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1 week before period I get a tender feeling inside pelvis and around anus- INTERNALLY. Feels like a pressure in or around anus, what could it be? :)

13 yr old daughter says under her clitoral hood feels like air bubbles come out of it sometimes what could cause that sensation?

14wks pregnant.Cervix has always been low inside my vagina to where it's easy to touch.Tip of cervix is closed but I feel an opening on the upper side?

19 weeks pregnant it literally feels like a buzzing or vibrating feeling inside of my vagina. It comes in 3 or so second intervals 3 sec on 3 sec off?

21 weeks pregnant, sometimes i feel wet in my vagina but it is not lik flowing/tripping it is simply when i touch/wipe my vagina , i feel wet.Is all ok?

23wks pregnant and having a itching feeling inside vagina does not burn when going to restroom but does feel a little raw when wiping ?

24 weeks pregnant, is it common to feel a scratch-like feeling from the inside of belly? I've also felt it before ovulation - like a scrape. What is it?

2days, felt like bubbles in vagina. Couldn't expel. Still feels like something stuck. Hurts, feels sore. No sex. No other (known) issues... Help?

8wks pp from c-sec & I noticed I have this weird sensation inside my stomach it's not painful hard to explain it kinda tingly inside is that normal?

A lump inside my vagina,if i put my thumb in the lump is like inside back wall. Is this muscle, end of rectum or poop? I push it w/no urge tI poop.

After sex my vagina gets sore, then a small burning sensation then it gets itchy inside. And when this happens most of the time I feel small cuts.

After urination it feel like some fluid is moving inside urethra but not outside. No other symptom. Is there anything wrong?

Anus hole feels weird like there's something there but there isn't anything virgin no anal sex could it just be hair I'm feeling ?

Anus is itchy feels like something it moving around outside anus?

Are there any muscles in vagina coming from inside and conected to vaginal opening? Nd when you bear down u can feel them cming out a lil on ur finger

Bartholins Cysts keep coming back i had sex and now it moves up to my lips on my vagina it hurts, and when i squeeze it, it feels like liquid inside?

Bleeding and feeling like a ball coming out my vagina i'm over 55 years old?

Can a B12 vitamin make your vagina feel numb and tangling?

Can a cyst make it painful to insert a tampon..also it feels really dry on the outside of vuvla and its causing cracks skin which bleed sometine?

Can I feel my uterus in week 10 , lika a little bump?

Can the feel of inside the bowel change? If so is something to be worried about? Sometime need to insert finger to get poo out.

Can urine leakage into your vagina happen to any female ? can it make your vagina feel uncomfortable if you got urine inside of it ? How does it feel

Can you feel the end of the vagina with fingers ?

Certain times of the month intercourse is painful because it feels like my cervix is getting hit. Why isn't this?

Condom stuck inside vagina. I stuck my finger inside but couldn't feel it. Everything still feels swollen. Help plz!

Could i have perforated my bowel by wiping inside the anus?I feel kinda weird after it,and it feels weird down there.Since I've had 1 normal bowel mov

Could veet harm you like can it go inside ur vagina?

Cyst burst under skin and I can feel the insides of it and I feel sick.

Does in a 7 weeks pregnancy sometimes I feel like nothing inside. Is it normal?

Does pregnancy causes the vagina to swell? I am 18 weeks and 4 days, i feel like my vagina is softer and seems to be swelling. Is it normal?

Does your vagina inside feel different throught the month im pre ovulation and it feels like something is poking out a bit and i think it gos after ov?

Dr. Kurtz, sometimes after sex I get irritation inside my vagina. I feel like I have to pee. It is awful!

During masturbating, sperm felt like it was stuck inside my penis head. what does this mean when that happens?

Elbow feels all liquid-filled (on the outside, it feels like there's a sack of water on the inside), what to do?

Embarrassing but lately my vagina sometimes makes noises. What in the world?

Ever since my appointment on April 3rd and having my cervix checked, my perineum has been sore to the touch and raw feeling, any idea why?

Feel a pinching pulse in my vulva area. Also feels like something stuck up there. Begins normally after poop. Watery discharge too?

Feel like theres something stuck in my vagina and its itchy. What could it be?

Feeling of a foreign object in vagina and sitting hurts and feels like it's in my stomach what is this?

Feeling wired when insert my finger inside vagina. Seems like something hard pushing from d front side of vagina. No pain. But what exactly is this?

Feells like I have sores insiide my vagina walll. That itches

Feels like period is here but when checked, no blood and inside of vagina is dry?

Feels like something coming in my vigina, clear discharge and when i press on top of my vagina i burb, what i's wrong with me?

Feels like something cutting or tearing inside vagina and urgency to pee?

Feels like something is coming out of my vagina, the opening is very wide. What could this be?

Female, feel like I have a swollen urethra, feels swollen inside and hurts. Recurrent uti's. What should I do?

For last 2 weeks my cervix has been really low, i can feel just a finger tip in. Feels hard also and there is greyish discharge. What is it?

For prolapse when they say "feel a bulge" at end of day is it meaning feeling it outside the vagina?

Got Mirena IUD yesterday; vagina feels like it has air bubbles coming out & I can't get a finger in to check strings cause its swollen. Normal?

He pushed deeply inside me. I feel a bit hurt during and after entercourse. What should it be? Is that normal?

Hello, so I'm having a little discomfort inside my vagina . i had sex for the first time about two months ago and now out of the blue in having discomfort and kind of a burning feeling. I am a bit worried and stalling to see my doctor because I don't kno

Hi I feel something poking out of my vigaina I'm not sure weather it's hymens or something else?

Hi I have a pulling sensation inside my vagina so i feel uncomfortable can u help me actually what the problem?

Hi there can smegma irrated to u & make u feel sore?

Hi there, I went to take out my tampon this morning and it wasn't there. I've felt around inside and couldn't feel anything. Not sure if in my cervix?

Hi. Is it normal that after masturbation on a woman she feels her vagina a little bit swollen? Thank you.

How can I tell what my uterus feels on the outside?I feel beating and a small circular bump when I press down on my uterus could It be a baby or ovary

How come i can't fit a full finger up my vag? It feels like i all of a sudden hit a wall

How do I know what my cervix feels like?

How does a hianal heina feel?

How does the feeling of inside of the vagina look like? Is there any difference between its feeling and male masturbation?

How should the vagina feel ? What is abnormal how should the vagina feel inside how can I test it myself and know something is wrong !? I

How to make vagina tight and taste?

I am 20 weeks pregnant & it feels as if sometimes I have little air bubbles come out of the vagina. Is this normal?

I am 22 weeks and feel pressure in my vagina, won't let me walk with my legs closed. When baby moves I feel it in my vagina too what does this mean.

I am 37 weeks pregnant and the top of my abdomen gets hard and i get an uncomfortable pinch like sensation in my vagina. Could this be a contraction?

I am 8 weeks pregnant and can feel something inside my vagina when i put my finger up there. Is this common?

I am a virgin and i can't even get my finger up my vagina. It feels like its blocked by a bone. What should I do?

I am experiencing a raw hot feeling inside my vagina while having intercourse?

I am feeling that the inner lining of my vagina is swelling so tell me that what is the reason for that,,,,,,,,,,,,,?

I am having rush on my vagina should I be worried?

I am having soreness/ rawness on my vagina when I wipe. I have been sleeping a lot and feel sick what could this be?

I am so constipated my stomach hurts and inside my vagina u can feel the poop protruding almost like it's going to come through the wall help?

I can feel something at the tip of opening of my vagina . On touching it feels tender like tip of nose or ear. What could it be ? Is it serious ?

I can feel what feels like little air bubbles coming out of my vagina. Sometimes it stings a little. What would cause this? It happens quite a bit

I can get my finger about halfway in my vagina but then I feel like I can't go further in because theres some sort of wall blocking it?

I feel a ball that i can move around inside the vaginal lip should I be concerned ?

I feel a lil lump on my cervix what is that?

I feel like a small tail inside my vagina, coming doen my cervix, its hard, what can that be? Im 9 weeks preg.

I feel like i need to pee frequently, and unpleasant smell when peeing. Inside my vagina is itchy just at the entrance. Its uncomfortable, what is it?

I feel like my cervix is being bumped during sex. Only when he's on top. How do I fix this? It's been going on for a while

I feel like my penis is burning from the inside and dripping some liquid. Is this considered serious?

I feel pain on my outer part of vagina what is it?

I feel pressure in my uterus. my baby just turned one and it feels like kinda tight inside even after I use the restroom. ?

I feel pressure inside my vagina. I'm not on my period, it just feels heavy inside there. Why?

I feel slight pokes on the inside of my stomach i don't know if im pregnant what can this be ?

I feel something hard and elongated inside my vagina. When i touch it leaves a bad smell on my fingers. It has the texture of like sponge. I am 46.

I feel something inside my pee hole?

I feeling burning during urination & after that hole the day feel like cuts in my vagina what I should do ? Please help me its very painful for me my

I felt 2 sm bumps middle finger length in vagina. When pressing feels like I'm pushing anus. Normal? No pain

I felt like something was going to fall out my vagina, i felt and realised it was my rectum bulging into my vagina. what would cause that?

I get this weird sensation in my anal area I just got to the bathroom cleaned with baby wipes and still itching.It's a feeling like when yougetpinched?

I had a baby nearly a year ago and just had tears no stiches but everytime I have sex it kills down below feels like its ripping inside? Could you hel

I had a hysterectomy and I have the mesh for leaking bladder feels like something is coming out of my vagina?

I had cuts around the opening of my vagina for like a week. They was starting to feel better but then started hurtin again could it be herpes?

I had sex 3 days ago and I feel like I'm leaking from my vagina?

I had vaginal sex 2 days ago and now I have an acheing pain in my vagina and feel pressure in my anus like i need to poo what is this?

I have a few bumps inside my vagina. I obviously can't see them, but can feel them. It's almost like a pimple feeling. Is this normal? Thanks!

I have a fleshylump up my vagina. I doesn't hurt. I can feel where it starts but when i can't feel when the lump ends, itjust blends in with the walls?

I have a growth inside my vagina, blocking the passage way ouch! Spongey soft but too swollen to get a finger in it hurts, feels like an anus. ???