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I was "touched'" sexual by a family member. A week later my cycle comes on. But, when i pee it burns. And i realized that my vagina lip are reddish?

I was with a guy & he fingered me & used Ky Jelly for the first time. Next day my inner labias itchy & clit is red & looks inflamed & kinda hard. Why?

I woke up because my penis felt itchy. It is swollen at the area below the head. Stopped itching after i washed but still swollen. No recent sex.

I woke up with a terrible itch in my vagina. I found out my right labia minora is about five times the size it should be. It wasnt like this ystrday?

I'm 18 & gave birth 4 months ago. The other night i noticed my vagina lips (the inner ones...Vulva?) are bigger, like they're swollen. Why?

I'm 20. Not vergin. I just noticed that My perineum is teared. No bleeding. It's like a cut. I'm really worried. What should I do?

I'm 20/virgin. The inside lips of my vagina turned almost black less than a year ago and never changed back. I can't afford a check up.Possible cause?

I'm 3 weeks postpartum and clitoris is itching. When i got undressed, i noticed it was very swollen and red spots on my pad. Is this an infection?

I'm 9 weeks pregnant last few weeks I've been breaking out what are these bumps?

I'm a female my perineum is red and raw with no sores or cuts. It has happened in the past and has gone away on it's own. Should I worry?

I'm a virgin but my bf fingered me and when I peed it stung so I checked and my vagina lip on the left is swollen . What do I do? What's wrong ?

I'm concerned because I have swollen burning vagina/ has had sex recently?

I'm on the Depo-Provera shot I been spotting for over a month now, I been wearing pads and now I have cuts on the clitoris and white bumps. What can it be?

I'm pregnant 7 months pregnant and for the past 2wks I have been experiencing itchy bumps on my butt and around my anus?

I'm pregnant & for at least a month me & my boyfriend been having rough sex everyday. 2 days ago I noticed a bump towards the back of my vagina & it hurts & looks infected. I've also noticed a change in discharge. Only itches/burns after urinating ?

I'm pregnant and i've had yeast infections regular , i've noticed small bumps on the inner lips of my vagina now and they itch. Cud i hv hsv?

I'm sexually active , i noticed these bumps after i shaved on my vagina they don't itch or hurt what could they be ? Help i'm very worried

I'm starting to get this reddish goo stuff in my panties ever few days after my period and i'm not sure what it is and my vagina opening feels tender ?

I'm worried because my does my vagina itch so bad, what do you suggest?

I've been having inner vaginal peeling and a pus-filled bump. No burning, barely noticeable itching. No unprotected sex. Could it be Herpes?

I've been having itching feeling about half a inch inside on my vagina wall in one spot it's mild itch comes and goes tested for std and all clear! ?

I've been sexually active. Now am having to deal with an itchy vagina and it seems swollen and red. What could be wrong?

I've got an itch like sensation on my penis. I don't have STDs so what could it be?

I've had a big lump in vagina for 4-6 months, sore, irritated outside area. Recently had unprotected sex, bled for a week afterwards.

I've had a red bump under my clitoris hood for about 4 months now. I went to my OBGYN and she gave me some cream but it's still there?? What do I do??

I've had a small sore on the opening of my vagina but it's gone within a week should I be worried? It's dissapered now but just worried

I've had an ichy vagina (inside of lips) since Monday and it keeps getting worse.. What can it be?

I've had this bump since forever that is inside my lip. It doesn't hurt and i'm not sexually active. What is this?

I've had unprotected sex with a girl the other day. Just noticed some scabs have formed on my shaft. Doesn't hurt to touch or pee. First time happenin?

I've never had sexual intercourse, I woke up a few days ago with a swollen clitoris and now it's red and itchy what could it be?

I've recently had sex and now i've got a itchy redness forming, don't hurt to pee but the skin around the tip is irritated?

I've taken MDMA a few times but the last couple of times I've been getting a really itchy, sore vagina which burns when going too the toilet, the itch?

I've this itchiness in the genital area for some time. I got it at the gym I used to go. It become all pink and bleeds When scratched. Please help!!

Ihave a itchy bump on the foreskin of my penis i don't know how i got it will it go away i'm a virgin and i just got it yesterday i'm worried i'm 17?

Im 16wks pregnant and I have a rash around my anus it doesn't itch at all. Just feels raw. What could it be? Should i be worried?

Im 19 nd i had sex no condom I have an itchy sensation down there nd my discharge isnt white. Wen i urinate it doesn't burn. Im usin Monistat 3?

Im 6 months pregnant. After having sex 3 days ago i noticed that my right labia majora got inflamed and experiencing vaginal itch that irritates me?

Im a very clean person I shower daily and shave every 2 or 3 days . Recently I had protected sex and about 2 days later I started experiencing some itching I wouldn't say inside my vagina but more like on the outter part like under my clitoris also where

In aprox 4 hasent had a period w/ a discharge & tiny like blisters in one area of vagina lip ...What's the problem?

In less than 24 hrs of unprotected sex i notice 3 boils or hives in my public area.One went away, one dried up, one had white pus. What is it?

In the middle of my vagina the lip is really swollen and tough havent had sex and all i did was scratch it, do i need to go to the docter? Is it bad?

Inside my buttocks I have a sensitive lump but there is no pus in it and it came my last period at this time also. What is it?

Inside of vagina puffed up after sex, should I be concerned?

Irritated vagina. No sex(virgin) have veen using baby oil. pink and sore. was very painful during oral. but is slightly better but need it gone asap! ?

Irritated, sensitive, red clitoris hood, what could be the problem? I have had no sex by the way.

Is it normal for sex to be a little painful during pregnancy, got checked a week ago no infections but still painful i'm 14 weeks pregnant?

Is it normal for your labia minora to be brown/swollen? It doesn't burn itch or hurt. It was swollen and brown after i had unprotected sex.(1 year ago)

Is it normal to itch inside your vagina while on your period? I have a little bit of itching down there. I use tampods so is this normal?

Is it possible for you to get red open sores on your vagina from masturbating?

Is it possible to get clear bumps in the inside of your mouth during period time?

Is it safe to use neosoirin on the outside of my vagina like between the lips. I just got a bartholins cyst popped a couple days ago and it's itchy?

Is this and STD hi, I have an important question the last week or so my vagina has been very itchy and its starting to hurt when I have sex with husband and now i just found a little bump in the inside of my vagina what is this?

Issue of vagina sometimes occurrence of blister, lump and discharge, spots of bleed. Unhealthy uncomfortable feel of vagina?

It been about 24 hours. My labia minora was swollen & sore after a couple of hours after sex but now it has calmed down. I need advice please..?

It kind if hurts to wipe after urination. Slightly red around labia minora and feels off. No other symptoms. This started 2 weeks ago before period.

It's been a week since I last had sex and it burned when I peed, and now there are red bumps around my clitoris that are tender to the touch. Help?

Itchy above clitoris and between external and internal it's red/irritated and itchy. Comes and goes but mostly when rubbed against. Tests neg for std.?

Itchy and sore bump on vagina on the inside 24 F not sexually active what could this be and what can I do ?

Ive had many tiny pink bumps around my anus/vaginal area for 2-3months,no pain,no pus, tried popping them and they bleed, what is this?!

Ive recently noticed and felt the irritationfrom this coming up on my penis what could this be? It appears to be an open soar/light skin tear.

Ive taken mdma a few times, and the last couple of times my vagina has been really itchy, sore and burns the day after/while coming down.. Is this nor?

Knowtist what i think 3 pimples near the top of my vagina it doesn't hurt, can it be just a pimple or herpes? Havent had sex exept oral

Ky lube anal infection? I had sex sunday & when he used KY it burned my inside & stool. Came up thursday i see bumps around anus, it hurts 2 poop now

Labia minora swollen after rough sex and its red but it has been 6 hours and is till very swollen. Is there anything to be done for it?

Labia swelled during pregnancy & sex was painful. 6 mos post csearean, swelling gone but labia longer now & sex still hurts. Am I normal? Remedies?

Last night I had oral sex with a friend. He also fingered me, after the sex I noticed something in my vaginal area was extremely swollen. It's huge and this has never happened before. I also noticed a scratch down there. My area does not itch nor have I b

Last night I had rigorous sex, but today, my vaginal area is sore and feels kind of swollen. Is this normal or something I should be concerned about?

Last Saturday my boyfriend gave my oral and fingered me and I have these red dots below my clitrous and they don't bother me at all I'm just wounderin?

Lastnight during rough sex i got a little dry, today i noticed white toilet paper looking skin peeling on my inner lips. What should I do? Help!

Lastnight i noticed red spots on my inner thighs just after having sex with a new partner. we used a condom. and now my vagina's starting to burn ?

Lately I have been having an irritated vagina after sex, sometimes little bumps or cuts. Is this serious?

Left side of clit&hood a bit red&sore/itchy wen touched no weird discharge/odor cud hand sex(2 weeks b4)be d cause?Happens randomly, shud i worrywhat2do?

Long white sore looks like blister on perineum from anus to vagina, went to toilet lots today, sore is painful and feels puffy, what could this be?

Masturbated hard while dry and bled profusely which stopped in half an hour. Now my vagina is itchy and red with white skin coming out.Is it healing?

Me and my boyfriend had sex Sunday night and I noticed I had a cut or something in my vagjna. And what looks like sores... can you help?

Me and my boyfriend have had sex and my vagina started to get sore when i looked i saw that my right labia was swollen what could it be?/can i do

Mild itching and redness on the inside of the lips of the vagina. had intercourse today & thr were 1-2 drops of blood when i peed.shld i be concerened?

My 13 year old daughter has pain on her vagina. It has a few pimples that can be burst and is red raw. She hasn't has sex. What is it & how to cure?

My 13yr old son woke up yesterday to a swollen and itchy penis. What could this be. He is not sexually active?

My 5 year old daughter constantly has a sore red vagina dr said common in that age not wiping well but no suggestions for prevention? What can I do?

My anus itchea so much .around my anus as well.. My left labia and right.. It started n dec 2014 and continues until today some days are worse?

My bf & I have started using new condoms could this be the cause of painful bumps and itchiness.Or is it something more serious? I have tiny bumps on my vagina that hurt sometimes but not always. I just recently noticed them and in particular it is only o

My bf and I had sex 3 days ago, and he rubbed my clitorious quite roughly. I now have a painful red sore right next to my clitorious. What could it be?

My bf rubbed my clit, it got swollen and irritated now I have little sores on my libia what is this?

My boyfriend and i decided to use some lube, and afterwards, i got red bumps/blisters on pubic area. Been tested and was clean. Allergic reaction?

My boyfriend and i had sex last week. I saw a deep bruise just below the opening of my vigina a few days later boils appeard on my vulva ?

My boyfriend and I have fooled around every other day this week and now my vagina/clitoris are very raw and almost itchy feeling, what to do?

My boyfriend and I have had sex before. The first two times were normal, the third time we noticed blood. It doesn't hurt, burn, or itch. What's wrong?

My boyfriend finished on my face when I told him not to, and semen got in my eye and it's irritated and red. What should I do? He doesn't have STD

My boyfriend gave me a hickey the next day there was a bump on the hicky. What is it? Is it herpes ?

My boyfriend has been complaining of itching on his penus right below the head i just got STD checked last week and am clear any ideas?

My boyfriend's dirty finger grazed my inner labia, and now it's swollen and itching, what's going on?

My cervix is red and swollen after fingering. What should I do?

My clit is very itchy should I be worried?

My clitoris has been really sore after some private time with my girlfriend two days ago. it looks normal but it hurts.

My clitoris is red and itchy ever since I had my papsmear about a week ago and he put a cream in there I'm wondering if that's not the cause of the it?

My clitoris is very itchy and kinda sensitive to touch. I went to the doctor today and he said I had a slight UTI. Would that cause itching?

My clitorisis is always turned on. What can I do?

My cycle is on but my vaiginal is feelin sore and itchy inside why is that?

My daughter is 14 and has been complaining of puss filled bumps on her vagina what should. I do she is not sexually active?