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Herpes? Unprotected sex, itchy bumps on vagina where i shave for couple weeks, itching stops when put shea butter on it, no pain, no burning, no fever

Hey doc so i shaved my vagina 2 days ago after that i was fine today i noticed flakes a little dry i used vasaline and im not sexualy active?

Hey umm lastnight getting out the shower I touched my vagina and my eye and have a bump on my eye do I have herpes?

Heya ive been wifh my partner for 5months and ive just noticed 2 white pimples on my penis. Should i be alarmed. They dont hurt or itch?

Hi ... i never masturbate and i have never had sex but recently ive been getting pains in my clit when i wear tight pants and my labia minora is sore?

Hi doc i am ateen and do scratch my vegina and has sores when i pee it hurts the sores. white thick poss is around it .i do not have my period as yet i think ihave an inection . please respond?

Hi I am a married woman and recently just before my menstruation i noticed a small bump inside on the left lip of my virgina what could this be?

Hi i had protected sex on jan 18 and got a vaginal tear. Noticed little red and white bumps few days after. Turned into blisters. Infection or herpes?

Hi i just recently had my baby on christmas. And I have noticed two weeks ago that my labia majora has begun hurting badly. What should I do?

Hi i m 21, single, student, 5.2 nd 75kg. I saw a dark purple bump under left lip of my vagina and when i shaved it bled but with no pain.

Hi I recently have shaved and then the past few days been having a rash from my perenium to my anus and it doesn't hurt or itch till I pee or poop?

Hi i recently look at my vagina today and im only 20 and never had sex and inside my vagina it is black and i was wondering why its like that ?

Hi I think I may have got an std but I'm not sure, I have an appointment on Friday but the itch and burn is killing me I don't know what to do. The next day after we had sex is when the itching and burning when I use the restroom began Nd now it just itch

Hi there i ended my period 2-3 days ago. After that i noticed my bottom part was flaky, i showered and washed as usual but i noticed peeling?

Hi we used lube during sex a few days ago the next day I noticed redness in two spots and bumps what can I do to make it go away. ?

Hi, for some reason when I have sex with my wife i've been getting these some water like bumps on my penis and its painful and itches, what is this?

Hi, for the last 2 days inside my vagina was itching a lot. Today only a sudden white tick long discharge came out in one go. Please advise. Thanks?

Hi, i got a symptom in my penis area that are : itchy and sometimes felt sting (not always) inside, just had unprotected sex last week, wht is this?

Hi, i had sex last wednesday, and the area around my vagina feels really raw and tender. Its not itchy as such and theres no discharge. What is it?

Hi, i hv an ichy clitoris. what could be the cause?

Hi, I'm still a virgin but I get yeast infections frequently and in late January I felt a little wart on my perineum. I'm a little worried.

Hi, I've been getting little white bumps inside my vagina. When I asked the doctor said I'm allergic to the condoms that I'm using, could that be it?

Hi. My boyfriend is complaining for the stain on his underwear. Its likely green and his penis is itchy inside. What should it be?

HiI have 4 white bumps on my inner vagina and I am worried. I also have a heavy discharge. I've had this for the past 2-3 days. I am a virgin, help?

Hii, my vagina has been really itchy, sore and swollen up the last 3-4 days, and i got a lot of 'cheese cottage', ?

Honestly I am way too scared to see a gyn. doc. I have swollen inner vaginal lips but idk what to do. please help. I have monastat. ?

How bad is it if the inner labia stayed swollen after sex?

How do I know if I have never had problems like this before. But i got extremely swollen lips (labia) after sex . What happened?

I accidentally got nair on my clitoris it started burning but its stopped . How would i know if myvaginal is infected?

I am 16 going on 17 and I have never had sex. But the lips of my vagina are sort of peeling I guess you could say and I don't know what's wrong.

I am 17 year old woman and hav itchy lumps in my vagina?

I am 19 year old virgin. And today I noticed the lips and cliterus of my vagina are darker compared to the rest of my vagina. Is this normal?

I am 24weeks preg. Is it normal for my right inner vagina lip to be swollen?I wore tight bikini bottoms most of yesterday an had intercorse last night

I am 7 months pregnant &my husband gets small itchy bumps after we have sex that go away after a few days what could be the cause ?

I am a female, never had sex but lately been getting extremely itchy bumps on inner thighs that come and go, what could they be?

I am a virgin and it is unbearably itchy down there. What could cause this? I'm a female.

I am barely getting off my period and I notice a red bump in my vagina. I noticed it while shaving in the shower. Is this just a normal boil/pimple?

I am concerned about an irritated spot near my vagina on friday night i had sex for a few hours (after several months of no intercourse) and started feeling irritated during the sex. I was very dehydrated. It felt like irritation on a very specific spot.

I am female. 5 yr ago to now kinda reoccuring alot itchyness then scratched alot blurning no pain noticed or sores noticed..herpes?

I am pregnant and I have noticed some bumps in my vagina.What could they be?

I am red and itchy on my labia with slight white on it. My dr prescribed diflucan (fluconazole) and it did not help. My husband recently shaved and this happened ?

I am sexually active, idk if I should be concerned bc I get these itchy bumps on vagina area but only itchy when hair grows back. What could it be?

I been having a mild itch in my vagina for a few hours now on & off.. Should i be worried or is this sometimes normal?

I been having lymp node for yrs on my vagina I notice a pink boil on my vagina don't hurt .having unprotected sex 2yrs my fianc%E9 have no bumps or this herpes .help?

I can feel two small rough bumps on my palate a day after oral sex to my boyfriend, just a little red or pinkish, for 2 days already. What can it be?

I constantly get big painful vaginal bumps that come back every week, and have had them for the last 2 years, and only been sexually active 3 months?

I don't know if I have a STD or yeast infection please help :( okay for a couple of months the inside of my vagina itches really bad even when I sit down it itches worst earlier today I noticed a little blood spotting when I used the bathroom. It don't bu

I dry shaved n a cpl hrs later had sex w bf, the next morning i woke up very itchy, i felt a hard lump on outer labia. I was checked for STDs n was -?

I feel lump size of egg down on the side of my vagina. Its itchy, burns during sex. Im 12weeks pregnant. What could it be?

I felt some small bumps in my vagina, i'm not sexually active. Just had a uti. Just started bc for pcos. Bump near the bottom of my vagina is senitive?

I found a single red bump on my vagina. It's slightly irritated to the touch and I've been more wet for the past 2 weeks. I shaved this morning and noticed it tonight. My partner and I both get oral cold sores, and I've been monogamous since June. ?

I get a bump on my vagina or on my lip every month when my cycle comes on. What could this be?

I get burning sensation in my vagina, it started with my clitoris and it itches , I saw blood when washing there yesterday,what is wrong?

I get sores on the vagina...Which started way back when i was still a virgin ...What would it be?

I get this pimple on my vagina i squezze it turns into a sore then scabby nd flaky comes and goes every so many months my boyfrend had it 1st on penis?

I got a bump on my vagina. It's been there for two weeks and today it started to hurt so I looked at it and it was bleeding and now is really sore?

I got a sore on my vagina,&it paining also some black sport outside my vagina,it like warts&white discharge is coming,,i need help,I m breastfeeding.

I got my period for the second time in a month and my labia minor is swollen. Should I be worried?

I got red bumps on my vergin by my butt going up I dont wat it is nd like a white discharge is coming out of me it also hurts when I touch them or wip?

I got unprotect fellatio from a girl 5 wks ago. There're no clear symptoms yet. I just noticed my meatus look like a lip & red a little bit. Any Std?

I had a baby 6 weeks ago and yesterday i noticed i could see the inside of my vagina why? I took a shower and noticed my vagina was opened up

I had a chemical burn on my vagina last week, now I've noticed a few lumps on my vagina shall I go back to doctors?

I had a cold sore and got oral. The next day got tingling sensation and discharge in my vagina that had to be itched so much 3 days later i had a sore?

I had a cyst on my inner vaginal lip i took antibiotics & it's not itchy or hurting anymore but now it burns when i pee in that spot looks like a cut?

I had a histerectomy in january 2015 and i am swelled like i am pregnant i dont know what to do?

I had a skin abscess in my vaginal area next to my clitoris, I got it drained a month ago..well I recently had sex and I fear it's back I can't feel o?

I had a viginal irrigation, I went to the doctor before I went I had sex the morning so it was more irritating. She looked and said it look like herpe?

I had aggressive sex a couple of days ago even my girlfriend said her vagina was sore today in the shower i noticed whitehead like bumps on my penis?

I had an odd pain on the opening of my vagina after taking my tampon out which turned red &itchy the next morning could this be an allergic reaction?

I had bumps on my vagina i went to doctor n she said I have HPV but now I have red spots that bleed sometimes what is this?

I had got a little cut on my vagina by my thigh and I had sex and we were all sweating and it like kinda burned but went away. Can I have an STD?

I had intercorse with my husband last night and my vagainal lips swelled and caused me a lot of pain is this normal?

I had intercourse a few hours ago .I look in the mirror at my vagina and it a swollen purplish lump on one side. Sex wasn't rough or dry, help?

I had one white bump next to the opening of my vagina. Stayed about 3 days now is totally gone but i noticed a light burning sensation. Is it herpes?

I had oral sex & immediately after, My throat hurt and it was swollen I took a closer look and I saw a small tear did his penis rip my throat?

I had oral sex a couple of days ago and today I noticed a little bump on the inside of my vagina. Its not itching or anything , cyst or herpes?

I had protected sex Sunday morning and noticed two separate red itchy pimple like bumps on outer labia the next day. Should I be concerned ?

I had rough sex with a condom, it was latex free because i am allergic to latex. The following day i noticed that my vagina was sore (still is), burned when I urinated, inflammed, red and had 2 pimple looking bumps near the opening of my vagina. I went an

I had rough sex yesturday ten notices many bumps around my vagina later that day, what is it ? I'm worried it is an std

I had sex 2 years ago with 5 different guys. And I'v been haveing discharge, and there are a few little hard bumps at the bottom of the vigina. I can ?

I had sex about 4 days ago and it was a lil rough then after i noticed a couple of blisters does that mean its herpes?

I had sex and i also shaved using a dull/old razor. Day after shaving noticed two bumps on vag. They're flattish and yellow. Theyre a little sore STD?

I had sex and little white balls came out my vagina. It doesn't itch, burn or hurt. And I'm on birth control. I have the IUD placed in my uterus. ?

I had sex last night and afterwards when I got up to use the bathroom I saw that my vulva was extremely swollen. Very abnormal looking and sore. I'm w?

I had sex multiple times with a guy, I started getting very itchy on my vigina, I started noticing strange bumps,very small. They're all over. Help?!

I had sex with my boyfriend about a week ago & now I have bumps. On area around anu/ opening. Flesh colored. Only a couple. Don't hurt, just itch!?

I had sex yesturday and now the opening to my vagina is either swollen or has a bump. It does not hurt or itch just a bit uncomfortable. Should i b co?

I had sexual intercourse yesterday and today my vagina has been itchy, burning, red, and i have skin peeling even near my anus what does this mean?

I had unproctective sex a week ago & my vagina has been itchy burning & I have little red bumps inside in my vulva & i started my period what can it b?

I had unprotected oral sex with a guy and the next day he started having redness of the pee hole, discharge and a red bump inside but no

I had unprotected sex &went to the bathroom after. I immediately noticed my labia &clitoris had exploded! swollen 10x normal size. What is going on?!?

I had unprotected sex a week ago. Now i have a vaginal tear isnt tht bad.Also i have some bumps or ulcers.They hurt?

I had unprotected sex a while ago and got a red bump on my vagina, it went away but now there's 4 more. it hurts a lot and I'm afraid it's herpes?

I had unprotected sex about 4 days ago and now I have clumpy discharge itching and some areas appear to be swollen should I be worried and go a doctor?

I had unprotected sex and right after it felt itchy when I peed. My inner vagina lips itch a couple days after and my eyes are red. Partner itches too

I had unprotected sex with a female & a red/pinkish bump/went appeared on my penis & jus went away... ?

I hav got a sore vaginal and got a cut there aswell what can it be it is sore and red ?

I hav had something above my lip piercing it discharges all the time i clean it and everything i think it's been goingon for a month now what is it?

I have 2 red bumps on my vagina. I haven't had sex in a long time. I was recently treated for chlamidiya. The bumps are itchy and they burn. ?

I have 2 sores on my vagina and they are bleeding badly, could they be herpes? It's almost like a period.