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'i''m seeing painless white discharge from penis just after urinating?

"2 months ago noticed white discharge in my underwear. Doesnt look like cottage cheese, like lotion. No smell, no burn, little no itch, never had sex?

"i had realy rough sex yesterday and now I notice two large white patches on both sides of my vaginal opening and whitish discharge. What could it be?

2 days after yeast "vag inserted" meds, still have white discharge, and entrance sensitive to touch and swollen inside

2 months ago I noticed white discharge in my underwear. Doesnt look like cottage cheese, like lotion. No smell, no burn, little no itch, never had sex?

2 months ago: noticed white discharge that can be best described as lotion. Little itch, no burn, no smell. Tried y. Infection treatments, nothing.?

2 weeks ago itchy and inflamed genitals, along with smelly thick cottage cheese like discharge, it has now turned watery no more itch, what is wrong?

23 weeks pregnant. Yellowish, sometimes slightly watery discharge. Teeny bit of the watery part ran down my leg. No itch or odor. Is this normal?

3 weeks ago I had itching, swelling and a thick whitish slightly yellowish vaginal discharge. I took pictures of it since i couldn't see it. I noticed a small sore on the inside of one of the inner lips of my vagina that looked like a bug bite with the he

36 weeks pregnant white discharge with tiny bumps of white in it & very itchy and red what could this be ?

A lot of clear thin vaginal discharge. 3-4 painful "cysts" or bumps on the outside area. Very itchy. Smells terrible! Any OTC or suggestions for this?

A while ago I developed a white clumpy discharge, itching, small bumps, and a strange scent. I'm six months pregnant, and I don't have an STD. Help?

A white discharge, flaky like stuff were my pubic hair begins and a lot of itching in my vagina. What is wrong??

After having sex, experienced slight pain/soreness, now vagina/vulva is inflamed and very itchy. White creamy discharge. Otc antifungal or doctor?

After my period I noticed a vaginal itch. I opened the vaginal lips, in the crevices and noticed that it was so dry and kind of pink. Why?

After sex I usually notice a dripping white odour running out of my vagina why is that so.....a whitisg substance.Like a day after?

Alot of discharge recently it is thick and white and very itchy! a small odour. Have been applying over-the-counter canesten cream. Any other tips?

Are white flakey/clumpy spots on outer part of vagina a symptom of a yeast infection? Are there any other conditions that cause this?

Around my vagina is getting dry, white discharge coming out the vagina, doesn't itch or stink. Can it be a yeast infection? What should I take?

Bad odar .yellow/brownish color dripping from vagina? Not itchy

Been having a thick murky itchy yellow discharge. It itches at the area right outside the vagina. It doesn't itch bad. Just a bit of irritation.Help?

Been having weird Vaginal discharge, thick looks and smells sperm-ish, no itch or redness , 11 days ago was the last time I've had sex. Normal??

Been using metro gel for 2 days. Now I have a white tissue looking discharge. Is this normal? When will it go away? It does not itch or smell.

Between my butt crack there's this area that has discharge. I Scratched it a while ago and it's never healed. Discharge is yellowish or blood & smells?

Bottom and vagina itchy, a white discharge, help?

Brown dry discharge from vagina. Not burning but irritated. What is wrong with me? Freaking out

Bubbles of skin, normal flesh color, doesn't hurt and not sore- in my vaginal hole ( no where else but in vaginal hole) super wet down there. ?

Build-up of whitish film with a yeasty smell around the outside of urethra (f) no pain?

Burning and itching on the outside of the Vagina and a smelly discharge coming from the inside, doctor what could this be?

Burning labia majora. No discharge. No odor. Feel relief when i shower. Sink is pink (not red) no lessions or pimples?

Burns when i pee i got a yellowish discharge medium red bumps around my vagina they look like sores that be in your mouth and has weird smell ?

Can fordyce spots spread, get larger or contain a discharge if squeezed (vaginal area)? They itch and discharge smells foul but not vaginal discharge

Can small amount of odorless white thick mucus & white crusty vag discharge in underwear with irritation itch soreness be a yeast infect or bv? Virgin

Can you show me how a vaginal discharge will look like and which area doea it come in the vagina ?

Clear watery discharge and itching on left areola, no one knows what is wrong. Cream does not help anymore. ?

Constant itchiness and redness on vagina, white stuff inside vagina, on and off for 9 months, what could this be and how can i cure it?

Creamy white mucus inside vagina and top of cervix, increased need to pee, slight itch. Uti or...?

Currently having 2 lumps at my labia 1 is painful, the other is not. Am also having cottage cheese like discharge with some itching, should i c doc?

Currently having 2 lumps at my labia, 1 is painful, the other is not. Am also having cottage cheese like discharge with some itching, should i c doc?

Currently having 2 lumps at my labia, 1 is painful, the other is not. Am also having cottage cheese like discharge with some itching, what could it b ?

Dark spot outside the labia minora? No symptoms just vaginal discharge.

Discharge only kind of yellow only on toilet tissue not on my finger. Doesn't smell, itch, or burn. What is this?

Do I have a yeast infection if brown discharge comes out of my vagina and it is somewhat itchy? It's not that itchy, some-days it is and others it isn't, but every single day this brown discharge comes out of my vagina when i wipe, i haven't seen a doctor

Do not have a dscharge or a cottage cheese look on my vagina but im having a burning feeling on the outside of my vagina noticed after antibiotics?

Doctor? I just woke up randomly with white on the tip of my penis and has a cheesy smell... Is this smegma or something else?

Does a red spot be in underware from a bv?

Does Metrogel produce large clumps of tissue paper like, crumbly discharge from my vagina. I wipe my vagina and this is what be on it?

Does yellow discharge mean I have a yeast infection with a small oder and a small tiny bit of iching?

Dr. I've been having white discharge and i'm not quit sure what it could be it doesn't itch, it's not red around my vagina? What can it be ?

Dry (bothersome) around the outside of vagina region. White thick discharge. Doesn't stink. Can it be a yeast infection? On day 2 now.Thanks!!

Every time I take off my knickers towards the top they are wet. Also a milky discharge from urethra. What could this be?

Excessive vagina discharge which is milky white but slightly thick without pain but itching once in a while only when touched.what could this be?

Experiancing penile tenderness and irratation, and there yellowish white junk under foreskin. Should washing help or is it an infection?

Feeling an itchy irritation coming along, i don't douche, so i stuck my finger down there and i had chunky white stuff in my vagina. Any suggestions?

Female22 5^2 about200pounds. Noticing more white chunky type discharge in vaginal creases near clit&inner lips/minora look clammy/scaly with red&white?

For 2 weeks I have itchy, red vagina. In mirror it's inflammed. Also very snot like discharge not foul smelling. Has not responded single dose pessary?

For the past couple months i've had this white, clumpy like fluid from my vaginal area. No smell, no itch. And it's a lot during intercourse. Help me?

For the past few days my vagina has produced a lot of white tissue like discharge and its very itchy and possibly swollen, what is this?

Fordyce spots spreading/swelling? Is a foul smelling discharge normal when swollen ones sometimes squeezed?

Get sore and irritated in vagina after having a poo. Also watery discharge?

Good morningMy vagina has been really irritated. There's no smell or discharge, but it's itchy and when I wipe there's soft skin peeling. Please help?

Got a blister on my labia after rough sex now have yellow brown discharge?

Grey discharge, red, swollen, itchy, burning vagina. What are the most reasonable causes for this?

Had an itchy clitoris and an unusual amount of yellowy-whiteish discharge from vagina, any ideas of what this could be?

Had protected sex 5/18, 5/20 I had itching and a cottage cheese like discharge. Vagina is swollen with tan discharge and scars under my clit Pee burns?

Had sex 3 days ago and now I am experiencing swollen vagina, itching , an odor and brownish/red/orangish blood and burning when i pee. What could itbe?

Have a lot of vaginal discharge, not a foul odor but its different, and have a few white spots on "lips" but they do not hurt what could this be?

Have an itchy feeling around clitoris and lips not inside smelly discharge or burning while urinating? Is this a yeast infection?

Have had irritating itch around clit area on & off few mnths. Rest of vagina doesn't itch. Also have fowl oder discharge. Tried Monistat didn't help. ?

Having lots of discharge that looks yellowish and he not comes out it feels like i'm peeing myself ? Am i having a yeast infection . No itching thoug

Having a yellow discharge when wipe and up inside when put tissue up vagina of blood. What is it and what can I take? It itches some and some pain?

Having a yellow discharge when wipe and up inside when put tissue up vagina of blood. What is it and what can I take? It itches some and some pain?

Hello doc i m 21 having cottage cheese whitish discharge and it iches alot simtimes my vagina burns and it peels .wht to do ?

Hello doc, i'm having a yellowish smelly discharge from my virgina and it itches so much, then swells if i succumb to the itching. Im so scared. Help?

Hello I had a question before I actually went to the doctor, over the last week in a half I have had a heavier discharge that is white and thick and I also got a rash between my vaginal lips that is red and scaley with what looks like little white pimples

Hello I have been having a thin white sometimes yellow discharge that does not burn or have pain. No swelling just slight redness Inside vagina.

Hello sir,there is some bad irritaion on my corona of pennis and it has become red and there is some discharge.pls help?

Hello, my husband have yellowish dicharge from penis, and dry itching skin in the groin. What disease can it be?

Hello. I had a burning sensation when I urinated and then I noticed that I had white flaky discharge. But it seems to be going away. What could it be?

Help! red discharge from penis. Is this serious?

Help! yellow vaginal discharge, excessive wetness and slightly swollen around vaginal opening. Worried?

Herpes ?Small red bumps in my vagina theres slight itchiness and it burns when i pee theres no discharge no smell and when i put cream im fine

Hi i had slight itching down in my area but no odor and have not seen any discharge that looked different. Now it burns because i rubbed it what do I?

Hi I have a red penis it really hurts. It smells yeasty and burns when wee. A creamy thick discharge is coming out please help ?

Hi I have been having itchy vulva for the first few days and now yellow chunky discharge and the itch have been affecting my sleep?

Hi I have clear discharge comeing from my penes there no red or any then like mmm is it a sti?

Hi i just notice a small white bump on the inside of my vagina it doesn't hurt at all doesn't smell no discharge doesn't burning when i pee?

Hi I'm 19 weeks pregnant and for the past 3 days my inner labia has been itching no funny discharge nor smell, it just itches?

Hi I'm having some serious vagina itching, around my libia and on my clitoris and when I wipe it's little dirt like particles and blood sometimes?

Hi im 29wks pg & outer vagina is swollen. No smell to clear/white discharge, only itch when it gets hot (to touch) not sure if blood flow or infection?

Hi there does smegma cause itching & will it clear up after having shower?

Hi, a day ago i woke up and had an itching and soreness in my vaginal opening i looked and inside it's like whitish i'm very nervous what could it be?

Hi, i think I have a vaginal infection, its very dark and wrinkly, am still 16 and virgen, it smells &it is red in the inside not light pink! please help!

Hi, i'v noticed that for about two days i've had a white vaginal discharge.. It does itch a bit and it's a bit red. No odor though, what could it be?

Hi, i've been having an irritation in my vagina and feel as if there is a splinter in there. There has also been some yellowish discharge. ?

Hi, I've been having discharge with a foul odor. Also I noticed to tiny white bumps only on one said of my vagina inside , it hurts if I touch them ?

Hi,last night when i had sex my vagina hurt so much that i had to stop, what is that? what should i do? There is no itching but white creamy discharge

Hi. I am 17 years old & embarrased. I have a very small bump on my labia near my clitoris. It itches very bad. I have no smell, & no vaginal discharge?

Hood of clitoris has been hurting/itchy, almost feels like skin is ripped. Stringy/mucous-y brown-yellow blood discharge. 18yrs virgin.

How come i see a yellow discharge after i apply a vagina cream?