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I had unprotected sex for the first time the next day I noticed a vaginal odor and a little discharge,redness and itchiness is this a yeast infection?

19 yr old female experiencing burning, itching, smelly and sometimes clearish white discharge. It's been 6 months. Never douche. What is the problem?

2 months abnormal white discharge w/out burning or itching what's this?

20 weeks pregnant. A lot of milky discharge, foul odor, terrible itching, bumps around vaginal and anus opening, and cramps. ?

3 or 4 years white heavy sometimes chunky vaginal discharge? White/crusty on underwear. No itching or redness, sometimes fishy smelling. (female)

36 weeks pregnant and my vaginal area itches a lot al night, there is some white odorless discharge ?

6 week pregnant.Having itching in vagina and white discharge can be cause of itching?.

8 year old has milky dishcharge from her V and her V is red. No itching or burning no foul smell. Can this be a yeast or something else? How to treat?

A 1 time yellow discharge with a little burning when urinating is this a sign of infection ?

A clumpy white discharge w/ vaginal dryness is always yeast, right?

A foul onion/tomato scent from vagina during/after sex is a sign of bv? I have no itching/burning/or pain...Only white/lightyellow hue mild discharge

A lot of creamy vaginal discharge, fishy odor, itchy vulva, and two pimples on my vulva that also itch and bleed when I scratch.. Is it yeast or bv??

After sexual intercourse my finance, notice a whitish, thick, rubbery discharge , I have no odor, no itching/burning. My cycle just ended 3 days ago. ?

After wiping vaginal notice beige /yellow discharge on tissue what could it be?no STDs no itching or burning.have frequent trips to bathroom.

Always Vagina & underwear odor if i dont shower for 2 days. Slight burning too. Is this infection?

Am having vaginal whitish discharge , is not offensive, no itching, no redness of the labias. But worried i don't know what this is.Please help.

Am i allergic to the lube or mild yeast infection? Slight itching but no bad odor or lots of discharge. The itch is not constant.

Appt scheduled but having vaginal discharge, slight odor & bad itching/burning around prepuce of clitoris but no burning when urinating, STD maybe?

Been having itchiness in my vaginal area for about 2 ish days now, with a little discharge and a little cramping no odor, is this a sign of pregnancy?

Been having slightly thick yellowish discharge for a few months now. No burning or itching. Only a slight odor. What could it be?

Blisters, itching, burning on vagina.and pee smells bad?

Brown discharge, very light to no spotting, lots of burning/irritation/redness. Could it possibly be yeast without the white stuff?

Brown discharge, very light to no spotting, lots of burning/irritation/redness. Is it possible it's yeast without the white residue?

Brown vaginal discharge for 7 days, slight bleeding, burning for 3 days, what could it be?

Brown vaginal discharge with no discomfort or odor, happening for about 3 weeks, what is it?

Burning sensation while urinating. Also have redness and clear vaginal discharge. What could it be?

Burning, itching and watery smelly discharge pain during urination.(since january ) v.D or yeast infection.?

Burning, itching, clitoral pain, white clumpy disharge on clit, greenish yellow discharge and when i wiped it was pink jelly substance, pelvic pain?

Can I have STD if I have clear discharge and no foul smell but a burning sensation?

Can i produce white discharge during sex? No itching burning etc

Can yeast infection cause burning? She complains about labia burning and she has a white discharge with a slight smell. What else is this?

Can yeast infection cause spotting? there is no itchiness or burning? Or is it not a Y.I?  All I have is watery discharge with small "clumps" no smell

Can you have a yeast infection with just white thick discharge? No itch or burning

Can you have a yeast infection without usual symptoms (pain, redness, itching)? Just much much more (whitish, milky) discharge?

Causes of smelly, itchy skin odor?

Causes of yellow discharge with no odour, no burning/itching, no pain?

Clear watery vaginal discharge for last 2 weeks (no odor no pain dries white) Had unprotected sex before this. What is it?

Clear white odorless watery discharge, itching burning as well 21 years old sexually active please help?

Clear, thick, odorless,vaginal discharge, along with some itching. Just had exam, no STDs, not preg, just uncomfortable. ?

Clit is itching in a weird burning way. No odor or discharge and no sexual activities. What could be the issue??

Cloudy discharge from penis with internal itching?

Clumpy odorless dicharge pain during sex and slightly itchy?

Could i be pregnant and have a yeast infection ? Red vag , itch , cramps , pinkish red clumpy discharge, nausea, fatigue. Please help !

Could the thick white odorless discharge and itching and stinging in my vagina be thrush?

Do I have a vaginal infection? Clear watery liquid, foul odor, had symptoms for 2 weeks, slight burning and itching, not sexually active getting worse everyday, burning sensation.

Do I have a yeast infection? I'm experiencing white vaginal discharge, usually it's smelly, it doesn't burn when I urniate, but it causes itching.

Do I have an STD? I have no itch in vaginal region, a smell sometimes but no pain, sometimes thick white vaginal discharge, vaginal discharge everyday

Do you think you can give me an idea of what i have? odorless yellowish vaginal discharge accompanied with itching.

Does stress cause vagina discharge and itche? I experience this a lot but the discharge and itches comes on and off.

Does yeast infection involve clear/milky discharge from vagina and stinging itching?

Dr Ca i get green vag discharge from yeast infection? Discharge has no smell, no itching and no burning.. Sometime vag pain is there.. 17 weeks preg

During intercourse I have a white discharge. This is the only time it is present and it doesn't itch or have an odor. What is this?

During ovulation, I have vaginal itching associated with the clear mucousy discharge. Could discharge cause irritation/itching? (Not an infection)

Entrance of the vagina has been itching for 2 days.There is no change in my discharge and no urine pain just itching. I'm worried. Please help.

Every time I have my period about 3-4 days after .. I have a foamy white discharge with no burning or itching .. It's just agrivatong .. why ?

Experiencing vaginal itching not out and around but inside itching accompanied by cramping and mild discharge. Im clean and wear cotton undies.

Experiencing vaginal itching, vaginal dryness, vaginal yellow discharge worsened by unprotected sexual contact, only burns when I pee if irritated, ?

Extreme redness in the vagina ? Lots of white discharge? What can this be?

Faint Yellow discharge with no burning or itching. Also no Odor, could this be a yeast infection?

For 14 months I have a fishy vaginal smell, thick white discharge, and vaginal tearing/cuts every week healing in 1-2 days. What is the cause?

For a few months I've have vaginal discharge almost everyday. It doesn't really smell. No burning, swelling or itchiness. Not pregnant. Take birthCon.

For a while now I've had a odor discharge & i used vagisil for a little while. There is no burn , itch or redness. But can I do for the odor ?

For the past week my vagina has been itching and my discharge has been watery and white with a slight smell..what could be wrong?

Foul smelling with creamy white discharge from vagina but no itching or pain (not sexually active). What's wrong?

Had HSG exam and 3 days later of yeast like symptoms vaginal burning, discharge. Is this normal for exam? I have a lot of burning and discharge

Had itching,swelling,pain with the white cottage discharge odorless.Did Monistat 7 (1 day left) symptoms cleared up but I itched, & itching came back?

Had sex a week ago and now a day ago and now getting clumpy white discharge. No itchy or burning. Std?

Had soreness on outer vagina that turned into itching. Now having yellowish milky discharge with no odor. Is it likely an infection?

Had unprotected sex a few weeks ago. A day later, I've been having symptoms of itch, yellow discharge but no odor. Now i have a slight rash. Help!

Had vag itch irritation after last period. Now soreness itch irritation only when vag is rubbed or wiped. Clear watery mucus discharge no fishy smell?

Have a milky discharge no burn or itching but a slight odour/smell. What could this be?/ causes this

Have about 4 or 5 white bumps on clitorias. Not much itching but do have vaginal discharge.

Have had milky white discharge for about a month off and on. Don't seem to have an odor, burn or itch. What could this be?

Have vaginal itching and brown discharge mixed with white. What could this be? Itching gets very annoying.

Having a lot of clear watery discharge with no odor but itching in vaginal area...what could this be?

Having a lot of creamy not itchy not burning no pain discharge on vagina before during and after ovulation why?

Having a slight amount of vaginal irritation, itch. Clear watery and white crusty discharge in underwear. No strong odor to discharge or vagina virgin?

Having clear, odorless vaginal discharge, no discomford is that normal? Could it be an infection?

Having slight vag and anal irritation and dryness. No discharge smell just watery discharge that turns white and crusty. What does this mean? Virgin.

Having smelling jelly like white and yellow vaginal discharge with itching and backache .is it normal or is it infection?

Hello today I saw I had a lot of white chunky vaginal discharge. No itch, odor, swelling, pain, or anything just the discharge. Is something wrong?

Hello, I have noticed after sexual intercourse I can smell an odor similar to cheese, and it will last a couple days after. I have no itching/burning?

Hello. Experiencing thick really yellow discharge that is "caking" up once I touch it. No smell but have been experiencing a lot of itching. Help !

Help docs? I'm having vaginal itch and dryness, burn and cloudy urine and smell after intercourse?

Help! I have burning vagina with pink redish brown discharge and a burning feeling when i urinate?

Hey... What can a fishy smell to the vaginal be? No itching or burning or no uncomfort in any way

Hi having a lightyellow discharge with no smell and burning sensation aroundthe area mean I have yeast infection?

Hi I have a cloudy discharge and it smells down below but I have no pain or itching can u give me any advice please???

Hi I used a Monstat 7 cream but I have a lot of white discharge and brown streaks in my panty. No itchiness or smell.

Hi, I seem to be experiencing vaginal burning after urination accompanied by a vaginal itch. There is a slightly bloody discharge without an odor?

Hi, I have a fish like odor to my menustration blood. This has never happened before. No burning, itching or discomfort, just foul odor?

Hi, I have no pain , no odor , no itch, but my discharge comes out clear and dries yellow. Is that normal?

Hi, i've recently have been experincing wierd vaginal itching white discharge, burning while urination. And irritation around cliterous.?

Hi.. i have these light brown vaginal discharge accompanied by foul smell and cramps no itching or other things just that. please help me.

How long should brown vaginal discharge last if there is no smell, itching of burning?

I am 12 weeks pregnant and I have a white cottage cheese consistency discharge with no burning or itching?

I am 21 and a virgin. My vagina discharge is very abnormal smetimes it is greenish yellow or whiteish like cottage cheese there is no itching or burn?

I am 40 weeks pregnant and started having vaginal itching. My discharge has increased and is milky white with no odor. My vagina is also red and irritated also. What can I do to relieve this discomfort?

I am experiencing abnormal vaginal discharge (quality: lotion like discharge and some Oder no itchy,burning,swelling or rash) .

I am experiencing abnormal vaginal discharge without any itching or pain during urination?