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My daughters vagina gets sore and red is she not wiiping properly?

My entire vagina randomly is swollen, it itches, burns and stings I am also getting colorless, odorless discharge , i haven't had sex recently. Help?

My friend had sex with her boyfriend about 2 days ago and found strange bruise-like discolorations on the outside of her vagina, what could it be?

My genital wart was hurting yesterday. Bubble bath?

My girlfriend has complained for a couple of weeks of her vagina being sore, raw and irritated. Any suggestions to what it could be or why?

My girlfriend has got red rashes and pimples near her vagina.What can it be and any cure for it.

My girlfriend has got red rashes and pimples near her vagina.What can it be and any cure for it.

My husband and i had kinda rough unprotected sex a few nights ago now when i wash myself its itchy and irritated also when i pee it burns a little?

My husband is 32 and for the past week has been complaining about his anus itching and this morning he looked in the mirror and it's white...Help plz!

My husband was performing oral sex and a little later when one of my inner lips became swollen and a bit itchy. Why does this happen?

My inner labia got cut when shaving, been 3 months & the cut seems to still be there.When i pee it stings a little. I don't have std's. What's wrong?

My Labia majora itching and sore I had sex with a condom a couple hours ago and now my place got itchy he's clean but what's going on please help?

My labia minora got longer after sex. It doesn't itch or hurt at all. Will it go back to normal? What can I do to fix this?

My labia minora was swollen. It went away after using monistat. Now I'm spotting. What's wrong with me? I'm really scared. No STD possible.

My left inner vaginal lip had swollen up so big after I have had sex with my boyfriend , what can it be ? It don't itch just kind of hurts a little.

My left lip,is swollen in my privte is it normal for it to be when you are on your period and it smells down there a little ?

My partner has a red nob and has a yellowy discharge left in his jokes what could it be he did have clamidia about 1 yr ago bit has never changed hes ?

My pee hole on my penis is red doesn't hurt not swollen and gf doesn't have STDs what could it be?

My penis feels swollen and sore after having sex 6 times yesterday, should I be worried?

My period ended last Wednesday and since then my vagina has been itching. Kind of inside the lips and around the vagina hole. There are no bumps. ?

My period just ended and my right labia is swollen and hurts, I have not been sexually active either.

My periods ended today n I noticed swelling of my left vaginal lip. It's soft. Uncomfortable. What should I do? I'm scared.

My redspots around scrotum & anus itch , it wasgone last 2mths with creams, i don't think is a STD because my gf don't have it in past or now?But itsback

My right labia minora is long and red ever since i had sex 2 weeks ago. And i've had sex a couple times since then. It hasn't gone away. What can I do?

My right labia minora is swollen, itchy & has some yellowish color. Plus i have a pimple on my right majora. Just ended my period 4days ago.

My sister alize is a virgin and she is noticing a lot of dark spots on her vagina lips what could this be?

My testicles tingle and my scrotum skin itches. I have not had unprotected sex. Also feels like I discharge but nothing is there . ?

My vag has a bump that hurts. Also when i poop, something bleeds but im not sure what. Im concerned but I don't want to go to the doctor. abstinent.

My vagana the inside was itching i started to scratch it and few min later it was swollen and sore now what does that means?

My vagina became sort of itchy down there and burning soarness especially when peeing. i took a pic and there is yellow blister like things there.

My vagina got itchy after i masturbated. What do I do?

My vagina has been icing and i noticed today that it's peeling on the inside of the lips. It was coming out of the inside i missed my period also.

My vagina has been itchy and iterated after the first time i had sex. And yesterday the middle of my vagina was swollen like bumps what does that mean?

My vagina has moderately itchy for the past two days. What could be wrong?

My vagina have been swollen since i've started having sexual intercorse 4 years ago. They don't burn or itch just always swollen what can it be?

My vagina is itchy and got whity spot on my underwear. When I open my legs abit, it will be smelly. What cause it ? And is it dangerous?

My vagina is itchy and one of my lips are swollen is this due to itching or sex from three weeks ago? Ive had the same partner for a year.

My vagina is itchy and stinky all the time i gave birth two weeks ago. Is this normal?

My vagina is itchy and when my bf tried to enter me it feels as if I am so dry and swollen. There is no puss or discharge. I'm not sure what to do.?

My Vagina is sore and a bit swollen,there is a couple of cuts and 2 small blisters,I had rough sex last week and it burns to urinate,?

My vagina is swollen and dark purpleish like it's bruised, but not painful unless having sex. I've had a lot more "wetness" and higher sex drive.

My vagina is swollen and irritated but not itchy and I'm in my third trimester. I will be nine months this Thursday coming what could it be or what should I do?

My vagina is very itchy and dry and sex is very painfull, what could be the reason?

My vagina itches a little bit inside but it comes and goes I had trichomoniasis last year but was treated for it. What could it be? Is it stress?

My vagina itches and is kind of painful and my clit stings, it hurts to have sex haven't noticed much discharge. I started my period. Yeast infection?

My vagina itches at first it was the outer lip but it's began to itch inside I am not sexually active though so what is this?

My vagina was very itchy today and when i went to the bathroom my labia was very very swollen. What could be the problem?

My wife feel itching and bruise in her inner vaginal lips after sex what can i do.

My wife just had a baby 2 weeks ago & her vagina is itchy & irratating .. Is this normal?

Newly 30 yr old woman notice a white spot deep in vagina no pain odor doesn't hurt to touch. Got test 3 months clean hurts when entering sex wise?

No sex in about 30/days. 5 days ago i noticed some itching and burning in genitals. Today I am noticing cold symptoms and one cut on labia. herpes?

No signs of a period i had a cold for a few days no penis been inside me. I've been kinda depressed ?

Noticed a few small flesh colored bumps on outside of vagina. Just recently started spotting and ended my period a week ago. Nothing hurts.

Noticed these bumps in vagina Sunday. Should I be concerned? Herpes, Warts? They don't burn or itch they just feel dry if that makes sense.

Ok, i shaved my vagina and the next day i had sex wit my boyfriend and was sore that day. But the next day i notice a lil sore at the top inside of my vagina and te inside of my anus is really sore. What does that mean?

On my period towards the 4th/5th day i get blisters on my vaginal lips and they are extremely painful.What can I do? I use pads btw.

On my right side of my vagina I have little pimples they don't itch or burn what can it be? I had a culture done but came out good

One side of my clit is swollen its been a little itchy for a few days now There has been some white discharge, just got off of my menstrual cycle. ???

One specific spot inside my vagina hurts during sex. Is that the g spot?

Painful bump on inner vagina , i haved shaved and had unprotected sex but i know lost STDs dont show up until after a week , what could be the problem?

Painful little bump on labia minora. Vag area a tad itchy & moist. Had discomfort last wk when I peed. Hair grew back after using Nair a few wks ago.

Painless, flesh colored bumps on one side of vagina, just started having sex with my husband one month ago both virgins before that What is it?

Painless, fleshcolored, bumps on one side of my vagina. Just started having sex with my husband a month ago. Both virgins. No other symptoms.

Played with clitt and when finished the skin next to my clitt swolled up . It never happened before what can be the cause for it?

Pregnant and having burn itchy watery itch in the outer lips of my vagina what can it be? Also ive not been having any sex so am confused.

Protected sex w/ 2 strippers this month. Dull pain in testicles for a few days. Cant tell if burns to pee. Dime-sized pink circle on butt. Std or no?

Really sensitive and red clitorus, have blood when i wipe as tho i'm ending my period, hips and top of legs have started hurting? Any ideas?

Recently had rough sex. 2\3 days later my right vagina lips are swollen? What's wrong, what do the swollen mean? Should i panic?

Recently had sex and now my labia minora is extremely swollen and burning to the point it is painful and had to stop having sex as well...

Recently had unprotected sex and a day later my penis kinda hurts and one side of the head is reddish ?

Recently over the past two days I've developed pimple like spots around my Anus and one near my vagina that are very sensitive. Prior to this I did ha?

Recently sexually active. I've noticed something sort of rounded sticking out of my vagina? It doesn't hurt, but i'm concerned.

Recently, i had protected sex & today irealized on my clit a red patch its very painful and uncomfortable should I worry?

Red bit on vaginal lip. Noticed when walking as was uncomfortable. Not sexually acTive. Caused by rubbing against my underwear???

Red lump on vulva, bled once, doesn't bother me much. Been tested before for stds. Any idea what it may be?

Red sores on inner vagina. Hurts esecially to urinate. No itching at all. Got tested for STD's when I was pregnant 10 months ago and am married. Help!

Red spot and a few darker spots on the underneath side of lips. Protected sex but unprotected oral to bf. doesnt hurt. What are they?

Red spots on labia.It hurts when pee.I went to doc&he said it is herpes.Only hv 1 bf and he often hv some in his mouth since he's small.I'm panic now.

Respected doctor my fiancé has red pimple on nipple area since four days.What will u advised?

Right inside my vagina hole burns and is really sore all the time :( under both of my flaps are really red and they burn aswell! could you tell me what this is please ? Got no std's!

Saw GYN and was told I have slight raised skin in vagina. Told I was fine, it could clear on its own & to come back in 5 months. Ok to still have sex?

Sex with bf first time he tore me inside vag. lips we sexed again-made it worse like a rugburn. almost looks like a soar. do I have herpe no other symptoms?

Shaved & had protected sex & 2 days later cuts and bumps came up and hurts when I pee

Since being pregnant my vagina is very sore and very itchy. I have cuts and sores on my vagina where i have it bed and Im scared in case of herpes?

Since few days my vagina is very red and swollen. It's also very itchy and when I finally scratch it it even starts to bleed a bit. No sexual contact?

Small brownish lumps on vagina. Not itchy or sore. Same sexual parter for 5 years. Should i be concerned?

Small lump on inner vaginal lip burst and drained and got a scab but when wiped it tingles and itches for a short period. I do not feel it otherwise?

Small red bump outside of my vag close to my leg. Recently had sex about 2 weeks w/ a polyisporene condom. Doesn't itch but hurts when i wash. Help?

So I had sexual Relations & the middle of my vagina was swollen for one day and a little tender. there was also brownish cum as the swelling went down?

So i was just doing my everyday check on my vagina and i noticed that when i pulled the lips back it was a bit red , it didn't burn or hurt?

Something broke my virgin out got it red an sore hurt when I take a bath?

Swollen labia during plus after sex. Am I too dry?

Swollen labia minora after rough sex, happened straight after and here the next morning although not as bad.. How can I make them back to normal?

Symptoms: sore throat, whiteish tongue, 2 soreish pimples on lip, and red nob of penis. Had sex 2 weeks ago unprotected is this a worry?

The 1st time I've had sex in 4 yrs with my current boyfriend.Igot medium Red bumps on both sides of my labia minora. They don't itch, is it an STI?

The day after having sex with my friend i was red itchy and irritated and bled heavily. Wasn't time for my period. Later diagnosed with herpes.

The inside of my buthole itches do i got something or is it sex and i get this really sore line in between my butcrack im a female by the way?

The inside of my vagina feels swollen/soft since yesterday. My period is due in a week's time. I am TTC. No itching, burning or strange odors.

The inside of my vagina is red and very sore. Just wondering if its serious. I had sex about a week ago is that got anything to do with it??

The inside of my vagina is swollen all the time and especially after sex, but it's not itchy. I have definitely noticed a decrease of discharge..