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I scraped myself on a rusty screw at a tennis court. It's 1.5 cm. Am allergic to 15+ foods & medicines so unable to vaccinate. Will I get tetanus?

stepped on a rusty nail yesterday, i cleaned the wound and added antibiotcs. My last tetanus shot was given in january 14 of 2014. should i go to ER?

13 weeks pregnant. Just got a deep cut with kitchen knife today on hand n got 2 stitches. Is tetanus shot needed within 24 hours or later in pregnancy?

16 month old son. Had 3 doses of DTP and 4th due btw 15-18 month. Deep wound in finger 12 days ago. Wound healed; had antibiotics. Is tig shot needed?

19 Years old, and had tetanus shot 8 years ago. Just got inch long scratch from rusty nail that barely penetrated skin still had blood. What to do?

3 days ago I cut myself just a little bit with a slightly rusty razor.I got vaccinated 6 years ago am I covered?can rusty razors cause tetanus?worried

5 yr old son has had 4/5 tetanus shots. He stepped on a pretty rusted nail and made him bleed. Do I need to take him in, or just keep an eye on it?

6 days ago I cut my finger putting on skies.Wound is small and not deep.It did bleed a little. Didnt get a tetanus shot. Should I worry about tetanus?

7 yrs.Past got tetanus toxoid vaccine after giving birth. Now i scratch my self on rusty gate no blood . No deep wound should have anothe vaccine?

8 month old cut finger on a can of soft drink dose she need a tetanus shot?

A friend wants to know if she stepped on a nail and didnt get cut and it didnt go in her foot if she still needs a tetanus shot?

A nail poked me in the finger. It didn't bleed and the nail has never been outdoors. Will this give me tetanus? It's been 9 years since my last shot.

A rusted iron blade scratched my hand. The cut is small but it bled a bit. Im just concerned wether I should get tetanus injection?

A wire went deep in my foot but it was not rusty . Do i need a tetanus shot ?

Accidentally stabbed my finger with metal tweezer and bit of blood came out not sure on my tetnus status should I see a doctor?

Am i still able to get tetanus if i got a small cut by a clean looking nail outside and my last tetanus shot was 4-5 years ago?

Are tetanus shots 100% affective even if the last one was 3 years ago and you stood on a rusty nail (which didn't bleed)?

Bcuz I got a leseracrion from a pocket knife while cutting patotes dp I have a higher chance of getting tetnus?

Can being stabbed in the eye with a knife be fatal?

Can clean nail cause tetanus?

Can I drink alcohol if I have a stab wound? Staples are still in. It has been 2 weeks since the stabbing incident.

Can i get tetanus from deep puncture of indoor cat scratch. Got tetanus shot right after the scratch but still worried. Wound did bleed a lot.

Can I only get tetanus if I step on a rusty nail?

Can i still get tetanus infection even if i got a tetanus vaccine two hours after a second degree burn?

Can opener was kind of rusty. I rinsed it and scrubbed it with soap. Do i still have to worry about getting tetanus after using it to open tuna can?

Can rusty old school scissors cause tetanus?

Can tetnus show up a day after you cut yourself?

Can you get tetanus from eating dirt?

Can you get tetanus from using chainsaws?

Can you tell me could i get tetanus from a pen ink in my wound?

Can you tell me what to do if i scratched myself with a rusty nail, and i washed it etc i had a tetanus shot just over a year ago. Will i be fine?

Chances of tetanus after stepping on a non rusty nail and it going into your foot?

Child has cut on the foot, is tetanus shot needed?

Could rusty old school scissors have tetanus if you somehow cut yourself?

Could small cuts develop tetanus?

Cut finger on metal bed frame. Had to stop bleeding, didn't wash until a short time after. Last tetanus shot 3 yrs. ago. Should I worry of infection?

Cut finger on rust blade do I need a tetanus shot?

Cut finger on umbrella 2 days ago, scraping away skin flap (it bled). Cleaned w/alcohol wipe 30m later. Last tetanus shot Nov 2010 - need another?

Cut foot on bush should I get a tetanus shot?

Cut foot with a clean knife, do I need a tetanus shot?

Cut from can lid in trash 3 mornings ago, tetanus shot 2 mornings ago. Jaw feels tight last 2 days. Intermittant. No pain no spasms.Tetanus starting?

Cut from can lid in trash bag this am. Called dr who said minor cut and no need for tetanus shot but can't recall booster last 10 yrs. Get one in am?

Cut myself with knife last night. Tet shot was 5-9 yrs not 10 but some spasms in spot and today too. Do i need shot or could be response to trauma?

Cut on finger yesterday morning from can lid in trash, just got tetanus booster after 10 plus yrs. Will i be ok? Did i get it in time?

Cut thumb on nail in floorboard this afternoon. Doesn't seem deep but bled is clean put neosporin on. Haven't had tetanus shot in >10. Need one tmw?

Cut while shaving, razor seems clean,last tetanus shot was 12 years ago. im abroad and can only get a shot in 5 weeks. is it urgent? will i be ok?

Cut with a contaminated blade that first droped before in a KMnO4 sol.Took amoxicillin. No inflamation signs.Chances of Tetanus?KMnO4 kills C.Tetani ?

Cut with a rusty tool but i've been immunized against tetanus do I really need to go to doctors?

Cuts are not deep, but because 2 bled, will i get tetanus or lockjaw?

Deep dog bite wound. My Dr. said tetanus wasn't a risk since I'd had the full series & the last one was 9 yrs ago- but shouldn't I have had a booster?

Did some yard work, and I picked up a rusty can. But on top of my finger I had a cut from biting my nail. Can I get tetanus from this?

Do I need a tetanus shot after I got a kitchen grease burn on my arm?

Do I need a tetanus shot because of a kitchen grease burn I have.?

Do I need a tetanus shot? I Just stepped on a tack my heel area.It had been used to go in the wall but is not rusted.(Newly diagnosed Type 2 Diabetic)

Do i need a tetanus shot? I scraped my hand on some rusty looking metal, but i think i had a tetanus shot a year or two ago. Do i need another shot now?

Do you get tetanus from gangrene?

Do you need to get a tetanus shot for a small glass cut on the foot?

Do you think I'll need to get a tetanus booster if I swallowed something with rust on it?

Docs on here saying I should be fine. Rusty nail punct wound on 08/31, TDAP on 09/02. See previous post. Side effect? Tetanus infection?

Does a cut from a knife need a shot?

Does a small cut on finger from knife needed to be treated with tetanus shot?

Does a tetanus booster stop being effective at exactly ten years? Or would I likely still be covered at 10 yrs, one month?

Does deep cut require tetanus shot?

Does deep cut require tetanus shot?Whats the time limit under which i should get the shot?a long sewing machine needle passed through the finger fully

Does KMnO4 kill Clostridium Tetani ? An ancient razor blade droped into a KMnO4 sol. then i picked and got cut. Chances of Tetanus ?

Does my boyfriend need a tetanus shot after getting punctured in the arm?

Does my son need a another tetanus shot if he stepped on a rusty nail he had a tetanus shot last 2 1/2 years ago my son is 6 years old and stepped on a rusty nail.

Does tetanus develop only in a would made by a rusty, rather than a clean, object?

Does tetanus toxoid prophylaxis within 24 to 36 hours of an injury work?

Dust from rusty screw got in my mouth/face. will I need a tetanus shot?

Eating with rust spots on utensils cause tetanus?

Fiance got cut on hand from dumpster. Not very deep. Cleaned it immediately. Got last tetanus booster 2008. Does he *need* to get a booster?

Foot sliced while submerged in dirt in dog pen. It's shallow, but gouged out a mm deep, a mm wide and 3/4ths an inch long. Any chance of tetanus?

For what length of time do I have to get a tetanus shot after i stab myself with a knife?

Got a cut cleaning a sewage flood, the puncture was cleaned but remained black at the deepest level. Getting a tetanus shot, but should I be worried?

Got a cut on the finger from rusty iron, worried about tetanus. Last dTAP vaccination booster was 8 years ago. Is there anything to worry about?

Got a scratch from a dirty metal chicken cage. Got my last tetanus shot around 7 yrs ago. It bled a little. Do I need another shot?

Got a tetanus 3 years back cut now do I need another one?

Got cut with a dirty blade desinfected with KMnO4.No local signs of inflamation. Last date of tetanus shot 17.11.2005. Shoul get tetanus shot again ?

Got cut with a dirty blade desinfected with KMnO4.No local signs of inflamation. Last date of tetanus shot 17.11.2005. Shoul get tetanus shot again ?

Got cut with rusty metal.. Never had a tetanus shot.., should I be concerned?

Got injured and want a tetanus shot but not sure when last was. Is it dangerous if it's only been a year since the last one?

Got my arm cut while lifting metal, do I need tetanus booster?

Got small cut on finger from broken glass (wall shelf).It may have had dust on it.haven't got vaccine in past 10 years.should I get tetanus shot?

Had a rusty nail go in my leg Sunday afternoon. Got tetanus shot tues morn. Last booster in 2007. What are odds of actually getting tetanus?

Had a small cut on 7.1.17 got tetanus injection after 72 hr. I also had tetanus injection on May 2016. Is tetanus infection possible? Worried.

Have been cut today by a contaminated instrument,I took oral amoxycillin and desinfected the wound with KMnO4. What is the chance of getting Tetanus ?

Have c-diff, taking metronidazoleon day 4, of 14,stepped on a tac pin next to cat litterbox, last tentus shot 12/2005. Can and should I get a boster?

Have two year old steped on tack had to pull it out does she need a tet shot?

Have two year old steped on tack had to pull it out does she need to get a tet shot?

Have two year old that steped on a tack i had to pull it out does she need to see a doc or get a tet shot?

Hello, I just pushed my foot on a rusty nail, but there is no pull on my leg or even redness. should I fear for tetanus?

Hello, I cut myself on May 15 and received stitches. Wound is healed, am I still at risk for tetanus and should get shot? Help please.

Hi i got a whooping cough shot in 2011 today i cut myself on a drity bench. Do i night to get a tetanus shot ?

Hi I stepped on a rusty nail , which punctured about 1/2 and inch  , I have left it for 24hrs after washing it  , however it is still very painfull?

Hi,I cut my finger with a sheet of dirty iron, I cleaned the wound,do I need a tetanus shot?PS: I have a Tdap ( Booster) vaccine 6 months ago? THANKS

Hi! If I got a tetanus shot last 8 years ago and cut myself last Friday but it has healed well, should I get a tetanus booster?

Hi. Cut myself with a knife a week ago. I don't think I have any tetanus symptoms but if had can I get a shot and be OK? Thanks

Hi..I just got hurt by rusty handle end..I didn't bleed..what are the chances of me getting tetanus??

Hii i stamped on rusty nail so i want to the hospital and taken a tetanus vaccine and in the same day i had a wet dream does this affect the shot do i?