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17.never had sex. But I noticed that it stings a bit when I pee. And it stings when I wipe. And I noticed there's tiny cuts on the lips. Help?

ago 1tiny cut showed up on clit hood it itch and kinda burn all of vagina and rcut bled went to doc didn't think it was herpes cause herpes no cut?

. 4 days ago i got my period so we only had anal sex now I have a painful bump the size of a dime between my vag n anus what could it be?

0 doctor answers: i have been getting blisters on my vagina, and recently I have noticed a slightly raise brownish dot. I am not sexually active but i'm worried it could be something serious

1 flat like sore on inner labia minora Burns when touched Not herpes Appeared 3 weeks after sex with husband 4 days after menstral & 2 days after shav?

1 flat like sore/cut on labia minora Burns when touched Not herpes Appeared 3 weeks after sex with husband 4 days after menstral & 2 days after shavin?

2 red sores on penis immediately a lot of sex. The sores didn't ouzo or crust over. Went away in a couple days. What could it be?

2 weeks after having unprotected sex i started had itchy feelings over my body. Now i've got a red bump on both forearms and below belly button. Hiv?

21yr old,virgin.masturbated jus before periods(crossing legs),heavy white discharge,totally red when checked in mirror ,prickling n burning sensation.

28 weeks pregnant urinating many times at night. Feet get swollen and red sometimes what can cause this?

2wk since period. Shaved vagina w/ soap & next day had itchy/sensitive vagina+light discharge, brownish & no odor. Sex w/ bf = small red dots on penis?

3 days ago, I briefly gave oral sex to a man I am no longer in contact with. He did not ejaculate. Today, I have reddish/yellow bumps on the back of my throats and red veins are very visible. It does not hurt to swallow it I can feel the bumps.

32 weeks pregnant, & my vagina is very itchy has been for about 3 days now! & feels kinda swollen also burns! Any ideas of what it could be ? Normal?

A day after sexual intercourse realized my left labia majora was swollen like a ball.What could cause this?Any home remedy?Use heat pad?Its been 4dys.

A few days after my period ended, my vaginal area started to burn and get really itchy. But I do not have any discharge. Help! It hurts really bad! ?

A few days ago i had safe anal sex. The day after i noticed swelling right inside anus and there has been a yellow butter looking discharge. Am i ok?

A few days ago my partner was fingering me and afterwards my vagina was very swollen. The next day it wasn't swollen but there was some white discharg?

A few days ago, I had rough sex with partner and now I realised that my vagina is itchy,puffed up and red. What may this cause these effects?

A few years ago i noticed my clit ripped a little after sex and now ive noticed its like ripped all the way up, its sensitive and i want it to heal...

A red boil on left vagina lip has appeared out of nowhere. Have been given amoxicillin and am using bacterial cream- Painful when I walk or pee. Help ?

A woman gave me a blowjob last week and a couple days later the tip of penis (hole) started buring and my balls are tender. They are a little red?

About 3 days ago I had sex with my fiance I ejaculated inside her. Her vaginal area is now red, itchy, swollen, and painful. What can cause this.

Afte sex my husband got 1 red and painful spot on the side of penis. What can caused this . We also are try to concieve?

After having sex with bf, i noticed a hard pinkish-red ball-like object poking out of my vagina. No latex allergy. Normal swelling? Will it go down?

After having sex with my boyfriend i noticed a red spot on the opening of my urethra. After a few days it goes away. No stis. No pain at all. Ideas?

After having sex with my boyfriend, my inner left vaginal lip swelled up and turned purple/black and there's yellow crust? Around it? Rough sex cause?

After i got out the shower my vagina became very red itching& watery & Was Swollen bad i could barely walk but tested negatve for std why this?

After i had sex with my gf my head of my penis got red and sore and itchy and was getting white stuff around it also my foreskin became very tigh?

After I shaved and started to use a cleanser to brighten between my legs I got some black bumps around my vagina and anus. Is that bad?

After I shaved and started to use a cleanser to brighten between my legs I got some black bumps around my vagina and near my anus. Is that bad?

After my boyfriend and I had sex, I noticed this hard, pinkish-red ball sticking out of my vagina. Is this normal swelling or should I be worried?

After my last intercourse with my bf of 2 years i developed swollen red vagina with white soars. It also burns when i pee. Any idea what this is?

After my period, the inside of my vaginal lips becoming dry and itchy. Went to a doctor and they said there was no infection, but I still have it.

After sex a week ago my vagina was swollen and bleeding a little, since then the inside on my vagina is itchy with small swollen lumps. What is it?

After sex i had an extremely itchy clitoris mainly after showering. Vagina is swollen at the opening and it's sore. I took Monistat but it didn't work?

After sex i noticed that my virgin lips are swollen and very sensitive. This morning i now noticed that I have white chunky discharge. Whats going on?

After sex my vagina got swollen and then the next day i had sex again and it start to burn like if got bruised in one side of my inner vagina lip. Why?

After sex my vagina lips get extremely swollen and burned, why?

After sex. Vagina was swolen, uncomfortable, and had little like scabs on Libya minora. Now it hurts to pee and I have brownish discharge when I whipe?

Boyfriend noticed a couple small lumps inside my vagina. Hard n under skin. I've never noticed , no pain, and ob never said anything. What could it be?

Boyfriend saw lil red dots on penis. No itchiness. Pharmacist told him he has nothing. Even thoug girlfrnd had a yeast infection. What r the red dots.

Breakout of acne/rash on one butt cheek & where the seems of my underwear go on the inside of my thighs right next to my vagina. Should I be worried?

Brownish looking blood started to come out my virgina and my virgina is itchy anf burns?

Bump on labia. Haven't had unprotected sex. Swollen and hurts like a pimple or something. Should i worry?

Bumps in vagina that itch& hurt after using monistat3 its the 4th day since i finished m3 & its still itchy&today i see bumps in my vagina?

Bumps on my vaginal and they itch sometimes, blister, puss, and bleed. They leave scares afterwards. Never have been & not sexually active. Any ideas?

Can a UTI cause vaginal bumps? I recently got diagnosed with a bad UTI and no i woke up with a pimple like thing on my vagina just on the outside.

Can friction from sex cause blisters on a vagina.. They don't hurt and they aren't red they just itch really bad. Me or my fiancé have ever had herpes?

Can masturbation change how vulva looks? make lips and clit bigger and darker? i noticed that since i started. also can a doctor tell if i masturbate?

Chalmydia i've sex march 8th now. My body has rash all over it and. My vagina has. These bumps on it. And. Ita kinda itchy i'm really scared?

Could herpes be in my vaginal canal bcs it only hurts during sex..otherwise it burns a tiny tiny bit when I pee but beside that there's no

Could i be allergic to lube after me and my boyfriend got.Done having intercourse my vagina was very red irritated and hurts a lot?

Could i be allergic to lube after mr and my boyfriend got.Done having intercourse my vagina was very red irritated and hurts a lot even just by my pant?

Could masterbation by "humping" random things damage your vagina.Is that why my lips are kinda wrinkly and saggy? And a lil discoloration?

Couple weeks ago I had unprotected sex with my partner a few days ago I felt bumps near my vagina wall. aren't painful nor itchy look like white Cyst?

Cut my anus shaving? Or Herpes? Recently sexually active. Two small cuts. No discharge. Sore from wiping and hurt when I pee. Help!

Day3 period,vagina very itchy, labia minora nd area around clitoris & lips is very red very and itchy.been like that 4 days.used daktacort nthg hapned?

Do herpes or an std bleed? I have a couple bumps on my vaginal area, they don't hurt but I did pop one and it started to bleed, Nothing else came out.

Do I have an std? I had sex for a few days and wasn't experiencing anything and now I have itchy, swollen, sore lump inside me, it's bloody and chunky

Do I have an std? I have these red pimples on in my vaginal region. They aren't exactly on my vagina though, they are around it. They don't hurt at all and i didn't even know they were there until i looked. I've only had sex with one guy, and we both took

Do I have genital herpes?! I have no bumps but my vulva is bright red and itches like crazy. This is the second time since I've had sex.

Do I have herpes? I had oral and vaginal sex sunday then monday i noticed a red bump right on the edge of my lip. It was really sore (as most of my pimples have been since i went on birth control). I tried to pop it the other day and very little puss came

Doc i shaved my butt inside around the hole i got pimpills and it itches im not sexualy active?

During my period , i was kind of itchy around my urethra opening. And now thats its done , it still itches . What can I do at home ?

During the sex , the skin on my pennis peeled of and started burning.this happened to me fo?

Ever since sex yesterday, my vagina has been hurting a lot. Today I noticed it's painful to urinate. My vagina and clitoris are both red. What to do??

For about two days i keep getting these yellow sores near my vagina but i woke this morning to two yellow sores on my vagina.. I have recently shaved?

For the last couple of days my hymen has been really itchy and my labia is abit swollen! what could be the cause? No discharge at all!

Found lump entrance to vagina got 2 months ago not sore but im pregnant and its only come since i found out what is it and what's the cause?

Gave birth two months ago and partner fisted me now I think I have prolapsed, sore inside and feels bumpy and very itchy?

Got a bump on my vagina and it stings and itch plus it comes and goes on same spot what do u think it is even when I walk it hurt can it be herpes?

Got a sore/blister next to my clit it's not painful or itchy it was caused from friction due to French pants will it affect my pregnancy I'm 7 weeks?

Had anal sex with my bf it hurt to poo i looked up an thnk I have a fissure now today i saw three marks at end of my vagina it's redish with white dot?

Had intercourse and condom got pretty dry but continued. Started to hurt and i noticed my inner labia near vaginal opening is all swollen? Cause?

Had laperscopic hysterectomy Monday now sat and my vaginal area is red itchy and swollen. What could it be ?

Had protected sex but vagina smelt bad. Shaved myself b4, but seem to have just red, itchy on testical, possible tingle. Got a cold soon after. STD?

Had protexted sex.Not even a day later it burned when i urinate, and one area of white pus or mucus. It's just on one side the size of my pinky.

Had rash on vagina and it stung when touched but vagisil on it and it went away and stinging stopped what could it have been ?

Had safe sex & oral about 5 weeks ago. I recently got a red spot on the head of my penis. I had pain in my right abdomen & groin a week ago. Thoughts?

Had sex 6 times ever and this past time was very painful and i started bleeding bad, now sore, spotting, skin hanging out of vagina and hurts.

Had sex and it felt like my vagina got tighter now my vagina is red ad sore and burns and is itchy boyfriend is clean. On my period. Yest infection?

Had sex last weekend, developed a UTI. Yesterday noticed little red bumps down there. Could it be something serious. We are both sure we are STD free?

Had sex w a dif kind of condom. 2days later got a rash, itches so bad doesn't burn when I pee. But tiny red dots all over. Herpes or just an allergy?

Had sex with husband on3/5. Outside of vagina and around the opening has been sore and itchy every since. Why? What do I do?

Had unprotected sex and started feeling ill the next day. 3 days later I found 2 small reddish spots on my groin which became small scabs. Herpes?

Have a bump on right side lip of my vagina stings and itches so bad when I sit down it stings more I didn't have sex in year what can it b?

Have a small red lump on the inner lip of my vagina. Only feels sore if touched. Am a virgin no sexual activity of any kind. On my period. What is it?

Have blisters that itch really bad on vagina. Don't bleed or hurt. And have discharge and I'm pregnant and worried. What could it be ?

Have couple of white "zits" and red irritated scrotum. Have not had unprotected sex. just bought Lotrimin, (clotrimazole) going to try. Worried it is herpes?

Have red spots on my vagina (vulva)i get them when i get my period. Don't hurt and not blisters . What could it be. Haven't had sex in 3 months.

Have seen docs, not std. Itchy patches on labia that came and went w/ period. Now have been there for a bit w/out going away and do not itch. ?

Have small cauliflower looking bumps on my outer libia that itches. I don't have sex n I'm currently on my period while experiencing it?

Hello I was wondering how to take care a boil on your vagina? I'm not sure its a boil but that's my guess since its red and big round bump on my inner lip of my vagina and it hurts bad. I am a very clean woman and have no diseases at all nor does my husb

Hello Dr Brian, I Normally Dont do this kind of thing but today i got out of the shower and decided to exam my vaginal area and noticed a black spot on the inside of my vaginal lips. I have never seen it before and it does not itch, or smell, its not rais

Hello dr..My right labia minora is swollen and itching very badly...I am going to get my periods by next week..?

Hello I've had rough sex about a month ago and started noticing pimple looking bumps on my shaft it started off with 2 in sepreate locations of the sh?

Hello, I am 37 weeks pregnant and I noticed a sore bump on my labia. It only bothers me when I wipe. What can I do to make it go away?

Hello, I have had a really bad issue with swelling, redness and itching inside my vagina, I went to my doctor before it got bad and was tested for std?

Hello, I've got small white bumps right by my pee hole. I tested negative for any std. They hurt then touched kinda burn otherwise. ?

Hello. I have a question. At the beginning of this week I felt that I was bitten sowmthing in my vagunal Area. Wednesday I noticed it was very itchy and on Friday I checked and saw how I had many bumps around the opening and inside of my vagina. I went to