a normal labia looks like, so i'm not sure if i need labiaplasty. .

How can I treat a swollen labia?

How can I treat swollen inner labia?

How can you tell weather or not you have a barthloin cyst on you labia majora?

How can you unclog sebaceous glands on the labia minora?

How do I deal with this pain at top of vagina? There is a sore lump up there.

How do i know if its a cyst or boil on labia majora?

How do you know you have a vaginal cyst? Or an ovarian one? Why would my right half of the vagina under the lip be swollen and red and hurts a little

How do you remove a skin tag from minora labia without it being painful?

How much time should perineum be super swollen and itchy after birth?