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2 pill chlaymidia treatment finished. bleeding after sex. discharge for years. lump came but disappered in a week doctor said it was normal help?

9th day after my period I saw brown stringy discharge got treated for chylamdia a month ago I'm fine no PID could this be apart of my cycle ?

After being treated for chlamydia will the vaginal bleeding after sex soon heal ? My doc said i had an irritated cervix guess it was due 2 chlamydia

Am i supposed to be spotting if i was treated for chlamydia on wednesday?

Am taking PID treatment and I am getting brown discharge. Is it the medications?

Are cramps and discharge normal after taking azithromicin to treat chlamydia?

Been having green yellow discharge went to docs did a chamydia and STD test came back with BV very itchy after treatment went for another swab yeast ?

Before my insurance ended i was treated for a yeast infection. Since then, i seem to still have it as well as a tinted disharge as well as a tinted discharge, constipation, and pain during intercourse.

Bleeding after sex. discharge yellowish/a lot for years now. had thrush and chlaymidia treatment and all symtoms are still happening. confused?

Brown discharge after having chlamydia. Took 2 pills for infection 3 days ago. Can this mean pid now? Have not been sexually active since I found out

Brown discharge after protected sex then uti symptoms. Took antibiotics for uti But still have discharge.Supposed to get period but haven't. Pregnant?

Can bacterial vaginosis cause bloody discharge? I had BV & it's now a month after previous period. I'm using Mirena (levonorgestrel).

Can chlamydia cause a delay of your period coming and cause brown discharge? Ive been treated and chlamydia is gone now. Also i dont have pid.

Can chlamydia cause missed period? I been diagnosed with chlamydia recently and not having my period for 4 months.

Can excessive masturbation cause a seminal discharge, and if i was treated with a gonnoreah shot & doxcycline, will this discharge go away it 2 weeks now?

Can taking antibiotics from due to having Chlamydia delay my period? signs is no period, i had a redish Stretch like discharge urinating more

Can tampons cause bv? I just got rid of it and then I got my period a day later and now I have BV again! I have never had this problem before.

Can Tb cervical lymphadenitis affect fertility? Is is possible to have genital TB simultaneously? Periods normal. Only thick white discharge noticed.

Can you tell me if there are still suppose see discharge after being cured for trichomonas?

Cancer unlikely?Doc saw dark discharge mentioned PID, but just got off period. Had BV & yeast, but cured. Tested neg for STDs and HPV,not sex. active

Chlay treatment finished. other STD tests came back negative. bleeding after sex for three days straight and discharge could It be cancer or serious?

Chlaymidia treatment completed. still have discharges and bleeding after sex maybe this is not to do with a std? give an answer other then Chlaymidia

Chlaymidia treatment finished. discharge constant. bleeding and cramps after sex. please help. I don't want it to be nothing more then a STD.

Chlaymidia treatment finished. other STD tests all negative. STILL BLEEDING AFTER SEX AND DISCHARGE. I'm worried as I've had bleeding for awhile?

Chlaymidia treatment finished. still bleeding after sex and discharge doctor did say I have BV but I'm scared I want a answer. could it be cancer?

Chlaymidia treatment finished. still have discharge for years. bleeding after sex and spotting. don't think it's chlaymidia as I finished treatment???

Chlaymidia treatment. ITS NOT A STD. discharge still. and bleeding after sex and spotting. Cancer? Help please

Could having chlamydia cause my period to change? My period has been consistent up until this month and I was told I have chlamydia and treated for it

Diagnosed with group B strep infection? How did I get this? What are symptoms? I have a lot of watery/bloody discharge during sex. Related?

Diagnosed with trich, had vaginal discharge for a couple days when rest of symptoms cont'd. Does vaginal discharge always have to be associated?

Diagnosed with trichomonas a year ago took antibiotics for it and got clear still having mild burning symptoms after i urine and ejaculation?

Diagnosed with unilateral hydrosalpinx 2 weeks ago, i had vaginal discharge due to hydrosalpinx.Took antibiotics for 7 days.Is it safe to have sex?

Discharge after drinking medication for chlamydia what it means?

Discharge for years!!! chlaymidia treatment finished still have discharge I think I had chlaymidia for a year. doctor said I had BV. I've had bleeding?

Do I have gonorrhea or is it just a yeast infection? Me and my partner had sex 9 days ago and my period is 6 days late. He pulled out before ejaculation and I am and have been on birth control. I am having a lot of warm discharge that looks yellow and clu

Do you still have a smell when chlamydia is gone?

Does PID medication cause brown discharge? Should I be worried?

Every time I have sex I bleed after. I always have discharges. ive been tested for STDs and only one came back chlaymidia and I completed treatment?

Finished 7 day course of doxycycline for Chlamydia, still have a little clear discharge which is slightly thicker now but less (male). Why is this?

Finished chlaymidia treatment months ago. I'm STILL bleeding after sex and always have discharges. maybe not a STD as I only had Chlaymidia?

For what length of time can u have clamydia befor you have symptoms?

Foul brown rectal discharge. Started when infected with chlamydia but was treated for that. No anal sex. What is this?

Foul yellow discharge returning, already treated for chlamydia what is the cause? Ive had no sexual contact.and my check up results were negative.

Got 2nd mirena (levonorgestrel) fitted and now have smelly brown discharge. STI check all clear. Had PID before and don't think its that. Help!?

Got green discharge not got STI , what can it be?

Got tested & no STDs but had BV. prescribed 500mg metronidazole. finished & had vaginal bleeding for 5 days. Went away & came back 2wks later. Why?

Got told i had chalymedia i took the antabiotics , but now i have a odorless white mucus vaginal discharge is it the antabiotics working?

Got treated for bv but I'm still leaking. recently ended my three year chastity streak. I think it's chlamydia...

Got treated for chlamydia four days ago and today I'm having itching and discharge and I don't know why.

Green discharge + vaginal bleeding and got antibiotics. Got tested for STD but it's negative. That stopped but odor & white discharge is still there?

Green discharge, had swabs done came back all clear for infection or sti, what could be causing this? I am trying to conceive

Green/yellow discharge. Test negitive, pap is normal, been on 9 antibiotics. Discharge has been going on for a yr after c section. No insurence, ?

Had a yeast infection took FLUCONAZOLE 150 mg 2 pack pill. i started having brown discharge then early period and painful pelvic and back pain why?

Had chlamydia b4, slept with same person who didn't get rid of it, got tested again but no chlamydia, yellow smelly snotty vaginal discharge help?

Had chlamydia, treated in April 2016, still experiencing horrible fishy odor during intercourse. What could be the cause? Potential treatment?

Had chlaymidia treatment around 3 times. finished treatment now still having discharges and was bleeding after sex wasn't rough. is it cancer? I'm 17

Had chlaymidia treatment. still bleeding after sex and discharges a doctor on here said cervicties??? please help can someone on here personal message

Had green discharge took metrodinazole 7days.Green discharge never completely went away.Had 2 more cultures since, both negative for bacteria.Confused?

Have chlamydia, been on doxycycline for 6 days. Now starting to have brown discharge. Is this normal since I am almost done the medication?

Hello i have a problem regarding chlamydia. after eating the azithormycin after 3days i started to have white clummy discharge?

Help me pls. How many days i should drink metronidazole and doxycycline for std. Because i have yellow discharge after i had sex with my bf. Thanks ?

Help! I am a sexually active 18 year old female and i recently got treated for chlamydia four month ago. Now having clear/watery bad smelling discharge, help?

Hi , I have recently just had two misscarriages in a row . I am just woundering if bacterial vaginosis is the cause of it ? I had it 5 years ago.

Hi I m having penis discharge since 7 months I took many medicines,for NGU and gonnorhea,but discharge not going away ,all tests are normal ,please me?

Hi last week I was diganosed with chlamidia and since I took the antibiotic I have been having brown discharge is that normal?

Hi, I was diagnosed with urethritis last month after bleeding for nearly two weeks and was given doxyclinine. It's 2 months now and no periods. ?

How do I know if i've got bv?

How do you doctors say it's chlaymidia when I completed treatment. someone thing more serious? blood after sex and still discharge for 3 years!!!!!!!!

How likely is it that my spotting 5 days before my period, after masturbating clitorial is caused by chylmedia, or gonorrhea or bv or something like i?

How long during treatment of BV does it take for discharge to go away odor gone but still some discharge?

I am 10 weeks pregnant and my dr prescribed a 5day treatment for an infection it is normal that after the first night I have white pinkish discharge ?

I am 22 have implanon. My period has been going for almost 3 weeks. I was treated for gonorrhea 4 months ago. Why? Help? Is the STD back?

I am 39 weeks and I took some medication for an infection yesterday. It was azithromycin. Now I am having alot of clear and yellow discharge. ?

I am currently being treated for chlymidia and I have noticed my discharge is pink, is this normal?

I am experiencing a odor and it's time for my period. I haven't been having unprotected sex and I just got over a bacteria infection. what could this?

I am taking doxycycline and had a cervical biopsy almost two weeks ago. Is it normal to still have brown discharge and can the doxycycline contribute?

I been diagnosed with chlamydia vaginitis and I was bleeding for two weeks until I got treated for it now I am still having abnormal bleeding so no do?

I finished azithromyocin last monday for chlamydia. I am still having symptoms, brownish discharge and discomfort. Is this normal?

I finished my doxycycline treatment. There is still a discharge little to nothing. It's mainly in the morning. Is it ok to have unprotected sex?

I get discharge from my vagina I took a chylmidyia test and took tabletsthor it I still sometimes get discharge. Does this mean I still have chylmidia?

I got confirmed and treated for chlamydia. I went from white discharge to clear and watery from my penis after 1 week. Do I still have an infection?

I got treated for chlamydia about a month ago, the pain and the discolored discharge went, but now the discolored discharge is back what do I do?

I got treated for chlamydia and trichomoniasis and BV and i stayed to bleed again?

I got treated for chlamydia, but slept with the carrier again, but no chlamydia in mouth, I have smelly white discharge, isit bacterial vaginosis?

I got treated for chlaymdia a couple weeks ago and the test came out negative now, but I am still itching under there. Is it a yeast infection now?

I got treated for my bladder infection and received ciprofloxacin 500mg. I had brown discharge before getting the meds, will brown discharge go away ?

I had a yeast infection before I got my period and after my period went away it was gone. Should I still go to my gyno for a treatment ?

I had a yeast infection so I took canesoral. Now I have sharp pain on vulva and yellow discharge. I don't have stds.period starts today What is wrong?

I had BV for a month and it went away after I took metronidazole. Then I had unprotected sex and the discharge came back and smells like antibiotics?

I had cervicitis inflammatory before, I was treated with laser and took antibiotic afterward. Now I still have irregular brownish, bloody discharge?

I had chlamydia a month or two ago with a UTI since March my period haven't came since I was treated for both uti and STD what will be the reason for?

I had Chlamydia and I got treated but I'm having discharge and odor still is it normal?

I had chlamydia and trichomonas . I completed my medication . Now its two months later I have a little itch and discharge . What could it be ?

I had Chlamydia i got treated 3 weeks ago and I'm having discharge and odor, does it mean that I still have chlamydia?

I had chlamydia, but treated it a month ago and haven't had sex at all since. So what is the most likely cause of my vaginal itching??

I had clymidia and was treated. A week after and since my discharge is light brown. Is this normal ?

I had no discharge before chylamydia treatment and I took 4 pills all at once it starts with an A now i have discharge.. What is this?

I had pharyngeal chlamydia yet penile discharge. Pill was for 7 days, but on day 8 I have (though minor) clear discharge . Is this normal? What to do?

I had sex two days after my STD treatment do I still have it i used a condom and my pains are gone i just still have discharge and a foul odor my doctor never told me i had to wait seven days i got a shot and one pill

I had spotting for a month. My blood test came out reactive chlamydia. Took zithromax and spotting stop completely. Is chlamydia cause spotting?