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Foud a hard mass in my vagina 2 days ago nd its hard And when I tried to get it out it wouldn't budge so its stuck onto my vagina wall and it hurts?

Hello I'm 31 & 6 days pregnant and the inside of my vagina is extremely swollen and tight when sticking a finger in should I go to hospital?

if someone have had put a finger inside of you and hurts a little bit after that but you don't bleed and weks after you have periodbleeds 4 or 5 days?

2days ago i felt some bumps they go from the crease of my leg and up the outside of my vagina they itch a little but no pain i'm not sexual active?

3 days late. White discharge when i rub with finger. My bf and i had sex and it was hurting in lower part.Lower stomach hurts bad when some on it.

38 weeks pregnant, feels swollen inside vagina and hurts to have sex?

8months pregnant and my vagina hurts so bad, why?

A little bit of sperm touched the upper left side of my vagina lip. Any chance of pregnancy ?

After having my first baby i've been having pain inside my vagina and my ovaries having sex hurts using a tampon hurts no discharges or weird smell?

After I Get Done Having Sex My Vaginal Hole Down In The Tissue, Be Swollen &' Hurting, It Hurts When I Sit Down I Just Got Rid Of My Yeast Infection?

After intercourse my vagina becomes swollen and it hurts what does that mean?

After my hubby and I have sex he starts hurting from his anus (hiney hole) to his wee wee. It hurts him so bad hes almost in tears.

After pillow humping between legNow i noticed that my vulva did move closer to anus and passed perineum. I cant move now or wear jeans!

After sex it hurts to go to the bathroom and my lips become really swollen/why?

After sex my vagina lips throb and hurt. Esp when i'm standing. Why is that?

After sex, i had a swelling right under my vagina.What is it?

Been on ocps for 3 months now. Im on my sugar pills week, why does my vagina feel burn? It really hurts when i wipe. Its alil tore at the bottom too

Bulge in my vagina hurts for a while now?

Bump on outside of vagina, painful. Had one two weeks ago. Started after IUD put in. Hurts when sitting. And to touch.

Butthole ripped during sex from my boyfriend squeezing my butt to hard.. What do I do?

Can having rough sex ruin your inside? Afterwards I had a sharp pain then it went away

Can he put my penis in my rectum? And does that hurt?

Can i get pregnant by my husband cuming in my mouth and then right away putting it in my vagina or on my belly an putting deep inside myself ?

Can I use benzocaine for the inside of my vagina? Don't want my vagina to feel pain for my virginity. Or is it bad?

Can you get bruised inside after a hycosy?

Can your vulva move due to pillow humpin or holding in kegals for too long? Cuz my vulva moved to close to anus!!! Whyy helppp! This is uncomfortable.

Clit & surrounding areas feel irritated... I rub clit in a certain way & I feel a sharp pain. Vagina feels sore too. Just ended my period. Why?

Could it hurt when you put your penis in the vagina?

Could someone please tell me abit more information about this condition?

Cramps on the top of the vagina?

Discharge coming from the anus. Could this be from rough sex or from someone sticking their finger inside?

Do I have herpes? Okay, so my vagina hurts, really bad. Just the outside of it hurts, though, not inside the vaginal canal. My clitoris hurts, extremely bad, to where even if i sit it's tender and immediate pain. Around the outside of my vaginal canal the

Does trich really move around inside you?

During sex yest. The penis slipped out and rammed in between my vagina and anus and it is now bruised in that area. Should i be worried? Please answer

During start of intercourse vagina felt sore inside but got less painful during intercourse, but also feels pretty sore inside afterwards. Normal?

Ejaculation pain. I was masturbating, and as i ejaculated i felt a small pop in the head of my penis. It hurt for about a minute afterwards, not to much, but still hurt and hurt when i urinated. It doesn't hurt really now, but am i okay?

Every time after sex my vagina swells a little and hurts, I have seen the doc 2x and he says I'm good. What could the problem be?

Everytime after having sex with my boyfriend, my perineum hurts like it has been cut. My boyfriend is on the thicker side. How can I prevent this?!

Everytime i have sex (protected) i get soreness in one little spot on the vagina afterlike its being irritated. I had a look and its right at the back?

Everytime I have sex I fell burning and stinging. This has been going on since 2002. It hurts and the vagina lips swell up for days. ?

Everytime i have sex it burns and stings really bad. It feels like I have a laceration around the area between my anus and my vagina. I have been putt?

Everytime i masturbate n i bleed which i only rub my clit not putting my finger or anything else in the hole why does this happen and is it normal

Extremely sore vagina during and after sex.. Some uncomfortable burning/irritation during sex. Feels like vaginal rips painful to touch. What is this?

Finished metronidazole 2 days ago now my vagina has a swollen feeling inside?

For 3 months now my vagina has been dry. Now it is painful when my husband touches me and closed off. Please help.

Had an IUD put in tuesday my clitoris hurts and is really sensitive to the touch ?

Had rough intercourse with my boyfriend who is on the bigger side. After it hurt but now a week later it's very painful when I pee & swollen groin?

Had sex last day of period & inside of vagina is sore hurt to move , walk , etc. what could be the problem ?

Had sex last night & his penis accidentally went inside my anus. Right after it caused a serious pain in my stomach 4 more than an hour. Suggestions?

Had sex last night & his penis accidently went inside my anus. Right after, it caused a serious pain in my stomach 4 more than an hour. Suggestions?

Had vaginal intercourse last night and it hurt a little bit. Afterwards i went to the restroom and i had alot of pressure and pain in rectal area?

Had. Sex last night and when i got home my inner labias were very red and swollen. It hurts to walk and is very uncomfortable. What could this be?

Has an long lasting painfull spot on the entrance of the vagina. Pain is on felt under the skin. Hurts during sex, doctor could not see/feel anthing?

Have a bump on vagina i don't have sex but what you think it is everytime i touch it..... It stings?

Have some sort of lump inside of cervix. Hurts everytime during intercourse. What is it. I am always moist but then when hurts.

Hello I have this lump on my penis and it hurts really bad when you touch it and it can't be a STD cause I don't have sex.What else could it be?

Help, how come I have sores on my vagina?

Hey I have a small cut on my vagina and it hurts when I have sex can you tell me what's wrong with me,how to treat it and from happening again?

Hey is it normal when you louse your virginity to still hurt?I did it with my partner 3times and it was very painful. And he is very big...

Hi ! am 6 weeks pregnant and when I put my finger in vagina I feel something in the entrance. Is it normal?

Hi ! i had sex like last week on wed I have this pain when i walk or sit & I have a bump on my clit .. Is it std?

Hi i had sex on tuesday then on wednesday my vagina has been itchy and my clit and labias hurt and it hurts on the inside/entrance still hurts today?

Hi I have a bump on my lower vagina more towards the top of my anus and it doesn't hurt unless I push it and it doesn't hurt to pee or anything and when I searched this up it said herpes but I never had sex or kissed anyone plus it's not a lot of bumps so

Hi i recently noticed a lump between my vagina and anus which hurts when touched. What could it be?Should i get it checked?

Hi like 2wk ago my partner &i were having sex he hurt me at the bottom of my belly den i notice i was swollen my cervix he hurt it ?

Hi, I cannot insert anything more than an inch into my vagina without it hurting if I get it in. My periods are normal though. Opening small??

Hi, I had unprotected sex a week ago so I do not know if it is related to that or not. But, my vagina is irritable when walking and sitting. I also have little bumps on the inside of my vagina lips at the bottom,more so on one side. It only stings a littl

Hi, I have alittle bump next to my clit inside my vagina. It hurts alittle when I touch it, it's on the right side, what could it be?

Hi, my left lip of my vagina is swollen and extremely painful more especially during penetration, so i cant have sex because of it. there is no dis...

Hi, well im a virgin and i have realized i have weird veins pop out in my vagina they are mainly by my clit. why do they pop out down there?

Hi, when i start to have sex, it will hurt to get the penis inside me, almost like there is a too narrow part inside me?

How come my vagina always hurt and itch on my period?

How come my vagina feels swollen after intercourse? I wasn't dry down there either.

I had sex 4 times, and it always hurts badly. He's 6 inches but he always hits my cervix. I internally bled a little the last time. What should I do?

I accidently left my tampon in for a day or two and now my vagina hurts what's do I do?

I always get very irritated and swollen right outside my vagina during sex which makes it painful and unpleasant. What can relive this?

I always rub my clitoris everytime i masrturbate and i noticed that my clitoris started to peel and its kinda itchy but i feel no pain. What to do?

I am 23 weeks pregnant and the inside of my vagina is swollen what should i do? the out side was swollen last night and i put ice on it and it went d

I am 23, i had a sex with my boy friend, he had put his fingers inside my anus and i from past three days my stomach and back is paining back a loty?

I am a 28 yr old female who had an oopherectomy a year ago. I had sex recently and tore inside my vagina. Its been 3 days and it still hurts. Any advi?

I am a teenager & for some reason my vagina hurts & itches?

I am experiencing pain with urination. i was recently having sex and he accidentally hit the outside of my vagina close to my clitoris and so while i?

I am having pain during intercourse I have been with my boyfriend for a year and a half and recently it has started to hurt it kind of feels like I have a cut or an abrasion on the right side of my vagina so it hurts when he enters me I am on birth contro

I am not sure what's wrong .. Female issues my nipples hurt and I have had an itch and soreness on and inside my vagina, and slight bleeding.. Whats going on?

I am on a nuva ring can my boyfriend still satisfy me with his mouth ? Or will the hurt him if he touches it

I been getting this sharp pain inside my vagina and butt hole everytime I have vaginal sex. I can't pass gas or seat cause it hurts.

I been noticing every time I have intercorse my stomach in the lower part by the vaginal hurts a lot from the inside. And i get constipaded after that?

I can feel a kind of lump at the entrance of my vagina, the lump isn`t very big but when I have sex it burns a lot. Or is this because its my 1st time?

I cant keep an erection and cant get it inside my girlfriends vagina and when I do it hurts her when I push?

I don't have a IUD . My boyfriend just complain that when in enter my vagina it hurts the head of his penis n when he finish it hurt when he comin out?

I don't masturbate but yesterday while trying soothe an itch inside my vagina, I slipped my fingers inside. It felt bumpy in there. Is that normal?

I farted and it went inside my vagina is this dangerous?

I feel a bump near my vagina and i got it after wiping too hard after peeing. It didn't bleed and i never had sex. Why do I feel a bump near there?

I get a lot of .Vaginal bacteria infection and recently sex has been hurting. I stuck my finger inside myself and felt ahuge knot what could it be?

I had a baby 3 weeks ago & I had sex a few days ago. Now I am hurting in my butt area & my vagina?

I had a baby almost 6 months ago... Sometimes i get this pain it comes out of nowhere its deep inside my vagina what could it be it doesn't last long?

I had a UTI last week and now I have soreness when i try to have sex, and one side of my labia that is swollen and hurts when penetrated. Help?

I had protected sex 2 days ago and now the inside of my vagina is swollen but i feel no pain, itching, i pee fine.Whats wrong?

I had sex and now there is a soreness in my vagina. It feels likes its torn, is this normal?

I had sex around 2 am last night. My vagina swelled up during sex. It is now swollen and bruised. But vagina is purple and swollen from sex?