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I have a 2 year old had casearian now I am experiancing discharge frequently?

one of the symptoms of vaginal atrophy is “vaginal discharge.” Does this resemble cervical mucus? How can I tell the difference?

'my symptoms include a slimy discharge?

1 partner, recently got yellow discharge with odor off and on, twinges in pelvic area, strain w/ bowel movement. Had normal period. What could it be?

14 wks preg having mild yellow discharge, no itching and no odor at all. It is not always present. Mainly clear. but yellow at times. Cause? no Stds

17 years old, severe urge to pee, burning when pee, slight odour and once brown discharge from vagina?

18 years old . 35 weeks pregnant. With my first child. Vaginal discomfort. Pain, itchy, inflammation. White/light yellow discharge no foul odor.

2 days after my period I've had abdominal pain, white stinky discharge and itching. What could be wrong with me?

20 y/o female & suffering from recurrent bv. Recently, I have had thick brown discharge w/ spotting, a swollen cervix & urge to urinate. What is this?

20/fm/no sex in 2 years. Itching genitals, a bit red, pelvic pain, and brown discharge. Any ideas?

28 y married ♀with itching vagina and slightly yellow discharge small amount no foul smell & rightside lower abd pain no history of intercourse Dx? Rx?

3 weeks ago i had a surgical abortion. I am now experiencing a pain when passing urine and a thick yellow/brown discharge. What should i do?

34 weeks pregnant tomorrow. Off white discharge thin with a very sweet smell. No itching or burning but a slight stabbing pain at cervix?

36wks, pressure on vagina, frequent urination, creamy discharge, is labor close?

37 weeks pregnant. Yellow, odorless, non-stinging, and jello like discharge after urinating.. What can this mean??

38 weeks and a lot of discharge?

38 weeks pregnant, diarrhea, pelvic bone pain, and watery discharge, should I be concerned?

6th day on Macrobid for UTI, off-white coloured bitter smelling discharge is still there. No pain but is the discharge a bad sign? Had sex yesterday

7 dpo, sticky vaginal discharge with tiny clumps of milky white stuff. No foul odor/itch/pain/burning. Pain on right abdomen. Mild aerobics.Pregnant?

7 weeks pregnant and I have mild cramping and occasional yellow discharge. No itching or smell though. Should I be concerned?

9 year old girl complaint of gushing water coming from vagina. No odor no pain no signs of UTI just gushing clear fluid.

A day after sex,Yellow watery discharge.Now it is green accompany by abdominal discomfort & blood spot after urinating.frequent odor/itch?

A girl of 9 yrs have vaginal discharges which stain her panty and she to changes her panty very often , and what is the treatment?

Abdomen, lower & mid section have been in discomfort. I urinate frequently and I have a mucus like discharge. smell, not like fish. Urine clear.

Abdominal cramping, white milky discharge from vagina, lump between anus and vagina. 2 weeks since last period and this is the 2nd time of symptoms ?

Abdominal pain after climax and watery discharge. Should i be worried?

Abdominal pain after climax and watery discharge. What can I do to get rid of this?

Abdominal pain feels like cramps with a white non smelly discharge sometimes it is thick and some times it is not also some times can be with no colour at all feels like aloe Vera gel no itching no blood also not pregnant have my monthly period every mont

Abdominal pains and slimy clear discharge with no odor. On days of suppose to be implantation? Could it be?

Abnormal discharge and odor since oct. No other symptoms such as burning during urination or sexual pain. Sometimes creamy and a lot of discharge?

About 2weeks ago, i started having a vaginal discharge. It is clear but feels like I am urinating on myself. Slight odor. I don't have ovaries.

Accidentally left tampon in for 4 days but never had any symptoms or unusual discharge. Why is this?

After 4 c-sections I am experiencing a lot of pain also have been having a creaming pinkish bloody discharge that smells why? Normal in my condition?

After having baby, legs began to swell, bleeding turned foul odor. Treated for Bv but still odorous discharge pain in bladder/uterus and while peeing?

After sex with my fiancé, I immediately began experiencing severe vaginal itching. 3 days later a clear/yellow discharge (no smell) w/ trace of blood?

After sexual inter course my vaginal discharge was clear and stretchy. Is this pvulation?

After urinating and wiping, I noticed a string of brown gel like discharge. It was elastic like. With no odor, no itching. Burning, or pain during or after urinatiin what coyld possibly cause this? Thanks.

Am cramping with nipple pain then this watery discharge with mucus and neck of my cervix has growth Dr give me flagly but still cramping no proud ?

Anal mucus and discharge, is this a serious symptom of something?

Are there different types of vaginal mucus discharge? If so, what do they mean? Is this a sign of pregnancy? Never had vag. Anal, or oral sex

Are white discharge with vaginal inflammation some symptoms of cervical cancer?

At this time I have vaginal discharge odor of vomit, no itchin, no redness, sporadic but stabbing pain, have an IUD for 3 years, what could be?

Back pain and frequent contracation, thin watery vaginal discharge but no odor. What could this be?

Back pain plus peeing often; thin watery milky vaginal discharge but no odor. What might it be?

Been bleeding brown for 10 days, dull abdominal pressure & now foul smelling urine. I have pcos. What can cause this?

Been having lots of eggy white vaginal discharge especially when using rest room. And frequent urination. What is this?

Been having yellow discharge w/ a slight smell for about 3 months already, normal? I don't experience itching and burning. What do you think is this?

Been suffering with constipation lately, bloody and cloudy white mucousy discharge, what could this be?

Being treated for dysuria, this is my last day on the med, still seeing a watery base fluid. Is this semen, urine, or a discharge? No smell or pain

Belly pains, cloudy wee discharge, what could this be?

Bleeding after sex pain during intercourse watery smelly discharge that soaked my knickers tummy pain?

Blood in thick discharge no odor, no itching ...Last day of cycle?

Bloody discharge and pain during sex?

Bloody vaginal discharge for 2 months non hormonal coil in situ for 1 year increased vaginal discharge last 4 months no infection found ?

Breast pain, burning occasional yellow discharge?

Breast pain, but vaginal discharge and gaseous feel. Symptoms of ovulation?

Brown discharge a week before and after cycle, last about a day or so. No odor, minor discomfort. I am 47, what is this?

Brown foul smeliing discharge, also foul smell after intercourse, I have had bladder sling an laser ablation of uterus more than 2 years ago?

Brown sticky discharge 1x. Don't know if vaginal or from urethra. Hysterectomy few yrs ago. No other symptoms. What could it be? (complete hysterectom

Brown vaginal discharge abdominal pain and cold sweats should I be seen asap?

Brown vaginal discharge after orgasm. Is this worrisome?

Brown vaginal discharge for few months, no smell. Veryslight left abdominal pain (not that noticeable). Period replace the discharge when it comes. ?

Brown vaginal Discharge while breastfeeding and also I'm sexual active.

Brown, metallic discharge when wiping accompanied with vaginal sensitivity/soreness on outer upper labia. ?

Burning and pain during urination two menstrual cycles in one month brown discharge what could this be?

Burning pain and dryness in the vagina, brown discharge for 3wks. What it is?

Can a pap smear show presence of vaginal discharge syndrome?If vaginal discharge is white and stains underwear and get musty smell is it normal?

Can a sugar imbalance be causing excessive watery discharge when having sex? Pap and cultures normal. Not BV. Multiple visit to same gyno- 4 months.

Can a vibrator cause copious amounts of vagiinal discharge?

Can abdominal pains and creme like vaginal discharge smelling like your partner's pre-cum signal pregnancy?

Can an imbalance in hormones cause vaginal discharge and an odor ?

Can an increase in clear vaginal discharge mean infection?

Can an ovarian cyst cause a greenish discharge on tampon?

Can any other organs besides your reproductive cause brown discharge from vagina?

Can birth control change the color, smell, and amount of your vaginal discharge?

Can constipation cause vaginal disharge?

Can dehydration cause thicker than usual vaginal discharge?

Can discharge with bad odor and breast pain be related?

Can fibroids cause the clear, odor free discharge that I have been experiencing? Diagnosed last year with two of them. Thanks!

Can having a routine bladder infection cause a brown vaginal discharge?

Can my period cause itching or irritation where the blood is coming out ?

Can not having absolutely no discharge,or vaginal secretions 3 days after ovulation indicate pregnancy?

Can semen cause fishy vaginal odor in a woman a day or two after sex? Does it have anything to do with a pH balance of the vagina or perhaps pregnancy

Can semen cause vaginal odor? Ongoing problem for 4 years.

Can the experts please talk about the normal changes in vaginal discharge during a cycle?

Can vaginal discharge and orgasm look similar?

Can vaginal discharge be caused by the nuvaring? If so should I be worried and what do I do?

Can vaginal dryness be a sign of an oncoming period?

Can vaginal dryness indicate pregnancy? I never have experienced dryness before. My period is about 6 days late

Can vaginal mucus dries up before menstruation?

Can vaginal secretions increase when you are on birthcontrol?

Can you experience watery lotion vaginal discharge and slight cramping four days after conception?

Can you get clear vaginal discharge due to cysts?

Can you have vaginal discharge that is common among pregnant women and it be ok?

Can you please define normal vaginal discharge?

Can you please tell me how sexual excitement discharge and ovulation discharge differ?

Cause of clear vaginal discharge with tcp type aroma?

Cervical creamy mucus before 1week of period and pain during intercourse and am not having any itching and bad odor ?

Cervical os continually open with constant vaginal discharge?

Change in vaginal discharge related to ovulation?