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2 question: can a meningioma develop from having been vaccinated with meningococcal type 2 vaccine: and exposure to a nike nuclear missle site?

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Can the rubella vaccine cause autism? I’ve heard stories about the MMR vaccine, which includes rubella, can cause autism or other problems. Is there any evidence that this could be true?

Can there be a link between immunizations and autism?

Can there be any link, circumstantial or otherwise, between vaccinations and asthma?

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Could i still need varicella vaccine for cna program if?

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Dear Docs,I'm 20yr old healthy man, Is it mandatory to get HPV vaccine before I turn 27? HPV vaccination in my country (India) is not widely used.

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Dominican . 26 yrs old, i don't have my inmunization records. What shots do I need?

Dtp vaccination schedule for new born?

During the year 2009, how much or what was the average cost of the h1n1 vaccine.

Flu vacine 2012 child had recent bone marrow transplant is vaccine good idea ? Any research on this?

For what medical reasons do similar eur. & n. Amer. Countries have different child vaccine requirements?

Hai respected sirs..please tell me any vaccines for diabetes ..please sir give your kind information?

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Hello doctor my newborn bsby vaccination date is 21/3/13 can I give the vaccination before of the date 12/3/13?

Help! need to know if there's proof of vaccines causing autism?

Hep a vaccine Havrix 1440 for adults is out of stock. They prescribed me 2 Havrix 720 (jr). Epidemiologists say taking 2 junior has no protection?

Hi docs, would medical technology test vaccines for cancer in the near future?

Hi i'm currently 6 months pregnant, and i'm not sure of immunization. I keep reading that they are linked to autism. Should i space them out.

HI. Regarding rabies vaccines, I have heard that if have received three or more in would not require anymore in your lifetime. Is this true?

Hii have six months old baby boy. We had given him opv on 6th jan. I am from india and there is government organised opv drive. Tomorrow again requir?

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How can I get child immunization medical records from a doctor who's retired?

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How can you register for college classes without MMR immunization records?

How come doctors/scientists put mercury in the vaccines?

How do you feel about vaccines? Do you think the benefits outweigh the risks? Would you recommend that parents follow vaccine recommendations for their children

How do you feel about vaccines? Do you think the benefits outweigh the risks? Would you recommend that parents follow vaccine recommendations for their children?

How do you feel about vaccines? Do you think the benefits outweigh the risks? Would you recommend that parents follow vaccine recommendations for their children.

How do you get passive immunization therapy?

How does a flu outbreak affect the government and schools?

How has medicine changed over the years? Why do you only vaccinate against certain things? Why not vaccinate against everything?