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Having a vaginal odor for sometime used products to get rid of it but it came back after sex now I'm bleeding a little after sex odor still continues?

i got vagina itching, redness and dark discharge ,before 3 -4 day of starting menstrual period. sometime i found small wound near vagina?

--i have some slight vaginal swelling.And its not painful i don't know if i'm pregnant, if so, i'd only be 3 weeks .Pls help me?

14 weeks postpartum w/ vaginal/vulvar burning during sex/foreplay. Sometimes an itchy feeling too. Will vagisil cream help? What could be causing this

18 yrs old. Never have been pregnant. Never had intercourse. Had vag yeast infection for a month. Pains and burning in nipple of breast. what's wrong?

1st sex partner left me with anal & vaginal intense burning, strong fecal odor that then turned into a fishy odor, still in anus, sounds like herpes?

2 days after protected sex with new partner - noticed brown clumpy discharge when wiping - no smell/pain/itching, but inserting a finger hurt ?

2-3 years ago, i've noticed a mild pain in my vagina when i'm aroused. I'm 27, never been pregnant, or had a vaginal trauma. Should i be concerned?

20 weeks pregnant and I have vaginal itching and bumping ?

27 yr old f married 5 months ago.Having sex with condom only.Light yellow discharge&bad smell with itching in genital area wich occured x6 in 5 months?

3 days after flurt with my girlfriend(contact of our genitals briefly) she started feeling some burning and itching in her vagina, is this from me?

30wks pregnant.Currently not sexually active. Vagina itches &burns constantly especially when i shower and pee. No irregular discharge. What is this?

33, F, pcos, acid reflux,i suffer from vaginal dryness, I feel like peeing while sex, lost interest in sex , had recurrent uti in a year. What2 do?

38 1&2 weeks pregnant and I started itching all over last night its driving me crazy?

38wks pregnant & hav vaginal itch its not intense it doesn't bother me but i no its there im not sexually active and no burning no discharge?

4 weeks pregnant and i have vagina itching i dont have insurance to see a doctor yet what can i do?

6 wks fluconazole finished and now 2 weeks later feel irritation again only on vulva. Pap says no yeast. Estrogen levels a little low. Vag dryness?

A couple lumps on my vaginal lips & im wondering what they could be? For years now ive been struggling with a excessive amount of normal discharge

About 3 to 4 days before EVERY period I experience horrible itching. It's so uncomfortable and will cause swelling sometimes. It doesn't burn when I pee unless I'm swollen and raw from itching but I also produce really really thick decent amounts of white

About 4 days ago I tried to have sex with my boyfriend and it started burning then itching and there was a small amount of discharge. It still itches ?

After being treatred for a vaginal infection i started to experience white splotches, vaginal peeling, and mild irritation. Is there something to help?

After intercourse with a male , is it normal for the female to itch a bit the next day or for a couple of days after? Mild itch. Very mild..?

After starting some medication for a possible pid, i've noticed lots of discharge and a burning sensation around my clitoris. Could this be the meds?

After starting some medication for a possible pid, i've noticed lots of discharge and a burning sensation around my clitoris. Could this be the meds?

After two weeks of intercouse I am experiencing minor uretha itching and sometimes around the anus! very mild itching though i would say a itch 2-4 t?

Am having discharge that is creaming and also having that any problem to pregnant?

Are dry mouth and vaginal dryness and atrophy related? Tested negative for sjorgens. I am recently postmenopausal.

As a woman i feel so uncomfortable around my vagina area. I went to the gyn & they gave me cream but i still get a clear , odor free discharge. ?

Before starting my period i feel burning, and also when i insert a tampon it burns. I have never been sexually active. What can be causing this?

Began p long car ride, vag fullness, firmness , vaginal odor, abnormal vaginal discharge and vaginal tenderness. It feels like vaginal canal is full. ?

Biopsy done of cervix 3 days burns when I urinate, creamy yellow discharge, pain in vaginal canal as if it's dry but it's not(std free) Normal?

Burning after urination, little itching. Off and on for 1 month, along w/ period after got Depo-Provera shot 4/24.

Burning extremely raw vaginal area with white discharge, tried yeast cream burned worse. I'm 31 years. Switch bc pills 3 times because of symptoms?

Burning sensation during sex after i had a yeast infection Do I still have it? is it normal? Also a little white discharge after treatment ended

Burning sensation, itch, soreness started 2 hours after pap smear done 2 days ago. No allergy to KY jelly used. No infection prior. Cause?

Can Acyclovir cause excessive vaginal dryness ? Or problems within the vagina... Vag has been super dry, irritated, sore , & burning lately

Can Acyclvior cause Yeast infections/BV or any vaginal problemss? Like dryness,pain, & a burning sensation feeling ?

Can Amitriptyline Cause Vaginal Thrush? I had HSG Exam. My symptoms are vaginal burning, dryness. itchyness.

Can anal yeast cause bleeding? Was given myoclog 2 and it burns more, normal? Will the burning go away? Do I keep using it with the burning?

Can BV make your vagina feel dry and irritated? Was thinking just basic dryness from menopause but apparently I have BV according to test results.

Can discharge before a period be at such a high pH that it itches and burns?

Can gonorrhea stay in a woman's body for a year without symptoms? My friend had vaginal itching and painful urination a year ago, took antibiotics...

Can oxybutin cause urethra burning and vaginal dryness? I notice since i started taking it is hurt with sexual activity as well. Feel very dry/itchy.

Can Terconazole 0.8% vaginal cream for a yeast infection cause gas, bloating & a general full/ gassy uncomfortable feeling?

Can treated trich reoccur if I used a clitoral vibrator? Also bleeding only when voiding. Along with passing small white clots

Can use of zenchent cause vaginal itching and my period to just stop?

Can vaginal dryness as the result of hysterectomy /menopause cause severe itching that feels like a yeast infection?

Can vulvar psoriasis ever be treated? (so that pain and bleeding no longer occurs during sex)

Can we consume Oricitral to relief itchness in vagina?

Can we consume Oricitral to relief the itchness in vagina?

Can women just get a random vaginal itch for no reason?

Change in vaginal discharge, blood in stool, itchy anus, faint vaginal odor, peeling on labia major, brusing & dryness after excretion?

Condoms are causing me itchiness. What should I do?

Could doctors see if there's sores or anything on vaginal canal if I'm bleeding..not alot?

Could I have a latex allergy? I experience discomfort and a slight 'rawness' during and after intercourse despite using lube. No other symptoms. Why?

Could I have an std? I am a teenager and have never had sex but have done oral sex. I have a lot of non stop vaginal discharge with a weird/ bad odor. My vagina is red, dry and irritated and is itchy and kinda burns. I have been treated for yeast infectio

Could my vagina be burning due to lack of lubrication?

Could stopping birth control be the cause of constant vulvar burning? No yeast/BV/related STDs but do have high risk HPV. Nothing seems to help.

Could tampon use or friction from walking cause vaginal burning ihave bladder infection and yeast maybe BV ikeep getting i'm so upset and fed up plz?

Could thrush cause thick yellow discharge?No itching, soreness or pain in sex(1 longterm partner) Vaginal exam 2 month ago,slight thrush no treatment

Could vaginal burning itching and dryness be from the mirena (levonorgestrel)? I just had my one month follow up but now I have these symptoms

Cramping in the night after Pap smear, next morning a lot of vaginal discomfort & some discharge. burn & itch. Never happened before, what could be?

Cramps without menstruation- Yeast Infect 7 days ago, no more symptoms. Slight Labia Minora irritation. ?

Do STD symptoms such as fever, sore throat, vaginal discharge, blood in between periods etc. Occur everyday while infected? In both men and women

Doctor am a 20 year old female in china experiencing vaginal itcheness, its has been on for a while ....what can be the treatment?

Does bacteria from tooth infection have an effect on vaginal secretions? During sex he and i both feel a "menthol" sensation. It doesn't last long

Ever since my period ended my vagina has been feeling extremely dry and very itchy? I don't think it's a yeast infection though.

Every summer i get a vaginal discharge and irritation.... What could be causing this and how cam i prevent this from happenimg?

Excess, Milk-like discharge for a while.Just had severe postcoitus burning.Looked like something prolapsed but not sure.could be an emergency?

Experienced vaginal itching for week&a half(pre menstruation) now my bottom itches&i think I have small cuts.Could dehydration be a cause?

Experiencing vaginal itching. along with clear/ white discharge like on&off Mild case no smell no pain Can I use feminine anti-itch cream for itch?

Experiencing some itching and burning on the lips of my vagina since after period. Not the first time this had happened but didn't keep track before. ?

Extreme discomfort during sex: vaginal tightness, dryness, and feeling like I have to urinate.The obgyn said nothing is wrong. I use a lot of lube too.

Extreme Itchiness on the outside of Vagina I am not sexually active and haven't been for a year?

EXTREME vaginal itch. No pain. Started a month ago. Begins before each period, clears up completely shortly after. Also strange odor. Worse during day?

Female with genital symptoms like brownish and raw and rough?

Female. 20. Had a yeast infection about a week ago-finally gone. During intercourse with my partner, there's still a bit of discomfort-raw sensation?

First sexual contact for my girlfriend 4 days ago. Since then she's been having vaginal pain, inflammation and itching. Is it normal?

For 3 months now got 4 times vaginal infection.itching,swollen,redness,painful sex,discharge.what could be the cause? i did not use medicine.

For a few weeks I've had vaginal soreness, like it hurts to insert a tampon-im about to start my period. Doc says mild infection, normal before mens?

For a year, I've had intense vaginal itching on labia majora that last 2 weeks before period and goes away when I start, any idea what this could be?

For the last three months right before I start my period I get yeast infection like symptoms(itching and discharge).What could it be?

For the past 3weeks I have had vaginal itching, burning, and sometimes the skin splits. Nothing is helping and I can't afford a doctor?

For the past few days I have had an odd amount of discharge and my clitorous has been itchy, do I have an std? Or is it possible that it is something

For the past week have had burning in the vaginal area and always needing to go, some times it doesn't happen but some times yes, what can do?

For years I have been dealing with vaginal odor & discharge. It has really ruined my life since I was 14 . How can I fix this?

Form the last year im facing itching problem in vagina after periods its starts itching and when i scratch it so many times blood comes out?

From a week vaginal discharge followed by itching has been taken place please tell me the reasons for that.........

Good morning, I have some external vaginal itching that has occurred for three days now. There is no redness or swelling. I did have unprotected sex recently with someone new who I know is clean. I was very dry and it was a little painful. It's been since

Got intense vagina itching with green discharge. I have been using thrush cream but it doesn't seem to help much. What might it be?

Got vulvodynia for 6 weeks after pap smear. Don't know how it's triggered. Vulva & clitoris pain even without touch. Any cure?

Had a lot of white clumping discharge on panties and was very wet. Slight burning sensation. Had protected sex(fri). Herpes? Irritation? Infection?

Had a miscarriage 2 months ago. Have some vaginal irritation when urinate. Vaginal is more sensitive, still have some pain. Is this normal?

Had a partial hysterectomy November 2015 and I've started noticing an order and is stronger after sex and sometimes has a fishy smell?

Had D&C 21days ago had intercourse using condom after sex I feel burning sensation in outer vaginal area while pee n washing bt no redness r swelling?

Had no symptoms at all be4 period.Now that I have my period my vagina itching,vulva swollen alot and itching,hurts too. Using same pad brand.Wat I do?

Had sex unprotected noticing that the soreness lingers for more than one day. Itches really bad around clitoris and is producing a mild fishy smell.

Had sex, vag was a little dry, and next day minor irritation. The day after, I produce white/normal discharge. Nothing besides that. Why's that ?

Had sexual intercourse 3 days ago. Itching began & still occurring w/ light yellow discharge. No odor. Was i not wet enough or allergic to condom?

Had unprotected sex 10 days ago. Symptoms of a yeast 4 days later. Now no discharge, itch, odor or burn. Why internal vag swelling and painful sex?