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The itchiness i felt after my boyfriend came in me is now only at my clit & my vaginal lips seem rough & not soft anymore. Why is that & how do I fix?

The opening of my vagina is red and sore, it's painful to have sex, it's sore to wipe. I can't get to the doctor is there something otc?

The other day I had a bump on right side of vagina it burns but went away and then next two weeks happen again on left side it burns got tested no STD or herpes what could it be I have a lot of hair ?

The skin around the head of my penis got swollen yesterday after sex no discharge or pain. It's pretty much back to normal what might be causing it?

The skin between anus and vagina is teared a little. What's that happened? I'm really worried. Do I need to Go to a doctor?

There are white spots out side my vagina not inside and i dont know why , im not sexualy active so i dont really get why this i happening to me

There is some redness on the outside of my vagina and it is soar but sometimes itches. I'm afraid to get it checked out.

There's a bump on my vagina, not in it, but next to it, and it hurts. I know it's not an SD because I've never been sexually active, and I'm only 16?

Thinking i jus have friction burn on my vagina frm hving sex , but today i woke up with 2 pimple like bumps on the lip popped them n now theres more.

This morning i woke up and my vagina was itchy; i assumed it need to be washed so i took a shower. After my shower it became very inflamed/ swollen.

Three bumps on but what could it be? Don't itch I thought would go away bc I thought it was a shave bump but hasn't went away

Tiny flesh bumps burn inside vagina , burning anal little bumps . Negative std , protected sex what is this ? No blister or sores

Today after sex i had a swollen right labia what that does mean?

Today I wore new jeans no underwear , started feeling irritation in vaginal area, went to look and saw tiny white bumps dont hurt/itch. What may it be?

Took Monistat 7 almost 1 weeks ago an my labia itching an swollen hace little bumps what can it be?

Treating bv. B4 I knew I had it I had sex with my fiancé. 2 days later I'm sore & red inside & almost seems like a rash (no bumps) Cld bv cause this?

Two days ago my boyfriend and i were having intercourse when i noticed these tiny bumps on my lower buttock. They don't hurt but i'm concerned. Help.

Two days before period. yesterday vagina was burning and painful, but not itchy. today woke up and very swollen. help?

Unprotected sex 2 weeks agobroke out with some whitheadpimple spots on my vagina now i've noticed a couple on my bikini line n flesh colored on chest?

Vagina is red sore to the touch in some areas & have a white discharge & during intercourse I have a hard time getting "wet" for bf when im aroused?

Vagina swollen feeling little dots inside vagina and itchy? Over a month late for period.Havent had sex in a few weeks.Same partner for years

Vaginal itching. I was on my period then got off .. I started itch . Then it started to burn while i was peeing. I looked at saw i was a little swollen in the inside im not sure it this is syptoms of a yeast infection im not sure. Im not comfortable goin

Vagine itching like crazy got it from my bf?

Virgin,got 2finger like(extra skin?)Each on one side of my labia majora.No itching/burning.1dt noticed a year ago. Possible I always had them.

Was fingered a week ago for first time.Was quite dry while he was in me.Vagina since has been red, sore, super itchy.Infection?I don't know:(please help

Was halfway through sex when it started to hurt slightly, noticed today that it is slightly red around the entrance to the vagina. Is this a problem?

Was kinda dry during last sex encounter. 3d later, vag still feels swollen, inflammed, and slightly itchy. No risk of stds. Is it yeast?

Well i had sex unprotected and got an uti. I went to the doctor and they said all infections was gone. I took a mirror and my area look irritated, red, and burns when i wipe with a soapy rag , but does not burn when i urinate. What could this be? They did

Well me and my gf have been having a lot of sex lately and now my penis is on fire and I think I see little bump and I know she does not have any STD so I don't know what's going on?

Went out in the woods camping for the weekend. Two days later i have little red bumps on my penis. Im not sexually active so i know it isnt an STD. Th?

Went to a nude beach with my brother and his girlfriend and she noticed vaginal bumps on me when we tanned and also some discharge how can i stop the discharge its embarassing as well as he bumps they happen shaved waxed or natural?

What are these? Hi. I have white dots at the lip of my vagina, and there are a lot of them, and they don't itch at all, they are just bumps. What is it? I have never had sex before, but I do masturbate once in a while but i stopped now. Please tell me wha

What can cause red spots on vagina after sex the next day?

What can I use for my itchy vagina(labia minora)condition started 3/7 and started using depo provera last month.There are cracks sort of which are red?

What causes bumps on lip of vagina sry not trying to be gross. Std free went to Dr . is it from shaving, periods?

What do you advise if i shaved my genitals and it hurts and itches help! asap i'm scared?

What does it mean after sex out lips of vagina a little swallon and a bit sore.Goes away in a couple of days?

What does it mean when you get a circled bump on your vagina but it's not itchy and I'm not sexually active, I'm a virgin . ?

What does it mean when you have a bump on your vagina lip and feels like a bruise but you haven't had sex?

What if you was having sexual inter course and the vagina lips went in a little. Then ever since then you started itching?then shower burn w/ soap.

What is the cause of little red cuts near the vagina area. It started near the libia, went away when i put vaseline on it, now it's closer to?

What is this? Should i go to a doctor? I'm a 15 year old girl and i found a strange lump on the outside of my vagina. I'm not sure what it is but it's been there for a couple months. Sometimes it oozes puss and sometimes it doesn't. I am sexually active b

What should I do? I am not sexually active, a virgin. I have lately been sore and itchy down there, so i finally looked with a mirror and i found whiteish sores on the inside of my vaginal passage thing and they hurt really bad! i know they arent STDs

What should I do? I've got a bump on vagina, any ideas what is it?

What to do if i got fingered now peeing blood, and have a sore vaginal area :(?

What to do if I had sex about 1month ago but I been feeling sooo itchy in my balls and my body itches all over but more my b?

What to do if I have 2 pimple like bumps on my inner labia. I had sexual intercourse with my boyfriend and my vagina hurt when I peed. what uis this?

When I started my period last week, the inside of my vagina started itching. One day I took a bath and washed the inside of my vagina where it was itching with some body wash. Once my period ended, it was still itchy. So I slipped my finger in to rub and

When im having sex my vaginal lips get a little puffy?

While bumps on my vaginia been there for awhile don't hurt got checked by doctor said not herpes what else could it be?

While having anal sex it always feels like their is a bump that gets scratched and hurts after. I have had hemmroids in the past .

White discharge all month, on sprintec started antibiotic 3 days ago. Labia has itched on n off all month. Sex makes itch goaway now red n swollen?

White spot in labia burns when urinating, no other symptoms. It has turned into a mild dent the next day. Happened suddenly, no sexual intercourse. ?

Why do I have these bumps that have been coming on my vaginal area since way before I lost my virginity(they hurt a lot)?!

Why is my vagina blood shot red, burning, and achy when i get horny?

Why is my vagina so swollen? Okay, so my boyfriend and I have a regular based sex once every two weeks. I found my vagina to be swollen and puffed outside of my lips like crazy. It's really sore to walk or sit down now. At first i just thought it might be

Woke up one morning and had a red, swollen bump on my pubic area. I know it's not a std. Is it safe to have protected sex if it's a boil?

Woman.22yo.never get any sexual act. There's something on my & lil itchy whn touch it. Whats that? Is it dangerous?

Yesterday my vagin skin was a bit red dr thought alergic gave dactacort and lactacyd it hurts today I have a ball betwen my lip vagin help what 2 do?

Yesterday unexpectedly i got anal itching and i don't know why. What could it be? Usually it itches during the morning and night, not the afternoon.

Yesterday, me and my boyfriend had intercourse. Later on that day he told me the tip of his penis hurt. He didn't say it burn or itch. Please help.