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Have animal allergies and have been around a cat and dog. I had an itxhy eye whuch has now become vwry puffy and red. Can i take 20mg f loratadine?

Allergy shots for many, many years. Had cats growing up and they didn't bother me but my parent's cat makes me cough/sneeze. Why?

Anything i can do to make my son sleep better? He always wakes up when my dog barks. Not getting rid of dog ive had him 4 years and hes a great dog

Are pets at risk of getting head lice? My son has head lice. Should i be concerned that he got it from our pets or could give it to our pets? .

Are pets at risk of getting head lice? My son has head lice. Should i be concerned that he got it from our pets or could give it to our pets? .

Are there any health risks from wearing cat flea collars?

Are turtles safe pets for kids?

Around cats if allergic while pregnant could cause any type of harm to my baby?

Best cat litter for house with asthmatic child?

Can babies be around cats?

Can a baby be allergic to " rice" via mothers breast milk? How likely is it that granddaughter is allergic to inside dogs and cat?

Can a child around the age of 6yrs old, get sick from handling animals like hamsters, geckos, etc...?

Can a child catch strep throat from a pet cat or pet dog?

Can a child get a disease from eating from a dog's or cat's food bowl?

Can a child get a rash or sickness from pet dogs?

Can a child get worms from a pet that is inside and outdoors?

Can a man get infected with toxoplasmosis from his cat?

Can accidentally inhaling cat litter cause infection?

Can animal saliva make birth control less effective? Like if it gets on your skin or you kiss the animal if it's your pet

Can breathing cat urine and feces make you sick?

Can breathing in kitty litter cause a miscarriage? Help please?

Can cat litter hurt babies?

Can cat or dog hair bring on asthma in babies?

Can cats fur get you sick?

Can cats/animals carry c-diff? On antibiotics and wonder if i should worry about touching my cat/changing litter? I'm washing often but wonder

Can child get parasites from drinking cats water if cats have parasites?

Can dog poop or urine cause pinworms in a child?

Can i catch toxoplasmosis from a cat scratch in the eye? My cat was born with this and even after treatment i had to put him to sleep. I've been sick

Can I get the cat disease just by breathing while changing my cats litter box?

Can kids and dogs tell you are pregnant before u?

Can kitty litter cause phenomia in babies?

Can most dogs smell cancer? I read online that dogs can smell cancer even if it is stage 0,1, or 2. Can regular dogs do this?

Can my baby get any diseases from my pets?

Can my cat give my child toxoplasmosis?

Can my cat make me sick w/ worms?

Can my cat make my toddler sick? How?

Can my child get rabies from my pet cat?

Can my daughter get pinworms from from her turtle? I had a dr hereanswer no, but on someone else's question it said the source could be a pet turtle.

Can my pet bird cause me spots on my chin? Is that a possible allergic reaction? Or just coincidence. I've got a cockatiel bird.

Can someone be allergic to one breed of dog and not another breed? We have a lab and son was fine we got a beagle and has been coughing a lot

Can the dog give scabies gave to my toddler?

Can todder get MRSA for family pet if cat has it, incubation period and how common is it?

Can using flea/tick liquid on your dog be unsafe around pregnant women. I use advantix my husband handles it and I make sure not to pet the dog. ?

Can we play with dogs during pregnancy?

Can you be exposed to radiation if you hug a person who has had a cat scan?

Can you get a fever and headache from being scratched by a pet baby bunny?

Can you get toxoplasmosis if a dog licks you after it ate from the cat litter box?

Can you safely have a pet gecko with a child with cancer in the house?

Can you tell me how can a guide dog know where the owner wants to go?

Cat bit me. Love him. Since he is indoor, should I tell my doctor?

Cat does not have toxoplasmosis - can the powder from the litter i smell when i kiss him be harmful to baby (pregnant)?

Cat from animal shelter brought home ringworm & gave it to my rabbit. Would pyrithione zinc shampoo help prevent me from getting it on my head?

Cat of my son's nanny has worms and is very sick. How contagious is this for human and what r z chances to pick someting. Plz tell me all the answers?

Cleaning up after a cat without actually touching faeces cause toxoplasmosis? Can that itself cause mental health issues?

Cockroach 16 allegry. Please explain this one? Had allegry test done & this one came back abnormal. Dont have roaches where i live. Cockroach sympts?

Could cockroach pesticides make you really sick?

Could dog & cat urine make you sick?

Could people get ear mites from cats?

Do all kids need a pet?

Do cats affect a woman's fertility? I want to adopt a cat but my mother keeps bringing that up.

Do cats know when you are pregnant?

Do owning cats as pets cause infertility?

Do you think I should take my 3-year old girl to a doctor after a cat bite?

Docs, wanted to know if I can get worms from a stray cat?

Does a pet cat have contagious stuff, so would not be wise to let it sleep on your bed?

Does being around cat urine dangerous for babies?

Does cat fetus inhalation cause seizures?

Does cats hair or going much closer to cat causes asthama?

Dog/cat's fleas have climbed into my facial pores. How do I prevent this in the future?

Embarrassed, but parents have many pets. Dogs, cats, 2 birds. Wish they disinfected floor after accidents. Can I get sick? Suggestions for prevention?

Got big whiff of cat litter "powder" scent when kissing my cat after he used the litter box - 24 weeks pregnant. Can this smell be harmful?

Have cat allergies. Considering moving to apartment. Next door neighbor has cat & balconies touch each other's. Am i screwed, does dander wander?

Help plz! Can playing with pet mice do any harm if I am pregnant?

Hi docs, would a baby be allergic to cats if the parents both are?

How common is toxoplasmosis in humans from a cat? Cats tested positive for coccidiosis now I have flu like symptoms and fever.

How could changing cat litter cause you to have a miscarriage?

How do guide dogs help ?

How long does dog dander around the home remain an active allergen once a dog is removed from the home?

How many autistic people do not know how to get along with animal pets?

How worried should I be about cat litter?

Hubby has an allergy to cats? I love them. How can we handle this?

I adopted a cat two weeks ago. My girlfriend has four cats and i never have problems. I've been wheezing a lot, but not when im at her house. ?

I am 2 months pregnant and my dogs have fleas what can I use on them and not hurt my baby?

I am 2 months pregnant and I have 2 cats, is that okay?

I am allergic to cats and want to buy a home that is owned by a cat owner, should I buy the home?

I am allergic to partner's dog - need advice please! I love that mongrel?

I am now going pet shopping today and need a pet that wont trigger allergies. No dogs, cats, fish or birds. Not sure what the best pet to get is?

I am too afraid of pet hair/toxocara?

I bought fresh step litter for my cat since her litter box is in the hall by my bedroom door I have a sore throat now am i allergic?

I found my cat in bed with my son. Should I be worried? He is only 3?

I got worrying about this today, if im allergic to pets does this mean im allergic to all of animal kind?

I have a cat and was told to stay away from the litter while pregnant (5 weeks). What are the risks & how strict is this? Should I stay awy from cat?

I have a cat. Should i be tested regularly for parasites?

I have a one year golden retriever dog vaccinated & showers once a week, is that any threat to my daughter (20 days old) he doesn't come near to her yet & we were never allergic please advice ?

I have an allergy for cats and am looking to buy a house. All houses seem to have had cats in with previous tenants. What could I do?

I have an allergy, I am living with 7 yrs old cat! the dr advised me to move the cat away from home but i can't ! does it have any negative effect ?

I have an eclectus and african grey parrot. The dander and droppings aren't cleaned regularly. What is bird fancier's lung risk to me and new baby?

I have read info about toxoplasma gondii from cats. My wife and i are worried about our young children. Should we give up our cats to be safe?

I heard a child could get sick from holding a pet lizard. Is this true?

I know you need to be careful around cats when pregnant, but do I need to be careful around dogs for some reason too? (i have a min pin puppy)